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Virgos are very kind, cautious, and practical people. They like to pay attention to the details and are often involved in anything related to serving others. Virgos have very analytical minds which makes them good communicators, as they can listen to... Keeping reading

Virgo & Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are very kind, cautious, and practical people. They like to pay attention to the details and are often involved in anything related to serving others. Virgos have very analytical minds which makes them good communicators, as they can listen to and process information quickly.

A Virgo and Virgo coupling can work if both people are willing to take risks. Because they are quite shy and self-critical at times, they can easily talk themselves out of a relationship, even if it has excellent potential.

Virgos also struggle with forming personal bonds with others, so if a Virgo and a Virgo want to create romantic sparks, they’ll have to push themselves to open up more emotionally with their partner. Two Virgos will need to put in double the effort in order to have a fulfilling relationship.

Opening up to one another shouldn’t be too much of a problem, though: Virgos are Earth signs who love to connect with the physical and material aspects of the world. A night out at a fancy restaurant or going out for weekend brunch should help loosen Virgos up! They’ll have to be careful not to be overindulgent, however, or they’ll end up valuing the things they gain from the relationship more than each other.

It’s also a plus that Virgos have mutable modalities. They’ll be able to adapt and work around each other’s needs when conflicts arise. Virgos won’t get caught up in romantic drama because they would rather find the middle ground in an argument.

They’ll just need to make sure not to avoid conflicts in the relationship altogether. Disagreeing and resolving issues head-on in a partnership is a good thing! So long as both sides put in the hard work required to build and maintain a relationship, this pairing is as good as it gets.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

When it comes to the day-to-day running of a household, a Virgo and Virgo compatibility is an excellent combination. Your daily routines together and at work will run like clockwork: keeping schedules, meal prep, making lists, balancing the checkbook, etc. Both partners will have no problem jumping in and taking responsibility in the relationship.

Though sharing responsibility is a vital aspect in any relationship, Virgos will have to be careful not to focus too much on this particularly excellent aspect of their relationship. Otherwise, their romance will start to feel more like a business—and no one wants that!

Virgos can avoid this issue by indulging on date nights. Get dressed up and do something fancy. Treat each other to expensive gifts. Go on luxurious weekends away together. This should help stir up the romance and physical attraction to one another in the relationship.

When it comes to sex, Virgos don’t tend to be super romantic.  But that doesn’t mean the time they spend between the sheets will be boring! Quite the opposite: Virgos like to have a slow build-up, preferring to be more sensual than theatrical.

So long as trust and comfort have been established in the relationship, Virgos can be sure to have a strong sexual connection. But like all other areas of a Virgo-Virgo pairing, the similarities between the two signs mean that hard work is required to reach this potential.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Friendship Compatibility

Just like in a romantic partnership, a Virgo and Virgo friendship will run smoothly and easily. Virgos are analytical and industrious, so they’ll be sure to support one another through tough times and help each other reach their goals in life.

It’s likely that Virgos will argue from time to time, but because they are kind-hearted and intelligent by nature, these conflicts can be easily resolved with clear and open communication. And as the two spend more and more time together as friends, their connection and friendship will grow stronger and stronger!

They’ll most likely run into issues related to control. This is because Virgos are in detriment in Neptune and fall in Venus, making them obsessive and demanding. If they respect each other’s differences and try not to force change on each other, they will be able to maintain a harmonious friendship. But if either side tries to overpower the other in any way, this precariously similar pairing may suffer for it.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Emotional Compatibility

Virgos are really sensitive beings, so they will most likely try to keep their emotions under control. Though this can be seen as a good thing, Virgos should take care not to bottle up their emotions too much. If they do, when it comes time to talking about what’s bothering them, they may end up exploding their feelings onto their partners in unhealthy ways.

They love to serve the ones they love, so they’ll often be the first to take on administrative responsibilities in the home. This can be a really great thing so long as they don’t become too obsessive about the daily routines in the home. Otherwise, it’ll feel more like micromanaging than caring.

At the end of the day, Virgos just want to feel confident that their partner is really listening to them. And with a pair of Virgos who are sensitive and kind, this shouldn’t be a difficult task in the relationship. Just be sure to practice restraint, otherwise you may overwhelm your Virgo partner.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Values Compatibility

Virgos love to be helpful! They like when others rely on them for comfort, and they especially love when they can take care of the day-to-day tasks in the home for their lovers. A Virgo and Virgo partnership in this respect will be an excellent match.

Both partners will know exactly what they can do to help the other, and things will run smoothly in the household. They just need to make sure to invest this amount of attention on romantic gestures as much as they do for domestic responsibilities.

Virgos also like to be thanked. They may not say it outright, but they appreciate being acknowledged for their efforts in a relationship. This shouldn’t be a problem in this pairing, as they’ll both be highly tuned in to what the other needs.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Activities Compatibility

Virgos are highly intelligent, analytical people, so they enjoy anything related to learning new things. This pairing will enjoy taking classes together, going to lectures, visiting museums and doing just about anything that involves soaking in information.

They will also love organizing together! Remodeling the kitchen, switching up the furniture in the living room, etc. are all things two Virgos will enjoy doing together in their home.

When they go out, they’ll either be volunteering somewhere or doing something fancy. This is because Virgos are service-oriented Earth signs. They love to care for others as much as they love to indulge in the finer things in life.

Whatever they do together, Virgos will definitely have fun! A Virgo-Virgo pairing is about as good as it gets when it comes to never having a shortage of things to do.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Communication Compatibility

When it comes to communication, Virgos like to be critical and thoughtful about what they say. They don’t tend to shoot from the hip when expressing themselves, preferring to first think through what they want to say and express their thoughts in a logical manner.

This is because Virgos are perfectionists at heart. They like to get things right. Though this is a great characteristic in a partner, a Virgo and Virgo coupling may begin to feel a bit stale if both partners keep their thoughts too much to themselves. Or if they choose not to express everything that’s on their minds.

Virgos will need to push themselves a little when it comes to communicating with each other, especially when it comes to their emotions. Though logical thinking is a good quality to have, it can sour a relationship if that’s all they rely on when it comes to communication—don’t let cold logic overpower your sense of caring, feeling, and emotion, or else your Virgo partner may feel neglected.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Trust Compatibility

Because Virgos are quite sensitive, it is only natural that they tend to have trust issues. Once someone breaks their confidence, it is not likely they’ll ever open up to that person again.

A Virgo and Virgo partnership may not run into this problem because they both will build a relationship with each other slowly and methodically. So long as they keep the romance alive and spend quality time with one another, they’ll be sure to build a strong bond of trust between them.

When they do build that trust, the love they feel for their partner will run deep! So long as Virgos are honest, open and patient with one another in the relationship, they’re sure to trust one another thoroughly.

Virgo & Virgo Virgo & Virgo
Work Compatibility

A Virgo and Virgo partnership in the workplace is a strong combination! That’s because they are hardworking, industrious people who pay close attention to the details. They will take comfort in one another, knowing that they are working with a partner who cares just as deeply about getting a work project done right.

Virgo and Virgo co-workers will never run out of things to talk about with one another. That’s because they both love contributing to intellectual discussions and debates. They’ll have loads of things to talk about when it comes to getting a task done and won’t stop talking about the things they love on their lunch breaks.

They’ll just need to step out of this harmonious work bubble every now and then. Otherwise, their other co-workers will start to feel left out. Don’t let the connection you feel with your Virgo co-workers let you ignore the rest of the company!

Virgo & Virgo Compatibility Summary

When it comes to values, activities and the workplace, a Virgo and Virgo partnership is a wonderful thing. This is because Virgos are extremely hardworking and kind-hearted Earth signs. They value caring for others, enjoying life’s indulgences and completing tasks with precision. These shared values form the foundation that makes this pairing thrive.

Virgos will never run out of things to do together. Whether it’s volunteering at a local animal shelter or going away for the weekend to a fancy resort, they’ll enjoy their time together taking care of others and feeling fancy!

Communication is where Virgos are likely run into the most issues. This is because they prefer to rely on their logic and they tend to keep their innermost feelings close to the vest. It’ll take some work for both partners to open up emotionally, but if they can do this, it’ll help them reach new depths in any kind of relationship.

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