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About The ZodiacAries

  • Date RangeMarch 21 to April 21
  • Symbol
  • Element Fire
  • Ruler Mars 
  • Quality Cardinal 
  • Strengths Determined,  Confident,  Courageous 
  • Weaknesses Reckless,  Impulsive,  Impatient 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Ignorance,  Losing,  Sharing 
  • Strongest Compatibility Leo 
  • Colors Red  Golden Yellow 

Aries Personality & Characteristics

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are represented by the ram. Much like their symbol, those with the Aries zodiac sign are determined and strong-willed. They exude confidence and are experts at multitasking – don’t be surprised if an Aries finishes more than their fair share of work perfectly and on time with the help of their strong organizational skills.

Aries exhibit fantastic leadership skills are and known for their ability to inspire their peers. They work well as leaders and are driven to always finish first. Competitiveness is a strong characteristic of an Aries and they will do whatever it takes to ensure they do not come in last, whether this be in their personal life or in their career.

Incredibly honest, an Aries is a person who will tell it like it is and is not one to hesitate. They will call out those around them and give their frank opinion, which may come off as rude or blunt sometimes. However, they are energetic and driven, and if you can keep up with them, they will be a faithful lifelong friend or partner.

Aries Strengths

An Aries is fiercely competitive and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. This can be seen in both their life and their career; Aries will create initiatives and recruit supporters to their goals, doing whatever it takes to win or reach their desired outcome. The confidence an Aries exudes can be very attractive to others and gives them a charismatic appeal; this appeal often earns them the unyielding support of others in their lives.

An Aries is creative and innovative, often seeking new ways to overcome hurdles. They love participating in original and exciting tasks, and tend to become bored when presented with the same daily mundanity.

Bravery is another strong Aries trait and this is exhibited by their love of trying new things and their fearlessness when it comes to overcoming tasks. An Aries is not afraid to take risks to get where they want to be. They have a captivating positive energy that envelopes them as they proceed through life; they bring this enthusiasm with them and often assist others in breaking through moments of indecision.

Aries Weaknesses

The competitive nature of an Aries can often lead to them becoming aggressive when situations don’t end up the way they would like. They hate not succeeding and lose their tempers easily when faced with the realities of coming in last place. An Aries may not know how to properly deal with their anger and can be very close-minded when it comes to taking advice or suggestions from others.

Additionally, an Aries can be impulsive to the point of recklessness, their bravery spurring them on to act without thinking. This type of behavior can upset those around them and may even be potentially hazardous, depending on the activity. The impulsivity an Aries exhibits may also have negative lifelong consequences for them as they make snap decisions without first thinking about long-term consequences.

Aries Career & Money

As natural leaders, Aries tend to excel in careers that require them to be upfront and in charge. They excel in jobs that require business skills, taking risks, and leading a group of people. An Aries can find themselves happy as an entrepreneur and can be incredibly innovative when it comes to their work. However, they do need a significant amount of freedom in whichever job they take in order to explore this creative side.

Aries can also be a bit of a perfectionist and exhibits this quality in all of their work. They tend to hold others to these standards and can become frustrated when team members do not perform as they wish them to. In the workplace, Aries are responsible and will assign themselves a large number of tasks, sometimes even too many for them to handle without stress.

When it comes to saving money, an Aries excels. They love working for money and excel at putting aside amounts for emergencies. For them, saving money can be seen as a competition and they are constantly pushing themselves to see just how much they can earn. Aries tend to always be on the lookout for ways to increase their profits and are not afraid of taking risks to earn large amounts of money.

However, an Aries is prone to impulsivity, and can lose large amounts of money just as quick as they earn them in high-risk investment situations. They also tend to spend their money without much of a decision-making process, purchasing things they like without any other thoughts, and can become annoyed at others who advise them to save their money.

Aries Love & Sex

As a lover, Aries is enthusiastic and passionate. They are adventurous in sex, always willing to try new things, and their partners may find themselves overwhelmed by the fiery, fervent attitude an Aries will take on while being intimate. A good amount of ego-reinforcement and praise for performance coming from their partner is needed for an Aries to feel completely satisfied in their intimate life.

Aries are not shy about pursuing the object of their desires. They tend to shower the ones they have interest in with gifts and affections, and often don’t stop to gauge the other party’s reactions. They are flirtatious and don’t hesitate to confess their feelings if they feel like it is the right time to do so; occasionally, they may confess without properly evaluating the consequences or without their feelings being returned, leading to some awkward situations.

In a relationship, an Aries needs constant spice and variety to keep themselves entertained. They are outgoing and adventurous and would fair well with a partner who can offer them a constant source of entertainment and excitement. A partner who cannot keep up with an Aries may lose their interest. Aries are emotional, dedicated, and determined and will surely bring this side of them into any romantic relationship.

Aries are loyal to the one who holds their heart and will expect these feelings to be returned. They can be possessive as a result of this, and may have a strong jealous streak that can drive potential partners away if they allow it to go out of control. They are quick to lose their temper in a lover’s spat, but just as quick to forgive and forget without holding a grudge.

How to Attract an Aries

Attracting an Aries is no simple task – an Aries needs to be wooed, impressed, and constantly offered new experiences and excitement in order for them to see the value in a potential partner. Offering an Aries the chance to take an adventure with you, while also allowing them to take charge of and lead your plans, is a good way to win their heart.

An Aries is attracted to a partner who can match their energy. They need someone who is willing to be brave and take risks with them, whether this means traveling somewhere exotic on the first date, or trying out new, unheard of cuisines. Aries will treat their partner with faithfulness and loyalty and expect the same in return; cheating and lying to an Aries is a guaranteed way to get them to reject your affections.

Aries can be quite insecure when it comes to matters where they are not sure they have the upper hand. A partner who is willing to constantly reassure the Aries ego or regularly give the Aries words of affirmation about their physical beauty will be incredibly attractive to this sign.

Aries also tend to be attracted to partners who follow their lead and are not prone to being strong-headed themselves, as this will create arguments an Aries feels they must win.

How to Attract an Aries Man

An Aries man is often seen as independent; they like to lead to and are not known for being subdued or taking cues from others. An Aries man can be won over by a partner who is willing to play hard to get; this game will be seen as a competition to the Aries man, and they will find themselves playing to win. They are adventurous and need a partner who can keep up with them on their never-ending journey to try new things and find new experiences.

Aries men will feel a sense of accomplishment when they can be around to “rescue” their partner. They enjoy being a savior and a hero to their partner and are attracted to people who will let them lead or take charge of their lives. However, an Aries man can also be bossy and short-tempered, and it may take several arguments to set boundaries – though these boundaries are something that Aries will respect in a potential partner.

Honesty is a trait highly valued to an Aries man, and they will be attracted to a partner who is confident and honest with them. While they appreciate positive comments and praises, they are interested in what their partner truly thinks and won’t be attracted to someone who offers empty words and does not let them into their more vulnerable thoughts.

Anyone wanting to win the desires of an Aries man will have to be prepared to make decisions and take risks as quickly as they do. Aries men can lose interest if a partner exhibits too much indecisiveness and may find themselves bored in relationships that fall into a monotonous routine. Variety and excitement are the true keys to winning over a male Aries.

How to Attract an Aries Woman

Aries women are known for being self-confident and bold. They love the chance to try and seduce a potential lover, so if you are trying to win the heart of an Aries woman, it is a good idea to play demure and let her take the lead. However, Aries women are highly independent and will not look favorably onto any kind of attempt to dampen them down or control and manipulate their behaviors.

Taking initiative with their love interests, the competitive nature of a female Aries often makes them feel like they should be fighting to win over another’s affections. They expect potential partners to return these actions and will be attracted to someone who goes out of their way to prove their commitment to starting a relationship. Aries women also love a partner who can show themselves to be dependable and strong.

Aries women need a lot of affection and reassurance of their partner’s love, and they can become jealous or possessive if they believe their partner to be lying to them. They appreciate sincerity in relationships and love it when a partner will allow them to take on the more dominant role. In fact, this is necessary sometimes to keep the Aries woman happy in her relationships.

Responding well to partners who are as adventurous as they are, Aries women are attracted to partners who can make decisions quickly and keep up with their constant search for variety. They appreciate a partner who is emotional and who is not afraid to exhibit the same traits of possessiveness and jealousy as they do, as this can make them feel loved and secure in a relationship.

Aries Family & Friends

Aries make loyal, faithful family members and friends, and will expect these traits to be reciprocated in these relationships. Aries are often surrounded by a large group of family and friends due to their tendencies to pick up followers as they move through life; people are attracted to their fearless, natural-born leader characteristics.

Many of these friends will have different natures as the Aries can even make friends with those that have completely opposite personalities, which can be a testament to their ability to unite people.

On the other hand, it can be hard for an Aries to deal with the emotional requirements of having such a large group of friends. Despite being surrounded and loved by any people, friends and family members do not typically seek out an Aries to assist in dealing with their emotional or sensitive issues.

This is because an Aries is prone to giving advice harshly or bluntly, and may end up making issues worse. The Aries may also ruin friendships by refusing to let arguments with friends rest and not relenting until the other party concedes their point of view.

Long-term friendships and family relationships will persevere when Aries is allowed to take charge and go their own way. Friendships who require a great deal of commitment or those that are not as prone to adventure seeking do not typically last as long.

Additionally, the Aries fares better in families that do not try to place too many restrictions on them and will allow them to follow their bold natures, though Aries do make dutiful family members that fulfill obligations without much protest.

Aries Health

All signs of the zodiac rule a specific body part, and for the Aries, that is the head. They have ruling over the brain and nerve centers, representing their characteristics of being both determined and strong. Aries may find that they have many complaints related to headaches and sinus issues as they progress through life; these issues tend to manifest more when the Aries is feeling especially tired or weak.

Health issues may also arise for Aries as a result of being stressed out and taking on more goals than they can reasonably complete. This may result in conditions such as fever and low-energy. Though an Aries can come down with these ailments quickly, when committed to bed rest, they can recover just as rapidly thanks to their generally robust and fiery nature.

A lifestyle that is fitness-conscious suits an Aries very well, and they thrive when able to take care of themselves physically. Diet-wise, an Aries needs to be careful to avoid caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, so as not to affect their already rapidly varying moods.

They can also benefit from a diet rich in potassium phosphate, coming from items such as beans and lentils, in order to keep their energy levels as balanced as possible.

Aries are also prone to injuries due to their risk-taking nature, and they might find themselves with several broken bones or hospital visits over a lifetime. To combat this, Aries need to be more cautious in their surroundings and think through potentially dangerous activities more carefully.

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