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About The ZodiacVirgo

  • Date RangeAugust 23 to September 22
  • Symbol
  • Element Earth
  • Ruler Mercury 
  • Quality Mutable 
  • Strengths Observant,  Organized,  Responsible  
  • Weaknesses Excessively Critical,  Perfectionist,  Cynical 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Rudeness,  Asking For Help,  Chaos  
  • Strongest Compatibility Aquarius 
  • Colors Brown  Gray  Green 
  • Lucky Numbers 3, 6, 7

Virgo Personality & Characteristics

Virgos are known for being organized and orderly. They tend to be cautious people and are usually quite humble as well. Virgos give off a calm demeanor that can border on stoicism, but deep down, they’re evaluating everything around them, and then calculating the information they’re getting and their reactions to it accordingly. They’re not one for grand, passionate gestures and prefer quiet when it’s possible.

Virgos tend to be all business, which can be a strength as much as it can be a weakness. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, means that Virgos tend to be skilled and concise communicators.

Virgo Strengths

Virgos have a keen eye for detail. They are almost always observing and analyzing the settings and people around them. Because of this, they tend to remember the small things--even when those things have been overlooked by everyone else.

They make very calculated decisions, and the decisions that they come to tend to be the best fit for themselves, or (if applicable) the best compromise between what they and others are looking for. They’re great with communication, and they make an effort to be kind to everyone.

They’re also highly skilled in the practices of moderation and practicality. Virgos are extremely responsible individuals, both in a work setting and outside of one. They are very helpful colleagues and friends; they always arrive earlier than anticipated and tend to stay later than everyone else.

Virgos are very efficient and organized people. They always make their deadlines, they know where everything is at home, and they’re who you call for closet organization ideas. They get very intrigued by matters of self-improvement and are always looking to better themselves in some way--this can mean physically, but it can also mean through a more creative avenue, like taking up novel-writing.

Virgo Weaknesses

Virgo weaknesses tend to be when their responsibility and attention to detail goes awry and makes them overly critical. This can cause discord in groups, especially if the subject they’re being overly critical of isn’t something of their own making. This can come off in a way that’s very micromanaging if they’re in a position of power, like a supervisor.

This excess of criticism can also manifest itself in being very cynical. Cynicism can make Virgos miss opportunities that may have been beneficial for them because they were too busy criticizing. Coupled with their stoic demeanor, cynicism can also make Virgos come off as joyless.

Virgos can be perfectionistic if their carefulness is left unchecked. This can slow them down significantly or make them harder to get along with in a professional capacity--especially if they’re not open to receiving the same criticism they’re giving. They can also turn this perfectionism toward themselves and get extremely bogged down by a self-critical inner monologue.

Sometimes, detail-attentive Virgos will fixate on a piece of insignificant information and let it get in the way of them seeing the bigger picture. This can lead to short-term success, but in the long-term, they may wind up fixing mistakes they’ve made based on information that they placed too much importance on.

Virgo Career & Money

Because of their attention to detail and their ambition to get things done, Virgos make great workers. Virgos are very organized and analytical, which makes them great candidates for careers in law as well as accounting. Their good communication skills will make them successful in just about any career path that they try to pursue, as communication is the key to a long-lasting career.

Virgos are very responsible and are always happy to help their colleagues. However, this can also be a detriment. They have a hard time saying no to a delegated task or when someone’s overwhelmed and needs help, and this can mean that their own work suffers.

They’re very efficient and are usually good about making whatever deadlines they have (whether they’re self-imposed or given to them by management) though this can sometimes mean that they work overtime to get their project in on time.

At their best, Virgos work great in a team setting, both because of their good communication and their willingness to help. They tend to be good at working with compromises that reflect what others in the team want. At their worst, Virgos working in a team context can be critical and micromanaging. Alongside this, they can be excessively nit-picky about small details that are insignificant to the bigger picture.

Virgos tend to be very good with money because of their responsible and practical nature, as well as their taste for moderation. They’re not ones to make major financial decisions without a lot of research put into it first.

Virgo Love & Sex

Matters of love and sex are typically dictated by which house someone’s Venus is in. The way someone approaches love or sex can be dependent on their personality, but finding what house Venus resides in may give further insight. The following assumes that Venus is in the 6th House, which Virgo rules.

Virgos are content being single because they’re extremely cautious (and at times critical) which naturally extends to finding romance. When they have found someone suitable to date, it often takes a very long time for them to fall in love for the same reasons.

Because of this, they don’t usually believe in love at first sight and usually have a long “getting to know you” stage. A Virgo would much rather commit to someone that they already feel very strongly about instead of going into a heated romance with someone that they don’t know very well but have lukewarm feelings for.

Once a Virgo has taken that step and fallen for someone, they’re extremely loyal and devoted lovers. Their adept eye for observing means that they’re always looking for ways to surprise you or bring you what you need--acts of service are typically their love language.

They don’t usually show it right away, but Virgos can be sensual and tender, just as any other sign can be. They can be perfectionistic about the exact actions of sex, but once they’re fully comfortable with someone on that level, that tends to melt away. Reassurance from their partner here is key.

Being in a relationship with a Virgo means having an open dialogue about what your wants and needs are, and they expect that to be a two-way street. If they don’t think that your communication styles will mesh, they probably won’t take that step with you in the first place.

Virgos tend to not be too put-off by disagreements in the relationship, and it takes a lot for them to walk away. They are people who love on a very deep level, and who would rather try to fix the relationship they have than find a new one.

How to Attract a Virgo

Virgos tend to like quiet dates over a very busy place, so if you’re looking to make them comfortable, maybe pick a nice quiet restaurant (or a lovely little tea house, if you’re looking for something that isn’t too flashy).

Virgos aren’t really into flashes of wealth or glamour; they’re much more into your company and the values that you eschew. Don’t be afraid to talk about your causes or the things that you’re passionate about; they like honesty, and they love getting to know people.

The 6th House is also home to self-improvement ventures (typically through diet, exercise, and routines), which can be a major point of bonding for the Virgo you’re attracted to. Virgos love bettering themselves, and if you engage in the same behaviors, it not only shows that you take self-improvement seriously, but it also gives you something to talk about.

Virgos are very attentive and observant, and if you want to attract them, that’s something that can’t be a turnoff for you. They’ll especially love if that observantness is encouraged or rewarded with praise. Their communicative nature is another thing that you can’t shy away from. Showing them that you are open to and eager for that communication will let them know that you’re taking them seriously.

Being patient is also going to be key--Virgos don’t want to rush into a relationship, so don’t pressure them into one right away. It may be difficult to keep yourself restrained, but taking it slow will be well worth the wait once the time comes for commitment.

How to Attract a Virgo Man

A Virgo man will not want to rush into things; he would much rather get to know you than get into something passionate right away. There’s a lot of media that dictates that men will want to rush into something for the sake of physical intimacy, but a Virgo man much prefers carefully getting to know someone before digging into any of that.

Starting out as friends is a great way to lay down that familiarity framework (plus then you can see if you’re sure about him too). If you’re not sure where to begin with a friendship, asking for his help with something is a really good start--as long as you genuinely need help with what you’re asking him for.

This shows that you value his opinion, and you think about him when he’s not around. Virgo men like being helpful, and opening a friendship by asking for his advice will create a stronger foundation than just a compliment. Plus, it will give you something to talk about later.

It can be hard to read a Virgo man because of his own cool nature and the stigma against men showing emotion, so make sure you also play it casually. He’s not really one for empty compliments or grand gestures, so being sincere in your words and taking a more understated approach to asking him out is going to be more successful than trying to butter him up with dramatics.

Making the first move is going to go a long way, as Virgos can be shy and Virgo men are no different. If you accept that shyness and assure him that it’s not a character flaw, he’ll start to feel more comfortable opening up to you, and eventually, he may consider something long-term.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman

Appealing to her sense of humor is a great way to show a Virgo woman that you think she’s good company without coming on too strongly. It might be hard to read her; the observant and calculating nature of Virgo often means that they come off as stoic, and the Virgo woman is no exception. It’s not that she doesn’t like or feel passion; it’s that she prefers having a clearer head.

Showing that you value that observance and analytical nature will go a long way in making her remember you. If you remember things that she likes or subjects you’ve talked about in the past and bring them up in future conversations casually, she’ll take notice.

If you find that you have similar interests, especially in self-improvement pursuits, working on those things together will help make her think of you as someone like-minded to spend time with.

It’s probably going to take a while for her to want to engage in a committed relationship. It’s not that she’s timid; it’s more that she’s analyzing the situation thoroughly and is weighing whether or not this is the right move for her. Luckily, because of Virgos’ capacity for communication, she’s going to let you know where you stand, especially if she is considering the pursuit of something more serious.

When you do get to a point where a date is on the table, make sure you dress nicely, have a plan for the evening, and don’t be late. As mentioned, Virgo women take dating very seriously, which means that they don’t gloss over the finer details.

Virgo Family & Friends

Virgos love spending time with the people that they love. They’re easy friends to keep, as they outwardly show their affection pretty easily but don’t need much in return to remain happy. They favor having a few long-lasting connections and friendships versus having a lot of people they call friends, but generally, they’re cordial to just about everyone unless they have reason not to be.

It can be hard for Virgos to make non-professional friends as they tend to be all work and no play. Their critical streak can also turn people off from them, which is hard because that’s usually how they show that they care. Virgos are very loyal to and deeply treasure the friends that they do make outside of professional contexts, as they’re usually few.

Sometimes their tendency to want to know all the facts can mean that they involve themselves in gossip, but it’s usually from a defensive standpoint for the person that they love. They aren’t usually trying to start anything; they just want to get to the bottom of whatever’s happening.

Virgos tend to be very kind and happy to help whenever they’re called upon to do so. Their responsibility and their ability to make calculated decisions with ease means they’re someone good to call on when you get into trouble, but they also make sure not to neglect their smaller and less pressing duties.

Virgos are usually good about keeping up with their assigned household chores, as they’d rather just do the work than cause disharmony.

Virgo Health

Virgos tend to have strong bodies and minds. However, their perfectionism and diligence to get the task on their plate done entirely before moving onto the next item on the list means that sometimes they neglect matters like sleeping and eating regularly. If they know that they have these tendencies, they should schedule time for breaks in their tasks, or set alarms so they make sure to rest.

These same factors can also lead to burnout, especially in a culture that encourages that we always be working. Perfectionism can potentially also mean an increased level of anxiety, which can usually be alleviated with self-care measures.

Virgo rules the abdomen and the internal organs. Working too hard can mess with their appetite, usually by way of shrinking it. This is something that should be watched carefully, especially as a sign that more rest and relaxation measures need to be taken.

Virgo’s overly critical nature and fixation on small pieces of information are things that should be looked at in a professional sense if they start to interfere with their day to day lives.

Virgos also tend to be drawn to the concept of self-improvement; this is usually done in a healthy way, but if they’re dieting or exercising to the point of excess, that’s also something that should be looked into, and another self-improvement avenue should be pursued.

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