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A partnership between two humanitarian air signs is guaranteed to be a wild ride. Their relationship is often based on their shared love of excitement and progressive ideas, so you can easily find them flitting from one activity to another based on t... Keeping reading

Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility

A partnership between two humanitarian air signs is guaranteed to be a wild ride. Their relationship is often based on their shared love of excitement and progressive ideas, so you can easily find them flitting from one activity to another based on their whims.

An Aquarius partnership will likely have a strong moral compass, thanks to their visionary influence from the planet Uranus, and you may find them spending all of their weekends together volunteering with food banks or engaging in community clean-up efforts.

Another positive about a relationship between these signs is how productive they are when together. There is no topic of problem that the Aquarius pairing will back down from, and thanks to their love of knowledge and analyzing information, they can easily work through challenges and solve issues as a united front. This allows the pairing to make great strides in both their personal work and their careers, as there is no speed bump that will sit in their way for too long – the Aquariuses simply won’t allow it.

This love of knowledge and information also provides the Aquarius pairing with fantastic communication compatibility. There is nothing these signs can’t talk about or dream up, and they will find a comfortable partner in each other.

Additionally, an Aquarius pairing tends to share their love for freedom and personal independence; they will acknowledge and respect this quality in each other, something which allows the signs to be on the same page regarding their relationship, creating a stronger sense of trust.

The main conflict that comes to light in an Aquarius household is the lack of emotion between these two. With neither sign being particularly in touch with their emotions or deeper feelings, it can be hard to create a sense of warmth in their relationship.

Sometimes this can suit the two just fine, but sometimes this can be a major obstacle for the two to overcome if one side decides they want to deepen their emotional bond. Neither side of the relationship will understand how to go about this, and they might be left at a stalemate, feeling somewhat unfulfilled.

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Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Though Aquarius and Aquarius can be compatible in many regards, this is a partnership that can seriously struggle with matters of love and intimacy. Aquarius is not a sign that is particularly inclined to being warm or in touch with their emotional side, leading to bluntness and a reputation for being insensitive.

When paired with another Aquarius, these traits can only intensify, leaving both sides of the partnership feeling slightly unfulfilled by the lack of emotional warmth between them but unsure of how to fix the issue.

It can take a significant amount of time and many deep conversations for the Aquariuses to start feeling comfortable with their own vulnerability, as well as to fight the urge to run away from their partner’s emotional expression. Once these signs begrudgingly come to terms with the fact that emotion is necessary if they want their relationship to be long-lasting and harmonious, they can usually find it in themselves to work on culminating a spark of true love and intimacy.

And as this spark between the Aquariuses grows, the two will realize that many of their intimate and romantic preferences are in line, strengthening the bond of their relationship. An Aquarius is not afraid to try new things in the bedroom, as excitement and free expression are driving motivations of this sign.

Neither partner will have issues fulfilling the fantasies of the other. As long as these signs dedicated themselves to deepening the emotional side of their relationship, they are sure to experience a mutually satisfying and exciting intimate and romantic partnership with each other.

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

An Aquarius and Aquarius friendship is likely to be one of the most productive in the Zodiac. These friends tend to be highly in tune with themselves and the world around them, and will always absorb as much information as possible before making a decision or evaluating their goals.

Together, these friends are likely to encourage each other of their individual humanitarian efforts or spend their days dreaming up idealistic notions related to their favorite global improvement causes. And, thanks to their fixed modalities, Aquariuses will work to put most of these notions into action.

A shared love of intellectual pursuits combined with exceptional listening skills makes an Aquarius friendship one that can stand the tests of time. These friends enjoying listening to each other and discussing all manner of topics, from their favorite books to new discoveries in science and technology. They can easily keep up with each other, as their minds work in similar ways, and will have no problem moving from one exciting activity to another with their friend.

The one downside of an Aquarius and Aquarius friendship, however, is the amount of time these friends spend focused on the bigger picture. It is easy for them to get lost in their individual or shared goals, so intent on making the world a better place that they forget to acknowledge the feelings and desires of the people around them. This behavior can make them seem detached and insensitive to others, and may cause them to be ostracized by many shared friends until all the Aquariuses have are each other.

This may not seem like a bad thing in the short term, but over time the dual Aquarius friendship may find this behavior puts a strain on their relationship, as their need to be social makes them restless and they find themselves wondering what went wrong.

These friends would do well to remember that they cannot save the world with just the two of them and that maintaining relationships with others outside of their shared bubble is incredibly important if they want to feel fulfilled. Not letting themselves get so involved in their personal mission can help Aquarius stay in tune with the outside world and prevent them from losing other friends.

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

Emotions are not a strong suit for the Aquarius partnership, but this doesn’t mean that they are a pairing completely devoid of all emotion. It simply means that these signs express their emotions in a different way, and may struggle to feel comfortable with expressing their emotions to themselves and others.

It can take a long time for Aquarius and Aquarius to start feeling comfortable enough with each other to begin expressing their emotions, and this is something that may not ever happen, depending on how adverse to the concept each partner is.

Most Aquarius relationships will start off as friends, as this is the relationship that they most easily fall into and the kind that they have the most familiarity in. And while Aquarius may feel deeply for their Aquarius partner, neither side is likely to express these feelings, but somehow this balance works for the two of them – both sides of the pairing understand how the other’s mind works, meaning that they don’t need grand romantic gestures or spoken appreciations of friendships to care about their friends or romantic partners or to feel cared about.

In this way, Aquarius can be fairly compatible with their emotions. Though neither side of the pairing is outwardly warm or emotionally expressive, they can strike a balance between themselves that is caring and emotional in its own unique way.

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

As expected, an Aquarius and Aquarius pairing will have the likelihood of sharing many of their values, with personal freedom and a love of excitement being at the forefront. These shared values allow the signs to stay on the same page throughout their relationship, neither side trying to put down boundaries or control the other because they are moving at the same pace, right alongside them.

Another shared value that can bring these signs together and keep them together is their mutual love for intellectual pursuits and knowledge. Whether they are friends or romantic partners, Aquarius and Aquarius will have no problem indulging in these shared values as they talk for hours on end, absorbing all the information they can about their partner and sharing their own personal view on many different topics.

The main conflict that may arise in the Aquarius and Aquarius values compatibility is their inherent opinionated nature. While they enjoy an exchange of ideas and a good-natured debate, if one side of the partnership takes too firm of a stand on any one issue, the Aquariuses could find themselves pulled into a serious argument.

Combined with their stubborn fixed modality, these arguments could decrease the general compatibility of their values, leading to a breakdown in the relationship. The best way to avoid situations like these is for both sides of the partnership to practice tolerance and respect for the other’s point of view, no matter how much it annoys them.

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

There is no activity that Aquarius and Aquarius won’t try out together, as they are both lovers of excitement and freedom. All manners of activity can hold the interest of these two, and they can be found moving rapidly from activity to activity, as long as they deem it interesting enough and guaranteed to stir up profound thoughts.

Aquarius and Aquarius can be found with a yearly membership to their favorite history and science museums, taking a spontaneous journey across town to try out a new exotic cuisine, or attending a free scientific lecture at a local college. Whatever fits their fancy on that particular day, they’ll be sure to do. The benefit of the Aquarius partnership is that they can easily keep up with each other and have no problem embarking on activities together at a moment’s notice.

On the downside, Aquarius and Aquarius should be sure to stay aware of their surroundings and not have tunnel vision on their own wants and activities. It is easy for this duo to seem selfish or rude to other people as they blaze in and out of activities, not giving a thought to others waiting in line or emerging from their own world long enough to care.

Aquarius should remember that it is perfectly fine to enjoy themselves in any type of activity, but they should be sure they are following social norms while they do it so as to not draw the ire of everyone around them.

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Thanks to the dual ruling influence of the planets Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius is a sign with a high skill in regards to communication. They are known as the progressives of the zodiac, and this reputation can easily be seen in the thoughts they have and the conversations they share between themselves. No topics are off-limits, and there is nothing the Aquarius pairing will shy away from analyzing with each other.

Along with this planetary influence comes the traits of rational thinking and a highly logical mind. This allows the Aquariuses to communicate frankly with each other, and while some may think that this pairing is devoid of emotion, they are perfectly happy with the way their discussions are emotion and drama-free, as this allows them to analyze them more sincerely. Together, the Aquarius and Aquarius paring will likely have very open, free channels of communication, and neither side will be afraid to speak their mind.

The one thing that these signs should be careful of, however, is letting their egos and Fixed modality stubbornness get in the way of a good conversation, ruining their communication channels. It is easy for these signs to escalate minor disagreements into arguments, and if they are not careful, these arguments could do serious damage to their view of each other. It would do this partnership well to remember that sometimes compromises are necessary and that most conversations do not have a ‘winner.’

Aquarius & Aquarius Aquarius & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Both lovers of freedom, the trust levels between the Aquarius and Aquarius pairing can actually be quite high. These signs seem to understand each other on an innate level, not needing words to appreciate the motivations behind each other’s behaviors. Their shared value of independence and freedom allows them to appreciate the loose boundaries that the other gives them, while not feeling the need to impose boundaries on their partner. They seem to strike a balance of trust that is just right for their relationship.

If one side of this pairing starts to become more possessive or jealous of the other, the trust boundary between the Aquariuses is likely to suffer immediately. After all, becoming possessive is against their general natures, and if one partner starts to experience this, they will need to have a serious discussion with each other to find the source of the feelings and concoct a solution for it. Thankfully, with their skills in communication, it won’t take long for the Aquariuses to deal with the issue and regain their trusting balance.

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Work Compatibility

Much like Aquarius friendships, the workplace compatibility between these signs has a good potential for being harmonious. Aquarius and Aquarius are highly productive together, and they tend to be the duo that is always encouraging the other to think bigger and better.

Projects undertaken by these two are sure to be full of innovative ideas and carefully thought-out logistics, thanks to the rational side of Aquarius. Though their ideas are progressive, they are often not too idealistic or unrealistic, as the Aquarius partnership recognizes this as a detriment in the workplace.

Humanitarian-minded Aquarius and Aquarius will likely thrive in a career that performs substantial work in improving living conditions across the globe. These two may be found joining up with the Peace Corps or working for Doctors Without Borders, as jobs like these allow them to make tangible differences in the lives of others, something that they both highly value.

In a workplace, Aquarius and Aquarius should make sure that they don’t get too carried away in their own bubble of work and creation, as this can exclude many of their other coworkers and leave them as the exiles of the office. While the Aquarius pairing may not mind this at first, they would do well to remember that healthy workplace relationships are important if they want to further their careers, something that this driven sign is eventually going to desire.

Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Though they may not be the most traditionally minded pairing in the zodiac, a relationship between Aquarius and Aquarius has the potential to be exciting, progressive, and full of mentally stimulating conversation.

While deep emotional warmth and being vulnerable with their feelings can be an issue for these two, over time, the Aquarius duo will begin to be more comfortable sharing these things with each other. And as long as they remember that others also exist in the world and don’t get too carried away in their own little bubble, they can experience a long-lasting, harmonious, and healthy relationship as friends or romantic partners.

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