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Libras and Capricorns are two signs who sometimes act in similar ways. However, their actions tend to be based on very different motivations. This makes for a duo who has a lot of potential to be highly compatible, and they’re great at teaching eac... Keeping reading

Libra & Capricorn Compatibility

Libras and Capricorns are two signs who sometimes act in similar ways. However, their actions tend to be based on very different motivations. This makes for a duo who has a lot of potential to be highly compatible, and they’re great at teaching each other.

One big thing that this duo has in common is the way that they approach making decisions. Each sign tends to take their time, which is something other signs in their lives may find frustrating. Libras and Capricorns will understand that it’s for the best, though.

Libras tend to weigh decisions very carefully for the sake of diplomacy and justice–they want to make everyone happy. For Capricorns, their slow decision-making stems from synthesizing their observations and making the choice that will further their path to success.

Challenges may occur when it comes to each sign being cardinal in modality. This tends to mean that both signs will take life and challenges head-on, and can sometimes be too unapologetic about it. If they aren’t on the same page, they can end up butting heads (and Capricorn especially may have some harsh words).

Like with most challenges in relationships, communication and compromise are going to be key. Having a plan in place for when this duo’s cardinal energies clash may be helpful. Luckily, compromise is where Libras tend to thrive.

Even though Libras and Capricorns have many similarities, their differences will keep things exciting. Along with this, there are a lot of opportunities for this duo to learn from one another.

Libras can be very idealistic and concerned with intangible ideas. This is very different from Capricorns, who seek out set plans and concrete progress. But if they’re willing to learn from each other, this will create balance instead of strife. Libras may learn how to turn their dreams into reality, and Capricorns may tune more into their imagination.

Overall, this is a pairing that has potential to go very far in any type of relationship that they’re in—if they can use their fundamental differences to learn from eachother rather than clashing.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Libras tend to fall in love quickly, which is the exact opposite of careful Capricorn. Communication will certainly need to happen around this. Libras may feel comfortable jumping into romance, but Capricorns typically want to wait and figure out if the person is right first.

Libras are often extremely romantic people. They typically love being in love, which probably has to do with their Venus rulership. This is something they may want to be careful about expressing to Capricorn to keep them from feeling pressured into getting serious.

Initially, it may be difficult to form a relationship with Capricorn that’s satisfying, especially if Libra is looking for another romantic. If Libra is willing to take some time for the two of them to feel it out, however, they may find that the wait is worth it.

Capricorns do tend to loosen up once they make a commitment to someone. When they’re in love, Capricorns tend to be very secure and will treat their relationship with the diligence that they treat any ambition. This tends to make them great lovers, but it takes a while to get there.

To strengthen this bond, it may be helpful for this duo to find some activities that they can do together. Building trust is really important to Capricorns especially, and this may be a good way of establishing that. For ideas on that, see here.

Once Libras and Capricorns are able to get through the beginning stages of a relationship, they may find that they’re very compatible romantically.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Friendship Compatibility

Capricorn friendships thrive when the other person understands that achievement is usually put first on their priority list. This is something that likely won’t bother Libras, who need time and space to themselves anyway. Both signs will respect one another’s need for independence.

That being said, Libras may be frustrated by Capricorn’s work/life balance. This may motivate Libra to try and make more plans with Capricorn to pull them away from the office. Capricorn will need to understand that it’s coming from a place of good intent, and indulging sometimes is a good thing.

Both signs can get stubborn and start arguments with people, but neither sign tends to hold a grudge. This is something that will likely work in their favor.

Libra’s sense of fairness is something that may be impressive to Capricorns. Even though Capricorns tend to put their own wants above others, they’ll still respect this approach. Capricorns may learn to take what others need into account before proceeding with their plans.

However, Capricorns may find Libra’s devotion to diplomacy difficult to trust at times. In a romantic relationship this can be a big challenge, but in a friendship (even a close one) this is less likely to be an issue. Libra should be prepared to be called out if Capricorn sees fit, however. This could be a good learning opportunity for Libra to be more direct.

Overall, Libras and Capricorns have a lot of potential for a strong friendship. Once they become friends, they’re likely to stay in each other’s lives for a long time.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Emotional Compatibility

It’s hard for both signs to reveal their true feelings, for different reasons. In this sense there’s a lot of similarity, but they may find it hard to open up to each other for a long time.

Libras tend to keep their feelings to themselves to not hurt others, especially if it’s something that may cause a fight. Others may perceive this as being wishy-washy and not being true to themselves.

Capricorns tend to keep their feelings guarded because high levels of emotion don’t tend to help when it comes to their ambitions. This gives them the reputation of being cold and dull, even if they do have lots of feelings stirring beneath the surface.

Between the two of them, Capricorns tend to be the sign that’s more heavily guarded when it comes to letting people in on their emotions. Libras will be pretty likely to exercise patience when it comes to this, though it may be difficult if romance is on the table. Libras love being in love, and Capricorns may perceive this as rushing them.

Honest communication will help a lot when it comes to this duo navigating emotions, especially in the beginning. Looking at the moon in each person’s natal chart may help with additional emotional insights.

Once they’re over the hurdle of trust (which can take a while, for more on that see here) emotional compatibility will come more easily.

Libras and Capricorns have the potential to find emotional compatibility, but communication will be key to get there.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Values Compatibility

Above all, Libras value balance and harmony in their lives. They want to be surrounded by balance in their relationships, as well as with their work. This tends to make them great with compromise, which is something else that they highly value.

Going along with this, Libras seek out unions–whether that be business, romantic, or otherwise. This is likely influenced by Libra’s Venusian rulership, which oversees connection.

Capricorns, on the other hand, tend to have values that are more related to themselves. Their biggest concern is achievement and success, especially in their field. That’s not to say that they don’t care about compromise; their priorities are just different.

Libras have a really strong sense of justice, which is something many Capricorns have in common. Capricorns are often known for fighting for what they think is right, and Libra will be right there with them.

Capricorns are people who highly value strategy, which often helps them with arguments as well as goal-mapping. When it comes to weighing decisions, Libras tend to have this in common. However, this very trait can cause challenges if Libra feels like Capricorn is being too rigid in their plans.

Even though there are differences in the ways that they approach their values, there’s a lot of overlap. So long as they’re each willing to communicate and listen, values aren’t likely to clash between Libras and Capricorns.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Activities Compatibility

Libras will likely weigh every decision about shared activities very thoroughly. If Capricorn suggests that they get pizza, Libra will have several menus pulled up on their screen for comparison. This is something that may make Capricorns feel secure, as they themselves tend to be very attentive to details.

However, this is something that may also be frustrating to Capricorns, especially when it’s over something like dinner. Having a plan in place to expedite the decision-making process may be something to consider, so long as it makes Libra happy.

Neither sign is known for being attracted to particularly boisterous crowds, which will work in their favor. Libras tend to be a little more socially-inclined than Capricorns. Once they become serious, though, Capricorn will likely be happy to compromise and be as social as Libra likes. This is because Capricorns love making their partner happy once they’re committed.

It may take a bit for Libra to convince Capricorn to put down their work in favor of going out and doing something. Capricorns will be easier to convince if it’s something that will help them with one of their goals. Taking a class together that appeals to both sets of interests may be a possible solution.

If Libra and Capricorn sit down and have a good discussion on what their goals and interests are, they’ll be able to compare notes. Libras are great at finding compromise, and Capricorns are great at remembering details. If they do this, finding shared activities won’t be an issue at all.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Communication Compatibility

The way that each sign communicates with the other is going to feed into how they trust one another, which we’ll talk more about later. As with any set of signs these are subjects that go hand in hand, but it’s even more important than normal with this duo.

Capricorns can sometimes be ruthless when it comes to their honesty. Libras are the opposite and would rather take a diplomatic approach to avoid conflict. This could be a learning opportunity for both of them.

Libras may learn from Capricorns that conflict doesn’t have to be something scary. Likewise, Capricorns may learn to soften their approach a little bit.

Both signs tend to take their time with decisions and weigh each side very carefully. When it comes to communicating those decisions, this is something they’ll respect deeply in each other.

If Libra runs into an issue with a decision that Capricorn has made, it may be difficult to convince Capricorn to change their mind. However, Capricorns can usually be convinced if there is good evidence that doing something else will be more favorable. Libras may want to keep this in mind.

Libras have a tendency to put others’ needs before their own. Capricorns can be stubborn, and Libra may find it easier to give in rather than fight it too hard. Both signs should make sure that Libra is getting what they want as well.

Overall, once they learn how to speak and understand each other’s languages, they’re likely to have good communication.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Trust Compatibility

It takes a lot for Libras and Capricorns to talk about how they really feel. This tends to happen for separate reasons, but it’s compatible when it works together.

Libras take a long time to trust someone because they tend to be avoidant to conflict. If they think that opening up to someone will cause conflict, they’re unlikely to go forward with it.

Capricorns are more concerned with being strategic when it comes to trusting others. They don’t want to get themselves hurt, and they also don’t want to misstep and get off course. They’ll only trust someone once they’re sure that they can.

Sometimes Libra will tell someone what they want to hear if it avoids conflict. Capricorns may find this way of communicating hard to trust. Capricorns are comfortable with honesty, even if it seems brutal, and they may not have any use for Libra’s pretty and diplomatic words.

If Libra finds that Capricorn is bothered by their diplomacy, they should take it as a cue to keep an eye on that. Neither sign has a tendency to hold a grudge, so it’s not something that should be an issue later on so long as it’s being addressed.

Communicating honestly is going to be what helps challenges that arise from their differences. Honesty and being direct about what they want are things that Capricorns aren’t afraid of. This is good, as it means those conversations will be facilitated in a meaningful way.

As long as Libras and Capricorns can keep communication open, trust is likely to fall into place.

Libra & Capricorn Libra & Capricorn
Work Compatibility

There are major assets between this duo when it comes to a working relationship.

Libras are great at finding compromise in any situation. They’re often very good at making everyone feel heard, which makes them excellent to work with in a team.

Capricorn’s strengths are often in work that happens behind the scenes–which is what keeps a business running. They tend to be great with details, and many of them are good with numbers as well.

Strategy is something else that Capricorn usually finds in their wheelhouse. When they make up their mind about their goals, they’re often very good at finding the best path to reach them.

Challenges that occur will stem from their differences in planning. Libras tend to enjoy speculation, especially when it comes to weighing decisions. Capricorns, being earth signs, tend to be rooted more in the tangible.

To go along with this, Capricorn can be stubborn when it comes to sticking to the path that they’ve mapped out. To Capricorns, the plans that they’ve laid out are going to be what gets them to achievement and success. This may be frustrating to Libras, who usually like more freedom to speculate and flow.

The frustration that Libra feels with Capricorn’s rigidity is unlikely to come up in conversation. Libras tend to put what others want over what they themselves want. They should watch to make sure Capricorn isn’t calling all the shots.

Overall, this duo has the potential to balance one another fairly well, as long as each of them is willing to make some compromises.

Libra & Capricorn Compatibility Summary

Libras and Capricorns have a lot of areas in which they differ, but there’s also a lot of similarity to be found. Both signs tend to approach decisions with a lot of heft, but those tendencies come from different places. This means that life between them will never be boring.

Their differences in strengths and values mean that there’s a lot each of them can learn from each other. Capricorns may learn to loosen up, and Libras may internalize that thinking about themselves first sometimes is good.

Communicating honestly is going to be what will solve any challenges between them. Libras are great at compromise, and Capricorns find strength in honesty. Together, they can be compatible in all areas of life—so long as they work at it.

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