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About The ZodiacAquarius

  • Date RangeJanuary 20 to February 18
  • Symbol
  • Element Air
  • Ruler Uranus 
  • Quality Fixed 
  • Strengths Innovative,  Sociable,  Intelligent 
  • Weaknesses Unpredictable,  Emotionally Detached,  Malcontent 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Staying Still,  Restrictions,  Rudeness 
  • Strongest Compatibility Gemini 
  • Colors Blue  Turquoise  Violet 
  • Lucky Numbers 3, 9, 2

Aquarius Personality & Characteristics

Aquarians are very good at making connections, and they love having new experiences. The sign of Aquarius is strongly associated with the idea of revolution, and Aquarians tend to be revolutionary in their own ways--they can be quite rebellious but it’s often for a good cause.

Aquarians have very eccentric and innovative minds, making them great problem solvers, sometimes with an affinity for more eccentric subjects and interests. They tend to be very kind and friendly individuals, but upon getting to know them, it’s clear that they keep themselves pretty guarded when it comes to more vulnerable feelings.

Aquarius Strengths

Aquarians can carry a conversation about most topics, which makes them intriguing and easy to get along with. This combined, with their kindness, makes them masters at making and keeping connections, which helps them in pretty much all areas of their lives. Aquarians can make friends pretty much anywhere that they are, whether it’s at work or waiting in line at a coffee shop.

They are very innovative, especially when it comes to deep thinking and problem solving, and are great at coming up with solutions that may not have been thought of before. Aquarians also are very adaptable and easily roll with changes, whether they be self-imposed or a product of their environment, which helps fuel their innovation.

Aquarians tend to be very intelligent, especially in their field of study and adjacent fields. Their minds tend to work very logically, which gives them a lot of strength in areas that work with hard, quantitative data, but they also are very altruistic and favor working with more humanitarian causes. Aquarians really care about people both on a personal level as well as a societal one, and thrive most when their intelligence and innovation are working for the greater good.

Aquarius Weaknesses

Aquarians don’t trust very easily, even though they’re very sociable. This can make them seem very guarded and unwilling to be vulnerable once someone has gotten close to them. Aquarians can be scatterbrained, and this can also make them come off as cold and impersonal.

Often, Aquarians struggle with intimacy despite being great at making connections. They don’t really like to talk about their feelings, which can be frustrating for signs more in touch with their own emotions.

Sometimes their innovative nature is too “out there” and crosses into being bizarre, which may alienate people and make the Aquarius hard to understand. This can lessen their credibility, even when they’re very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. In rare cases, this excess of eccentricity can turn into extremism, which is not something that’s always productive.

Aquarians can get bored very easily if they’re not stimulated enough, and this can lead to them being malcontent in their lives, or cause unpredictable decision making. This doesn’t usually go into dangerous territory, but it can be frustrating for people around them. Aquarian malcontent can be hard to appease, especially if the Aquarius isn’t aware that novel experiences and stimulation are what they need.

Aquarius Career & Money

Aquarians are very good at networking and making connections, and because of these skills, they tend to go far in their given career fields. Aquarians tend to thrive in careers in which they’re working directly with people, or with a humanitarian cause. Aquarius rules the 11th house of technology, so naturally fields that fall into that category tend to be of interest to Aquarians as well.

They’re hardworking and can work independently but favor working in a group or in teams--this way, they can build more connections and network. They’re great to have in a working team, as they’ll be sure that everyone feels included and that good compromises are being made among the members (when compromises need to be made). This is especially good for quieter members of a team who may not always feel like they’re being heard, which will do wonders for workplace harmony.

If an Aquarius is in a management or other leadership position, they may find it difficult to discipline someone who needs it because of their friendly nature. Other than that, their friendliness and charisma make them pretty good signs to work for.

Aquarians can get into trouble career-wise because tedious tasks like budgeting and balancing their checkbook don’t appeal to them as much as more exciting ventures. When they’re working on something they’re extremely passionate about, they do well, but daily tedium can make them drag their feet.

Material possessions don’t tend to take priority over experiences and their loved ones, so as long as they’re careful, they won’t have to worry about financial issues. Even though they don’t always like balancing the checkbook, Aquarians’ logical nature makes them good at keeping a budget.

Aquarius Love & Sex

Matters of love and sex are typically dictated by which house someone’s Venus is in. The way someone approaches love or sex can be dependent on their personality, but finding what house Venus resides in may give further insight. The following assumes that Venus is in the 11th House, which Aquarius rules.

Aquarians tend to be good partners, because they don’t really get jealous and are happy to offer their partners that same space and freedom. They also need freedom and space to be themselves and to have privacy; it’s the first thing on their mind when they enter into a long-term relationship.

Aquarians can be very aloof and guarded. This can be really difficult to break through, which sometimes gives Aquarians trouble when it comes to finding someone because someone good might be intimidated. This guarded nature can extend past the first date phase though, and being vulnerable is something they’ll need to be reassured about--it’s not something they typically like to do.

Aquarians love spontaneity and novel experiences, and this especially extends to experiences with their significant other. They love trying new things with someone, either to get a reaction from them or to talk about it afterward. This tends to be a big form of bonding for them, and you can rest assured that your relationship will always be exciting.

They favor non-traditional expressions of love; Aquarians tend to value experiences much more than material objects, and they won’t be looking to settle down right away (if at all). Doing something like taking a class with your Aquarius partner is a fun way to show your appreciation while still keeping it exciting.

Their zeal for novel experiences and open-mindedness tends to extend to the bedroom as well, and they’ll be happy to try just about anything that their partner wants to. Sex is something that makes them feel vulnerable, so it may take a few dates before they’re comfortable sharing that part of themself with someone.

How to Attract an Aquarius

Getting their attention is going to be the most important thing. Aquarians usually like people who also stand out from the crowd, as they tend to do themselves, and anyone that they plan on having a longer-term romance with is someone they need to know can keep up with them.

Aquarians also love mystery--stimulation and new experiences are of high priority to them, so showing them that you can give them that will make them consider you seriously. A date is the perfect opportunity to show this off, perhaps to a new restaurant or something like mini golf.

Showing a serious interest in their causes of choice or the things that they’re passionate about will go a long way in making them interested in you. It has to be a genuine interest and not something phony, but paying attention and asking lots of questions will help that a lot.

Letting an Aquarius know that you value their freedom and space in a romantic context is also going to make them surer about getting together with you in a more serious manner.

If an Aquarius has doubts about commitment, it’s typically because they’re worried about their personal space being enclosed as well as their privacy and freedom being affected by it. So, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship it’s imperative that they understand they’ll still have their space when they need it.

An Aquarius isn’t just looking for a lover, but a best friend as well. Laying a good platonic foundation will get you far. If all else fails, you’ve made a good friend in the process, who will always be happy to help you.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man will want to be friends with you before diving into anything more serious. He doesn’t typically do one-night stands and on the flipside, he won’t want to rush into more vulnerable feelings and a commitment too quickly. Starting off as friends is a good thing, and this will be easily done because he’s very sociable and connection-driven.

Striking up a conversation and finding out a little bit about him is going to be your first step in getting him to notice you. He’s not going to care for games like playing hard to get or making him jealous--it isn’t so much that he’ll be turned off by the idea of playing games in general, it’s more that Aquarians don’t tend to be the jealous type, and if you’re trying to get him to chase you, he may not see it.

Aquarians usually have a humanitarian cause that they’re passionate about, and they can have some interesting hobbies as well. When you’re talking to him, find out about the things that he likes and engage with him about the subjects. Even if you don’t know anything about what he’s into, asking questions and showing an interest will get you just as many points in his book. He’ll remember a good, thoughtful conversation.

Show him that you value stimulation and that being with you means that he won’t be getting bored anytime soon. Aquarian men need a lot of emotional and mental stimulation, so keep it exciting in your date choices (or your physical appearance, which can be fun for you too!)

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Like with any Aquarius, originality is going to be your best friend. In particular, the Aquarian woman is going to have a taste for physical appearance when it comes to people and things that stand out from the crowd and get her attention. If you’re trying to attract an Aquarius woman, getting an off-the-rack ensemble worn by the masses isn’t going to immediately draw her in, so try to be playful (but still put-together) in your appearance.

There’s a chance that she’s been criticized for this preference by people misunderstanding it as being superficial, but appearance is the very first thing that anyone notices. By going an extra step with yours, it will show her that you can keep up with her non-traditional tendencies.

If you already know her a little bit more, try talking to her about points of fascination in your background--did you take a semester abroad or have a totally different career path before coming to the one you’re on? Mention some of those things, and that will certainly get her attention and make her intrigued.

Contrary to what a lot of media portrays, an Aquarius woman isn’t going to want to entertain a lot of big feelings, especially in the first few dates, so avoid topics of heavy conversation or big shows of emotion (especially things like crying). She tends to be a little more detached, or at the very least feels more comfortable expressing those emotions privately, so keep her interested with fascinating conversation instead.

You can’t go wrong with conversations about the topics in her interest, but more charged subjects, like politics and religion, don’t have to be off-limits with an Aquarian woman even in the “getting to know you” stage; in fact, she’d probably love to hear what you have to say.

Aquarius Family & Friends

Aquarians’ outgoing and friendly nature often makes them very popular, and they tend to have lots of friends. They favor having a lot of friends versus only having a few very close ones, even if many of these friends are just acquaintances. They are usually very good listeners, love getting to know people, and are very curious about the lives of others. This helps them make friends very easily and effortlessly.

Aquarians in a group setting make everyone in the group feel seen and appreciated, even those who are more introverted or on the quiet side.

Sometimes an Aquarians’ interests can be eccentric, which can be an icebreaker and be part of what makes them make friends so easily. However, if that interest turns into something extremist or weird, it can alienate their friends--especially those who aren’t close enough to see their vulnerable side. They also tend to keep their more vulnerable feelings to themselves, which can also make others feel alienated or prevent them from getting close.

An Aquarius is the type of person who can reunite with someone after years and pick right back up where they left off, so it’s really hard to lose them once they’ve become part of your life. This especially goes for family members--even if an Aquarius lives on the other side of the country or hasn’t seen a family member for years, when they reunite, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Aquarius Health

Aquarians love and crave stimulation, so it’s important that they get plenty of new and exciting experiences, especially if their work is more desk or paperwork-based. This will ensure that they don’t get bored and feel the gloom of under-stimulation. which can cause anxiety.

Aquarius rules the ankles, so they should be careful when choosing their shoes, especially if they have known ankle or foot problems. They should also be careful walking on uneven ground, as twisted ankles can easily happen especially in heeled shoes.

Sometimes Aquarian’s altruistic and “team-player” nature means that they take on more than they can carry, so they should make sure to know and understand their limits and avoid taking on more than they can handle, even if it means having to say “no” to someone. Aquarians should try to internalize that helping someone at the cost of their own well-being or their work quality is a perfectly good reason to refuse.

They usually love to experiment, and that extends to their food and cooking, so typically they don’t need to worry about their diet being balanced. The only thing they should keep in mind is if they decide to experiment with a fad diet or something of that nature. In that case, they should watch to make sure they’re getting the nutrients that they need.

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