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About The ZodiacPisces

  • Date RangeFebruary 19 to March 20
  • Symbol
  • Element Water
  • Ruler Neptune 
  • Quality Mutable 
  • Strengths Musical Soul,  Compassionate,  Artistic 
  • Weaknesses Moodiness,  Victim Complex,  Naivety 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Harsh Individuals,  Critical People 
  • Strongest Compatibility Cancer  Taurus 
  • Colors Purple  White  Green 
  • Lucky Numbers 3, 9, 15

Pisces Personality & Characteristics

Pisces individuals are the preeminent mystics of the whole zodiacal system. They are natural creative types with a deep intuition that is very similar to Cancer. These are the kind of folks that have deep gut-reactions and can ascertain situations and size up other individuals swiftly and accurately.

Pisces is ruled by the water element, making them rather adaptable and giving them a special focus in the more mental and emotional realms. Sometimes this can be to their detriment, however, as we will cover in the weaknesses section below.

Pisces' planetary ruler is Neptune, which isn't too surprising considering they are water-dominant as far as an elemental signifier goes. Neptune is the planet of abstraction as well as occultism. Neptune, however, does have a dark side as this is the planet of addiction as well.

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means it's natural disposition is to be a deep thinker, which is a good pairing with Pisces' very esoteric-driven personality and aesthetic. Mutable sign types are the last of each season, and they generally are good at managing change and rolling with the punches of life.

Pisces Strengths

Since Pisces is the very last sign of the tropical zodiac, they are usually seen as people who understand the inherent need for transformation and how best to do it without ruffling too many feathers in the process. These are spiritual folks, gurus in the best sense possible. Much like their watery nature, they are masters of "going with the flow" and being able to let go of unnecessary relationships and thought-patterns, if necessary, for individual growth.

Pisces people are also highly emotional and empathic individuals. These are not the kind of folks to ignore others who are in pain or dealing with difficult times. These are some of the kindest individuals in the zodiac in general. Pisces individuals also seem to have an almost shamanic nature to their essence and can be seen as a modern-day equivalent as such in many ways.

For one, they have a natural capacity to be healers, in a sense. They seem to gravitate strongly towards those that have been wronged or suffered some form of trauma, either on an individual or even wider-reaching societal level.

This can merge quite well with their overall interest in pursuing the arts. They also might be the sort of person to get emotionally compromised people to pursue writing, poetry, art, or  music in order to help assist in their healing processes.

Another advantage to being a Pisces, once again attributed to their watery nature, is that they are able to wear many hats and be chameleons of sorts, mostly for the benefit of others and for the greater whole. This lack of egocentrism with how they pursue life and helping others is a testament to the selfless nature of Pisceans, and why they can be so trustworthy both as friends as well as romantic partners.

Pisces Weaknesses

An overabundance of caring can be a bad thing in certain cases, and Pisces individuals can potentially get embedded into situations and relationships that either don't involve them in the first place or were toxic from the get-go. There's a huge potential here for a Pisces to cultivate a savior complex, which could potentially backfire on them by other more clandestine individuals taking advantage of their kind "helping hand" nature.

Also, much like Cancers, Pisceans can be extremely moody (which is a trait seen in a lot of people with water-dominant Sun signs). They are innately kind and nurturing people, but their deep-seated, unexplainably mystical demeanor can sometimes give them a source of sadness and even, in some more extreme cases, overwhelming depression for reasons elusive even to them.

This sort of attitude can extend to others near the Piscean, making them overly negative and sometimes quite challenging to be around for long periods of time. In fact, during more negative moments in a Piscean's life, they can also become extremely indolent and hard to motivate, impeding their professional life drastically.

Highly imaginative and prone to whimsy, a Pisces can, in the most negative of circumstances, want to leave the material realm and live out their fantasies in other alternate states. This Neptunian potential of illusion can assuage them more than being a bit more grounded here in the real world, and in the worst cases, this can lead to the Pisces abusing recreational drugs and other substances as a means to escape the more immediate world around them.

Pisces Career & Money

Money, while important to them, doesn't obsess Pisces all that much. They are more focused on end-goals as opposed to how to get there, and this especially true when it comes to finances.

Pisces is a natural-born dreamer, and thus needs a profession that expounds upon those key personality traits. They work best in positions where their creativity can be put into the forefront of a cause or organization. Pisces make fantastic musicians, artists, architects, or programmers, and are fantastic for positions where empathy is much-needed, such as social work and counseling. They are not at home in risk-centric and more in-your-face work environments, and tend to focus on less stressful lines of work.

Another great field for a Pisces person is some form of a spiritual or religious way of life. Due to their natural roles as spiritual gurus, a Pisces can be quite an effective priest, chaplain, or spiritual leader to motivate the hearts and minds of all. Some might even make fantastic esoteric practitioners, such as psychics, cartomancers, and other forms of mediumship.

Also, in regard to Neptune's nature as a planetary force related to illusion, the Pisces individual can do quite well in the modern-day film industry as an actor or actress. Additionally, since they are dreamers, they can also make fantastic poets, writers, and visual artists due to them being always seemingly one step in another realm of existence. This liminal state that they naturally exist in is perfect for bringing out another world entirely into their artistic medium of choice.

In business environments, Pisceans can seem shy and uncommunicative at times, but it's mostly just because they throw themselves into what they are working on at the time and don't like too many distractions in the process.

Because of this, they aren't generally considered to be strong as far as leadership material goes, but they wouldn't enjoy being in such a station anyway. They are great team players, though, and if they get enough feedback from supervisors and managers, they will speak up more often to give their two cents on business-related topics.

Pisces Love & Sex

Pisces, much like Cancer, can be a challenge to get to know for a romantic relationship initially because they can seem quite distant and cold. This isn't because of anything more than their highly deep and inward-facing nature. These sorts of individuals need a lot of time to warm up to others romantically. It doesn't help that Pisces, esoteric as they are naturally, also has a difficult time communicating their thoughts and feelings in an easily understood manner.

Once snagged as a romantic partner, however, a Pisces makes for a loving and nurturing companion who often goes the extra step for their mates. If you are desirous of a special someone that can learn the ins and outs of your soul, then a Pisces in your life is just what the doctor ordered.

Also, since Pisces is ultimately governed by the planet Neptune, they are rather eccentric lovers as their spirituality is usually entwined completely with their relationships and lovemaking. This can make for some next-level sensuality that would make even the most liberated of us blush a bit!

Something else crucial to note is that if you're looking for a quick fling, a Pisces is not the best individual to be going after. Much like Cancers, they are focused on the long-term as far as a romantic relationship goes.

However, some (especially the more dreamier Pisces folks) can be more attracted to idealistic romances and sexual encounters with someone new who enters their life. This isn’t out of malice, per se, but more because Pisceans can fall in love, and rather deeply, easier than other zodiac signs.

How to Attract a Pisces

Attracting a Pisces is much like going after the sign's symbolic representation in real life; it can be a lot like fishing!

It's crucial to note that Pisceans are highly emotional people along with being a wellspring of empathy. They are usually the first to offer help whenever someone around them is in any kind of trouble or going through a hard time. They have an innate ability to do this because they understand other people's pain due to their highly empathic nature.

So, in general, when it comes to attracting a Pisces, male or female, make the first move by showing a little bit of weakness, perhaps by revealing a particular issue or negative situation you've faced in recent days. This will pique their interest in your case and might open a new door to getting to know them in a much more in-depth fashion.

To sum up, don't ever expect these sorts of people to make the first move. Pisceans are seldom ever cavalier. They want to make sure that things are safe and secure before venturing forth more, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Pisces men and women, while similar in many ways, have more nuanced aspects when you examine them in greater detail. Here are a couple of things to keep in the back of your mind if you fancy a Piscean individual in your life.

How to Attract a Pisces Man

The Pisces male is a literal Casanova! Men that are born under this dreamy and mystical zodiac sign are partner pleasers par excellence.

How best to seduce this mystical male specimen? Bare your soul to him, earnestly and without hesitation. While they might seem a bit placid on the outside, internally, they are a raging storm of passion, and are looking for someone to be able to express themselves towards, unconditionally.

His overly sensitive and compassionate essence won't be able to resist coming to your aid if you have a legitimate (or perhaps illegitimate) problem or concern in your life that he can potentially help you with!

Be aware, however, that due to his overwhelming kindness, you can potentially be very sinister and manipulate the Pisces male in question. While you may feel you are being good-natured and only charming them to flirt,  there is such a thing as taking it way too far. After that point, it's doubtful that he will even be receptive to you or your charms, no matter how authentic and truthful they might become.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman

Pisces women, much like their male counterparts, are highly emotional and compassionate individuals who are looking for pure, unadulterated romance out of their partners. A safe, milquetoast kind of courtship just isn't going to cut it with these folks.

Getting her attention is just the beginning of a prolonged affair, however. Having a sense of humor, or at least a notion of romance beyond a simple dinner and a movie, will go a long way towards reeling in these seemingly evasive individuals.

Also, and this is a good concept to adhere to for all zodiac signs, you must cultivate a sense of being able to listen when spoken to. Pisceans aren't attracted to hubris, so be sure to not make the conversation one-sided on your end; this will go a long way to flattering her.

Much like Cancer, Pisces can be closed off emotionally if they have been hurt in the past due to a negative relationship. It's very hard for them to forget such things, so if your current Pisces squeeze has seen some bumpy terrain in her past love life, be as compassionate as she is and give her some time to heal old emotional wounds. It won't be a quick process, but it will be a worthwhile one in the end.

Pisces Family & Friends

Pisces individuals are very compassionate and empathic, but they can fall seriously by the wayside if they don't have a strong family or friend base to help support them in this lifetime. Since they are so prone to entering into flights of fancy and elaborate daydreams, especially in times of duress, the Piscean needs dependable people in their lives to help motivate them towards action, as opposed to dreamlike inactive states, lest the world around them pass them by uncaringly.

Due to their highly "anything goes" nature, Pisces people can sometimes be taken advantage of in terms of personal boundaries. Some more nefarious comrades might ask the Pisces for help on a regular basis, yet never reciprocate in any other way when the Pisces needs companionship or assistance when their lives hit a bumpy spot.

Because of this, a Pisces should develop the ability to distance themselves from certain people at times in order to ascertain whether or not the individual in question is worthy of the Pisces' friendship or is just a drain on their lives.

Pisces Health

In traditional astrological lore, Pisces is considered to be a phlegmatic sign. This essentially means that it is a cool and damp-natured zodiac sign, which is completely unsurprising due to its essential liquid nature!

Phlegmatic people are usually seen as being predisposed towards shielding their bodies from invasive sorts of things, like diseases and different kinds of infections; however, this sort of forward-thinking preventative behavior can potentially backfire. Phlegm, in this traditional sort of focus, is produced by these people in large amounts. This has the potential to lead to imbalances.

Pisces individuals, much like Cancerians, easily retain water due to their essential water-dominant natures, and that means they can retain a lot of other negative things as well. One of the biggest examples of this is holding in negative moods and depressive states, which can affect the Pisces individual in a pretty significant way in terms of their quality of life.

Pisces people need to take advantage of the symbiotic nature between the mind and body, which they so strongly believe in. If they consistently embody the interconnectedness of the mind and body system, then even the sourest and over-stressed of Pisces individuals can successfully bounce back from dark moments in their lives.

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