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About The ZodiacScorpio

  • Date RangeOctober 23 to November 21
  • Symbol
  • Element Water
  • Ruler Mars  Pluto 
  • Quality Fixed 
  • Strengths Passionate,  Driven,  Emotional 
  • Weaknesses Distrusting,  Obsessive,  Secretive 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Passivity,  Fakeness,  Disloyalty 
  • Strongest Compatibility Cancer 
  • Colors Deep Red  Black  Violet 
  • Lucky Numbers 3, 9, 4

Scorpio Personality & Characteristics

The hallmark for a Scorpio is their passion--anything that they love, they will go into with great gusto, which can be a strength just as much as it can be a weakness.

Scorpios are very in tune with their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.  They tend to be very intense people, sometimes in an aloof way, sometimes in a charismatic way. They’re observant and pay attention to details, yearning to uncover the truth about the subject or person they’re working with - though more mysterious Scorpios may play it off to preserve their cool facade. Scorpios favor independence, but generally they’re very good at working with people and displaying empathy, partly because of their emotional perceptiveness.

Scorpios also tend to not be afraid of darker or more taboo subjects, particularly around death, sex, and the occult. They can come off as dramatic given their tendency towards passion, the depth to which they feel things, and the subjects that catch their eye.


A Scorpio’s passion means that they’ll take great care with the things that they love.  They never do anything halfway, and when it comes to a project or subject that’s in line with their passions, they’ll thrive.  This passion makes Scorpios very loyal to their own.

Scorpios are also very driven, internally motivated and with a lot of energy for their favorite pursuits. Their passion combined with their drive tends to lead to success in achieving their goals.  However, their tendency to favor their own interests does mean that it’s harder for them to make a start on something that they don’t want to be doing.

Their emotional nature makes them in tune with not only their own emotions (though they don’t like talking about them), but it also can make them perceptive to others’ feelings. This intuition, combined with the natural magnetism that some Scorpios have, makes them very good with people - especially in terms of “opening up.” Their tendency to keep their own emotions more private with people they don’t know well also hints at a good sense of self-control, which--together with their drive--can be helpful in accomplishing their own goals.


The root of a Scorpio’s biggest weaknesses is when their passion goes awry and turns to obsession; this is especially apparent when it’s coupled with jealousy. Scorpios will never forget if they’ve been wronged, and these grudge-holding tendencies can fuel their passionate/obsessive habits. Scorpios are often seen as vengeful or vindictive, which can sometimes be the case if they feel that action is necessary to be taken. Usually though, rather than taking action,  they’ll just hold onto the grudge and make sure you never cross paths again.

They also tend to be particularly distrustful of new people or situations. This could also be in part because they’re secretive themselves and know that there’s more to everyone than meets the eye, but it could also have to do with avoiding being hurt as they feel emotions so deeply and personally.

Scorpio’s secretive nature also makes them want to keep their own emotions private, which can be frustrating for friends and partners. It takes a lot for them to feel comfortable revealing their true emotions about someone or something, and sometimes they don’t realize how icy their demeanor feels from an outside perspective.

Scorpio Career & Money

Scorpios tend to be good at saving money because they’re so cautious and think deeply about the things that they want. They usually do heavy research on any major purchases as a result.  Given their more private nature, Scorpios don’t like to talk about the specifics of their financials and typically won’t purposefully flash the wealth they have with a status symbol item like a fancy watch.

Because of their intuitive nature, Scorpios do well in positions where they’re interacting directly with people, the most obvious example being in a field like psychology or other medicine. They’re not afraid of the dark side of life either, so careers in forensics can also be rewarding. Any career where there isn’t too much game-playing or interpersonal politics are positions in which they’re going to be happiest and thrive. They’d rather be making less money living their authentic truth than be wealthy and having to play mind games all the time.

Scorpios are usually very goal-oriented and driven,  so any career where there’s a good amount of upward mobility would also make them content. They tend to favor independence over working in a team--when they’re passionate about something they’re doing, they can be perfectionistic about it and can see other members of a team as standing in the way of the progress they want to make. Scorpios can seem very intense to work with, but it’s only because they care so much.

Scorpio Love & Sex

Scorpios are known as the most passionate and most sensual of the signs. Their caution over trust and their private nature makes them very picky about the people they surround themselves with on an intimate level. Once they open up to someone, they are devoted - though it will take some time to get there. Intimacy acts as a method of recharging for them--both in terms of sensual physical acts, as well as time spent alone together.

Sex can be something intensely meaningful for a Scorpio, as it represents a cathartic expression of emotions they sometimes don’t get in their everyday life and it’s a very intimate experience on a physical level. Given how perceptive Scorpios can be with someone that they deeply care about and the depth of their own passion, sex with them tends to be very satisfying.

At the beginning of a budding relationship they may come off as colder or more calculating, but underneath that there’s a well of emotions that are begging to be shared. Being vulnerable with the right person feels very good to Scorpios, and what they’re ultimately looking for is someone they can share their inner world with without fear of judgment.

They can be very shy with commitment, as their passionate nature tends to make them think that everything has to be all-or-nothing. If you’re looking for something serious with a Scorpio, it’s important to give them space to process the feelings they have about the commitment before making any serious moves - don’t pressure them, or they’ll be scared away.

If a Scorpio has been hurt a lot in the past, they’re more prone to being jealous in their romantic endeavors because of their tendency to distrust--especially new people. Reassurances and understanding are key to making a relationship with a Scorpio work.

How to Attract a Scorpio

To attract a Scorpio, you have to be able to be patient with their mysterious demeanor and their tendency to be in their own feelings. Scorpios feel things very deeply and think about things a lot, so what appears to be a sudden swing in mood is actually the result of a lot of simmering and thought. If you show them that you’re a safe and non-judgmental place to land, they may consider letting you into their inner workings. Because Scorpios are very passionate, they favor people who either mirror that passion or who can at least keep up.

Stoicism can be intriguing for them at first, but if they don’t find anything on fire underneath it they’ll lose interest. Show them the things that you’re passionate about; letting them see the fire in your eyes will attract them more than any hairstyle or flashy car. They need to know that their own passion will be encouraged and not dissuaded.

Methods of attraction will be in line with their love language - i.e., if your Scorpio favors acts of service and you bring them lunch during a busy day, they’ll remember that for a very long time. Finding that love language can be tricky because of Scorpios’ inclination to privacy, so it may take a bit of experimenting to get it exactly right. They notice when someone else has taken notice and respects them enough to put the effort in, though, so as long as you try, they’ll see it.

As mentioned previously, Scorpios don’t tend to jump into a committed relationship right away; they prefer to take time and think things through, so if you demonstrate patience with that they’re more likely to come back to you.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men really like their partners to be independent, as they’ve learned and they’ve felt time and time again that they needed to maintain independence to best fit their role in the societal box of masculinity. Confidence is key with any attraction to Scorpios, but especially Scorpio men, as they may feel pressured to make the first move (and that expectation may conflict with their nature to deeply think things through and plan them accordingly). Don’t be too domineering when you’re trying to make that move though, as it may come off like you intend to jump into something serious very quickly, which may scare him away. Try for a midday coffee outing or dinner somewhere that isn’t too fancy to let him know you’re interested but okay with seeing how things play out before any decisions have to be made.

A Scorpio man will like subtle signals--he knows first-hand how important space and boundaries are, and he doesn’t want to feel like he’s overstepping or being presumptuous. This is where that confidence also comes in handy.  Being gentle and kind, especially as your relationship develops, is going to be crucial to make him feel like he can open up to you without judgment (and being a little flirty will help him know that you’re interested).

Creating an air of mystery will fascinate any Scorpio that you have your eye on. Scorpio men tend to be wrapped up in their work or their other passions, so attracting him means showing him that you’re interesting and worthy of his time. If he’s thinking about you while he’s in the office, you’ve done it.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women want to see passion from their partners, especially towards subjects similar to their own passions. Passion is all too often thought of as a weakness by some, and your Scorpio partner will want you to know that you can keep up with her.  Show her the things that you’re passionate about, but also let her talk through her own passions and show that you have an interest in the subject and what she has to say about it.

Like with any partner, honesty with a Scorpio woman is non-negotiable--especially if she’s dealt with deceit in the past. Don’t make her think that you’re here to play games but more importantly, don’t be here to play games. Scorpios can always tell when someone is being fake, so just be real.

Personal agency is one of the most important things to a Scorpio woman. Don’t be clingy--if you reach out to her via text or some other means, wait for a response before trying again. There is no doubt that she has had her share of pushy people vying for her romantic time. Respecting her space will show her that you’re taking her needs seriously, and that will keep her interested. Along with this, don’t be bossy or try to tell her what to do; it’s not something that she finds endearing, and she’ll take it as a slight to her independence and a big sign to stay away.

Scorpio Family & Friends

Scorpios tend to be very loyal to the family and friends that they have let into their inner circles. They will do their best to always be here for you, especially when they’re called on for help. As such, they’ll always stand up for their own even if they know it’s going to get them into trouble.

They have a tendency towards problem-solving and trying to heal when they can, so their role in many friend groups (and family dynamics) is the person you vent to, who will keep your secrets. This vulnerability is a form of intimacy to them, and will make them feel closer to you.  Since Scorpios are very perceptive to friend group and family dynamics, they decide pretty quickly who they feel they can get closer to and who they need to avoid.

They’ll be honest with you, even if it’s not what you want to hear. Sometimes they’ll try to say things in a way that won’t be hurtful or cause pain, but ultimately they’d rather hurt you with the truth than lie to make you feel better. Despite their own intense emotions, they do hope that you return the favor, even if it makes them lash out.

If you betray a Scorpio they’ll still hold a grudge; it’s not limited to romantic relationships. Honest and direct communication is always going to be key with them, and lying to them will feel like a huge slight--even if it’s over something small.

Scorpio Health

Each sign is associated with a body part, which tends to be more sensitized than the others and is therefore more prone to infection or problems. The body parts related to Scorpio are the sex organs and intestines, and this, unfortunately, is where health problems tend to arise - there are theories that not expressing emotions can lead to issues in the gut (butterflies in the stomach being a tangential example of this) so for best health practices, Scorpios should have an emotional outlet to prevent that. As for sex organ related issues; proper hydration, staying on top of routine check-ups, and safe sex should negate the vulnerability present.

Scorpios tend to be pretty high in energy, which combined with their ambition can lead easily to burnout--they especially need to be careful of that with the prevalence of today’s “grind 24/7” culture. Remedies for this can include actually scheduling breaks on their calendar or to-do list and indulging in centering/grounding activities when things start to get overwhelming.  Mentally, they have a pretty good capacity for recuperating--the biggest issue is remembering to put down what they’re working on in order to take that necessary break.

Because of their nature to run with their own passions, obsessions/compulsions can also be an issue. A good outlet (like journaling or something more physical like a sport) will help with this as well, but if such obsessions or compulsions start to disturb their day to day life, it may be best for them to seek professional help.

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