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About The ZodiacLibra

  • Date RangeSeptember 23 to October 22
  • Symbol
  • Element Air
  • Ruler Venus 
  • Quality Cardinal 
  • Strengths Creative,  Peace-Keeping,  Thoughtful 
  • Weaknesses Indecisive,  Egocentric,  Unrealistic 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Being Wrong,  Rushing Decisions 
  • Strongest Compatibility Gemini 
  • Colors Ivory  Pink  Pale Green  Blue 

Libra Personality & Characteristics

Libras are represented most by their need to be surrounded by balance and calm. They can easily see every side of a story and find themselves placed into roles as diplomats, working out differences between others to restore an equilibrium. They are great communicators and find it easy to get their point across in the most understandable way possible.

Finding comfort in others, Libras make fantastic collaborators and are exceedingly easy to get along with; they tend to be dedicated listeners and know exactly when to give advice. Libras love to be surrounded by beautiful, expensively-priced items and things that showcase their unique personalities. They make romantic, harmonious partners and usually select partners who are fashionable, or ones who they regard as being very psychically attractive.

Libras hold both justice and equality in very high regard. They reliably fight for what they believe to be fair and do not easily stand by when they believe these rights have been violated. Throughout their life, Libras tend to come to the realization that their core personality is just as important to stand behind and believe in as the causes that they fight for.

Libra Strengths

A Libra’s need for peace and balance mean that they can get along with just about anybody. They have a good sense of right and wrong and perform well in social situations; Libras are able to intuitively navigate almost any conversation. They are easy-going and can be exceedingly generous and kind.

Libras are intelligent and work hard to achieve whatever they set their sights on; they often encourage others to do the same. They are motivated by an active pursuit of knowledge which can open many doors in their lives. Libras are relationship-focused and tend to concentrate on the bigger picture of their lives, working towards creating a lifestyle that is the best it can be in all areas.

Incredibly responsible, Libras will go out of their way to fulfill their duties. They are not afraid to try new things, and they have a fantastic eye for colors, patterns, and art. This often leads to Libras being seen as stylish or fashionable by others. Libras are creative and love finding ways to express this.

Libra Weaknesses

One of the Libra’s strongest traits, keeping the peace, can often become one of their weaknesses. Libras strive to make everyone happy, even at a detriment to themselves. This can be a problem when it comes to keeping up relationships; Libras tend to avoid conflict at all costs and usually end up developing a deep resentment for those around them if their needs are not properly addressed by the other party.

The Libra may also struggle to express their own opinion. They can be overshadowed by others and will allow more dominant voices to take the lead, simply following along to avoid creating waves. A Libra may also be manipulative, playing on the feelings and emotions of others in order to get their own way and keep the peace the way they see fit. This type of behavior can backfire on them and potentially cause rifts between relationships with partners, family, and friends.

Libra Career & Money

Libras find great joy in having a lot of money. They enjoy purchasing and obtaining expensive things, but they can be indecisive about just what exactly to spend their money on. It can be hard for Libras to save up a lot of money, despite their love for it, due to the fact that they constantly spend it on themselves or others.

Not suited for jobs that require hard labor or risk, Libras thrive in environments where they can create or pursue knowledge. They do well in positions that require negotiating, diplomacy, and communicating, and they can rise through the ranks of a workplace fairly quickly. Libras thoroughly enjoy more senior positions and are not shy about being helpful to members of their team, though they can seem aloof at times.

Jobs that are creative and constantly moving are well-suited to Libras. They feel their best when they are intellectually challenged and work well in environments that require them to collaborate and interact with others. They are compatible with customer-facing work due to their kind and patient natures.

Libras can also find great happiness in careers that actively work to change and remedy unfair treatment in the world. Their passion for balance and peace drives them towards careers that ensure that for others, and they will often bring the desire for calm, collaborative environments into their workplace.

However, Libras can get burnt out easily and often need the support of their team members to encourage them in completing their many projects. They can also tend to be lazy when it comes to work-related projects, and can procrastinate on their activities until the last possible minute, causing an unnecessary amount of stress.

Libra Love & Sex

A romantic and passionate sign, Libras are all about taking things slow. They are never in a hurry, and find themselves moving at a steady, leisurely pace with partners. The experience of intimacy for a Libra is more about getting to know their partner and learning to please them. Libras value communication with their partners and see them as equals in all matters intimacy-related.

Libras will often see sex as more of a balancing act than a type of power struggle. They do their utmost to make their partners feel comfortable and enjoy both giving and receiving attention; they expect their partner to do the same in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Additionally, Libras are one of the most forgiving signs and it will not bother them if a partner is less than perfect.

Because Libras often feel the need to be with someone, it is not uncommon for them to start relationships earlier on in life. They are romantic idealists, and will put their all into making their partner feel loved and special. However, Libra’s indecisive nature can take a toll on their relationships; Libras are perfectionists and will often seek the same in their partner. This over-analysis can cost them relationships as partners grow frustrated or upset at their seeming lack of commitment.

You may see a Libra moving quickly from partner to partner in romantic relationships. This is because a Libra is constantly weighing the pros and cons of a relationships to determine if it is the best match for them. At the point where the cons outweigh the pros, the Libra will move on. A Libra will continue this pattern through their lives until they meet someone who they consider “the one.” Once they meet a partner to their standards, however, they will become incredibly dedicated, enthusiastic, and loving to them.

How to Attract a Libra

Libras love flirting and adore anything that has to do with romance. First dates are a fun activity for the Libra and not nearly as nerve-wracking or unpleasant as they are for other signs. They are soft-hearted and self-confident which can be off-putting to some potential partners, but they will appreciate any effort made or attention given to them.

An intelligent conversation or a casual flirt is attractive to a Libra; they don’t appreciate overconfidence or pompousness as a personality characteristic and will probably be turned off by a person approaching them like this. A potential partner who is even-tempered and soft-spoken, yet firm about their decisions and beliefs, is the most attractive to a Libra.

Creativity and loyalty are essential in attracting a Libra, as these are both traits they value greatly. Due to their indecisiveness and fear of upsetting a partner, they appreciate when their partner takes charge and organizes dates. This will make them feel more comfortable and taken care of when around their partner.

Libras are sociable and are attracted to partners that will fall naturally into their social circles. They appreciate effective communication and will feel more comfortable around a partner who is able to support them emotionally as they get lost in their intellectual pursuits. Libras also enjoy having a partner who is just as enamored with the finer, more beautiful things in life as they are.

How to Attract a Libra Man

A male Libra is a great conversationalist. They know when to talk and give their opinions, and when to simply listen to their conversation partner. They love the idea of love and will appreciate romantic tendencies in their partner. Libra men will also appreciate a partner who approaches them calmly and without any strong expectations for where the relationship should be going.

A Libra man will greatly enjoy the opportunity to have a civil debate and dive into any logic surrounding each person’s position. They can be attracted by intelligent discussions and a fair-minded look at ongoing issues in the world. However, a male Libra will not appreciate it if a partner becomes too hot-headed or emotional when discussing certain topics. This action, to a Libra, signifies the potential for future conflict.

Libra men also appreciate physical beauty and love it when a potential partner will keep up appearances. If a partner begins to neglect their appearance when they are out and about with them in public, it is not uncommon for the male Libra to lose interest. On the other hand, it will be attractive to a Libra man if their partner invests money and time in their appearance and goes to lengths to make sure they are stylish.

When trying to attract a Libra man, remember that they need to be flattered and made to feel like they are special. Libra men appreciate romantic gestures, as long as they are not too grand or open to the public, and love it when a partner is patient with them. The worst thing to do is make a male Libra feel rushed or pressured into commitment; this is a good way to lose their attraction.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

Libra women love beautiful things and will often appreciate a partner who takes time and care in their appearance. They also enjoy beautiful places and are sure to appreciate a partner who offers them the chance to explore the finer things in life. Libra women are attracted to partners that will treat them fairly and become an intellectual match.

Any partner who remembers to flatter and give a Libra woman words of affirmation on a regular basis is an attractive one. A Libra woman appreciates sweet nothings and loves small romantic gestures that show she is appreciated. Additionally, female Libras are attracted to partners who will participate in their social circles and be outgoing with them. However, they do not enjoy being around someone who will play mind games and actively participate in gossip.

Much like the Libra man, the Libra woman appreciates intelligent conversation that is held with a balanced, even-minded approach. They don’t appreciate emotional outbursts or a person who is deeply self-indulgent, as they are unable to relate to these characteristics and find them unattractive.

A Libra woman expects loyalty and will be attracted to a man who can demonstrate this to them. They are not impressed by a partner who is less than faithful or one who does not make them a top priority. A female Libra will be attracted to a man who is dedicated, decisive, and calm, and someone who will take time to organize any outings or activities for them to enjoy together.

Libra Family & Friends

Generally very outgoing in nature, a Libra will often be surrounded by a large group of friends and family. Libras take time to organize gatherings and social outings for people in their circle, and feel fulfilled when members of their social circle get along well. Libras have a passion for fun times where everyone is enjoying themselves and will avidly look for opportunities to create these situations.

Libras will often take on the role of a mediator in their friend group due to their constant need to keep the peace. This can make them the friend that all of their loved ones seek out when needing advice or when a conflict needs settling. While a Libra enjoys creating balance between their loved ones, they can tend to get upset when their social circle is constantly creating dramas and spreading gossips they have to deal with.

Within their families and with their friends, Libras are very willing to help anyone who is in need. They will go out of their way to be honest and caring to just about anyone, and will greatly appreciate this generosity being returned to them. However, Libras will need to be careful that they do not let their good nature be taken advantage of by the people who are close to them.

Libras tend to pull back out of friendships that become too emotionally dependent to them. They appreciate love from friends and family members that is kind and honest, and yet not too overwhelming or emotionally charged.

Libra Health

All signs are associated with a body part that is more sensitive or prone to issues, and for the Libra that is the kidneys, the circulatory system, and the lumbar area of the back. For the most part, Libras are very robust and healthy people, but they may find that their lower back is the first area to start hurting when they are tired or feeling weak. They may also experience issues with kidney stones or their skin at some point in their lives.

Because everything about Libras has to do with balance, they also need to seek balance in their health regimes in order to stay completely well. A balanced diet that avoids lots of junk and processed foods is the best option for the Libra. Any type of diet involving whole, fully nutritious foods will balance their bodies and keep them in good condition. The sodium phosphate that is found in foods such as strawberries, spinach, apples, and oats is a valuable mineral for Libras as it helps balance acids and alkalis in the body and assists in eliminating waste, working to keep the body functioning at its best.

Excessive amounts of alcohol are a good idea to avoid for this sign. This is to help reduce strain on the kidneys. Carbonated beverages should also be avoided when possible, and the proper amount of water should be consumed each day for a Libra.

A proper sleep regime is very important to a Libra’s well-being. Without sleep, the body cannot recharge and repair itself, and this is especially important for the Libra who needs this time to rebalance their bodies. An active lifestyle will also suit a Libra in terms of health.

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