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About The ZodiacLeo

  • Date RangeJuly 23 to August 23
  • Symbol
  • Element Fire
  • Ruler Sun 
  • Quality Fixed 
  • Strengths Driven,  Charismatic,  Generous 
  • Weaknesses Stubborn,  Vain,  Arrogant  
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Injustice,  Oppression,  Pettiness 
  • Strongest Compatibility Aries 
  • Colors Gold  Royal Purple  Orange 
  • Lucky Numbers 4, 13, 22

Leo Personality & Characteristics

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and the second fire sign after Aries. Unlike Aries, however, Leos have complete rein over their powerful, fiery energies. Leos have a strong sense of self and enjoy leaving their mark on the world.

Represented by the lion, the king of the animal kingdom, Leos are powerful and ambitious leaders who thrive to be in positions of power. Like the lion, Leos see themselves as rulers who deserve to be respected. People are naturally drawn to their charismatic personalities, and often look up to them due to how driven and confident they are. If a Leo doesn’t get a grip on their ego, however, they risk becoming arrogant and may demand respect instead of earning it.

When a Leo finds their pack, they’ll do everything they can to protect it — even if it means putting themselves on the line. Fighters for truth and compassion, this warm sign shows their teeth in the presence of oppression and injustice.

Although Leos like to be admired by those around them, they usually lead by example and dislike petty and mean people. They know how much they are worth and refuse to pay attention to people who take them for granted.

Generous by nature, Leos enjoy showering their loved ones with gifts. But while giving to others is never a burden, Leos often have a hard time accepting gifts from others.

Leo Strengths

Leos aren’t afraid to show off their strong personalities. They always put their best foot forward and make a name for themselves, no matter which industry they choose to work in. When a Leo puts their mind to something, nothing can get in their way of realizing their dreams. They are highly ambitious people who strive for success.

Just like a lion, Leos demand attention the second they step onto the scene. Their charisma is hard to ignore and people usually gravitate towards them. This influential sign radiates confidence and inspires people with their work ethic and innate self-respect. Leos are generous people with huge hearts. They enjoy giving back to their friends, family, and communities.

Leo Weaknesses

A Leo's personality shines brightly and takes up a lot of space. They are used to being noticed and admired for their efforts and attractiveness, but they must be careful not to become vain in their quest for recognition. Although their pride and confidence are what make them so unique, Leos may come off as arrogant to those who don’t know them well.

Leos are analytical problem-solvers who know how to reach their goals. Sometimes, however, they may stubbornly defend their point of view, forgetting that there are more ways than one to solve a problem.

Oftentimes, Leos have to learn how to put their trust in others instead of trying to accomplish everything on their own.

Leo Career & Money

Leos are passionate and fiery people who throw themselves into their work. They are committed and thorough, and quickly climb the corporate ladder no matter where they choose to work. However, to feel fulfilled, Leos need to believe that their job is helping the world become a better place. Although Leos do enjoy the finer things in life, a large paycheck won’t keep them bound to an unfulfilling job.

Leos are natural leaders and have a hard time working in groups. They usually seek out careers that allow them to work on their own. Or, at the very least, have a team that they can delegate tasks to. Leos make for great entrepreneurs. They are savvy in all aspects of business and work hard to play hard.

Leos often work as team leaders, directors, or CEOs. They crave positions that give them the spotlight, and may even exercise their creative side and pursue an acting career. Leos enjoy surrounding themselves with smart go-getters, and although they aren’t keen on teamwork, they are great mentors and make excellent college or university teachers.

Leos are natural problem solvers who have analytical brains. Although less fulfilling, you might find a Leo working as a tech developer.

A Leo takes great pride in where they live. They want their home to reflect their hard work and often surround themselves with luxury items and amenities. Leos throw themselves into their careers and work long hours.

They know the meaning of hard work and want to spoil themselves with fancy weekend getaways and vacations. Leos love to spend money just as much as they love to make money. However, they have an affinity for numbers and tend to live lavish lifestyles without going into the negative.

Leo Love & Sex

Leos are charming and magnetic, and they want their partners to be the same. This fervent sign craves enthusiasm and passion and may become unhappy in a relationship where their partner exhibits signs of pettiness or uncertainty.

Leos have masculine energy and naturally dominate the people around them. However, when it comes to love and sex, Leos don’t always want to be in control. They want a partner who can stand their ground and call the shots from time to time. Leos also crave a partner who can stroke their ego by complimenting them daily. They are drawn to people who make them feel attractive and wanted.

Leos are enthusiastic in bed, and they make their presence known. They are giving partners who like to shower their lovers with attention and affection. Leos make for great sexual companions, but some may lack creativity in bed, which is why they search for partners who can spice things up for them.

Leos and Aries make for great romantic allies. These fiery signs are passionate, devoted, and enthusiastic. Together, they can help each other awaken, both physically and emotionally. Sagittariuses and Geminis are also a good match for Leos, as these creative and sly signs are willing to try anything as long as they have an energetic and compliant partner.

Leos set the bar high in all aspects of their life, relationships included. Their pride may stop them from entering a relationship that they feel doesn’t live up to their standards. Their pride may also stop them from leaving a relationship that isn’t good for them because they refuse to admit that they didn’t pick the right partner.

When it comes to relationships, respect is everything to a Leo. They detest petty partners and find it hard to forgive people for their slights.

First and foremost, Leos want their romantic partners to admire them for who they truly are. Just like the lion, Leos are reserved and don’t let outsiders get too close to them. Once they find their ideal match, however, the feisty lion quickly dissolves into a playful kitten.

How to Attract a Leo

Leos hold themselves to high standards and expect their partners to do the same. They are attracted to go-getters who love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it. They want their partners to be proud and enthusiastic but not overly proud to the point of arrogance.

To attract a Leo, you need to be a generous person who views the world in a positive light. Leos are self-sufficient and don’t need anyone to save them. They often work around the clock and have busy schedules, which is why they look for partners who also have hectic lifestyles. The last thing a Leo wants is a needy companion who seeks to take up all of their time.

To get a Leo to notice you, you need to give them the attention they crave without being too overbearing. Leos want to be listened to and admired, and so paying close attention to what they say and responding in a positive way is a must. To attract a Leo, you need to make them feel special and wanted, not needed. Asking a Leo about their day or remembering little details and bringing them up will put you on their radar.

Chances are, Leos already have everything they want and need; what they truly crave is a partner that can enhance their life without causing any drama. Nothing repels a Leo more than aggression and meanness. They have a strong sense of justice and look for a partner who is strong-willed yet fair.

Leos are quite stubborn and always manage to have the last word in an argument. Their partners must be patient and have a peaceful attitude, one that only adds fuel to their fire in the right circumstances.

How to Attract a Leo Man

Attracting a Leo man isn’t always an easy thing to do. Leo men work hard and have everything they need in life. It isn’t uncommon for their love life to be placed on the back burner and for their careers to take the reins. Their goals and dreams are forever in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

Although Leo men can be very romantic, they don’t jump into relationships. If you are looking for a partner who can devote all of his time to you, a Leo man is not the one you seek.

Leo men love to lead and don’t like to be controlled. They search for partners who have worked on themselves enough to be happy alone. To attract a Leo man, you must have a string of hobbies or a demanding job to keep yourself occupied with.

You must also know your worth and stand firmly in your power. Leos are on the hunt for their lioness and simply aren’t interested in people who don’t respect their boundaries or don’t hold themselves in high regard.

To attract a Leo man, you need to be strong and confident. But you also need to be fun and ready for adventure. Leo men love the finer things in life and are unpredictable at best. A Leo man wants to hear about your goals and will be there to celebrate with you once you crush them.

However, he’ll expect you to do the same for him. To attract a Leo man, you need to cheer him on, compliment him, and have a live and let live attitude.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

Leo women are strong and confident leaders who thrive at work. Once they get home, however, they want to kick back with a partner who isn’t afraid to shower them with love, affection, and flattery. If you’re looking to attract a Leo woman, complimenting her is a great place to start.

Leo women enjoy being paraded out in public. They want their partner to feel proud to be by their side. Little acts of love and tasteful public displays of affection will go a long way with a lioness.

Leo women know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to go out and get it. They seek partners who are generous, kind, and confident. Ideally, a Leo woman will find a mate who enjoys the finer things in life and likes to take spontaneous luxury vacations.

Leo women aren’t fans of the mundane and will quickly tire of predictable relationships. To attract and keep a Leo woman by your side, you need to craft up exciting dates and continuously keep her on her toes.

Leo women are ruled by the sun and have masculine energy. However, when it comes to relationships, they enjoy being led and cared for by someone who isn’t afraid to call the shots. If you have masculine energy about you, you already have a good shot at dating a Leo woman.

A Leo woman seeks a life partner and doesn’t like to play around. She isn’t attracted to players, although she does enjoy a good flirt. Leo women admire loyalty and hard work. But most of all, they seek a partner who can make them laugh, almost as much as they laugh at their own jokes.

Leo Family & Friends

To a Leo, family and friends are everything. They are the most loyal and generous sign of the zodiac, and there is little a Leo wouldn’t do to protect their loved ones.

Leos are fiercely committed and make for great friends and confidants. They will keep the secrets of others and aren’t interested in gossip or bad talk.

Although Leos are happy alone, they would much rather share their time with others. Leos enjoy hosting parties, and being surrounded by fun and positive people with whom they can share their success. They regularly see their family and are always there to lend a helping hand should anyone need it. A Leo will sacrifice everything for their family, just like a lion would for their pride.  Once a Leo accepts you into their family, they will respect and fight for you until the end of their days.

Leos choose to surround themselves with people who share their morals and ideals. They have loud and energetic personalities and often form lifelong friendships with other fire signs, like Aries and Sagittarius. However, Leos get along best with other Leos. When a Leo-duo is formed, they forge a powerful bond that can seldom be broken due to how committed they are to one another.

Leo Health

Each sign of the zodiac is represented by a body part. For the majestic Leo, this body part happens to be the heart. However, Leos are closely linked to the back, spine, and forearms, too.

If a Leo lives up to their full potential, they will throw themselves into their work and live a hectic lifestyle. Their busy lives may bring forth nervous energy, making them susceptible to heart-related issues.

It’s important for Leos to take extra care of their hearts, and invest in good nutrition and active lifestyles. Leos are hard workers who never back down from a challenge. However, they should be careful not to overwork themselves and give their body the rest it craves and deserves.

Leos enjoy fine cuisine and may be susceptible to gaining weight as they age. It’s best for a Leo to balance their intake of healthy and unhealthy food to promote the health of their cardiac arteries. Leos tend to work long hours and can benefit from meal prepping instead of opting for fast food at work.

Leos are hard workers by design and may feel like they are trying to balance the weight of the world on their shoulders. Their slew of responsibilities can weigh heavy on their backs and spine. Leos can benefit from learning to balance their emotions and mastering the art of detaching themselves from work.

Since Leos often work with their hands, it’s also a good idea for them to take plenty of breaks to give their arms, forearms, and wrists a chance to recalibrate.

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