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About The ZodiacTaurus

  • Date RangeApril 20 to May 20
  • Symbol
  • Element Earth
  • Ruler Venus 
  • Quality Fixed 
  • Strengths Reliable,  Productive,  Patient 
  • Weaknesses Stubborn,  Materialistic,  Indulgent 
  • Likes
  • Dislikes Sudden Change,  Insecurity,  Ugliness 
  • Strongest Compatibility Capricorn 
  • Colors Green  Brown  Turquoise 
  • Lucky Numbers 5, 6

Taurus Personality & Characteristics

Taureans are known for being extremely reliable and stubborn. They are very careful and greatly value stability in relationships, work, and finance, and they tend to dislike change. Taureans work hard and are very productive by nature, especially when they have a greater goal they’re trying to achieve.

Houses are the backbone of the natal chart; they’re zones used to interpret the planets based on where they are in the sky at any given point in time. Each zodiac sign rules a house, and each house corresponds with an aspect of someone’s life.

Taurus rules the 2nd House, which is the house for money and self esteem, so they’re drawn to the finer things in life. Taureans surround themselves with beautiful things. This is very deliberate; aesthetic beauty is something they value highly, and they love anything luxurious and indulgent.

Taurus Strengths

Taureans are very productive and extremely driven. They’re unstoppable once they have a goal in mind and have started working towards it--it won’t usually be fast work, but it will be steady and productive. Taureans are very hard workers and this manifests itself in all areas of their lives, but especially in aspects they value: their goals, their loved ones, and their self-indulgence.

Taureans are reliable and dependable, which makes them great friends. They greatly value their relationships, and will always keep their promises to the people they love.

Taureans tend to be very patient and understand that like a garden, all good things take time. This patience also means that they’re not one to rush through anything, they’d rather do it right the first time.

They have great taste and generally have an eye for style and aesthetics. Taureans typically have a beautiful living space and know how to decorate exquisitely no matter what budget they’re working with. They can also be great at putting together clothes, both for themselves and for other people.

Taurus Weaknesses

Taureans can be stubborn and will fight particularly hard against quick change. This aversion to change can make break-ups and friendship dissolutions particularly difficult for them, especially if it’s not something that they see coming.

Taureans are very set in their own ways, which can be intimidating if you have a point of view you think they’d benefit from. Generally, they are slow to anger, but once they become angry, they tend to lash out, especially if it involves someone dissenting their opinion or bringing on sudden change.

Given their draw to finer things, Taureans can come off as materialistic and vain, especially to those who don’t share that enthusiasm for aesthetic beauty. Sometimes this materialism is simply an impression and there’s more beneath the surface, but sometimes Taureans care too much about the outer appearance of things. This can be a hard perspective to pull a Taurus away from, as they also carry that stubbornness.

Taureans also greatly value experiences that are luxurious-feeling and overly indulgent. This can easily traipse into hedonism and can be harmful if they’re not too careful. If they’re not galvanized by their work, they can become unmotivated and lazy, favoring pursuits of pleasure over working.

Taurus Career & Money

It can take Taureans a while to figure out what they want to be doing career-wise because of their tendency to take things slowly and thoughtfully. Taureans typically want to be in a career that provides them with the means to spend money on the things that they love.

Careers in which they can work with aesthetic beauty that require patience and care--like interior design or wedding planning--are paths that a Taurus may be drawn to.

At work, they tend to have high standards and push themselves very hard. They’re reliable colleagues and hard workers who will get the job done. Taureans are very good at seeing a goal and materializing it, utilizing organizational methods like to-do lists to stay task-focused and optimize their productivity. They’re dependable colleagues and will always follow through with their promises.

Working in a team with Taureans can be difficult when they have different opinions on how to go forward with something, because once they believe in something, it’s very hard to sway them.

They also sometimes want to take decisions more carefully and deliberately, which can cause discord especially in a faster paced environment. Taureans thrive best when they’re in a field that can accommodate the deliberacy with which they approach everything, and they tend to favor independence.

Because of Taureans’ careful nature, they tend to be very good with money. Even when they do spend a pretty penny on indulgences, it’s usually carefully calculated and saved for. They aren’t impulsive, and would rather save for something over a period of time and be secure in their finances than get caught without money they need.

They don’t like owing a debt and will try to pay it back as soon as they can, especially if it’s to someone they know.

Taurus Love & Sex

Matters of love and sex are typically dictated by which house someone’s Venus is in. The way someone approaches love or sex can be dependent on their personality, but finding what house Venus resides in may give further insight. The following assumes that Venus is in the 2nd House, which Taurus rules.

Usually, a Taurus takes things very slow when it comes to romantic endeavors. Once they’ve decided that they want to be with you, they’re extremely loyal and attentive, and they tend to show their love very freely.

Sometimes these manifestations of love can be very physical, like touching and hugging, but they can also be acts like cooking for you. They love luxurious experiences and beautiful things, so often they’ll show you their love by giving gifts; this could include taking you to their favorite restaurants or having indulgent experiences with you, like a couples massage.

Likewise with romance, Taureans won’t rush into sex. They’re not ones to engage in one night stands; they’d much rather be sharing physical affection with someone that they trust and deeply care about. It could even take a while between getting together with someone and becoming physically intimate with them--patience here is key to not scare them away.

Once they’re ready for that step, like with everything else they do, Taureans tend to be indulgent and attentive. It’ll be worth the wait.

An unfortunate side effect to being averse to change is that Taureans will sometimes stay in a relationship even after they’ve realized they’re not happy in it. The change of getting out of a long-term relationship can seem overwhelming, and they may try to suppress their discontent to avoid having to take that step.

It’s important to check in periodically to make sure they’re happy and open a conversation if they aren’t.

How to Attract a Taurus

The best way that you can show you’re interested in a Taurus is by taking the plunge and asking them on a low-stakes date (think of something like a cafe or teahouse). They don’t pick up on hints very easily, and they’ll appreciate that you’ve put yourself out there.

Attracting a Taurus definitely means showing appreciation for the finer things in life, especially the sorts of things that they show you. Taureans share their indulgences with people because they care, and it’s a form of bonding for them.

In return, taking some time to show the Taurus you have your eye on your favorite indulgences will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be something big, just enough to let them know that you’re on the same page.

Taureans also have a tendency towards the aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it every single day, but if you know you’re going to see them, taking your physical appearance up a notch will get them to give you a second look. Plus, dressing up does wonders for confidence.

Something very important to remember when you’ve started dating a Taurus is to make sure not to rush them into a commitment--they won’t like that at all. Taureans take things very slowly and carefully, and the first step to putting yourself on their commitment radar is to give them enough space to process it.

How to Attract a Taurus Man

One of the biggest tips to attract a Taurus man is not to play hard to get. Oftentimes the media tells us that a man wants to play games or chase the person that he’s attracted to, but in this case, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Making the first move can be intimidating, but being upfront with him about what you want will go a long way. Start slow to ensure he doesn’t feel pressured into a commitment right away.

Showing that you value reliability will also make him seriously consider you as someone to be romantic with. Taureans hate flakes, and that couldn’t be truer than with Taurus men who value their own time and energy. To take it a step further, offering to help with something (if an opportunity arises) and overachieving will certainly make him take notice.

Being successful will make a Taurus man instantly notice you. This can be difficult depending on where you are in your field, but casually mentioning any type of accolades or success you’ve garnered will be of interest to him. Even talking about your long-term goals will show him that you’re ambitious and you value success as much as he does. Taureans are known for their drive, and a Taurus man needs to know that you can keep up with him.

If you have the chance to cook something elaborate for him, take it. This will show that you also have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and will be a major point of sensual bonding between the two of you. Find out what his favorite dish is, or even just make a rich and beautiful dessert--he’ll be very appreciative.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman

The very first step to attracting a Taurus woman is being secure with yourself. A Taurus woman wants the people and things in her life to be harmonious and pleasing. If you put her in a place where she has to constantly placate your insecurities, she will lose interest very quickly.

It is always a good idea to take extra care of your appearance when you’re trying to attract someone, but especially with a Taurus. She’ll notice if you’re appealing to her aesthetic values and sensuality if you go the extra mile and dress up for your first date.

This is often seen as vain, but a Taurus woman values not just the attractiveness aspect of it--it’s also the fact that you’re making an effort for her. Similar interests, especially in the underappreciated arts, will go a long way with attracting a Taurus woman. Taking her to a movie you both want to see or to a gallery opening will show her that you care.

Generosity is also very important. A Taurus woman values indulgent affection and isn’t going to like someone who’s stingy or who doesn’t show their love directly.

Any Taurean will not want to rush things, so make sure that you are patient and that you don’t make her feel pressured into making a commitment with you. It’s best if you’re up-front about your intentions and don’t try to drop hints.

When you do have that conversation, it’s important to explicitly note that you are giving her space to decide if she’s ready for that. Doing this over a written medium, like a text or direct message, will help lessen any pressure that she feels to give you an answer (even if it’s sort of awkward for you).

Taurus Family & Friends

Taureans are very loyal to their loved ones and highly prioritize time spent with the people they love. Many of their friends are people that they’ve known for years. They prefer to nurture long-lasting friendships versus seeking out many confidantes.

Another manifestation of their carefulness is that they tend to be slow when choosing their friends and letting them into their inner circle. Taureans favor drawing potential new friends to their own circle, rather than seeking new circles out.

This tendency could be because it’s easier for them to feel someone out that way, and it could partly be because they don’t like change very much (with a new friend group being a potential change for them).

Taureans are very reliable when it comes to their loved ones, and they tend to be the person who is called on first when someone in their life needs help. Taureans are dependable when it comes to their commitments and are always happy to lend a helping hand to the people that they love. They value trustworthiness and will always keep the promises they’ve made to their friends and family.

Taureans highly value family and familial customs and routines--they can come back for a holiday after having been away all year and fall right back into step with the rest of the family. Taureans tend to be great hosts for small family gatherings because of their patience and affinity for delicious food and a good atmosphere.

Taurus Health

Taureans tend to be very hearty and strong, like the bull that symbolizes them. Taureans should be careful to not let their stubbornness mean avoiding a doctor as this can cause problems down the line if the ailment is more serious than they think. Once they have a treatment plan though, they tend to be very diligent about sticking to it, as getting better is a more than worthy pursuit.

Taureans’ love of indulgence can also become a problem if they’re not careful, especially if that indulgence manifests itself as alcohol or overly rich food. Moderation is key in both physical and mental aspects of health, so they should take care not to over-indulge, even if they think they can handle it.

The body part that Taurus rules is the neck. The neck, as well as the throat, can be items of sensitivity. Taking precautions, like staying hydrated and drinking hot liquids like tea, may help (and if it’s something serious, see a doctor).

Taureans who work at desks should be aware of strain put on their neck muscles and take care of it accordingly (through massage or other healing means) as strained neck muscles can be very painful and debilitating. Caution with the neck should also be taken while sleeping, as pillows that are too low or too high can cause neck pain as well.

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