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Only one sign apart on the Zodiac, the partnership between Virgo and Libra can be hit or miss; as much as there is a probability for instant love, there is also a chance for instant dislike or distaste for the other sign. A relationship between these... Keeping reading

Virgo & Libra Compatibility

Only one sign apart on the Zodiac, the partnership between Virgo and Libra can be hit or miss; as much as there is a probability for instant love, there is also a chance for instant dislike or distaste for the other sign.

A relationship between these two is prone to move slowly, since it will take a lot of respect and understanding for these signs to understand each other enough to form a comfortable, compatible relationship.

Both Virgo and Libra value the finer things in life and have a love of deep analysis. This trait can bring these signs together more than anything else, and you may find Virgo and Libra have long conversations about the newest, groundbreaking scientific discoveries, or analyzing the plot points of their favorite film.

Libra will appreciate the amount the Virgo is willing to talk over decisions and options with them, and Virgo is more than happy to spend hours examining a problem from every angle possible.

The Earth sign Virgo complements the Air sign of Libra, as they are able to ground the Libra and help them bring order to their lives. They can also give Libra a sense of order and assist them in truly achieving their goals, instead of just talking about them. Similarly, Libra can teach Virgo how to loosen up and enjoy life, breaking them out of their rigid worldview and showing them a good time.

On the downside, these signs are strikingly different in how they interpret matters of intimacy and love, and both Virgo and Libra have issues truly articulating their emotions and feelings. No matter how good their conversations are, it can be hard for Virgo and Libra to break through the superficiality of their relationship and begin to embrace deeper bonds, either as friends or as lovers.

If these signs are truly interested in deepening their relationship with each other, they will have to work hard to practice mutual tolerance and acceptance, as this is the only thing that will keep them non-judgmental and open enough to build a strong relationship foundation.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo tends to rely on their intellectual abilities and practicality when it comes to matters of love, preferring to take a more straightforward and rigid view with romantic partnerships. Virgo will do all the things they feel they are “supposed” to do as a partner, but they may not have a driving sense of real emotion behind them.

This behavior can greatly upset Venus-ruled Libra, who is prone to grand romantic gestures and takes a more spiritual, emotional approach to matters of love and intimacy.

Virgo is more of a slow mover when it comes to relationships; they are an Earth sign and can be fairly conservative or set in their ways. On the other hand, Libra is an Air sign and flits around to their heart’s content, always wanting to introduce new ideas inside and out of the bedroom. It can be hard for these signs to find a middle-ground, as the pace at which they inherently operate is so different.

Virgo may also find it hard to accept Libra’s need for innovation in the bedroom, while Libra can take Virgo’s unwillingness to try new things as a sign that they don’t truly care about the relationship.

If Virgo and Libra want to create an intimate, loving relationship, they will need to focus on the things they find attractive about each other and work on building up their tolerances for everything else; Virgo should refrain from extensively criticizing Libra’s approach to love, as Libra’s self-esteem won’t benefit from this.

Similarly, Libra should take care to slow their pace down and match it more to Virgo’s, allowing the signs to warm up to each other and methodically buildup the intimate relationship they both crave, but have such trouble obtaining.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Friendship Compatibility

Friendship between Virgo and Libra can take a rocky start, much like any other relationship between these signs. They both move at different paces and have startlingly different views on life, thanks to their converse Earth and Air influences.

Earth sign Virgo is a planner and will want everything set in stone, ages before an activity or event is set to happen. On the other hand, Libra is prone to changing their mind and beliefs last minute, igniting an argument with perfectionist Virgo, who hates last-minute changes.

Libra can be an intense friend and will get along best with someone who can keep up with their spontaneity when it comes to activities. Virgo is very risk-adverse and finds it hard to share in Libra’s love of staying out late on a whim or taking a virtually unplanned weekend trip. Libra will interpret this as Virgo being boring, while Virgo will interpret this as Libra being dangerous, which can lead to many conflicts and a fallout between these two friends.

Virgo and Libra best get along when they are able to maintain a casual sort of relationship that doesn’t meet too often. It might sound strange, but Libra enjoys having a wide circle of friends that can meet at random times, and Virgo will appreciate the chance to stay organized and fit Libra in at a designated time in their schedule.

Both of these friends enjoy health and lifestyle activities, so you might find them attending exercise classes once a week or meeting up for weekend hikes, with most of their shared conversation focused on personal fitness or other casual, not too emotional burdened topics.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Emotional Compatibility

With Venus falling in Virgo and ruling Libra, these signs are diametrically opposed in their interpretation and experience of personal emotions. Virgo struggles to get in touch with their own emotions, let alone effectively express their feelings to Libra. Not only would they not enjoy that, but their natural rationality also stops them from really exposing their heart to their partner.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Libra, a sign that has many emotions, most of them frequently changing, and one that struggles to speak their mind for fear of conflict, even when they are feeling their worst.

This opposition between these signs can lead to an emotionally stunted relationship with the signs at a standstill, neither one able to clearly express to the other what they feel or what they need to be happy in the relationship. These signs can easily fall into a routine where neither one is feeling fulfilled by the other, but they are both too unwilling to speak up and put an end to the partnership altogether.

In order for Virgo and Libra to build a strong emotional bond and obtain an emotionally healthy relationship, they will need to force themselves into communicating their feelings and learning from each other.

If they both have an open mind, Virgo can teach Libra how to embrace rationality with their feelings and express themselves clearly, without fear of conflict. Similarly, Libra can teach Virgo how to get in touch with their emotions, allowing them a non-judgmental space for them to become in tune with their own feelings.

After some time, these signs will have a strong emotional foundation that allows them to experience a more emotionally open and healthy relationship.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Values Compatibility

For the most part, Virgo and Libra are able to get along on their shared values. They appreciate art and intellectual stimulation, and might enjoy spending most of their time together in museums or other cultural exhibits because of this. They both value communication, though they have different approaches to it, but this opposition is usually not as divisive as some others that Virgo and Libra can experience.

Where the conflict starts between these signs is found in the different ways each approaches their lives. Virgo values organization and cleanliness, something the Libra acts as if they haven’t even heard of; a whirlwind Air sign, Libra moves through life quickly, traveling wherever their heart desires and often with no planning.

Libra will value this independence and quickly-changing lifestyle, and can be incredibly frustrated when Virgo starts to plan their movements and actions, demanding that their spontaneity is brought under control.

With these two, it can be very hit or miss whether their differing values with drive them apart, or whether the signs have enough strength in their shared values to overlook these conflicts. It would do both Virgo and Libra well to practice tolerance, as this will allow them to appreciate the differences of the other’s value and respect the other’s behaviors without causing arguments or frustrations on a regular basis.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Activities Compatibility

The Mutable sign of Virgo can adapt to almost any activity, and Libra is always considerate enough to select activities that the two can complete together and stay engaged in. For these signs, this could be anything from walking around a history museum, taking in all the details of civilizations past, watching an artistic film at an independent theatre, or simply spending a night out in a bar, with only the company of their conversations.

As long as Libra takes care not to change their mind about activities too often leading up to their planned day, Virgo will happily participate without any sign of frustration. However, Virgo also needs to be careful that they don’t let their rational view of the world put too much of a damper on Libra’s wonderous ideas and speculations during conversations, as this is likely to upset Libra and make them unwilling to participate in activities with Virgo.

Another issue these signs may face when trying to select activities to complete together is indecision. Libra is known for their indecisive attitude, as they are generally afraid to make what they consider a wrong choice, leading them to abstain from decision making altogether.

Virgo likes to analyze issues, and will spend all day talking over options with Libra until one of them notices that the sun has gone down, and they missed their chance for a day out. This pairing should be aware of this behavior if they actually want to complete any of the activities they spend so long talking about.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Communication Compatibility

With both Virgo and Libra very interested in communication and rational thought, these two signs can have a fairly compatible communicative relationship. Especially when matters between them are kept casual and revolve around matters of business, health, and life goals, these signs can find themselves having productive and interesting conversations on a regular basis.

Virgo and Libra might have a little more trouble when it comes to moving past superficial topics and discussing more emotional-laden or negative issues, as these are signs that find it hard to articulate their true feelings or show a vulnerability to others.

Virgo almost refuses to get in touch with their true self, and would faster criticize and judge Libra for not being able to clearly voice their wants and needs for fear of conflict, before they decide to open up their heart to others.

This type of behavior on both sides can cause a complete breakdown in the communication channels between the two signs. If Virgo and Libra are to keep their communication levels compatible, even when dealing with more intimate or emotional conversation topics, they will need to show the utmost tolerance and appreciation for each other.

An atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect will allow Virgo to soften, slowly revealing small parts of their true self, and will boost Libra’s confidence in articulating their feelings, as they will feel less fear of conflict. Only once this is done can Virgo and Libra start building a strong, well-rounded communicative foundation.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Trust Compatibility

The many oppositions between these signs can often foster an atmosphere of distrust between Virgo and Libra, even though they may not even know where it comes from themselves.

These signs are also quite different when it comes to their approach to loyalty, with Libra putting everything out in the open and expecting Virgo to do the same, only to be disappointed when the shy, introverted Virgo sees no point in doing this.

Libra will interpret Virgo’s lack of openness as something suspicious, and will probably start to suspect their partner of dishonesty, as it is hard for them to fathom someone not wanting to completely share their life with them. Similarly, Virgo won’t understand Libra’s openness and their need to casually flirt with whoever looks their way; they will interpret this as dishonest and start to distrust their Libra partner.

The best way for Virgo and Libra to meet in the middle on trust issues is to have a conversation about their individual needs, wants, and boundaries when it comes to matters of loyalty. Even though a conversation like this will likely be hard for both signs to participate in, it is important for Virgo and Libra to get on the same page so that they can enjoy a loyal, trusting relationship with no hint of misunderstandings or distrust.

Virgo & Libra Virgo & Libra
Work Compatibility

As coworkers, Virgo and Libra might be able to experience one of their most compatible pairings. Much like friendships between these signs, Virgo and Libra work best together when their relationship is kept fairly casual, with them being able to talk about superficial topics and focus on the task at hand, instead of being prompted to discuss more emotional and vulnerable things.

Both signs are creative and can be hardworking, and will get along well as project partners thanks to Libra’s Cardinal modality and Virgo’s Mutable one; Libra will often be the partner that dreams up ideas and new ways to attack a project, while Virgo plans well ahead and takes steps to implement the most realistic ideas.

And as long as Virgo becomes familiar with the changeable Air nature of Libra, they can plan around it, optimizing their collective projects and goals while accounting for the unexpected. Most of their projects will be completed well ahead of time and very visually pleasing, as both signs have an eye for beauty that they won’t let go unfulfilled.

These signs would work well together in an office, with Libra as the friendly receptionist and Virgo as the office manager, taking steps to optimize the functions of the workplace around them. Libra will enjoy bringing problems to a Virgo boss and talking them over, both of them analyzing every aspect of a project or idea, exhilarated by the decision-making process.

As long as the workplace relationship between these two stays fairly casual and doesn’t delve into regular outside-of-work hangouts or emotional conversations, Virgo and Libra will enjoy a fairly complementary relationship in this regard.

Virgo & Libra Compatibility Summary

Though Virgo and Libra can be opposites in every sense of the word, it is sometimes possible for these two to come together in a compatible friendly or romantic relationship. Both of these signs value communication and the finer things in life, and may spend hours analyzing events from their own lives or from the lives of others.

As long as Virgo and Libra take steps to truly understand the inner workings of the other and build strong emotional foundations that go outside their superficial bonds, these signs will be sure to experience a long-lasting, healthy, and happy relationship.

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