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Characterized by balance and a sense of curiosity about the world, a Libra and Libra relationship can be an extraordinary match. Both of these signs strive to achieve harmony in their lives and are the happiest while they are in a relationship, leadi... Keeping reading

Libra & Libra Compatibility

Characterized by balance and a sense of curiosity about the world, a Libra and Libra relationship can be an extraordinary match. Both of these signs strive to achieve harmony in their lives and are the happiest while they are in a relationship, leading to a partnership full of love and dedication.

The influence of Venus, the planet of love, in Libra makes each side of the pairing prone to romantic gestures and sentimental sweetness that would cause many of the other Zodiac pairings to gag at the sugariness of it all, though the Libras fully embrace these actions.

With idealistic and whirlwind personalities influenced by the Air quality of their signs, Libra and Libra will have no problem darting from activity to activity, staying only as long as their attention span allows. These signs will appreciate that their partner understands their need to be on the move, and they will enjoy the fact that they finally have someone who can completely keep up with them.

Shared activities and values for Libra are typically a complementary match, with both signs able to see their own qualities reflected in the other, making for a balanced and dedicated partnership.

Libra and Libra can be found indulging their luxurious taste in rich food and expensive items, but the two should be careful not to overdo it, as they could find themselves out of money and upsetting their health; it is easy for a Libra pairing to get carried away, as neither sign will consider the long-term consequences of their behaviors or think to talk about their actions with the other.

Another issue that may cause conflict in the Libra and Libra partnership is the lack of assertiveness present in these signs. Peace lovers by nature, the Libras will do the most to avoid any form of conflict, even those arguments that are necessary for the growth of a relationship.

With both Libras only focusing on the superficial and refusing to reveal their intimate feelings or concerns with each other, it is highly probable that a relationship between the two will trail off into a stalemate, breaking their shared bond and leaving them unable to communicate properly.

Embracing the assertive, masculine Yang influences of their sign and becoming straightforward with each other is the best solution if Libra and Libra want their relationship to stay balanced and harmonious for a long time.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Influenced by Venus, Libra and Libra will rarely have issues when it comes to matters of intimacy and romance. These are signs that would go to the ends of the Earth for each other, and they take great care to demonstrate this on a regular basis.

Both sides of this partnership can be found sending each other flowers or other thoughtful gifts, dedicating songs to each other, and displaying casual affection like hand holding on a regular basis.

During times of intimacy, the Cardinal modality and Air influence on these signs will keep them in an exciting, inventive relationship, which each sign genuinely wanting to please the other; Libras will pull out all the stops in order to ensure their partner’s needs are met to the best of their abilities. This can make for a mutually satisfying intimate life that never loses its spark, no matter how long Libra and Libra have been together.

One aspect that may put a damper on the Libra’s love and intimacy compatibility is the general lack of assertiveness and take-charge attitudes between these partners. While neither sign has a problem working to meet the needs of the other or asking for something specific in the bedroom, it can be hard for the Libras to decide who should make the first move.

This can lead to a relationship that has an open attitude about romance and intimacy, but that is too shy to act on the many discussions and ideas they’ve shared.

It would do both Libras well to remember that they have nothing to be afraid of when they are intimate with their partner, and that the romantic relationships they enter into should be a non-judgmental space.

If both signs verbally agree to create a safe, non-judgmental area, the Libras may be able to relax a little bit and start acting on the many intimate ideas and wants they’ve previously communicated with the other.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Friendship Compatibility

As friends, Libra and Libra don’t lose the affection and appreciation they have for each other that might also be present in a romantic relationship. Libra values their friends and will often treat them like family, making sure to show their happiness in friendship with gestures such as paying for meals occasionally or surprising their friend with a small gift from time to time.

Both Libras will engage in this behavior, leading to them being fairly content with each other as friends; they will admire each other and enjoy being admired in turn.

There are no activities that Libra and Libra won’t indulge in together, and these signs will thoroughly enjoy the fact that they have a friend who is willing to keep pace with them and who truly understands the inner workings of their mind, without either sign needing to say a thing. This allows them to maintain the harmonious balance in their friendship they both love so greatly.

However, the Libras should be careful that they don’t shy away from true communication too often, as this can build up to a great amount of resentment when neither feels like their needs are being met. It can also make the Libra feel upset the other can’t read their mind to fix the problem, perpetuating the negative cycle.

Libra’s love to be liked and admired by everyone may also cause a conflict in a friendship between these signs. They can grow clingy and jealous with each other easily, and though Libras enjoy having a large circle of friends and holding court in the center of the fray, each side of this partnership can get their feelings hurt when their Libra friend decides to spend a day with someone who isn’t them.

The Libras should remember that some time away from their close friendship is good for them, and that learning to be independent once in a while is healthier than constantly being with each other, no matter what.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Emotional Compatibility

Emotions can run high among the Libra duo, and the influence of Venus in their sign can often exacerbate the constant fluctuating of feelings that Libras experience. These signs are prone to change their mind easily and will redirect their course at a moment’s notice.

Thankfully, they have no problem keeping up with each other, though this behavior is often seen as exhausting by many of the other Zodiac signs.

Despite this, it can be hard for Libra and Libra to be vulnerable with each other, as they are both prone to hiding their true feelings and manipulating situations from a back seat. These signs can have trouble clearly articulating their more negative feelings, as there is always an underlying fear of conflict or judgment.

However, Libra and Libra should remember that they cannot support each other emotionally if neither will let the other one in, and that if they want to grow their emotional bond, they should work hard on communicating all their feelings, good or bad.

The exaltation of Saturn in Libra gives each partner in this duo a more cold and unfeeling side, and this is something that only appears when one partner feels they have been scorned in some way.

There is nothing Libra hates more than injustice and shady behavior, and if they embrace their more unfeeling side, they will have no problem expressing their negative emotions or burning bridges; whatever it takes from them to feel justice has been served.

Libra and Libra should be aware of this side of their personalities and work to control it, for it is easy for either of them to get carried away in this state and say or do something that permanently damages their relationship; calm, controlled communication is the best way for these signs to convey their emotions to each other.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Values Compatibility

The values that Libra and Libra share are highly compatible and something that can keep these signs together for a very long time. Together, these signs will speak for hours over their mutual appreciation of the finer things, including all types of art, scientific knowledge, and a love of history.

It can be easy for them to get caught up daydreaming about all the nice things they can own and convincing each other that they must buy the newest and nicest items for themselves and their shared spaces.

Libra and Libra will also appreciate the other’s behavior, as they both value actions that are well-thought-out and reasonable; spontaneity in activities is sometimes appreciated, but both signs are planners and enjoy the fact that they can take their time making decisions without feeling rushed or pressured to make a quick choice, like they would be with other Zodiac signs.

When it comes to their shared love of finer things and of owning luxury items, the Libras may find themselves in a little bit of trouble. Neither sign particularly values money or thinks about investing with their finances, preferring to live in the here and now.

This can create issues as they talk each other up and end up spending outside their means on a regular basis. Whether they are friends or lovers, Libra and Libra should consider establishing a firm budget and sticking to it whenever they go shopping, as this will keep them accountable and out of long-term financial trouble.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Activities Compatibility

Highly compatible with their activities, Libra and Libra can be found touring an art or history museum, spending hours reading every word on the display cases and studying exhibits in detail.

And while they appreciate quiet days in the museum, they can just as easily spend hours getting dressed up together for an exhilarating night out at a new exclusive club or bar they managed to talk their way into.

With the right amount of time dedicated to decision making and consideration, there is usually nothing the Libra duo won’t be game for, something which boosts their compatibility and makes them a great pair of partners, ready to take on what the world has to offer.

However, despite the perfect match that the Libras seem to have with their activities, their personalities may cause some issues when it comes to acting on their grand ideas. Both Cardinal signs, the Libras greatly enjoy planning their activities together and thinking up days that are packed full of exciting possibilities.

When it comes to actually acting on these activities though, it is fairly common for the Libras to cancel on each other and give in to their inherent lazy streak, never actually completing their chosen activities.

A Libra partnership should take care to force themselves out of the house and into the activities they talk so long about, since they are sure to enjoy themselves once they find the motivation to get started.

They should also consider planning days that are less full, as this will not seem as overwhelming to them as a completely packed schedule would, making the Libras more prone to follow through with their plans.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Communication Compatibility

Communication can be somewhat of a struggle for Libra and Libra, as they are both so adverse to conflict any type of communication that holds negative connotations may be ignored forever. It is hard for the Libras to find an assertiveness in themselves that allows them to speak their mind without fear, even when their words are necessary to get their relationship back on track in a positive direction.

It is possible for one sign to take on a more communicatively dominant role in the Libra pairing, though there may always be a silent struggle for power going on in the background, thanks to the slightly manipulative nature of the Libra. Both signs will be working to design situations to their utmost advantage, failing to see their partner as a person and becoming focused on superficial things.

This can create a breakdown in communication channels as the Libras feel less and less comfortable with each other, leading to them refusing to be vulnerable when it comes to properly communicating their feelings. In turn, this will lead to a buildup of resentment that can completely ruin the communicative compatibility between the two.

Mutual respect and acceptance of the other sign is the only way for Libra and Libra to repair and maintain their communication skills. They need to demonstrate an acceptance and non-judgmental attitude for the other, refraining from digging at each other’s flaws and practicing acceptance.

The more Libra and Libra work at these attitudes, the more positive their communication will become, and eventually, the Air signs will be able to completely embrace each other and feel comfortable enough to keep up open, honest channels of communication.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Trust Compatibility

Flirtatious by nature, Libra and Libra may find it hard to trust each other. They both understand the inner mind of the other so well that they will be anticipating their partner’s move, waiting for the moment they casually flirt with another, because this is what they are also tempted to do.

This can create an almost hostile atmosphere between the two and one that may be full of jealousy as each sign tries to control the other and starts to monitor their behavior, becoming increasingly more suspicious.

Libra and Libra are also prone to misunderstandings between each other, with the fall of the Sun reflected in their sign. It can be hard for them to see situations clearly, especially when their mind is already made up on what they think and they refuse to clearly voice their suspicions or expectations.

If the Libras are to build a trusting, loyal bond between themselves, they need to have a long talk about the boundaries in their relationship and their own insecurities. Libras are a sign that collectively value justice, so once they have these borders clearly defined, they will take peace knowing that they will each respect them.

This can greatly build up the sense of trust and security each partner has in the relationship, and can lead to a bond that is much more compatible than what the two started with.

Libra & Libra Libra & Libra
Work Compatibility

Much like the friendship between Libra and Libra, the work compatibility of these signs is fairly high. The Libras tend to play off of each other, both of Air influence and Cardinal modality, and will have no issue spending their time collaborating on new ideas for the company.

Their projects are often inventive and innovative, but with no one around to ground them, they may border on the line of idealistic.

Natural peacekeepers, these signs work well in customer-facing positions where they are able to keep customers calm and work with the public, directly making an impact. The Libras enjoy meaningful work and can be found as perfect partners in social work, human resources, or in the hospitality industry, where they can make full use of their harmonious and caring personalities.

Though Libra and Libra work well together as employees, neither of them is the most suited for positions of power over the other; decisions take too long to make with a Libra, and they find it hard to be cutthroat or deliver bad news to employees or customers.

Libra and Libra are much happier as partners working in a lower level of a company than they would be seated around a table in an executive boardroom.

Libra & Libra Compatibility Summary

The sign of harmony and justice, Libra is able to find a highly compatible Zodiac match in their fellow Libra. This partnership is one that will indulge themselves regularly, each one encouraging the other to embrace their love of fine food, luxury items, and grand gestures of affection.

As long as Libra and Libra don’t get too carried away by their own little world and take care to maintain open, honest communication channels, this pairing is able to enjoy a long, happy, and peaceful partnership.

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