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Leos are very dominant and have no problem expressing themselves to others. They are fiercely independent, courageous and confident. Virgos are more modest, preferring to quietly get things done using their organization skills. This can be an excelle... Keeping reading

Virgo & Leo Compatibility

Leos are very dominant and have no problem expressing themselves to others. They are fiercely independent, courageous and confident. Virgos are more modest, preferring to quietly get things done using their organization skills. This can be an excellent pairing: Leos can help Virgos shake things up every now and then, while Virgos can help Leos be more grounded and level-headed when making decisions.

Virgos are Earth signs, which means that they are generally very stable and practical people. This may come off as a bit stuffy and boring sometimes. However, when Virgos are paired with Fire signs like Leos, they are able to come out of their shells a bit more easily. That is if they agree. If a Leo and Virgo disagree on too many things in the relationship, not only will they not last as a couple, and their ending will be an explosive, fiery affair!

Leos are very fixed by nature, so they are reliable and grounded and can make it through conflicts easily. Sometimes they can be quite stubborn and resistant to change. Virgos are a bit more adaptable and have no trouble just going with the flow. This can pair well with a Leo, who more often than not prefers to do things in a very specific way. Just make sure to speak up every now and then to get your way, Virgos, or you may come off as too unreliable and irresponsible.

Leos are ruled by the Sun and have a tendency to be more explosive in nature. They have very powerful personalities and are prone to bursts of emotion, whether they are happy or sad or angry. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which means that they are extremely perceptive, witty and charming. They live a life of service and make great partners with their lovers, co-workers, family and friends.

Leos and Virgos will clash when it comes to Mercury because Leo is in fall with this planet. Leos exhibit deceptive, catty and nervous energy under Mercury, which Leos will be able to pick up on quite quickly. This pair will fight constantly if Leos aren’t able to communicate openly, tenderly and truthfully in the relationship.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

When it comes to the planet Mars (which is all about passion and sex), Leos and Virgos complement each other well sexually. Leos are easy to arouse, enjoy long and passionate sessions in the bedroom and demand admiration in their love-making.

While this may come across as too strong for some, Virgos are more than willing to oblige! Though their sexual energy is more nervous, they take their performance in the bedroom as seriously as they take their performance at work. They want to be good at what they do, and they won’t stop until they know their partner is fully satisfied. They are willing and able to experiment between the sheets with their lover to meet that goal!

Virgos in the Fifth House of Pleasure may initially come off as a little reserved. They need to spend time with their partners to slowly develop trust in order to feel comfortable with getting more intimate. When Virgos are in romantic relationships, they are in them for the long-haul, and once they feel their partner understands how serious they are about the relationship, they are more willing to open up.

Taking time to establish intimacy will also work well with Leos because they don’t tend to reveal their true natures right at the beginning of a romantic relationship. Over time, they will show their true character as they build trust with their partners.

Virgos also tend to be very critical of themselves, so they may not always believe the compliments and encouragements they receive from their partners. They tend to open up more with people who are upfront about their personal flaws and who are willing to support them in changing for the better.

Leos in the Fifth House like to be in control. They love to be the center of attention, and though they are attracted to people who are also confident, this may lead to too much competition in the long run. However, because Virgos are a bit more reserved, it is not likely that this pairing will not fall into this unhealthy trap.

Leos in the Seventh House of Partnerships are quite strong, which may put off people who are a bit more passive by nature. Because Virgos tend to be a bit more sensitive and standoffish, Leos should use their strong personality to make their partner feel more comfortable in the relationship.

Leos also prefer that their partners take the dominant role in the relationship. This may seem odd because they are such vibrant, passionate people, but they do this so that they can focus their attention on their other responsibilities. Now this may work really well for Leos, as Virgos tend to be very pragmatic, consistent in their routines and like to do things their own way.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

Leos in the Eleventh House of Friendship can come off as a little too ego-centric. They are extremely sociable and need to be praised and acknowledged by their friends. Because of this, Leos are very picky with who they choose as friends; they tend to gravitate to people who are okay with them being in control.

A Virgo paired with a Leo can be quite compatible. Virgos are friendly, helpful and love supporting their friends and family. This means that they will have little to no problem with their Leo partner being the center of attention and controlling most of the relationship.

Leos will love how loyal Virgos are in friendship. They will also benefit from following their example when it comes to reaching goals. Since Virgos are more practical and realistic by nature, they can help Leos better focus their passions in order to accomplish their goals.

Now Leos are going to have to give back to keep their friendships with Virgos intact. While they are helping you focus your passions, you’ll need to help them feel more passion as they can sometimes be way too logical about the things they love to do. Praise them; fire them up; make them feel just as good about themselves as they make you feel!

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

As Earth signs, Virgos really don’t like to talk about their problems much, especially if they have to talk about their feelings. They’d rather approach their personal issues with logic, and if they can’t, they’d much prefer to think about their feelings internally. Sometimes they just ignore their feelings altogether.

Fire signs like Leos are the exact opposite. They are super emotional, and they love to talk through their feelings with the ones they love. Virgos, this means that you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone a bit more than you would like. If you stay closed up when it comes to talking about feelings, don’t be surprised when your Leo starts heading for the door!

But Leos: you’re going to have to be gentle in the beginning. We know you’re going to want to storm in and demand your Virgo lover to open up and express themselves, but it’s not going to be that easy. You’ll need to be patient with them, gentle and encouraging as they open up in small increments with you. You can’t demand or coax. You have to offer a gentle hand. If you can do this, you’ll be rewarded with a very loyal, supportive partner.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Values Compatibility

When it comes to the Fourth House of Home, Virgos and Leos both have very strong beliefs about home and family life. While Leos put much of their effort into cultivating meaningful objects to display and share with guests in their home, Virgos are all about establishing a sense of well-being and happiness in the home.

This is a perfect match! Virgos will love the family tokens that Leos thoughtfully decorate throughout the home, and Leos will love how passionate Virgos are about making the home a happy, comfortable place to be.

Leos highly value themselves and often reflect on their successes in life. They rely on religion and spirituality for perspective and insight into how they should live their lives. This may clash with Virgos, who tend to rely on rational thinking to guide them in how to live. If you are able to respect each other’s differences when it comes to religion, you can make the relationship work.

Leos also believe that the best way to express love is through doing and through verbal expression, so they will appreciate a partner who can show love in these ways too.  Virgos have no problem showing love and affection through their actions, but may struggle with vocally expressing their affection. Just be patient, Leos: with your encouragement and support, they’ll get better at expressing themselves.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Activities Compatibility

In the Ninth House (when it comes to travel), these two signs are super compatible. Leos enjoy learning and traveling to new and unfamiliar places. They love to be on the move as it soothes their body and mind and are rarely able to stay in one physical place for too long.

Virgos also love to travel but for slightly different reasons. They enjoy learning about other cultures and beliefs around the world, so travel is a great way for them to do this. However, they may not be as keen as Leos to be constantly on the move because consistency and routine are important parts of their lives too.

So when it comes to travel and experiencing new cultures, both signs are going to have to find a healthy balance. Yes, you’ll enjoy traveling together to new places, but Leos are going to have to accept that it will not always be by jumping on a plane to get to somewhere new.

When it comes to the Tenth House of Social Status, Leos love to feel good about themselves, and they love it even more when all eyes are on them! So don’t be surprised to find a Leo out shopping for the perfect outfit or right in the middle of a large crowd at a party.

Virgos are also sociable people, but they tend to like quieter, more intimate settings in which to engage with their friends and family. This may clash at times with Leos, who always want to go big, so compromise is going to be key here when it comes to your shared social calendar.

Leos will never tire of going to plays, concerts and other performances. They are also very keen to be in them as they love acting! While Virgos aren’t necessarily into acting or the creative arts in the same way, they are very supportive of their partners and won’t mind attending events where they can watch a show with their lover or cheer them on while they perform on the stage.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Communication Compatibility

The Third House is all about communication. Virgos in this house tend to rely mostly on analysis and rationality. They prefer facts over emotion when communicating with others. This clashes heavily with Leos, who tend to be more emotive when they communicate. Both people are going to have to compromise here. Virgos will have to learn how to trust their emotions more, and Leos will have to use logic to draw their partner into open communication.

Leos in the First House tend to be dominant people who can express themselves in well-thought-out arguments. This complements Virgos quite well as they rely on logical explanations over creative ones to fully understand someone’s intentions or points of view. Just don’t rely too much on logic when expressing yourself, Virgos, as this will eventually bore your partner.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Trust Compatibility

The Third House of Self also has to do with the self, the ego and the mask you may wear in the world. Leos, though charismatic and engaging, tend to be focused more on themselves in their relationships. They will need to come out of this self-indulgent bubble in order to make a Virgo partner feel more loved, supported and seen.

This is because Virgos can often be riddled with insecurity and self-doubt, needing the help of a partner to help them get rid of those negative beliefs. If you can focus your attention on your partner as much as you focus your attention on yourself, Leos, you will build a stronger sense of trust with a Virgo companion who will prove to be loyal to you for the long haul.

Virgos are going to need to do some hard work, too. Leos need to feel like their partners admire and adore them. If you step out of your logical thinking, hardworking bubble every now and then to praise your partner’s achievements passionately, you’ll have a trusting partner for the long haul, too.

Troubles will arise if you spend too much of your time stuck on yourselves. If Leos are too busy loving themselves and Virgos are too busy with their noses down in their daily routines, you will both miss out on a wonderful opportunity to appreciate each other, lift each other up and build trust in the relationship.

Virgo & Leo Virgo & Leo
Work Compatibility

According to the First House, Leos are never shy to take on new projects and always complete tasks that they start. Likewise, you can count on Virgos to finish tasks that they start in the workplace, though they tend to limit the projects they take on more than Leos do. So if a Leo and a Virgo are working together on a project they both love, it will always result in excellent work!

You will work best together on projects where both of your strengths are needed. Leos will thrive when the task requires creativity and them in the lead role, while Virgos love to stick to a schedule. Presentations that require you to discuss creative solutions for a problem with clear, achievable goals laid out on how to make those solutions happen are the ultimate Virgo-Leo sweet spot in the workplace.

Virgos are going to run into conflicts with Leos when it comes to long-term projects, especially if it is full of predictable, repetitive tasks. Because Leos thrive on newness and change, long-term projects that do not require much creative thinking will bore them to death. Virgos will find it frustrating to keep their Leo partners on task with these kinds of jobs in the workplace.

Virgo & Leo Compatibility Summary

Leos and Virgos are the most compatible when it comes to intimacy and friendship. Because Virgos are perfectionists at heart, they will do everything in their power to please their lovers in the bedroom and are not afraid to experiment! This works well with Leos, who are easy to arouse and enjoy long, passionate lovemaking sessions with their partners. Just remember, Leos, that Virgos can be quite nervous and standoffish, so you will need to use your charming personality to make them feel more at ease in the bedroom.

Virgos are very loyal, supportive and giving friends. This pairs well with Leos, who like to choose friends who are okay with them being in control and who like to be constantly praised and admired. Just be sure to take some time off of all that self-love to help your Virgo partner come out of their shells as much as possible.

When it comes to communication, trust and emotions, Leos and Virgos are not as compatible. This is because these signs differ heavily in these areas. While Leos are very passionate and vocal people, Virgos tend to rely more on logical thinking and facts to process information and their feelings.

Leos are going to have to be gentle with their Virgo partner, especially when it comes to talking about feelings. They are not going to be great at it at first. But if you can be patient and gentle in your encouragement, you’ll teach them how to express their feelings more openly, and best of all, they will trust you more for not rushing them into it.

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