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The intrigue that surrounds a Scorpio and Aquarius pairing is unlike any other in the Zodiac wheel. These signs find a mutual interest in the mystery that surrounds them both; relationships are typically slow-moving as each one does their best to lea... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Aquarius Compatibility

The intrigue that surrounds a Scorpio and Aquarius pairing is unlike any other in the Zodiac wheel. These signs find a mutual interest in the mystery that surrounds them both; relationships are typically slow-moving as each one does their best to learn everything about the other before committing all the way. First dates are often spent in a quiet bar or restaurant and can last for hours as neither sign wants to be the one to stop the conversation.

Intellectual pursuits are a shared love of these signs and something that can bring a sense of wonder to their relationship. Scorpio and Aquarius will find themselves frequenting planetariums and attending lectures at universities in their free time just to get their regular fix of new topics to think about and discuss. This shared pursuit can encourage growth and maturity in both signs, as they are constantly pursuing knowledge that helps them reevaluate their behavior and interactions with other people.

Conflicts between Scorpio and Aquarius may arise in matters of love and intimacy. Scorpio is a highly empathetic and sexual sign, and their expectation of unwavering dedication and loyalty from their partner may be stifling to Aquarius.

Similarly, Aquarius’s aloofness and reluctance to declare their feelings for Scorpio can plant the seeds of mistrust in their mind, causing Scorpio to act all the more possessive. If the two are not careful, they can end up focusing on these negative emotions and ignoring everything that brought them together in the first place.

The differing emotional requirements may be an issue for these signs, as their basic needs from each other can often go unmet. It can be hard for the two to find a balance at first, as they are working against their true natures, but as long as they strive for mutual understanding and respect for the other sign’s feelings, Scorpio and Aquarius have a chance at a healthy, lasting relationship, whether it be a friendship or something more romantic.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

With Aquarius’s love for trying new things and Scorpio’s innovation in the bedroom, an intimate relationship between the two has great potential for passion and romance. Scorpio exalts Aquarius’s ruling sign, Uranus, which leads to a boundless intimacy and a sexual relationship that is completely free of judgment. No idea or activity proposed between the two will be shot down, and neither of these signs will resist trying out something new if there is the potential for pleasure and passion.

Of course, this type of relationship forming depends on Scorpio and Aquarius being able to find a balance in themselves in the first place. Scorpio can be a possessive and obsessive partner, something that may upset or turn-off Aquarius who hates the notion of being tied down; Aquarius prefers a freer interpretation of emotions and doesn’t like when labels and boundaries commit them to something. This can create conflict, as Scorpio needs to feel like Aquarius is dedicated to them in order to get the most out of a romantic relationship, while Aquarius struggles against Scorpio’s sometimes overwhelming hold.

Flexibility is the answer to the conflict between these two signs and can be the key to helping them reach an intimate relationship that is mutually satisfying. Scorpio and Aquarius need to be prepared to change how they perceive matters of love and become more open-minded to other’s interpretations and expectations.

It may be difficult to change aspects of their nature due to their fixed modalities, but once they do, Scorpio and Aquarius can access an intimate relationship that many would dream of having.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between Scorpio and Aquarius has the chance to be dynamic and full of interest. Both of these signs will be fascinated by the way the other works and will be happy to spend their time together in conversation, learning about the other’s perspective. These signs also share a love of intellectual pursuits, so when they’re not talking to each other, they will likely be found touring science museums and discussing new discoveries in the field.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are ambitious and hard-working, so when they get together as friends, there is a good chance that they will spend their time encouraging each other and figuring out how they can support each other to their individual goals.

Even though both of these signs command attention, there is not typically a struggle over who is in charge of this relationship; Scorpio and Aquarius recognize that in order to get more achieved, working together without any kind of subtle fight for power is essential.

However, there may be some clashes in this friendship when it comes to opinions or ways of thinking. Aquarius is very forward-thinking and will go against the routine whenever possible, while Scorpio tends to prefer a more reserved way of thinking, so as to not show their opponent their hand. This can create conflicts between the two as they struggle to settle their differences and understand why the other would operate in such a fashion.

Difficulties in this pairing may be overcome if Scorpio and Aquarius learn to accept the other’s differences and focus on the elements of the friendship that brought them together in the first place; their drive for success and goal-focused mindsets will help them regain a sense of peace in their friendship.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

While Scorpio is highly empathetic and embraces their emotions, even the darker ones, it can be a challenge to find Aquarius’s emotional core. They are typically aloof, choosing to stay out of emotionally charged situations and refuse to show their emotions even to ones they are in close relationships with. This can be an issue for Scorpio, who needs emotional reassurance from Aquarius to feel secure in their relationship.

Another struggle for Aquarius is the fact that they are unlikely to enjoy being tied down to any one place or person. As soon as Scorpio begins talking of commitment (they will eventually as it is a major issue for them), Aquarius might let their fear of being emotionally weighed down and tied to someone take over, which will probably sabotage the relationship.

In order to reach some balance in their emotions and improve their compatibility, Scorpio needs to restrain themselves from talking commitment and deep emotions too soon in the relationship, as this will scare Aquarius off.

Aquarius will also need to compromise, however, and needs to understand that if they want to keep the relationship functioning, they may have to occasionally tune into their emotional side and give Scorpio the reassurance they need.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

There are several fundamental values that Scorpio and Aquarius share that can keep the two interested in and respectful of the other. Their mutual value of hard-work and goal-oriented living will keep them on the same page as they progress through life; this value also inspires mutual respect, because Scorpio and Aquarius will understand each other’s ambitious motivations that propel them through life.

Scorpio and Aquarius also value excitement, with Aquarius being the one who is more prone to spontaneity. Their free-sprited nature and seize-the-day attitude can influence Scorpio, though, and Scorpio may find themselves on midnight adventures with Aquarius just to experience the thrill of it. It is this value that can keep each sign coming back, as they enjoy the fact that they can find a partner in crime in the other.

These two values are about where the compatibility stops, unfortunately. Many of the other important values that Scorpio holds, such as deep emotional connections and commitment, and rejected by Aquarius, in the same way that Scorpio dislikes Aquarius’s values of independence and the pursuit of a totally unpredictable life.

Hopefully, the values that these two do share will be enough to stop conflict over those they don’t, but Scorpio and Aquarius need to be careful, otherwise a simple conflict could bring these ill-feelings to light and lead to a breakdown in the relationship.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius will find no shortage of activities to complete together, as their love for intellectual pursuits and excitement guides their way. These signs can be found spending full days outdoors hiking and enjoying deep conversations, and will be seen at the newest club or bar later that night. With Aquarius’s always on the go mentality and Scorpio’s love for new experiences, this can be a pairing that doesn’t know when to stop and take a breath – but they wouldn’t want it any other way.

These signs should be aware that there is a potential for conflict when it comes to their Fixed modalities. They can both be stubborn and inflexible, and once they have their minds set on an idea they will pursue it until the ends of the Earth.

This can get in the way when deciding on activities, as each sign is likely to have a strong opinion about what they should do. Compromise is the best way for these signs to approach activities together, and they should remember that activities are supposed to be enjoyable, and not a battle of their egos.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are known for being honest and straightforward, sometimes boarding on the side of rude and blunt. When together, they won’t have any problem voicing their discontents and telling the other sign exactly what they do or don’t like.

This can lead to prolonged periods of conflict, as Scorpio tries to elicit a somewhat emotional reaction out of Aquarius and Aquarius pulls away, determined not to let their emotions show at any cost. Even-tempered conversation free of judgment is the best way for these signs to overcome any conflicts in communication, though it may take them a little while to understand this.

If they manage to move past their disagreements and conflicts, Scorpio and Aquarius are able to have a very open, compatible style of communication. They both enjoy intelligent conversation and deep debates, and will keep each other fascinated long into the night as they talk, each one analyzing the beliefs of the other. This constant, deep communication can strengthen their relationship unlike anything else, as long as it is mostly kept free of strong emotional reactions.

Another factor that lends these signs to compatible communication skills is the fact that Scorpio exalts Aquarius’s ruler of Uranus. This leads to the possibility of growth between the two, and this growth is centered in the conversations that they share with each other. As long as each discussion is approached with a non-judgmental attitude, these signs will likely grow closer together and be able to build the foundation of their relationship through their communicative skills.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Trust is a difficult element for Scorpio and Aquarius to see eye to eye on. Naturally possessive, Scorpio will want to ensure that Aquarius belongs to them in a relationship and will take measures to reinforce this, whether it be through grand romantic gestures or through the unhealthier behavior of double-checking on Aquarius’s whereabouts. They can be manipulative and will use all the weapons in their arsenal of mysterious charm to make sure that Aquarius is someone that they can put their trust in; once they have confirmed this, their possessive behavior will die down.

However, these actions of Scorpio are sure to push away Aquarius, who wants nothing more than to be free and unbothered by the weight of obligation to others. Aquarius has a bustling social life, and if they have to put up with Scorpio constantly checking up on them in the first days of a relationship, the odds are that they will abandon ship altogether. Aquarius may even start acting out in order to prove a point to Scorpio, which causes Scorpio to act even more possessive and leads to a cycle of potentially negative and unhealthy behaviors.

In order to build up any type of trusting relationship, Scorpio needs to learn how to relax and understand that their manipulative ways will not bring Aquarius to them—it will push them further away.

Similarly, Aquarius would do well to remember that Scorpio’s feelings are just as important as theirs, and that it isn’t a bad thing to let Scorpio know where they’re going occasionally. Doing this will allow the signs to find a balance in the way they approach trust, creating a relationship that is loyal without compromising the other’s sanity.

Scorpio & Aquarius Scorpio & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

The same ambition and hard-working spirit that brings Scorpio and Aquarius together as compatible friends has the power to keep them together as compatible co-workers. In the workplace they fare well as partners, since their “answer to no-one” attitude may get them in trouble with any higher-ups. However, it is often that their bosses and employers will let Scorpio and Aquarius do what they want, as their work is always completed on time and with stunning accuracy.

In a partnership, Aquarius is often the one to be throwing out ideas that Scorpio can analyze and put into place. Scorpio will focus on the viability of each of Aquarius’s ideas, leading to some minor conflicts when Scorpio disagrees or contradicts Aquarius’s thoughts, even if it is for the better.

Despite any disagreements, these signs possess a strong willpower that will allow them to reconcile quickly and turn their focus back to whichever project or business endeavor they are working on.

And though Scorpio and Aquarius can be great work partners, they are not as compatible if one sign is promoted above the other; Scorpio will have trouble adjusting to an Aquarius boss that refuses to discuss problems between workers in the office and give evaluations of work, thanks to Aquarius’s dislike of emotional conversations.

Similarly, Aquarius will be frustrated with a Scorpio boss that seems to work in secret, as if the projects they are working on are prized possessions. The dynamic between these signs is much better when they are on equal footing and can properly size each other up, as this is what will encourage them to put aside their differences for the sake of their work.

Scorpio & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

With a Scorpio and Aquarius pairing there is great potential for a passionate, hard-working relationship. These signs are unique in their own way and may even be thought of as outcasts; Scorpio represents emotions, whether good or bad, and Aquarius represents forward-thinking and a break from the usual. Together, they can embrace these traits, supporting each other through intellectual pursuits and learning to grow together.

As long as these signs take care not to let their generally opposing approaches to trust and emotions get in their way, they will be able to achieve a strong and balanced relationship that thrives as they reach every goal together.

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