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Virgos are very practical by nature. They like to take things slow and are very detail-oriented. You might think this conflicts too heavily with Scorpios who are more spirited, passionate and outspoken, but it really doesn’t! These differences actu... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are very practical by nature. They like to take things slow and are very detail-oriented. You might think this conflicts too heavily with Scorpios who are more spirited, passionate and outspoken, but it really doesn’t! These differences actually work very well together because they create a strong sense of balance in the relationship.

Scorpio is a Water sign so they’re all about emotions. They are intuitive, mysterious and highly tuned in to other people’s moods. Virgo, on the other hand, is an Earth sign, which means they’re all about connecting with the physical world. They love the finer things in life and are able to build steadily towards their goals from a solid foundation.

When Earth and Water signs come together, it is a natural and complementary pairing! Water without a container will eventually evaporate. It needs the Earth to keep it flowing! Scorpios, in this respect, teach Virgos how to tune more deeply into their emotions. In return, Virgos teach Scorpios how to stay grounded in order to turn their dreams into reality.

Because of this natural compatibility, Virgos and Scorpios are able to build relationships that last for the long haul. They will love spending time together and getting to know one another deeply and truly. This is because you two are able to effectively build a strong foundation of respect and kindness in the relationship.

It’s not all sunshine and flowers, unfortunately. Virgos who are too reserved or overly critical in the relationship will drive their Scorpio partners to anger and resentment. And because Scorpios are not great at letting things go, don’t be surprised when they fight back. They have poisonous stingers for a reason!

Likewise, Scorpios will have to work hard to make their Virgo partners feel safe and secure in the relationship. This should be no problem for you as you enjoy showering your loved ones with passionate affection.

Remember, Virgos are very reserved and self-critical by nature, so it’s hard for them to form strong, personal attachments with others. You are the perfect person to teach them how to let their hair down every now and then!

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, making them deeply observant, emotional and intuitive. They are very good at noticing the non-verbal and subtle cues people give off that most others miss. This makes them excellent lovers! You won’t need to tell them every little thing that turns you on. They’ll be able to pick up on your energy and respond perfectly to what you need.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which means they are going to be a little hesitant in the beginning when it comes to making love. This is because they are very orderly by nature and want things done a specific way in every aspect of their lives.

You’re going to have to work on this, Virgos! Don’t get too caught up in your routines and ways of thinking. If you can be a little bit more flexible and a little bit more free flow in the bedroom, you won’t be disappointed. Scorpios are passionate and highly sexual lovers. They are ready and willing to please you!

And you’re going to have to be patient, Scorpios. Try not to obsess too much about why your Virgo lovers aren’t opening up more to you in the bedroom. They just need a little reassurance and a lot of forgiveness. Making love is a beautiful thing, especially when you give your partner the time to open up at their pace.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Friendship Compatibility

It’s no secret that a Scorpio and Virgo make an excellent pair! Because you two are quite close to one another on the Zodiac, you will have no problem establishing a deep, spiritual connection with one another. Your friendship will be built on loyalty and an immensely deep understanding of who you are at your core.

Virgos are a mutable sign, which means they are naturally changeable and adaptable to your environment. On the other hand, Scorpios are fixed, so they are persistent, reliable, and strong. When you are in balance, you can work very well together. Scorpios lead the way, and Virgos lay out the plan.

Scorpios are going to have to learn how to relinquish control every now and then. Yes, Virgos are adaptable and can adjust themselves in order to avoid conflicts with you, but it is not fair to expect them to do this all the time. If you are too stubborn, you may find your friend slipping away from you and moving on to friends who are more willing to compromise.

When you do agree, you will be a friendship force to be reckoned with! Not only will you help each other reach your personal goals, you will also develop a deeply intimate bond. Just make sure you’re not so into your friendship that you forget about the other people in your social circles.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Emotional Compatibility

Although Scorpios are very emotional beings, they do have a hard time showing those emotions. That’s because they don’t want to appear as anything other than strong to the outside world. They have a tendency to hold in their feelings, but they are not afraid to open up to people who take the time to build trust in the relationship.

Virgos are self-critical by nature, which makes them particularly anxious and sensitive people. However, despite these issues, they are some of the most empathetic, caring people you will ever meet. Like Scorpios, they tend to bottle up their feelings and keep to themselves, especially when they feel sad or upset about something.

Opening up to your partner and talking about your feelings is important in a relationship if you want it to last! This means you both are going to have to put in the work when it comes to sharing your emotions. Scorpios just want to feel understood, and Virgos just want to feel stable and secure in the relationship. If you put in the work, your bond will be deeply rich, intense and emotionally satisfying.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Values Compatibility

Solitude and alone time are highly valued by Scorpios and Virgos. This can be a very positive thing, especially if either of you are feeling overwhelmed or if you both need to take a break from a big fight. You won’t resent each other for needing to take the time away from one another to calm down and think things through.

This can be overly isolating, however, so it’s important that you don’t rely too heavily on your shared need to be alone. After all, you’re in a relationship, and to make it work, you will need to spend time with each other and resolve conflicts together.

You both also value anything related to deep, intellectual thinking. You’ll have no trouble spending hours on end talking about life and love and the things that matter to you most. Just make sure to come out of your bubble every now and then. The friends and family you have need to spend time with you too!

Virgos have a strong sense of service and love to give to others through charitable works and other acts of kindness. You can inspire your partner to share this same love and help them build a passion for giving. In return, Scorpios will help you build stronger relationships with your family (something that is difficult for you to do on your own) because they believe in maintaining strong familial connections.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Activities Compatibility

Scorpios are not really into group activities. They much prefer to do things on their own or with one or two people they trust. They’re mostly into spiritual growth and intellectual stimulation, so physical activities like yoga and meditation are common hobbies they have. Virgos are also more inclined to hobbies that stimulate the mind. They love to work with their hands, so they will enjoy activities like gardening and writing.

You two may end up doing everything from home since you both tend to be more on the solitary end of the spectrum. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you have no problem sharing and enjoying the things you love to do together so easily. It can be a problem if that’s all you do. Make sure to get out of the house every now and then to enjoy what the outside world has to offer!

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Communication Compatibility

Because Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, they are good at communicating with others, but they also have no problem sitting in silence. Scorpios tend to be a bit more on the quiet side. This makes a Scorpio-Virgo pairing an excellent match.

This won’t result in complete silence! Because you balance each other well, and because you both have a deep love for intimate, intellectual discussions, you will be able to open up to one another in the relationship in ways that you can’t with others. There is no pressure in this relationship to say everything that comes to your mind. And because of this, you are able to open up more and dig deep into your emotions as a couple.

Scorpios will be able to help Virgos let go of their negative self-talk and shyness in how they communicate. You are sensitive and reliable, so it should be easy to get a Virgo to trust you enough to let go of their negative thoughts.

Virgos will help Scorpios learn how to be less self-destructive and compulsive in how they communicate with others when they are angered. You are sensible and discerning, and those are great qualities to teach your partner.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Trust Compatibility

You both have trust issues. Scorpios tend to be socially awkward and do not like being in large groups of people. Additionally, they have a hard time showing their emotions to others. They need to maintain the strong persona they display to the world, even when they are going through a hard time.

Virgos are pretty similar, unfortunately. They have a hard time trusting others outside of themselves. That’s because they like things to be done a certain way and are very orderly people. They just don’t trust doing things any other way.

You both are going to have to do a lot of work to build trust in the relationship. This shouldn’t take a long time because you are naturally compatible signs. In order to establish trust in the relationship, Virgos are going to have to let go just a little. Don’t rely too heavily on your routines and your ways of thinking. Scorpios are great leaders and extremely devoted to their loved ones. You won’t be disappointed.

Likewise, Scorpios are going to have to be okay with a Virgo’s initial inflexibility. We know this turns you off, but if you can look past this issue and give your partner the space to grow and change over time, you will have a lover who is dedicated to helping you succeed in life.

Scorpio & Virgo Scorpio & Virgo
Work Compatibility

Virgos and Scorpios make excellent work partners. Because Virgos are very intuitive and service-oriented, they will anticipate exactly what you need to get a job done! They are also able to take on those little tasks that you would rather not do yourself.

Virgos will appreciate how seriously Scorpios take their work. This is because they are detail-oriented and efficient in the workplace too! You will have no problem equally dividing responsibilities on a project to get the job done. Just be careful with your changeable moods, Scorpios. This is really off-putting to Virgos and can throw a wrench in your productivity as a team.

You two will have a natural affinity towards one another in the workplace, preferring each other’s company over others. This can be problematic in the long-run. Remember, you two aren’t the only ones in the office. Other people need your input, your time and your attention too!

Scorpio & Virgo Compatibility Summary

You two will work together best when it comes to communicating with each other and working together. Whether you’re sitting in silence together or talking deeply about life, you will never tire of one another. Scorpios will teach Virgos to let go of their tendency towards negative self-talk, and Virgos will help Scorpios learn how to control their emotions when communicating with people who make them angry.

In the workplace, you will be an unstoppable team! You are able to share responsibilities equally and are great at taking on and completing the tasks that your partner doesn’t want to do. Make sure to come out of your work partner bubble every now and then, or your other coworkers will feel slighted and neglected.

Your ability to get caught up in each other is especially important to keep in check when it comes to your shared interests. Because you both like solitude and intellectual pursuits, you may find that you are perfectly happy spending time at home doing the things you love with each other and on your own.

This can lead to stagnation in the relationship and deterioration in the connections you have with friends and family outside of the home! You need to push yourselves to get out more as a couple and to experience life outside of your solitary pursuits. It’s important for you to spend time with others just as much as you spend time with each other.

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