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Scorpios and Pisceans are both water signs who share deep and intense feelings. When they see this in each other, they’re likely to feel very understood by the other person. Both signs have an incredible amount of perception and intuition. Pisceans... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility

Scorpios and Pisceans are both water signs who share deep and intense feelings. When they see this in each other, they’re likely to feel very understood by the other person.

Both signs have an incredible amount of perception and intuition. Pisceans also tend to be very empathetic, which Scorpios can share in common. This will sometimes make it seem like they can communicate without even speaking.

Pisceans usually have a mysterious nature that Scorpios will likely be intrigued by. Scorpios can be magnetic and charismatic individuals, which will draw Pisceans in too. When they have chemistry, it tends to be pretty instantaneous.

Emotionally, Pisceans can find it difficult to set boundaries with other people. Pisceans sometimes worry a lot about hurting someone unintentionally. Scorpios, however, tend to know what they want and what they don’t. They may be able to give Pisceans a helping hand building this particular skill. Pisces should make sure that they’re setting these boundaries with Scorpio as well.

Creative endeavors and projects where Scorpios can show their own passion will make each of them see a lot of commonalities. Pisceans get more done when they’re encouraged, and Scorpios love talking about the things they love. Creative projects where they get to explore the depths of their own feelings will likely be something they can bond over.

Scorpios are all about being in control, whereas Pisceans would rather go with the flow. The differences here may be a challenge, but it could also work as teaching each other a lesson. Scorpios may learn that giving up some of that rigidity will serve them well. Pisceans may learn that it’s okay to ask for the things that they want.

Scorpios tend to communicate in very honest and blunt ways, even if it’s harsh. Pisceans can wilt when they’re given criticism, and they also sometimes feel that they can’t be critical for fear of hurting the other person. This may be a challenge in any relationship.

However, intuition and empathy will work in their favor when it comes to challenges between them. Scorpios are often known for their intuition, and this is a trait that Pisceans share. If they can hone this and work it into their communication skills, they’ll go far in overcoming some of those challenges.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Scorpios and Pisceans will likely feel like the other person really understands them in a way that most others do not. Part of this will be because of their deep and intense emotions as well as their misunderstood natures. This is going to be a powerful foundation for a romantic relationship.

Pisceans tend to be mysterious, which will likely be alluring to Scorpios. Scorpios tend to like a fine balance of mystery and not playing games with someone. Pisceans are typically very compassionate in nature, and likely would not intentionally do such a thing.

Tension may arise if Pisceans aren’t clear about what they want. Scorpios are used to honesty, and this unclearness may make it seem like games are being played. This is something that can be solved effortlessly with an open dialogue, though.

They’re going to have similar processes for trust-building as they transition to something more serious. Neither sign is known for rushing into romantic relationships. Scorpios may need more time than Pisceans, but once they let down their guard, they’ll be very loyal to their Pisces partner. Pisceans likely won’t have a problem with being patient.

Jealousy is something that Scorpios will have to watch. Often, Scorpios can get suspicious and jealous even when there isn’t any reason to be. Pisceans can be very sensitive to criticism, and jealousy will feel like a slight.

Both signs tend to be very passionate when it comes to romance, especially in private. Scorpios are incredibly attentive and devoted lovers, which is something Pisceans will thrive with. Overall, there’s a lot of potential for romantic chemistry.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Friendship Compatibility

The strength of a Scorpio and Pisces friendship is going to depend a lot on how nurturing Scorpio will be. Some Scorpios have this capacity in droves because of their intuition and the depth of their emotions. Other Scorpios won’t necessarily have this as a first instinct, especially with someone who isn’t a romantic partner.

To thrive in a friendship, Pisceans need encouragement and nurturing. If Pisceans can’t get that, they may stick around anyway so they don’t hurt the other person, but this isn’t a healthy friendship. If that encouragement is present, though, it will go a long way for Pisceans’ self-esteem. They’ll get their creative projects done, they’ll likely be more engaged at work, and they’ll return the favor of being a good friend.

If they’re meeting over creative projects, they’ll likely become fast friends. Scorpios can’t resist talking to people about their passions–both to talk about their own and to hear others talk about theirs. This can serve as a form of encouragement, and Pisceans will likely stick with whatever they’re doing.

Scorpios will likely be drawn to Pisceans’ mysterious nature. Scorpios love figuring other people out, and Pisces will maintain a balance of being mysterious and authentic.

Pisceans may want to watch that Scorpios, who prefer having control, aren’t picking out all the things that they do together. Scorpios may not even realize they’re doing it. Ego clashes aren’t very likely to happen, which is something else that will make this friendship go smoothly.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Emotional Compatibility

Both signs have deep wells of emotion. This is something that can be very good, as neither of them are likely to feel like the other is overreacting. Seeing this emotional depth in each other will probably make each of them feel seen and understood.

When they’re first meeting, Pisces may be a little put off by Scorpio’s stoicism. Scorpios don’t usually like to show their emotional depth to anyone right away, and there’s a chance Pisceans will take this at face value.

However, Pisceans are usually very intuitive, so they may have a feeling that with Scorpio there’s more than meets the eye. Scorpios will likely be flattered that they’re being seen in such a way.

Their depth of emotion can come with challenges. Pisceans tend to be very sensitive to anything they perceive as criticism, which means that disagreements will be difficult. Scorpios can be so intense that any emotion they’re displaying may come off as having an angry undercurrent. Pisceans may find this confusing and off-putting, especially in an argument context.

Pisceans thrive best when they’re being nurtured by their partner (as well as their family and friends). Scorpios tend to be very devoted in any relationship they’re in, but often it’s more of an energy of protectiveness. If Pisceans can be honest about their emotional needs and if Scorpios can rise to the occasion, they’ll have the potential to go far.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Values Compatibility

Overall, there’s a lot of room for compatibility in their values. Both signs place a lot of importance on independence and introspection. These are different things that are inextricably linked.

Each sign needs time to themselves, especially when it comes to processing the emotions that they have. When they see this in each other, they’ll likely feel understood, which may be relieving. Often, other signs have seen both Pisceans and Scorpios as distant or closed off, but they’ll know better with each other.

Pisceans in particular give a lot of value to their internal worlds and their imaginations. This isn’t something Scorpios may think about as much, but they’ll likely have respect for it as they have their own passions. Encouraging this imaginative streak may help Pisceans bring their ideas to life.

Passion is something else that both signs give a lot of importance to. Scorpios are known for their passions and passion projects. Pisceans tend to display their passion in subtle ways, but it’s unmistakably there and Scorpios will catch on right away. Pisceans having the encouragement from Scorpios to pursue what they love will often make them work harder at it.

Scorpios highly value being in control, sometimes to a point where it becomes a fault. Pisceans aren’t usually as tied to the idea of control, and would rather just go with the flow. This can be good because it means a battle of egos will be unlikely, but each sign may also find the other’s tendencies annoying.

Scorpios also put a lot of emphasis on loyalty. Pisceans aren’t quite the same in this–they hold a lot of compassion, but it’s a separate thing for them. Pisceans tend to do what they can to keep their friends and partners happy, though, so they’ll be able to see that this is important to Scorpios.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Activities Compatibility

Scorpios and Pisceans tend to favor quiet places and each other’s company versus crowds. This gives them a good foundation when it comes to finding things to do together.

Scorpios tend to like a challenge, and they enjoy trying new things. This will align with Pisceans’ curiosity and perhaps pique their exploratory interest. Pisceans aren’t usually very competitive, but healthy competition may serve as a form of encouragement, which they will like.

Pisceans are really drawn to creative endeavors. They also can be very into volunteer work or other charitable causes, because of their sensitivity to all living creatures. Regardless, getting encouragement from Scorpios will help them with following through when it comes to their projects.

Pisceans can come off as indecisive and would rather be adaptable than make hard decisions on their own. Scorpios should make sure that they’re not making all the decisions when it comes to date ideas. One person coming up with everything runs the risk of feeling unhealthy, even if Pisceans mean well by deferring. Checking in with Pisces for activity ideas will serve Scorpio well.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Communication Compatibility

Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. This may make communication feel effortless, especially if Mercury is in compatible signs in each person’s natal chart. Both signs operate with a lot of empathy and intuition, and this will aid in their communication. Some matters like their emotions may be able to be left unsaid, but this isn’t something that they should take for granted.

Scorpios have the tendency to be very blunt and honest with someone that they’re close to. When it comes to Pisceans, this is something that Scorpios will have to keep an eye on. Pisceans can be hurt easily, and then have a hard time talking about that hurt. This can be very unhealthy, especially if Pisces internalizes that criticism in their self-monologue.

If Pisceans feel like they can talk to Scorpios about what criticism does to them emotionally, they’ll have a good shot at working it out. Scorpios’ tendency to want control of situations may make this feel impossible to Pisceans, though. If that’s the case, communication will likely be an item of contention.

When communication between them is good, it’s effortless. However, when there are snags in communication, it tends to take a lot of carefulness to work through them. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so for further insights, check it accordingly.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Trust Compatibility

Both signs take a while to build trust, which will work in their favor. Pisceans may trust faster than Scorpios, especially if the chemistry between them is good. They likely won’t rush Scorpios into trusting them, though, and won’t take it personally when Scorpios need that extra time.

When both signs are over the hurdle of building trust, they may face a bigger challenge. Scorpios can have jealous tendencies, and need to know that their partner is as loyal as they are. It’s not that Pisceans aren’t loyal, but they don’t tend to place as much emphasis on that specifically.

Pisceans do tend to pick up on what their partner wants from a relationship and they try to be what the other person needs. This may help with the challenge that comes with their differences in how they view loyalty. However, if Scorpio thinks that Pisces is just telling them what they want to hear, they likely won’t take too kindly to it.

Pisceans need to feel nurtured, even more than the average person. They need to be able to trust that Scorpio can provide that and will work hard not to hurt them inadvertently with criticism. Scorpios are often very passionate in love, and show devotion to their partners. If they can channel this into what Pisceans need, trust will be less of a challenge.

Overall, trust between a Pisces and Scorpio can be hit-or-miss depending on how they each handle each other’s quirks. A lot of this can be overcome with communication and support of one another.

Scorpio & Pisces Scorpio & Pisces
Work Compatibility

Scorpios and Pisceans have dissimilar approaches to their work lives, which actually works in their favor.

Pisceans work best in a team environment. Scorpios, however, favor working more independently. Getting into business together means that each of them will have to do a share of both. It also means that they can be purposeful in their delegation, utilize their strengths, and then compare notes at the end of the day.

Encouragement is something that Pisceans tend to need in the workplace to get things done. This is something that may not be Scorpio’s initial instinct. If Scorpios don’t offer that nurturing, Pisceans might not feel like their efforts are worth it. Scorpios should make sure they’re being encouraging to Pisceans, to keep the workload even between them.

Pisceans often feel like they’re being bogged down by mundane details. Scorpios are very observant, and likely will be able to take on that work without issue, especially if it’s the more independently-done work.

Neither sign is particularly drawn to leadership positions, for separate reasons. For Scorpios, leadership often means that they can’t work peacefully by themselves. Pisceans would rather be in a support position and working in an evenly-powered team.

Between the two of them, they may be able to figure out how to lead effectively. Scorpios tend to have more of an inclination to taking the reins than Pisceans, but Scorpio will likely want Pisces to take on some of the slack.

Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility Summary

Pisceans and Scorpios have a lot of relationship fundamentals in common that lend themselves well to a lot of compatibilities. While they have some differences, their values are ultimately very similar. Their shared intuition and perception can make it very easy for them to understand each other. Both of them are water signs who have a lot of depth of emotion.

Likely they’ll make each other feel very understood, but challenges may arise when communication styles differ. If they can get comfortable enough with each other to be completely open and honest, this is something they’ll be able to work through.

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