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Both Sagittarians and Leos are larger than life Fire signs, so when they couple up things will heat up very quickly! Leos are bold, courageous and born to lead. They love to be center stage and are excellent at expressing their feelings. Don’t be s... Keeping reading

Sagittarius & Leo Compatibility

Both Sagittarians and Leos are larger than life Fire signs, so when they couple up things will heat up very quickly! Leos are bold, courageous and born to lead. They love to be center stage and are excellent at expressing their feelings. Don’t be surprised if you find them in leading roles in a play or on the silver screen!

Sagittarians are also very bold, but in different ways. They don’t thrive on the attention of large crowds. Rather, they prefer to take the road less traveled and get lost in new experiences outside of their comfort zones. Sagittarians are fiercely independent and love to question the world around them.

This all sounds well and good, but Leos and Sagittarians are going to have to make some conscious efforts in the relationship to make it work. Leos will have to check their egos every now and then to meet their partner’s needs. They’ll also have to be more flexible in the relationship. Routines are well and good, but Sagittarians will get bored very fast if their Leo lover resists change and exploration in the relationship.

Sagittarians will also need to come back to Earth every now and then. Their Leo lovers crave lots of admiration and affection. This means that you’re going to have to join in with the crowds of people who love watching your Leo take center stage. If you constantly choose to be an outsider with your partner and their admirers, you just might stay there for good.

Leo is a fixed modality, while Sagittarius is mutable. While Leos are grounded, reliable and strong, Sagittarians are adaptable, easy-going and diplomatic. This can be quite an excellent pairing.

That is, if both signs are willing and able to check their egos at the door. Though you both are capable of weathering the storms in the relationship together, you can just as easily stoke more conflict if you’re not careful.

Sagittarians will need to be mentally, physically and emotionally available in the relationship. You can’t always run away or let your flights of fancy carry you off, especially when your partner needs your help! Otherwise, you’ll come off as incredibly unreliable and insincere.

Likewise, Leos will need to step aside and give their partners room to take the lead. If you can’t relinquish control every now and then, you’ll come off as too stubborn and unchangeable which Sagittarians find highly unattractive.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

When it comes to love and intimacy, we can look to the planet Venus for some answers which focus on love, affection and pleasure.

Venus in Leo is all about the chase! They will love making their partners feel loved, but they need just as much romance and attention from their lovers. Leos are incredibly warm and generous when it comes to love.

They also don’t shy away from anyone who shows them affection, even if it’s outside of the relationship. In fact, they’ll tell their lovers about other admirers because making their partners feel jealous is a way for them to confirm just how much their partners love them. But don’t go too far, Leos! Otherwise, your partner may begin to doubt your loyalties.

Sagittarians in love are a little bit different. They need to be with a partner who makes them feel like the sky’s the limit. They want to learn and experience new things with their partners. Though they don’t require you to agree with them on everything, acknowledging and appreciating their points of view, beliefs and values will go a long way in showing them that you love them.

While Leos are all about admiration and adoration, Sagittarians are all about laughter and adventure! They’ll keep you entertained with their jokes and ideas for adventure. Leos will love Sagittarians’ flirtatious natures as this stokes their egos in just the right ways.

A Sagittarian’s sense of adventure will definitely make it into the bedroom! They will make you laugh as much as they make you moan between the sheets, and love to experiment with different techniques and toys to keep things interesting. This, coupled with a Leo’s strong need to express themselves sexually, is sure to create fireworks.

You two will need to take a breather every now and then to connect in different ways, though. Otherwise, your relationship might become only be about sex.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

We can look to the Eleventh House of Friendship to understand more about how Sagittarians and Leos will get along.

Sagittarians in the Eleventh House are naturally good at leading people. They can easily hold the attention of a crowd of friends with their charismatic energy. They are the role models in their group of friends, and they especially enjoy friendships that are focused on learning, traveling and sharing ideas.

Sometimes, however, Sagittarians can come off as a little flighty or indecisive, especially when problems arise. They don’t deal with tough issues easily and would much prefer to run away for a while until the negative feelings die down. Though this is okay to do occasionally, Sagittarians will need to learn how to deal with drama in their friendships more directly.

Unfortunately, Leo in the Eleventh House may find themselves clashing with a Sagittarian more often than not. That is, if they are unable to take the focus off of themselves and to let the other person lead. Though it is okay to want your friends to praise and admire you, that can’t be what your entire friendship is about.

This is especially important to acknowledge with a Sagittarian for a friend, as they will easily get bored with a relationship that never changes. So you’re going to have to resist the need to control the friendship when it comes to Sagittarians. Let them lead every now and then. They like to lead and are adventurers at heart, so they’ll be sure to show you a good time!

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

When it comes to emotion, the Moon is a great place to look to understand more about a Sagittarius and Leo pairing.

It’s no surprise that Leos need a lot of love and attention to feel good and to function properly. Otherwise, they can become overly dramatic or emotional in how they express themselves. If you hurt their feelings, don’t be surprised to see them sulking before they explode in a dramatic display of insecurity.

This will definitely come off as clingy when paired with a Sagittarian. So, Leos, you’re going to have to learn how to express yourself a little more maturely if you want to keep your partner around for the long haul. If you love the drama too much, your Sagittarian partner will not hesitate to end the relationship.

Sagittarians: we know you love to be emotionally free, and this does not pair well with Leos. If you can’t relinquish a little of your independence to satisfy your partner’s emotional needs, the relationship is doomed to fail.

It’s not impossible, though. All you have to do is be a little more present in the home and show your gratitude and admiration for your partner through physical and verbal praise.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Values Compatibility

Leos value the home, especially when it comes to what they display in it. Whether the object is expensive or not is of no consequence; Leos want the things they put up in their home to have an emotion attached to it. This is so that they can share those emotions with the people they love and invite into their homes.

Sagittarians contrast heavily with Leos. They do not put much effort into their physical home because they don’t enjoy spending much time in one space. They feel closest to their family and home roots, ironically, the further they are away from it.

When it comes to spirituality, Leos and Sagittarians are a bit more compatible. Both signs love to use travel and new experiences to learn about different points of view. You will both enjoy deep conversations with each other and with others when it comes to your beliefs, values and why you have them.

The only difference is when it comes to practicing religion. Leos are more comfortable with using religion and spirituality to form their own opinions on how to live their lives. Sagittarians tend to be more transformational, preferring to constantly explore new experiences in order to change and reform their own ideas.

This is not a bad thing! In a Sagittarius and Leo pairing, each person has the ability to balance the other out. Leos can help Sagittarians stay grounded for long enough to examine their internal values without any outside distractions. Sagittarians will help Leos expand their thinking beyond what they grew up learning in their homes.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Activities Compatibility

It’s no secret that Sagittarians love to travel to new places. This can be as simple as going art gallery hopping in your hometown or as grand as jumping on a plane to explore a new continent. Whatever the case, as long as a Sagittarian is on the move and able to engage with new cultures, new places and new ways of thinking, they will be extremely happy!

Leos won’t have a hard time keeping up with that energy. They can play the role of couch potato as easily as they can play the role of bold adventurer. All they ask is that they be praised and admired for being the amazing person they know they are! A Sagittarius and Leo pairing in this respect can be quite complementary, so long as the Leo gets to create the itinerary.

Though both signs have a healthy appetite for adventure, at times, your needs will clash. It’s important to remember that Leos have more fixed natures, so they won’t want to visit as many new places as a Sagittarian will. Compromise and communication will be key here when you’re coming up with ideas for what to do on the weekend or for your next shared holiday.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Communication Compatibility

Being mentally active is a trait both signs share! Leos have a strong sense of self and are very curious and imaginative by nature. This pairs very well with Sagittarians, who love to talk deeply about philosophical ideas with opinionated people.

So though your personal interests may differ greatly, Sagittarius and Leos will be excellent communicators with one another in the relationship! You two can talk about almost anything, from your favorite movies to your core beliefs and values.

Since you both are quite bold (and loud) when you communicate, it will be important for you to take the time to sit quietly and listen to what your partner is really trying to say. If you are able to do this, you will build a deep and incredibly fulfilling relationship filled with wonderful conversations and deep thinking.

Leos are going to have to do a bit more work here. Since you love being the center of attention, you’ll have a hard time relinquishing your time to a Sagittarian who also has a very opinionated and strong personality. If you don’t leave room for them to express their feelings without interruption, you may find yourselves fighting more than talking.

Don’t worry too much, though! Remember, Sagittarians love strong personalities, and they love talking with people who are more than willing to share their opinions. As long as you don’t dominate and control the conversation too much, you should be okay.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Because you are sure to be excellent communicators with one another, you can also count on building a strong foundation of trust in the relationship! Sagittarians and Leos have this wonderful ability to build each other up and balance each other out well when it comes to the important things. This ensures that you both will feel very secure and confident in the relationship.

Again, it’s no surprise that Leos like to be in the limelight. That’s because they thrive on feeling attractive and desired by the people around them. Sagittarians have no problem providing that love and admiration! Yes, they will need some time to themselves to explore their own interests away from their Leos, but they are more than happy to praise the ones they love. Leos who feel loved will have no need to feel suspicious of their partners.

Sagittarius can fall out of love easily, especially if they are not emotionally and spiritually stimulated by their partners. Leos have to be okay with not being the center of attention all of the time, so that they can focus on their Sagittarius partner’s needs. Sagittarians need to feel like they are free to explore their interests without being held back by too much routine and repetition. If they feel trapped, they will run away.

Sagittarius & Leo Sagittarius & Leo
Work Compatibility

You might be surprised how much work will feel like play in a Sagittarius and Leo pairing! Your partnership in the workplace will be lively, exciting and full of creativity.

Leos may get annoyed with a Sagittarius coworker from time to time. That’s because Sagittarians are easily distracted and may have a hard time finishing a project they don’t feel excited about. So Sagittarians are going to have to push themselves to see a work project through when they’re working with a Leo. Otherwise, arguments and conflicts are sure to occur.

Just remember, Leo, respect and patience are key! Yes, you are probably going to be more skilled at fine-tuning ideas, you can come off as a bit controlling and bossy. Make sure you listen as much as you lead! You can’t be the center of attention when you’re working with a partner.

Overall, it’s not all bad! You two can actually complement each other really well if you take the time to understand each other’s work habits. Sagittarians can help Leos approach a task with more depth, while Leos can help Sagittarians stay on task and focus their thinking.

Sagittarius & Leo Compatibility Summary

When it comes to working together, whether that’s in the boardroom or in the bedroom, you two are a force to be reckoned with! Both Sagittarians and Leos are Fire signs, which means that when they come together, sparks are sure to fly.

When it comes to love and intimacy, you will be sure to enjoy lots of adventure and experimentation between the sheets. A Leo’s love for physical pleasure paired with a Sagittarian’s love for adventure and laughter will definitely result in two very satisfied people. Just be sure to come out of your bubble every now and then. Otherwise, your relationship will be solely based on sex, which is not good if you want a long-term relationship.

In the workplace, you two will definitely pair well and balance each other out. Leos will help Sagittarians stay focused enough to actually finish the projects they start. Sagittarians will help Leos approach a task and complete it with more depth and understanding.

Just be sure that you’re not being too bossy and controlling, Leos! This will certainly put off a Sagittarian partner, and your work together will be filled with lots of fighting. Sagittarians are not off the hook either: you need to stay focused and see your commitments through. Otherwise, you’ll be just as responsible when conflicts and arguments arise.

Your emotional compatibility will be the area in the relationship that needs the most work. Leos will come off as clingy to a Sagittarian if they can’t learn how to express discomfort in less dramatic ways. Likewise, Sagittarians are going to have to be okay with letting go of their independence just a little. Otherwise, you’ll come off as too emotionally distant.

Overall, you two have a good chance at making this work because you complement each other in many ways. Just make sure to look out for the kinks in the relationship where you both will have to compromise and adapt in order to satisfy your partner’s needs.

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