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Aries and Scorpios have a lot in common, especially around values that are fundamental to any relationship. Both are ruled by Mars, which is the planet for desire and aggression. Each sign’s expressions of desire will be what makes them a good matc... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Aries Compatibility

Aries and Scorpios have a lot in common, especially around values that are fundamental to any relationship. Both are ruled by Mars, which is the planet for desire and aggression. Each sign’s expressions of desire will be what makes them a good match romantically, and their aggression will be the root of their challenges.

Aries place a lot of value on justice, and Scorpios feel similarly. To Scorpios, it’s more about standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, and with Aries, it’s broader than that. If they are able to see this in each other, they’ll likely be drawn to it.

Both signs highly value being honest. Scorpios are sometimes honest to a fault, and they often don’t sugarcoat things for the other person’s benefit. Aries, who also prefer to be honest and don’t often engage in self-pity, will be able to take this in stride. This will likely be impressive to Scorpios.

Aries and Scorpios both really like to challenge themselves. Aries are known for their determination and their ambitious tendencies. Scorpios love a challenge too, and they can be quite fearless.

Scorpios really need space and independence in any type of relationship that they get into with someone. Aries have a strong sense of independence, but they can also come off as domineering and attention-seeking. This is rooted in their desire to be number one in all aspects of their lives. If Scorpios feel caged in by these tendencies, they won’t want to stick around. However, if they both can communicate their needs in a way that doesn’t set the other off, they’ll be able to work around it.

Scorpios are, at times, notorious for their tendency of wanting to be in control. Aries’ tendency towards being domineering and their love of competition make them similar in this respect. This may be a challenge that feeds into an ego clash.

Both signs have a lot of passion inside them. This will especially draw Scorpios in as it’s rare that they feel understood.

One of their biggest challenges is going to be how they handle disagreements and anger. Aries can be quick to anger and argue. It takes longer for Scorpios to get angry, but when they do, it tends to be particularly cutting. Along with this, Scorpios won’t ever forget when they’ve been slighted by someone. This is in contrast to quickly-forgiving Aries, who may find the grudge-holding annoying and frustrating.

Both signs tend to work in extremes and go all in with whatever they do. When things are good, they’ll be very good, but when they go wrong, it has the potential to explode. Communication will go a long way in keeping the relationship running smoothly.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Aries will have to be patient when it comes to Scorpios making a commitment. Scorpios don’t like to let people in very fast and would rather be careful than get hurt. This may be frustrating to Aries, but the wait will be worth it.

Both signs are very devoted lovers. They both exhibit a lot of passion that will extend to each other. Scorpios love anything having to do with sharing intimacy, and they make sure they show this love to their partners. Aries can be very intense and love to use their abundance of energy in pleasing the people they love.

Both Aries and Scorpios favor honesty and don’t like to play games. This is something that will make each of them feel secure, especially as they’re transitioning to a serious commitment.

Aries’ sense of competition does usually extend to their partners. This can be something that will work in their favor most of the time. Scorpios do like a challenge, and they’ll appreciate that Aries don’t shy away from one either. As long as these tendencies don’t get in the way of the independence Scorpios like to have, it will work.

Scorpios can get very jealous very easily in romantic relationships. They’ll appreciate that Aries value loyalty so highly, but it may not stop them from occasionally feeling that jealousy. If Scorpios are too brash about it and Aries take it as a slight, there’s bound to be some conflict there. Scorpios will have to learn how to communicate their jealous feelings in a non-threatening way, or channel that energy elsewhere.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Scorpios are both very loyal to their friends and loved ones. They’ll fight for their friends if they have to, and knowing that the other feels the same way will make them feel at ease around each other.

Aries are very competitive people by nature and love being number one. Being so independence-driven, Scorpios may not be able to relate to that. However, Scorpios also tend to love a challenge, so they might indulge some of these competitive tendencies. This can be a great way of bonding together, as it may be hard sometimes for Aries to find people willing to compete.

Scorpios are non-competitive enough for a healthy friendship, but they’re thrilled by challenges enough to keep Aries entertained. However, if Scorpios find these competitive tendencies annoying or unpleasant, they may not want to spend as much time with Aries.

This duo is one that can learn a lot from each other. Scorpios aren’t usually very impulsive, unlike Aries, who tends to just dive in. In a relationship, this can potentially cause friction, but in a friendship, it may help Scorpios come out of their shell.

Likewise, sometimes Aries are so focused on being stimulated that they miss their own deeper feelings about things. Scorpios are masters of introspection, and may help Aries reach depths that they didn’t know they had. Aries being in touch with their feelings may help them avoid unnecessary arguments, which will make other relationships in their lives more harmonious.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Emotional Compatibility

It will likely take Scorpios a while to open up and show Aries the depth to which they feel things. In the meantime, Aries may see Scorpios as cooler and more stoic, and this may be somewhat off-putting. Aries like to know that the person they’re spending time with is just as invested as they are. Once Scorpios are comfortable sharing their emotional side, there’s a lot of compatibility to be found.

Both signs are very intense about their feelings. Aries are comfortable showing this right away, but they’ll be happy to see that it’s true for Scorpios as well. They each may have had instances of people not understanding that their emotional intensity means that they care a lot. They will likely be grateful that they won’t have to navigate that with each other.

Ultimately their intensity is something very good, but it can be a challenge when it comes to disagreements. Aries are just as passionate in their arguments as they are with everything else, and Scorpios aren’t afraid to sting.

It’s not so much that Scorpios are overly stubborn, it’s more that they want to have control over the situation, and Aries can’t be tamed. Having a plan in place should disagreements get heated would be ideal, and both of them will have to be mindful of compromise.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Values Compatibility

Honesty is something that’s really important to Scorpios and Aries. They would much rather be hurt by the truth than be soothed with a lie. They expect the people they love to also share this value and be honest with them. Aries and Scorpios will be relieved to know that they value honesty pretty equally.

Loyalty is another value that this duo has in common. Scorpios can sometimes take loyalty all the way up to a fault and become jealous and possessive. Even though Aries sometimes have a jealous streak, they may not appreciate feeling like their own loyalty is being questioned.

Justice is something that Aries take very seriously. A good amount of arguments they get into stem from perceiving injustice and saying something about it. They’re not always right, but it will be difficult to convince them otherwise. Scorpios will admire Aries’ strong moral stances, but if they feel differently about an issue, conflict may arise. Listening to each other will be very important.

Scorpios need independence, and give a lot of value to time that they’re able to spend by themselves. Aries respecting those needs is going to go a long way in Scorpios feeling respected as a whole. Aries like attention and being paid attention to, and they run the risk of being seen as clingy by Scorpios.

Competition is something that Aries value a lot, so Scorpios should make sure to indulge that. This goes especially if Aries are being good about respecting their need for independence.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Activities Compatibility

Scorpios and Aries will have a fairly easy time finding things to do together. Both of them are quite adventurous and like trying new things.

Naturally, Scorpios will want to show Aries whatever passion projects they have going on at the time. This will lay a good foundation when it comes to figuring out what to do together. Scorpios aren’t shy about the things that they like, and they’d love for Aries to share in some of that joy. If it’s something Aries enjoys as well, this will serve as a great way to bond, whether the relationship is romantic or platonic.

Independence in the relationship is going to be important to establish, especially with Scorpios. Scorpios like to have their own space’ they’re not the kind of people who want to spend every moment with their partner. As long as Aries are respectful of this, there shouldn’t be any issue.

Scorpios may have a hard time keeping up with how often Aries wants a change of pace. Aries are always looking for stimulation, and sometimes Scorpios just want to sit with their thoughts. This is where relationship independence may come in handy. Independence will give Aries a chance to seek all the thrills they desire, and give Scorpios a chance to take a breath.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Communication Compatibility

Both signs being very keen on honesty is something that will give the communication aspect of the relationship a good foundation. It’s unlikely that either of them will lie to each other, especially about big things.

Scorpios can be very sensitive once they’ve opened themselves up to someone. At times, Aries’ love of competition may push their buttons in the wrong way, especially if it’s centered around an insecurity of Scorpio’s.

Scorpios will often keep their feelings to themselves and simmer on them before saying something. This notoriously makes it seem like they’re having mood swings, which Aries may find hard to keep up with. Sometimes Aries can communicate in an aggressive way, and this will only make the mood worse.

The key to mitigating these things is clear communication. Scorpios need to give Aries more of a heads up if something bothers them, and Aries need to learn how to not be too reactionary.

Forgiveness is something else that may be a challenge. Aries tend to be very forgiving; as long as someone seems sincerely sorry, they won’t hold a grudge. However, Scorpios are a little notorious for their tendency to hold onto past wrongs.

Aries seemingly-sudden forgiveness may be mystifying to Scorpios. Scorpios’ long memory may be off-putting to Aries, especially if it’s directed at them. Scorpios may need to be careful about this.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Trust Compatibility

It takes a long time for Scorpios to trust someone. Aries will have to be patient with the internal process Scorpios have when it comes to trust. Patience isn’t something that typically comes easily to Aries, so the very beginning of a relationship may be a bit volatile.

It may be helpful for Aries’ impatience if Scorpios are communicative about where they stand with Aries, even if it’s just in a broad sense. Aries don’t like not knowing how someone feels about them, and they don’t like games, especially in romance. Scorpios don’t like to play games either and will likely be respectful of that request. This may even help the trust-building process.

Once Scorpios trust someone, they expect that trust to be returned. Seeing that Aries are also extremely loyal and devoted will be enough for them to continue to trust Aries with their vulnerabilities. This loyalty may also help Scorpios trust Aries faster than they would other signs. This will depend greatly on chemistry though.

Their mutual devotion and loyalty is a sign that infidelity likely won’t be a problem. This is good, because infidelity is one of the biggest betrayals that someone can do to a Scorpio.

Scorpios and Aries will quickly learn that they can trust the other person to be honest with them. This is very important, and will only ensure longevity in the relationship.

Scorpio & Aries Scorpio & Aries
Work Compatibility

Scorpios and Aries will work okay together in a career setting. They have very different approaches to business, and sometimes these approaches aren’t complementary.

Aries love competition in the workplace. Scorpios would much rather work on their own and at their own pace without someone all over them. If Aries can channel those competitive tendencies in ways that still give Scorpios their space, Scorpios may entertain it. However, if Scorpios feel that this competition is annoying or a distraction, there will likely be some tension.

Aries thrive in leadership positions. Scorpios like to have control over situations, which Aries may take offense to if they’re the boss. Leadership roles aren’t typically what Scorpios want to pursue, which may make wanting control of work situations all the more bothersome to Aries.

Entertaining Aries’ competitive nature tends to be what drives them to work very hard. Scorpios tend to be very hard workers, especially if it’s in a field that they’re passionate about. For maximum business success, feeding Aries’ drive to be the best will be the way to go.

The way both signs value honesty and integrity will help them go very far interpersonally and with other people in the office. Their management styles may not appear to mesh, but since their values do so well, workplace harmony is definitely possible.

Scorpio & Aries Compatibility Summary

Both signs value the same fundamentals in a relationship, which will lay a good foundation no matter what the nature of the relationship is. Honesty and integrity are both very important to Scorpios and Aries. Loyalty is another major item of importance that will especially be helpful in romantic relationships.

Challenges may arise around Aries love of competition and Scorpios’ love of independence. Communication will go a long way in keeping their relationship healthy.

Scorpios’ and Aries’ love languages tend to be similar. Both signs are very devoted, and both are extremely passionate people. This may set the stage for a lot of chemistry.

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