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Aquarius and Leo are opposing signs on the zodiac wheel, but they have a lot in common. They value very similar things, and they operate in similar ways in their relationships. They have the capacity to get along extremely well, especially as friends... Keeping reading

Aquarius & Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo are opposing signs on the zodiac wheel, but they have a lot in common. They value very similar things, and they operate in similar ways in their relationships. They have the capacity to get along extremely well, especially as friends.

Both Aquarius and Leo are sociable and outgoing signs. Leos tend to be very magnetic and bring warm energy into people’s lives, while Aquarians are known for their ability to make connections wherever they go. Both signs are known for being very generous and cordial as well.

Leos and Aquarians love attention and thrive in the spotlight. Other signs may perceive this as vain, but they’ll understand each others’ need for it. Aquarians usually draw attention for their eccentricity, and Leos get it from working a room, so neither sign will have to worry much about being outshined. This is a delicate balance that is hard to find between two attention-loving signs.

Both signs favor having many acquaintances over having a few friends, but both of them are also very good at maintaining the close relationships that they have. Both signs value loyalty. Aquarians are great at picking up right where they left off with someone, even if it’s been a very long time since seeing them. Leos are fiercely loyal to their close friends and loved ones, and will fight for them if it’s necessary.

Challenges arise in their approaches to romance. Leos can be domineering sometimes, but Aquarians need personal space in relationships. Leos need to be adored by those that they love most, and sometimes showing affection isn’t a strength of Aquarians. Communication of needs is going to be key to keep this relationship healthy.

Aquarians find vulnerability uncomfortable, especially in the beginning of their relationships: They love getting to know other people, but they don’t like showing their true selves. If Leos don’t see this as delightfully mysterious, it can become a point of contention. Leos tend to be very expressive, and behind closed doors, they like to be reassured. Even if Aquarians are merely aloof by nature, Leos may take their hesitance to open up personally.

For the most part, as long as Leos don’t try to change the way that Aquarians are, and vice versa, this is a match that can go far.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Laying a good foundation in friendship will go a long way in making Leos and Aquarians work. The way that each sign expresses and interprets romance can be incongruous a lot of the time, but starting as friends will make it easier to communicate. Patience and keeping an open dialogue will make or break this relationship.

Aquarians notoriously have trouble with intimacy and would rather keep people at a slight distance over letting them in. Since Leos tend to like attention and being in the spotlight, it may take a while for them to realize that they don’t know their Aquarius partner as well as they thought. As long as Aquarians are generous in the way that they show their love, like giving lots of compliments, tensions can be tamed with relative ease.

Leos tend to like grand romantic gestures and traditional displays of courtship. Aquarians don’t favor those expressions of love, and would rather share a more creative or novel experience instead. Compromises will be necessary to keep Leos feeling appreciated and Aquarians feeling comfortable.

Aquarians can have trouble remembering to show that they care about someone, particularly while they’re still guarded about their emotions. Once they’re in a relationship, it typically comes from being scatterbrained. This can easily be taken as a personal slight from Leos, who has little patience for people who bruise their ego even if it’s unintentional.

Leos need to be able to communicate to Aquarians that they’ll still have their freedom. It can’t be empty words, though: Leos sometimes have a tendency towards being possessive that will need to be tamed. If Aquarians feel trapped in a relationship, their first instinct is to run.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

Both signs are very charismatic and friendly, so they’ll become fast friends. Aquarians will be charmed by Leo’s regal air and accompanying warmth. Leos will be fascinated by Aquarian’s eccentricity and their ability to effortlessly make connections. Because Aquarians are good at learning how to communicate with people on their level to make an impression, they’ll usually pick up right away that Leos favor flattery. This will get them in Leo’s good graces right away.

Leos will always come running if someone in their life needs their help, which Aquarians will appreciate as someone who also cares deeply about helping others. Aquarians make an effort to stay in touch with people they love and highly value close connections. Leos also hold on tightly to the people they love. Because of this understanding, Leos and Aquarians mesh well as friends.

Both signs have very similar sensibilities when it comes to tedium, which can be a point of bonding, especially if they work or study together. They’d much rather be doing bigger and better things than spreadsheets or worksheets, and they’ll remember that about one another.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

Aquarians can have difficulty with expressing emotions in general, even to themselves. It comes a little bit easier to Leos. Leos have a lot of pride, and for the most part are fairly in tune with their emotions. These different approaches can cause discord in the relationship, especially in the beginning.

Aquarians often have a hard time opening up to people. It can take a while for that Aquarian guardedness to be let down, but once they see that Leo is someone they can trust, they’ll be more open. If a Leo believes that the other is too guarded and takes offense to it, though, that could cause problems. Leos may need to be patient, and Aquarians may need to be a little more trusting.

Leos tend to have a warmth in their energy that may make it easier for Aquarians to be vulnerable. This is especially true if the pair started out as friends. Leo’s magnetism can also work in favor when it comes to making Aquarians feel secure. If Leos can hone this, navigating emotional waters may go more smoothly.

Leos tend to think with their heart, and Aquarians tend to think with their mind. This can be frustrating for both of them, but it can also be very complementary. If other aspects of their relationship are stable, Leos’ tendencies towards fierce emotions can balance Aquarians’ emotional coldness (and vice versa).

Communication around this subject in particular will be the key to domestic harmony. As long as Aquarians feel that Leos are a safe place to land at the end of the day, this pairing will have few emotional compatibility issues.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Values Compatibility

Leos and Aquarians both give high value to the relationships that they have. Neither one of them lets their loved ones drift apart from them too much if it can be helped. They will see those skills in each other and appreciate it.

Both signs also highly value doing what they think is right. For Leos this tends to be on a more personal level, whereas Aquarians tend to think more globally. Regardless of the scale, this is something both signs will take notice of in each other right away.

Both signs like to be the center of attention. Leos really like to use their charisma and Aquarians like to get attention for their unique nature and perspectives. They’ll have no issues with thinking that the other is vain for wanting that attention or wanting to be seen, which may not be said for other signs.

A place of difficulty may come with how each of them approaches the concept of work or a career. Aquarians tend to want to be in a field that fulfills them and gives back to the world whereas Leos tend to prioritize wealth. Friction may arise if Aquarians feel that the energy Leos put into getting a paycheck could be better used for good on a societal level. If Leos feels like Aquarians are trying to coerce them in a different life direction because of their values, tension will surely become present.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Activities Compatibility

Both signs really enjoy social situations and showing off in their own way–Aquarians tend to shine best in a more subdued crowd compared to Leos who like to be the center of something more boisterous. This is a good complementary pair that will be sure to win whatever crowd they stumble into.

They like being seen and aren’t usually ones to shy away from activities with a lot of stimulation. Going to a nightclub or a crowded upscale restaurant together will make them both very happy.

When it comes to romance, balancing nontraditional expressions of love with traditional ones will feed into both signs’ love languages. Perhaps Aquarius can surprise Leo with a bouquet of flowers featuring an unconventional color scheme, or lunch from their favorite restaurant at work. In return, maybe Leo can invite Aquarius to a karaoke night date or dinner featuring a cuisine they’ve never eaten.

Aquarians love having deep conversations and getting to know people. This meshes very well with Leos, who like attention being given to them and being asked their opinions. As long as Leo is a good conversation partner, Aquarius will find themself intrigued and entertained.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Communication Compatibility

Communication can be difficult between Aquarians and Leos, especially at the beginning of the relationship before they’ve figured each other out.

Aquarians may see Leos’ desire for affirmation and attention from them as clingy or needy, which may become a problem. Aquarians need to feel like they have space and independence in a relationship, otherwise they won’t want to commit to it. Luckily, Leos are pretty good about accommodating the needs of their romantic partner once they get serious in an effort to avoid breaking up.

Leos tend to be very forgiving towards their partner, as long as the apology is sincere. However, Leos themselves have a hard time saying they’re sorry. Aquarians are usually very genial and friendly, and should take care to make sure they’re not being taken advantage of.

When Leos want attention, they’re used to not having to ask for it to receive it. However, Aquarians tend to have their head in other places and don’t notice hints that may be given to them. So Leos are going to have to be more assertive about the attention that they seek from Aquarians–this may be a challenge for them, but it won’t be without reward.

Aquarians are used to giving critiques to the things that they love–it’s part of being innovative. However, if they’re talking to a Leo, they’ll have to learn how to frame these things in a way that’s not too brash. Leos can be sensitive to criticism and don’t like damage done to their egos. Just as Aquarians don’t like anything that stifles their independence, Leos will fight back against anyone who hurts their pride.

If Leos can consistently feel appreciated and Aquarians can maintain their independence, the results will be harmonious.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Aquarians are known for not trusting easily. Leos, on the other hand, are freer with their trust. It’s not that they trust everyone that comes along, but especially compared to Aquarians, they’ll be less guarded.

Patience is most likely going to be required from Leos when it comes to waiting for a commitment from Aquarians. That patience will most likely be a signifier to Aquarians about how much independence they’ll have in the relationship, so Leos should make sure not to rush them.

If Leos feel snubbed by an Aquarian’s desire to take things more slowly they may end up lashing out, which will be disastrous for the burgeoning relationship. Leos can sometimes be overly controlling, which will not sit well with hyper-independent Aquarians. Leos need to make sure to not take an Aquarian’s guardedness personally.

Once they’re over the hurdle of getting into a relationship, the issue of trust becomes much smaller. Both signs are very loyal and respectful to the people that they love the most. Because of this, infidelity will most likely not be an issue.

Trust and communication go hand in hand, and will both be necessary throughout the relationship to keep it healthy.

Aquarius & Leo Aquarius & Leo
Work Compatibility

There are a lot of complementary qualities of both signs to make this a successful business partnership. Leos make great leaders and are very action-oriented. Aquarians are innovative and tend to make great team players. Overall, the work relationship between a Leo and an Aquarius won’t have too many issues, but dealing with day-to-day matters may put a strain on the partnership.

Neither Leo nor Aquarius finds mundane tasks like budget-balancing exciting enough work to care about–they’d rather be creating or working with people. It’s understandable, but there’s a lot of work behind the scenes of a business that needs to get done. If they can effectively split the tasks and hold each other accountable for doing them, they’ll be able to work it out.

Leos do need to watch that their affinity towards leadership doesn’t turn dictatorial when they’re in a position of power. If it’s left unchecked, their stubbornness and egocentrism will clash hard with Aquarians’ opinions and sense of independence.

Both signs are very driven when it comes to getting into subjects that they’re passionate about. Both of them are great at working with other people. Leos have a natural confidence and charisma, and Aquarians easily make connections.

Between this and their inner drive, they have the potential to go very far so long as they don’t ignore necessary details. Since working with people isn’t an issue for either of them, having a third business partner who handles the nitty-gritty tasks of business management could lead to a harmonious office.

Aquarius & Leo Compatibility Summary

Aquarians and Leos are both extremely generous and friendly people who go out of their way to make connections. They have very similar sensibilities when it comes to working with others and ultimately wanting to do what they think is right. Both are crowd-pleasers who love being in the spotlight, and both have many acquaintances but still make sure to hold on tightly to their close friends.

Overall, there’s quite a bit of compatibility between Aquarius and Leo, especially in a platonic sense. The only areas of challenge will be in the way that each sign handles a transition from being friends to being lovers. If they can be patient with each other and try to see the differences between them as complementary instead of clashing, they’ll go far romantically as well.

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