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Taurus is an Earth sign, which means that they are deeply connected to the physical and material world. They love the finer things in life and are generally very grounded people compared to other signs. On the other hand, Sagittarius is a Fire sign, ... Keeping reading

Sagittarius & Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is an Earth sign, which means that they are deeply connected to the physical and material world. They love the finer things in life and are generally very grounded people compared to other signs.

On the other hand, Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which means that they are extremely passionate and driven. They have a strong sense of self and are comfortable establishing their authority with others.

Traditionally, fire and earth signs are not very compatible (as fire can easily destroy earth). But if a Sagittarian and a Taurean are vibing well enough, this can be quite an extraordinary coupling!

Sagittarians are mutable while Taureans are fixed, so there will be a good balance here. A Sagittarius partner will be more changeable, adaptable and diplomatic when compared to their more stubborn and resistant Taurus partner.

Just be careful, Taureans, and don’t always push your lover to do it your way. Sagittarians love to experience new things and meet new people, so you’re going to have to compromise here and add new things to your usual routine when it comes to having fun. If you can’t branch out of your comfort zone, you may find your partner heading for the door.

Venus rules in Taurus, and this planet is all about love, affection, and pleasure, which pairs well with Taurus’s Earth-bound nature. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and has a more masculine energy that is all about luck, abundance and the pursuit of knowledge.

This can be an amazing pairing if you both can get the balance right. You’ll enjoy experiencing all of the beauty in the world together. Sagittarians will love how much indulgence and luxury a Taurean brings to the table, while Taureans will love the endless vivacity for life a Sagittarian possesses.

Just be careful to not get too lost in the luxury as this may make a Taurus too lazy and a Sagittarius too careless.

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Sagittarians come off a bit childish at times and can be very flighty. (They are mutable signs, after all!) This can result in a lack of consistency when it comes to having sex with their partners. Because Taureans love the physical pleasures in life, they may find themselves frustrated with a partner who doesn’t have their mind on sex as much as they do.

Sagittarians will need to be more attentive and receptive to their partner’s needs if they want the physical part of the relationship to thrive. A little cuddle, some kisses and a nice back rub or two may go a long way in making your Taurean partner feel loved and cared for.

You’ll have some work to do as well, Taureans! You’ll have to work hard to keep your Sagittarius interested and to help them feel more connected to you in the bedroom. If you spend all day in bed sleeping and eating and watching TV (which you know you LOVE), you will have a hard time convincing your partner that spending time in bed with you is worthwhile.

You could instead tap into their love of pursuing knowledge by buying a book on tantric sex and trying out a few things together.

But it’s not all about appeasing each other. You two will have to establish love, trust and respect in the relationship to keep things interesting when it comes to your sex life. When you establish this solid foundation, Taureans will have no problem taking care of their partner’s needs to keep them satisfied, and Sagittarians are sure to come up with new and exciting things to try out both in and out of the bedroom.

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

As we said before, you both are going to need to invest the time and patience in really diving deep to get to know one another fully. You won’t regret it if you put the time and work into this because you both have so much to gain from each other.

Sagittarians can help coax Taureans out of their daily routines and enjoy new things and find new interests, while Taureans can help Sagittarians feel more grounded and connected to the family and friends they may not be spending as much time with as they should.

However, problems may arise between a Taurus and Sagittarius because they just see life differently to one another. Taureans are calmer, logical and practical when compared to their more reckless, gullible and unreliable Sagittarian counterparts.

If neither of you are able to communicate and compromise in your friendship, you may get tired of each other really quickly. Taureans will find Sagittarians too impulsive, and Sagittarians will find Taureans too boring. Try to see life from the other’s point of view, and you will complement one other more than you clash.

Taureans will provide a safe place for their friend to go to talk logically about how to make their ambitions a reality. Sagittarians will bring the excitement and fun for amazing nights out on the town. Your ability to give one another new outlooks on life will be the highlight of your friendship.

That is, if you can honestly accept each other’s differences and let the little things go!

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

To a Sagittarian, Taureans come off a little cold, distant and static when it comes to their emotions. That’s because Taureans approach life in a very logical, matter-of-fact way. They like to use rationality to analyze and assess what is going on in their lives (and in their loved ones lives as well), so it can clash negatively with a Sagittarian who relies mainly on their emotions when it comes to assessing where they are in life.

Your best chance in making your relationship work is to take it slow. Because Sagittarians tend to be a little flighty when it comes to love, Taureans might have a better chance at romance by starting out as friends.

This would help build trust and consistency in the relationship as the Sagittarian in the partnership can rely on their Taurean friend for life advice (which a Taurus is happy to give!).

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Values Compatibility

The ninth house is all about ethics. Taureans in this house are all about fairness and justice, especially as it relates to finances. This is where their focus is mainly in life. They are constantly striving to establish financial stability as they enjoy making money and using that money to enjoy the luxurious sides of life.

This can pair well with a Sagittarius in the ninth house who is constantly looking for what the world has to offer through travel and exploration.

The fourth house is where a Sagittarius and Taurus may butt heads as this house pertains to the home. Sagittarians don’t ever really feel at home anywhere. That’s why they’re constantly on the move and have a constant drive to travel to new places. Conversely, Taureans feel more comfortable establishing and settling into a set home. This is because of their love for stability.

These signs may clash if both are unwilling to see home life in new ways. Sagittarians will have to learn that being tethered to a consistent home life does not mean they lose their sense of freedom, while Taureans will have to learn that leaving home and letting go of their routines every now and then won’t lead to financial disaster.

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

This is an area where a Taurus and Sagittarius coupling will work the best. A Taurean’s love for the pleasures of the physical world paired with a Sagittarian’s love for exploring new things comes together perfectly! You two will enjoy just about anything together. Go club hopping, go on a shopping spree or enjoy dinner at a three-star restaurant: whatever you choose to do together, you will love it.

The most important thing is to compromise. Sagittarians are happy to always be on the go, so you will need to stop every now and then and let your partner take a break. If you’ve gone out for several weekends and taken a few trips away, make your Taurus lover feel cared for by suggesting a few nights watching TV in your pajamas at home.

And if your Sagittarius partner is making these compromises every now and then, you Taureans are going to need to compromise too. Surprise your partner with new adventures for you to try together that they wouldn’t expect you to (how about skydiving?).

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

You both have an incredible zest for life and the beauty it holds, so you won’t soon run out of things to talk about!

Taurus is exalted in the Moon, so they will bring a sense of imagination and depth to the relationship that will pair well with a Sagittarian’s love for expanding their world views. If you communicate openly and honestly, you two will build a strong foundation of tenderness, soulfulness and love in your relationship.

So even though you may differ strongly in the way you perceive the world and approach life, you will certainly share the same sense of joy and awe for the beauty in the world around you. Focus your talk on the deeper things in life, and you won’t go wrong.

If you are not able to find this shared sense of love for the world, your ability to communicate with one another joyfully will be virtually nonexistent. Not only will your disagreements lead to lots of fighting, but you’ll also start to see each other in too much of a negative light.

Sagittarians will find a Taurus’s inability to make quick decisions infuriating, while Taureans will find a Sagittarian too hypocritical and overly blunt.

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

Sagittarians can be so honest that they come off too curt or blunt to others. That is because they find it incredibly difficult to tell a lie. This pairs well with a Taurean who do not like liars. So long as Sagittarians can be truthful (with hopefully a little more tact), they will be able to establish a strong sense of trust with their partner.

Just be careful, Sagittarians: we know how much you love attention! This will put off your Taurean partner who wants someone who looks to them first for love and validation. If you can’t reign in your flightiness and focus your affection on one partner, you will find a Taurean’s pillar of trust for you crumbling at your feet.

Sagittarius & Taurus Sagittarius & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Just like your emotional compatibility, building positive work compatibility between a Sagittarius and Taurus is going to take some time. So be patient and take the time to get to know each other’s work rhythm clearly. It’ll save you both the headache.

Once you get to know each other in the workplace, you’ll be sure to learn so much from one another! Taureans will need to try not to be too demanding early on, because Sagittarians need the time to explore, experiment and find their niche in the workplace.

Sagittarians, on the other hand, will benefit greatly from their more grounded, better organized Taurean co-worker. You will be less likely to flit from one project to another based on your emotions and impulses. If you rely on a Taurus’s insights and strengths in the workplace, you’ll find yourself finishing more projects and doing them well!

Sagittarius & Taurus Compatibility Summary

The most important thing in a Sagittarius and Taurus partnership is to accept one another’s differences. You both will definitely have varied approaches to life: Sagittarians love meeting new people, going to new places and the pursuit of knowledge.

Taureans, on the other hand, love stability and routine. This will certainly lead to personality clashes if you do not communicate and compromise. Establish a relationship built on trust, honesty and acceptance and you will have the best chance in making it work!

If you can establish this solid foundation, you’ll be sure to enjoy all of the wonderful and beautiful things in the world together. Just don’t get too caught up in all things fun, indulgent and beautiful when it comes to shared activities.

Otherwise, Taureans will find themselves becoming too lazy and materialistic while Sagittarians will become too careless and unreliable.

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