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It may seem impossible for a relationship between Taurus, who is usually set in their ways, and Aquarius, a progressive forward-thinker, to work out, but some degree of compatibility is possible between these two signs. Aquarius and Taurus are both d... Keeping reading

Aquarius & Taurus Compatibility

It may seem impossible for a relationship between Taurus, who is usually set in their ways, and Aquarius, a progressive forward-thinker, to work out, but some degree of compatibility is possible between these two signs. Aquarius and Taurus are both driven and ambitious, and their desire for achievement is something that can bring them together. It is also for this reason that Aquarius and Taurus work much better as business partners or collaborators than they do in relationships.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the planets representing karma and rebellion, and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that represents love and sensuality. In the night sky, Venus and Uranus can be seen rotating in a different direction than the others, a highly significant matter when it comes to these Zodiac signs.

They both go against the grain and work toward their own goals, regardless of the people around them. This can be a positive thing when Aquarius and Taurus are on the same wavelength, but it can create tension unlike anything else when the two are at odds.

Stubbornness is a trait that both Aquarius and Taurus exhibit due to their fixed mentalities. This can help keep them on course and moving in the same direction as friends or romantic partners, but it can also cause significant conflict if they each decide to stick their heels in and refuse to compromise, whether it be over what activity to do for date night or how to decorate their shared apartment. Communication and tolerance will be major skills that Aquarius and Taurus need to work on to achieve a healthy relationship.

The way they perceive life can also be a struggle for these two signs to overcome. Aquarius is known for their free-thinking, spontaneous personality. They enjoy taking life as it comes, and dislike being tied down to any one place or person.

On the other hand, Taurus values stability and grounded behavior. This differing approach to life can create a pairing that doesn’t understand the motivations or needs of the other; both signs will need to learn flexibility if they want to build the foundations of a strong friendship or romantic partnership.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Where Taurus is sensual and tender, a result of having Venus as their ruling planet, Aquarius can be emotionally unavailable and possess a certain aloofness. Love and intimacy matters between the two can be rocky, with neither sign being completely satisfied in the relationship due to a lack of communication and differing primal needs. There is the possibility for much frustration to arise as Taurus tries to shower Aquarius with romantic affection, only to be met by disdain and a lack of interest from Aquarius.

However, it is possible for this emotional, caring side of Taurus to unlock some of Aquarius’s hidden feelings; Aquarius tends to be unemotional and rejects the notion of being tied down by an intimate relationship, but with patience from Taurus, they can begin to understand the value and benefits of engaging in such a relationship. As long as both sides approach their intimate life with tolerance and respect for their partner, they are able to have a satisfying sex life and build a more compatible romantic foundation.

Once Aquarius warms up to the idea of emotions and sharing a romantic relationship with Taurus, it is likely that their unusual nature will start to reveal itself and they will begin to take more charge in the bedroom. As long as they don’t let themselves get carried away and keep their ideas relatively tame for the sake of old-school, conservative Taurus, these two signs will be able to grow from their intimate experiences together and find a balance that satisfies both of their unique needs.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

In some ways, Aquarius and Taurus make better friends than they ever would lovers. The same traits that can cause tensions and conflicts in a romantic relationship can build a strong foundation when these two spend time together as friends.

Both signs enjoy debate, which makes for long nights talking politics and discussing their world views. Aquarius is interested in learning about the world and other’s opinions, and Taurus has no shortage of opinions or shyness about discussing their beliefs.

Even if disagreements arise between these two, it is likely that Aquarius will find them exhilarating and relish the chance to find out more about how Taurus processes their emotions and defends their opinions. Taurus, the Bull, will always face conflicts head-on and can get over any hurt feelings relatively quickly. From the outside, it may look like the two are always bickering, but in reality, Aquarius and Taurus are in their own little world, enjoying any and all types of discussion.

As friends, Aquarius and Taurus should be careful to find a good balance between their Fixed modalities and the stubbornness it brings. Debates and conversation are all in good fun, but if Aquarius feels like they are being disagreed with or contradicted too often regarding choices of activities and discussion topics, they may just bail on the relationship, as they see this as the only way out.

Similarly, Taurus may find Aquarius’s evasiveness annoying and continue to push out of bounds topics, searching for answers, but this behavior will only shove Aquarius further away.  Both signs would do well to remember the importance of flexibility in a friendship and that conversations should not be looked at as something to win.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

In terms of emotions, Aquarius and Taurus couldn’t be more different, and this issue is something that can drive the two apart if they are not careful. Aquarius is prone to being distant and feels more comfortable spending their lives emotionally detached; Taurus is sensual and needs a deep emotional connection to feel fulfilled in their relationships. This creates a mismatch and a lack of understanding that can cause whatever relationship is blossoming between the two to fall apart at the first sign of trouble.

Another emotional issue with these signs is how both of them deal with conflict and arguments. Aquarius will want to turn tail and run, putting space between themselves and the issues; bullish Taurus will push ahead, trying to find the root of the conflict and work through it to create emotional harmony. These opposite approaches can create a negative cycle of Taurus pushing and Aquarius pulling until the relationship is no longer emotionally viable.

However, the sign of Aquarius can lift up and complement Venus-ruled Taurus in the right circumstances. If each side of the partnership learns to appreciate the other’s inner workings, they may be able to find a balance between them; Aquarius can draw out Taurus’s fun-loving side, encouraging them to become more spontaneous, while Taurus can help Aquarius find more stability and positivity in their emotions. This mutual appreciation and interest in the other are what will enhance their emotional compatibility and put these two signs on the same page.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Values Compatibility

It can be hard for Aquarius and Taurus to see eye to eye, and it can be even more difficult for the two to find any type of shared values that they can bond over. Where Taurus likes stability and has a love of routine, Aquarius can feel stifled by the Earth sign’s unmoving nature. Similarly, Taurus can easily be exhausted by Aquarius and how highly they value excitement in their life. This can create a turbulence in this pairing that is hard for either side to compromise on, because the differences in their natures are so profound.

This conflict may be able to be lessened or avoided completely, however, by the signs’ shared value of ambition. Each sign will be working towards their goals while in a relationship, and this ambition is something that they can bond over; no matter what other values they may disagree with, these signs can’t help but admire the determinedness of the other. This creates an open line of communication that allows the signs to build up a tolerance to all of the values they may not necessarily like in the other.

And in the end, Aquarius might just admit to themselves that they secretly enjoy the stability and groundedness Taurus brings into their lives, while Taurus can appreciate the excitement and fast-paced lifestyle of Aquarius, though it may be a little bit out of their comfort zone at times.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Shared activities between Aquarius and Taurus are not hard to find, as Taurus will generally go along with whatever new idea Aquarius is infatuated with. The two will try out exotic restaurants, spend time in bars, and vacation together without major conflicts or any type of drama. This pairing can enjoy many things together, but they need to have plans of what to do after their activities are completed, as this is where the potential for conflict lies.

Taurus enjoys having a home base or an area to return to and recharge after spending time with Aquarius and their new favorite activity; this takes a lot of energy out of Taurus, and while they may be happy to complete the activity, they value their recovery time between outings. Aquarius doesn’t need any type of recovery and will want to keep going once they are out with Taurus, moving from restaurant, to museum, to nightlife without stopping to catch their breath. Tensions can arise when Taurus inevitably puts their foot down and insists on calling it a day, and Aquarius perceives this as Taurus trying to control their behavior.

To enjoy lasting compatibility when it comes to activities, both of these signs need to respect the energy levels of the other. If Taurus knows that they will only have enough time and energy for a nice dinner, then they need to set that boundary and make it clear.

Similarly, Aquarius would do well to plan out their days with multiple friends and activities if they want to stay on the go, as this will prevent them from putting too much expectation on any one person.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Despite their potential emotional and values mismatches, Aquarius and Taurus have a good chance at enjoying high levels of communication compatibility with each other. They both have a love of conversations and debates that keeps the communication lines open and functioning. Aquarius will often be the one to propose a topic, either something they are interested in or something controversial, and will let Taurus run with it, animatedly refuting every point they make just for the fun of it.

Beyond these moments of conversation, though, it can be hard for Earth sign Taurus and Air sign Aquarius to see eye to eye, especially when it comes to communicating their needs in a romantic relationship. Taurus is grounded and sees everything from a practical, black and white standpoint, while Aquarius is more likely to look outside the box and create new ways for evaluating their issues. This creates a barrier in communication, as each sign doesn’t know how to properly express their feelings and relationship needs to the other.

Understanding that their differences may be a barrier in their relationship successes is the first step to changing their feelings. Each sign needs to develop a tolerance for the way the other lives their life and show a flexibility that indicates they accept them for it; this means that both signs should be open to changing their approaches to communication. Once they do this, the two will likely find a balance that doesn’t compromise their own happiness, but still allows them to enjoy healthy, open communication during their time together.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

Aquarius is notoriously untrusting, which can be a problem when it comes to developing a healthy foundation of loyalty and trust in their relationship with a Taurus; Taurus feels a need for stability, which is influenced in part by their trust levels in a partner. It can be hard for these two to reach the same page when it comes to exposing their vulnerabilities to each other. And the more Taurus keeps pushing their Aquarius partner to trust them in the same way that they do, the more alienated and distrustful Aquarius will feel of their motives.

When Aquarius stops overanalyzing Taurus’s intentions and accepts that loyalty and trust is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy relationship, the compatibility levels of these two will increase.

Similarly, Taurus needs to be aware that pushing for immediate commitment and loyalty too fast can scare Aquarius off, so they need to find stability in other areas of the relationship while they work on building up the trust bond.

Aquarius & Taurus Aquarius & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Both ambitious and goal-oriented, Aquarius and Taurus work well together as partners. They accomplish their goals quickly and with a level of precision that their co-workers can only admire. At work, Aquarius will be the one throwing out innovative ideas and creative solutions while Taurus works out the logistics and feasibility of putting each idea in place. These signs could easily run a business together as co-owners or succeed during inter-office collaborations.

This pairing also has the potential to work well if one of them is promoted to a higher position than the other. The more preferred partnership would be with Taurus as the boss and Aquarius heading up the creative team under them, as Taurus has the foresight and drive to lead a team of people efficiently. Aquarius can still succeed as a boss, but it might be because Taurus is working underneath them, making sure their imaginative ideas don’t fall flat while Aquarius isn’t paying attention.

The only area of concern for these two is when personal feelings and judgmental communication get involved in their work. Taurus should take care not to shoot down the most unrealistic of Aquarius’s ideas with a derisive laugh, and Aquarius should take care not to let their irritation at Taurus’s unchanging attitude affect their feelings and stop them from being pleasant at work. As long as these signs maintain a civil and focused work relationship, they will be able to achieve all of their joint career goals and more.

Aquarius & Taurus Compatibility Summary

Though Aquarius and Taurus seem to be complete opposites, these signs can often find shared interests in their love of deep conversation and intelligent debate. Both ambitious signs, they will be able to get along incredibly well as co-owners of a business or as partners working on a start-up together. Stubbornness and a lack of compromise may plague Aquarius and Taurus when they are together as friends or lovers, so it is important that they build up their communication skills and tolerance for the motivations of the other sign, as this is what will lead to a healthy, lasting relationship.

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