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Usually, water and air signs do not make a great match. In this instance, however, an Aquarius and Pisces pairing has strong romantic potential. Pisceans will appreciate how well Aquarians communicate their feelings, ideas and needs. Aquarians will a... Keeping reading

Pisces & Aquarius Compatibility

Usually, water and air signs do not make a great match. In this instance, however, an Aquarius and Pisces pairing has strong romantic potential. Pisceans will appreciate how well Aquarians communicate their feelings, ideas and needs. Aquarians will appreciate the intellectual stimulation they receive from their partner through their shared love for the creative arts.

Pisces is a water sign, making them quite sentimental and sensitive by nature. Pisceans are very in tune with emotions. Their ability to pick up on how someone is feeling is almost psychic in nature!

Aquarians, on the other hand, are air signs. They are intelligent, quick-witted and great communicators. They also find it easy to read and accurately interpret what’s going on around them. However, they’re a bit more flighty than a Pisces, tending to head for the door the second they feel bored.

Aquarius is a fixed modality, while Pisces is mutable. An Aquarian is reliable, grounded and open to deep reflection. (That’s what makes them excellent communicators!)  Pisces are easy-going, adaptable individuals who shy away from drama.

This modality pairing will work together favorably, so long as Aquarians remain open to change. If they aren’t too stubborn and set in their ways, they will create more openness in the relationship to experiment and try new things with their partner. Creative-by-nature Pisces will love this adaptability!

Likewise, a Pisces will need to do their best not to be overly sensitive in the relationship when conflicts or differences of opinions arise. Otherwise, they may come off as unreliable and insincere which are qualities that definitely turn Aquarians off.

The planet Neptune rules in Pisces, making them highly imaginative, idealistic and compassionate people. It’s likely that you’ll find a Piscean taking the lead in some kind of humanitarian effort. Uranus rules in Aquarius, making them fair-minded, outspoken and revolutionary by nature. If you two come together to start or support a charity, you will definitely succeed!

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Pisceans are empathetic lovers who tend to read between the lines when it comes to figuring out what their partner needs. Without a word being spoken, they can pick up on their partner’s vibes and understand how to make their lovers feel comfortable, safe and well looked after.

Aquarians will most likely come off as a little cold and distant in the beginning. Don’t be put off by this, Pisceans! They are definitely looking for romance. They just aren’t overly vocal about it all the time. Instead, they quietly look for the person with whom they share mutual interests and ideas.

Don’t be too standoffish, Aquarians. Remember that Pisces can be quite fearful in nature, so if someone isn’t clear about their romantic intentions, a Pisces will assume they’re not interested. Not to worry, though! Aquarians are great communicators, so if they’re interested in someone romantically, they won’t be quiet about it for too long.

When the relationship is thriving, you can count on a Pisces to infuse lots of tender love and affection when it comes to making love. When it comes to having sex, they love to put all of their emotions into it. Aquarians will bring a lot of play into the bedroom. That’s because they are superbly open-minded and love to experiment. Expect fireworks!

However,  this is entirely dependent on how an Aquarian is feeling emotionally. If the relationship takes a turn for any reason, they’ll be less fiery when it comes to making love. Pisceans will also need to push themselves to take charge every now and then. It’s okay to let an Aquarian take on a more submissive role to your dominant. In fact, they will most likely love it!

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

A Pisces and Aquarius friendship will be full of idealism, inventiveness and kindness. While Aquarians are thinking up new plans for your next adventure, Pisces will add a sense of creativity and imagination to whatever it is you’ll do together! Expect lots of laughs and lots of fun in the friendship.

This pairing is especially great when it comes to solving problems. When either one of you has a problem, you’ll be able to turn to each other to help solve it. Pisceans will always be there to lend a listening ear and lots of comforting hugs, while Aquarians are always there to help you think through every tough life decision.

Conflicts can arise when Aquarians fall into their natural rhythm of being too detached emotionally. This will not work well for a Pisces friend who thrives on emotional communication and connection. Aquarians are excellent communicators, so it shouldn’t be a problem to talk through this one together.

It’s a Pisces’s and Aquarius’s shared interests that will keep the friendship going for the long haul, so when fights or disagreements come up (which they will!), it is important they remember that they both want the same things out of life. And you’re both going to be there for one another to support each other along the way.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

This is the part of the relationship where Aquarians and Pisceans will take the biggest hit. It’s because they’re both so different when it comes to expressing and showing emotions.

Pisceans are all about their feelings. They easily adapt to their emotional environment, mimicking what they feel in the energies around them. It’s what makes Pisces such an empathetic soul. Sometimes, Aquarians may feel irritated with how often and how far a Piscean lets emotions carry them away.

Because of this, Pisceans will need to learn how to find a better balance in their emotions. It’s hard to control feelings, especially when you feel things so strongly, but it will go a long way in helping an Aquarian partner feel like rationality still has a place in the relationship.

Aquarians tend to be more detached emotionally, especially when it comes to their personal feelings. It’s great to have a Piscean partner in this instance because they will easily pick up on what an Aquarian is feeling, maybe even before they acknowledge how they’re really feeling!

Just don’t be too pushy, Pisces. Give an Aquarian time and space to sort through their emotions more logically. They may seem cold, but they are quite sensitive. They just need time to trust their feelings. It doesn’t come to them as easily as it does for a Pisces.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

Aquarians are family-oriented people who value honesty, intellect and creativity in the ones they love. This pairs well with Pisces people as they tend to be quite innovative and creative in nature. Aquarians and Pisceans will have no trouble building a relationship on a foundation of love for the creative arts. You’ll have loads to talk about and enjoy together when it comes to this!

Pisceans value harmony, spirituality and transcendence. They are on a constant journey of self-discovery that Aquarians will find incredibly interesting. The key here is not to take this self-exploration too far, as it can lead down to paths of unhealthy addictions.

An Aquarius also values having freedom. This is because they are constantly driving themselves intellectually and like to use what they learn to help others. This shouldn’t be a problem for Pisceans because they love to help others too.

Conflicts may arise if a Pisces feels too unseen in the relationship. This will lead to insecurity and often clinginess. Aquarius wants freedom, so when a partner becomes too clingy, they tend to become even more cold and inaccessible emotionally.

A balance needs to be struck here, and it will depend entirely on how well the two signs communicate with one another. Just talk about your needs and what you’re thinking regularly, and you should avoid any misunderstandings.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

Aquarians love to think, learn and write, and they often use these skills when helping others. They’re really into volunteering for charities because they can use their skill set to help others in need. Pisces will have no problem jumping on this philanthropy train, so this pairing will definitely be a positive force for good in the world!

Creativity is where these two signs also work together well. Pisceans love the creative arts, and will definitely love spending the weekend painting with their Aquarian partner or going to art galleries, plays and ballets.

It’s no surprise that Pisces loves water sports! You will most likely catch them waterskiing, scuba diving or fishing in their time off. An Aquarius may be a little standoffish when it comes to getting in the water (they prefer intellectual pursuits), but with a little patience, they might join in every now and then.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarians are excellent together when it comes to communication. Though Aquarians may be more logical and rational in how they express themselves, they will thoroughly enjoy the mental stimulation when talking with a Pisces. That’s because Pisceans are naturally innovative and creative. These two signs will have so much to talk about when it comes to shared interests.

When it comes to emotions, however, there may be some disagreement. It’s no surprise that when it comes to emotions, Aquarians come off as cold and distant. It’s not because they have no feelings or are insensitive to the feelings of others. It comes down to them having trouble fully trusting how they feel about any given thing.

Patience is key here for a Pisces to help guide an Aquarian through this to help them get better in tune with their emotional side. If you can approach it as logically as possible, even better.

And Aquarians are going to have to put the work in too. Pisces are full of empathy and compassion, but they’re mutable water signs, and if you put up too much resistance to change, they’ll choose to drift away rather than fight a losing battle.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Trust is another touchy issue in an Aquarius and Pisces pairing. It all comes down to how much the two signs are willing to open up to one another. For a Pisces this will be a walk in the park , since they are extremely in tune with their (and others’) emotions.

For an Aquarius, it’s not so easy. This will be a tough obstacle to conquer in the early stages of the relationship. Aquarians can learn how to open up and will easily build intimacy with a partner, so long as there is trust in the relationship.

But trust is a difficult thing for them to establish right from the start. It has to be earned through communication and time spent together over shared interests. This also shouldn’t be a problem because the two signs have so much in common, especially when it comes to creativity and philanthropy.

If a Pisces gets too pushy and demands intimacy too fast, an Aquarian will push back rebelliously. Likewise, if an Aquarius gets too aggressive and closed off when it comes to sharing emotions, a Pisces will cut their losses and run.

Balance, communication and flexibility will be necessary to build trust in the early stages of the relationship. This is totally possible, so don’t worry too much! It all comes down to taking the time to really understand one another at the core level.

If both signs take the time to really get to know their partner, not only will that build stronger lines of communication and stronger understanding of one another, but it will also create a strong foundation of trust. If you can do this, both of you will have no problems telling the truth and revealing yourselves fully to one another.

Pisces & Aquarius Pisces & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

As in friendship, the two signs will be great together in the workplace. Pisces will admire how innovative and intelligent an Aquarius co-worker is. Likewise, an Aquarius will admire just how creative a Pisces is. The two signs working on a project together will be amazingly successful, especially if the task is humanitarian in nature.

Although both signs prefer to work independently, they’ll have no trouble getting the job done on collaborative projects. That’s because the two of you will play to your strengths and combine these skill sets to make amazing things happen.

Problems may come up when it comes to how you express disagreements. While Aquarians have no trouble taking criticism in stride, Pisceans tend to take judgments to heart, no matter how they are communicated. Additionally, Pisceans tend to think more with their hearts, while Aquarians make decisions solely based on logic.

As with most things, coming up with a firm plan of action when working collaboratively and communicating your working styles clearly to each other will help the two signs avoid issues related to these differences.

Pisces & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

The strongest area for a Pisces and Aquarius connection has to do with values. That’s because both signs love innovation, creativity and philanthropy. Whether as friends, lovers or co-workers, these two signs will be unstoppable when working on a project together, especially if it’s for charity.

The most difficult area has to do with how the two signs deal with and express emotions. Aquarians will likely always tend to be more reserved and standoffish when it comes to their feelings. That’s because they don’t really trust how they feel most of the time.

Pisceans have no problem with expressing themselves and understanding emotions. Just try not to push an Aquarian too fast when it comes to opening up, or they’ll find it even more difficult to open up. Patience and communication is key here for both signs.

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