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The Air signs of Libra and Aquarius can form a unique, dynamic duo when they come together, either as friends or as romantic partners. Both of these signs are highly energetic and enthusiastic, and will find that they can easily keep up with each oth... Keeping reading

Libra & Aquarius Compatibility

The Air signs of Libra and Aquarius can form a unique, dynamic duo when they come together, either as friends or as romantic partners. Both of these signs are highly energetic and enthusiastic, and will find that they can easily keep up with each other’s whims. Though they both enjoy idealistic notions and living in their own fantasy worlds, Aquarius’s fixed modality is often enough to bring a sense of groundedness to the cardinal Libra that they will greatly appreciate.

With Aquarius as the eleventh sign in the Zodiac, they take their place as a sign of humanity and all that is humane. This suits Libra perfectly, as they are a sign represented by justice and balance.

A partnership between these two will likely find them undertaking charitable tasks on a regular basis, whether it is volunteering on their own time or working on a project designed to bring attention to human rights issues. These signs have a great love for intellect and creativity, and these activities will only bring them closer together.

A relationship between Libra and Aquarius will likely start off slow, as Aquarius needs time to decide where their feelings lie, and Libra needs time to consider if Aquarius is truly the right choice for them. However, once these two have their minds made up, they tend to give a relationship their all. Both Libra and Aquarius are prone to jumping head first into something and will give a relationship everything they have to offer.

The main conflicts between these signs tend to center around the values that each of them holds. Once Libra has decided a person is for them, they are likely to treat that person as a source of stability and will expect their partner to reciprocate this commitment.

Aquarius, on the other hand, greatly values their independence, and can start to become frustrated with Libra’s behavior, which they perceive as controlling. These attitudes can lead to a breakdown in trust between the two, and may also make it hard for the signs to see eye to eye, leaving them with trouble effectively communicating their feelings to each other.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Both expressive signs, Libra and Aquarius will typically have no problem when it comes to creating a strong and healthy intimate relationship. Libra is inventive and free in the bedroom, something that the non-judgmental Aquarius will greatly appreciate. These signs won’t have any issue pursuing their most carnal desires with each other, taking peace in the knowledge that they are free to explore their passions with each other.

Libra and Aquarius are likely to encourage each other in any aspect of their relationship, as both signs are incredibly supportive of their partner. Whichever project they want to pursue, either together or independently, each side of the partnership will be ready to encourage and commit to the idea. This makes for a strong supportive romantic partnership that can help both signs feel fulfilled in the long run.

The only issue with an intimate partnership between these two signs is Libra’s ever-present insecurity and their need to be liked by their partner. Even though Libra can be vocal about what they want in the bedroom from Aquarius, they may find themselves changing their relationship preferences ever so slightly to suit what they think Aquarius will like, in addition to refraining from voicing their opinions about certain romantic wants or needs. Aquarius will hate this behavior, as they are fairly straight-forward, and will get annoyed with Libra’s constantly changing opinions.

The best way to resolve these issues for Libra is to remember that their partnership with Aquarius is a safe, non-judgmental space, and that Aquarius will enjoy their company more if they embrace their true selves. Aquarius should also learn to develop more tolerance as Libra discovers these things, as harsh criticisms from them may only result in Libra retreating further into their shell.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

Intelligent and creative, a friendship between Libra and Aquarius is often characterized by teamwork and charitable projects. Both of these signs have a strong moral compass and a sense of right and wrong; they will be drawn to each other as they see the other working for a cause that they also support. Together they will be able to develop new, innovative ideas with help from Libra’s cardinal modality, and Aquarius’s fixed modality will put the ideas in place, making sure they come to light.

In addition to their intense teamwork, a friendship between Libra and Aquarius will generally feature growth on both sides. Aquarius is prone to helping Libra ground themselves and learn how to focus on one idea at a time, which is fantastic for helping out Libra’s productivity. Similarly, Libra will help Aquarius expand their knowledge horizons by allowing them to experience many different activities and social situations, bringing a sense of innovation that Aquarius will start to incorporate into their lives.

The only major issue that can cause conflicts with these signs is their differing values in commitment and communication. Once Libra decides that Aquarius is their best friend, they will likely end up planning parts of their life around them, something that can easily overwhelm Aquarius, who appreciates nothing more than independence and can grow upset at Libra for making them feel stifled.

Libra would do well to remember that time away from their friend can be healthy, and Aquarius should remember to clearly set their boundaries with Libra instead of just engaging in an emotional outburst, as this will do nothing but hurt Libra’s feelings and make the situation all the more complicated.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

Ruled by Venus, Libra is a highly emotional sign, though they might not always understand how to communicate their feelings. Similarly, Aquarius is intuitive and an observer of many emotions, but they may have trouble feeling the depth of their emotions when it comes down to it.

Libra can help Aquarius become more in touch with their feelings, while Aquarius assists Libra in learning how to communicate their feelings in a more detached, straightforward way. This can lead to a healthy balance of learning and growth between the signs that makes for a strong emotional compatibility.

However, as a romantic relationship between these two signs moves along, they could find themselves at a stalemate. Libra will want to engage in marriage or an equivalent ceremony at some point, wishing for a certain level of commitment in their relationship in order to feel emotionally fulfilled. On the other hand, Aquarius hates the idea of commitment or being tied down, and will feel extremely unhappy if they are forced into something like this by Libra.

It is important for these signs to have an honest conversation about their feelings before going too far in a romantic relationship, as what they need to feel emotionally fulfilled can entirely make or break a situation. For the most part, these signs will be able to find a middle ground, but they should both remember that too many compromises about their emotions and what makes them happiest is not always the most sustainable option.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

Many of the values that Libra and Aquarius have can be shared, especially in regards to their love for creativity and intellectual stimulation. These signs are likely to bond over these values first, placing them on a pedestal in their relationship and frequently engaging in brainstorming sessions for all types of things. This includes everything from idealistic notions and goals to more grounded conversations about new scientific discoveries and historical information.

That said, once these values are established and well talked out it can be hard for Libra and Aquarius to find other things in common. Of course, they could just keep talking about what they know they value, but this won’t lead to a relationship full of growth.

The main problem with a partnership between these two is that Libra values long-term commitment and future planning with their partner, while Aquarius dislikes any notion of being tied down to one place.

If Libra and Aquarius want their relationship as friends or romantic partners to thrive despite this difference, they should make efforts to practice mutual respect and tolerance for the other. They should work hard to discuss their opinions and reasonings, but neither side should be pushing the other to bend to their own will. Since Libra and Aquarius love the flow of knowledge, exhibiting this tolerance can help them overcome their major differences in values and lead to a more compatible relationship.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

Though both of these signs are lovers of excitement, it can be difficult for them to find activities that they both agree on. Aquarius is a lover of spontaneity and will always want to be on the go, throwing themselves into activities without a second thought.

Libra, on the other hand, does appreciate staying busy, but they are more prone to needing decision time when it comes to activities they deem as high risk. This can create frustration between the two as Aquarius finds it hard to slow down to Libra’s decision-making pace, and Libra refuses to act on impulse when it comes to the activities that Aquarius has in mind.

Patience with each other is the best way for these signs to get on the same page regarding activities. They should both work hard to accommodate their partner without compromising their own comfort and safety too much.

Once they have established this balance, Libra and Aquarius can enjoy many activities together, and will love going to museums across the globe, experiencing social nights out on the town in exclusive clubs, or traveling to exotic destinations simply because the flights were cheap.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius tend to rely on communication as a pillar of their relationship, especially when the thing that brings these signs together is their shared love of knowledge and intellect. They may often spend hours talking and exchanging ideas, keen to learn all about each other, but Aquarius should make sure they don’t get too heated. Libra should make sure they aren’t too preachy with their views, or they may end up pushing their conversation partner away.

Arguments will occasionally happen in this relationship, much like with any Zodiac partnership, but the way that Libra and Aquarius approach their disagreements can be a concern. Aquarius tends to walk away from issues, preferring to cut all ties than admit they were wrong or go back on their word.

Libra is the same way, and will hold onto a belief stubbornly, even in the face of proof they were incorrect. This type of behavior will completely break down the communication compatibility of these two, as both signs would rather remain stubborn than talk about their issues rationally.

In order to improve this behavior and their communication compatibility, Libra and Aquarius should work hard to understand their behavior in the face of conflicts. Together, they should force themselves into having civil conversations and resolving their major arguments, rather than giving each other the silent treatment until the end of time.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Trust can often be an easy thing in a Libra and Aquarius partnership. These two both have very strong senses of justice and moral compasses; they recognize these traits in each other and will hardly ever feel suspicious or jealous of the other’s behavior.

Aquarius is one of the few signs in the Zodiac who can put up with Libra’s casually flirtatious behavior without issue, and Libra is one of the few signs in the Zodiac who can perfectly understand Aquarius’s insecurities and works to reassure Aquarius at every turn.

This strong sense of loyalty in each other may break down a little bit when Libra starts to act too clingy or demand commitment from their Aquarius partner. These behaviors tend to push independence-loving Aquarius away, making them act out and causing Libra to lose their sense of trust in their partner. Similarly, Aquarius will start to become distrustful of Libra’s intentions in the relationship once they start demanding commitment, believing that everything is a product of manipulation instead of love.

If these signs want their strong foundation of trust and loyalty to last, they should engage in regular conversations and check-ins where they make sure they are still on the same page in the relationship, and neither sign is feeling too unfulfilled or overwhelmed, as this can catch problems before they turn into something major.

Libra & Aquarius Libra & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

Similar to a friendship between Libra and Aquarius, these signs share a strong potential for a compatible workplace relationship. Libra and Aquarius tend to work very well with each other, and their teamwork will often be the envy of the office.

The ideas that cardinal Libra throws out are constantly analyzed by fixed modality Aquarius, who implements the most feasible ones. This partnership balance leads to many projects that are completed with innovation and proper logistics, making the Libra and Aquarius work partnership one of the most productive.

These signs have a strong sense of justice and morals, and they may find that they work best in companies that strive to better conditions for humans globally. They could be happy working in human resources, making small differences, or would be happy leading a company designed to bring attention to the many injustice issues found around a community. Together, Libra and Aquarius would take great steps towards their goals, with neither of them ready to give up until significant change has been implemented.

Libra and Aquarius work well as coworkers, but they could also be great business owners. These signs do need to make sure that they have a strong sense of respect and tolerance for the other before engaging in a dual business effort, however, as it is easy for Aquarius to be annoyed by the indecisive Libra when it comes making to business decisions. It is also easy for Libra to be offended by the fast-moving Aquarius, leading to a partnership that may end up focusing on their internal power struggles and forgetting the goal of their organization if they are not careful.

Libra & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

A partnership that is often founded around a shared love of intellect, creativity, and justice, the Libra and Aquarius pairing can be an enthusiastic and dynamic one. These Air signs possess the ability to keep up with one another and are uniquely hardworking, each side of the pairing supporting the other on their individual goals, while still focusing on setting shared dreams in place.

As long as these signs remember to clearly communicate their wants and needs in order to create a healthy sense of mutual respect and trust in the other, their relationship as friends or lovers can thrive in the long term.

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