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Pisces is a water sign, and Capricorn an earth sign, whichis a combination that typically has a lot of potential to thrive. The grounded nature of earth signs can keep water signs from getting lost in their own depths and daydreams. Conversely, water... Keeping reading

Pisces & Capricorn Compatibility

Pisces is a water sign, and Capricorn an earth sign, whichis a combination that typically has a lot of potential to thrive. The grounded nature of earth signs can keep water signs from getting lost in their own depths and daydreams. Conversely, water signs can influence earth signs to get in touch with their vulnerable side and their idealist dreams. This is no better reflected than in a Pisces and Capricorn relationship.

It would seem on the surface that the duo is too dissimilar to work, but they each actually bring a lot of balance to one another in a relationship.

Pisceans tend to have lots of ideas, which can make them very innovative. However, it’s usually hard for them to follow through with those ideas. Capricorn sensibility would actually be a huge asset in this respect. Capricorns love achieving goals and they tend to be very strategic when it comes to setting a path for success. They may be able to help Pisceans with their wildest dreams.

Both of them are pretty analytical, but in different ways. For Capricorns, it tends to be strategic and it’s used almost exclusively for achieving their goals. Pisceans simply like getting to know people and understanding different perspectives better.

The way that each of them handles trust is very similar. Both Pisceans and Capricorns take a long time before they can trust someone, which will be really good for their relationship. They’ll likely feel understood by the other person, and they won’t rush one another into a commitment.

Capricorns have a patience about them that’s unexpected given how ambitious and strategic they can also be. They’re happy to wait, and they’ll take time to listen to others. This will be good for Pisceans, who sometimes need time when it comes to their emotions.

This is not to say that there won’t be challenges. Sometimes Capricorns can have a hard time giving affection and the encouragement that Pisceans need to shine. Communication around this may bring challenges as well.

Once Pisceans and Capricorns are able to figure out how to best make the other person happy, their relationship will be very rewarding.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Both signs tend to have a very hard time opening up and taking a step toward commitment. They can both be hard to get to know for different reasons (for more on that, see here). This does mean that they’ll be patient with each other, and neither will likely rush the other into something serious.

Typically, Pisceans thrive on affection and praise–even more than the regular person. However, this isn’t usually Capricorn’s first instinct. Capricorns have a reputation for being unfeeling, and they tend to pay more attention to matters of the mind over those of the heart.

When Capricorns take the step to be more committed to their partner, this and other forms of affection are likely to come with more ease. Capricorns tend to treat their relationships as something to overachieve in–like everything else in their lives. The key is Pisceans being honest about what they need, so Capricorns can do everything they can to meet those needs.

Asking for encouragement may be difficult for Pisceans. Capricorns aren’t the type to take a request like that personally, though, which will help Pisceans follow through. It may be helpful for Capricorns to check in occasionally with direct questions.

The long initial talking phase in their relationship means that by the time they do become serious, they’ll know each other very well. This will help each of them when it comes to meshing communication styles as well as knowing what the other person likes.

The affection and encouragement aspect is going to be the most difficult challenge. Once that is overcome, everything else will fall into place smoothly.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Friendship Compatibility

Pisceans tend to be very kind and compassionate individuals. This makes it easy for other people to talk to them, including Capricorns.

Pisceans love getting to know other people and seeing their perspectives. Capricorns are very calm, and they enjoy analyzing other people. This similarity should lay a strong friendship foundation right off the bat.

Their differences have the potential to lead to a lot of interesting conversations. Pisceans tend to be idealists and dreamers, while Capricorns tend to be more traditionalist and realistic. Capricorns also tend to be great at giving advice, which Pisceans may find very useful.

Both signs tend to be very guarded when it comes to trust and vulnerability. This may make it hard for their friendship to go anything beyond superficial. Pisceans may find this difficult because they’ll likely want to know Capricorns well enough to read their emotions.

Because of how in tune Pisceans are with the feelings of everyone around them, they can find it difficult to set boundaries. Capricorns don’t usually have any trouble with this, and they tend to be very averse to manipulative people. This means that they likely won’t take advantage of Pisceans, and they’ll let Pisces know if someone in their life is treating them badly.

Overall, their capacity for friendship together is pretty good. Finding suitable activities to do together may help strengthen their bond and take them to the next level (for more on that, see here).

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Emotional Compatibility

Pisceans tend to be more sensitive than the average person because of their heightened sense of empathy. It’s often very easy for Pisceans to feel the pain of those around them, and all they want to do is help. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that they don’t set boundaries and people take advantage of them.

Capricorns are notorious for having a stoic disposition. They’re very disciplined, and this usually extends to their emotions to the point where cruel people may call them “unfeeling.” Obviously this isn’t the case, but it is true that Capricorns tend to approach life with their minds over their hearts.

Capricorns will help Pisceans feel more grounded as they figure out their own emotions. Gentle Pisceans may give Capricorns a chance to get in touch with their vulnerable side without making them feel overwhelmed by it.

Time spent together with Capricorn may make Pisceans feel more comfortable voicing their emotional needs. This is something Pisceans sometimes have trouble with because they don’t want to hurt someone.

Disagreements will likely be pretty easy. Capricorns need to make sure that if they’re giving criticism, it’s said in a way that won’t hurt Pisceans. Pisceans should watch that they’re not deferring to Capricorn all the time to avoid an argument. With time, these things will become easier.

These differences sound like they’d clash, but there’s a lot of room for them to balance each other. This gives them a lot of potential for compatibility, especially once they know each other well.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Values Compatibility

Capricorns highly value success and getting ahead. Their goals tend to be the top priority until they’re settled in a romantic relationship and have a family. Pisceans don’t necessarily have this sense of ambition. It may be hard for them to know that work tends to be at the top of Capricorn’s priority list.

Pisceans highly value being compassionate, which is a product of their empathy. This is the lens through which they live their entire lives, much like the way that Capricorns are highly ambitious in all capacities.

Pisces won’t be disturbed by the unempathetic Capricorn. Instead, this difference will lead to a balance within the relationship. Challenges may occur as they seek that balance, but it’s something they’ll be able to work through.

Pisceans have very rich inner lives and put a lot of value in their dreams (and daydreams). Capricorns likely won’t be able to relate to this, but they may find it endearing.

Sometimes Pisceans can go too far with this escapism, until it becomes something unhealthy. Capricorns may be able to help Pisceans keep their head from getting stuck in the clouds.

Both signs tend to be very loyal when it comes to their close relationships. The hard part can often be getting to a point where they feel close to someone. This is something they’ll likely be able to bond over. Neither of them will have to worry about issues surrounding loyalty.

Even though their values can seem dissimilar, the pair has opportunities for balance and learning.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Activities Compatibility

It may be difficult to find activities that both Pisceans and Capricorns will enjoy without some compromise involved.

Neither sign tends to be a lover of boisterous crowds, which will definitely work in their favor. Pisceans are typically a little more social than Capricorns, but it won’t be to a degree that’s obtrusive. Both signs can enjoy the company of other people, but they’ll be just as happy by themselves.

Capricorns tend to gravitate toward work that involves a goal or a set achievement. This could be a sport, but it could also be something like a class. If they can find something that reflects Pisceans’ interests, they’ll both be able to get something out of whatever they settle on.

Pisceans tend to really thrive in creative ventures, especially musical ones. Capricorns aren’t known for their creativity, but if they have those capacities, they’ll be happy to go along with and encourage Pisceans.

Capricorns don’t tend to be overly competitive, which is good because Pisceans usually aren’t competitive at all. Capricorns really just like to succeed and achieve the most that they can. Pisceans may not get this, but they’ll likely be understanding of it.

Pisceans can also sometimes find an interest in volunteer work. If this is something Capricorns can share an interest in, it opens up more avenues for them to spend time together.

Finding activities that they can share can be hit or miss, depending on each sign’s interests. With compromise, they’re sure to find something that makes them both happy, though.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Communication Compatibility

Capricorns tend to be very direct individuals. Pisceans can sometimes be hurt easily by this bluntness, even when the other person isn’t meaning to. Capricorns may want to watch how they phrase criticisms.

Pisceans can have a hard time being direct in their communication. Capricorns are likely to ask for clarification, though, and won’t be afraid to make sure that they understand what Pisces is trying to say. This will make communication easier than it may be for Pisces with others in the zodiac.

Encouragement is something that means a lot to Pisceans, even more than other signs. Capricorns aren’t necessarily warm by instinct, but it may help to talk through what Pisces expects or needs. This will likely make that nurturing and encouragement come easier for Capricorn.

In disagreements, it will be really easy for Pisces to just go along with whatever Capricorn is saying. Both signs need to make sure that this isn’t happening and act accordingly. It may be helpful for Capricorn to check in with what Pisces wants directly.

It may take a while for them to figure out the most efficient methods of communication between them. However, with Capricorn’s patience and Pisces’ compassion, they have the ability to make it work well.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Trust Compatibility

It takes a lot for both Pisceans and Capricorns to trust someone. Their approaches to it differ emotionally, but the approaches themselves are very similar. This means that there’s a lot of room for compatibility, especially when they’re building trust with each other.

Pisceans have the tendency to be very empathetic, and their own feelings run very deeply. They can be very sensitive, which means that they can be hurt more easily than other signs. As a result, Pisceans wait a long time before opening up because they don’t want to be hurt. They also need a lot of time to work out what their exact feelings are.

For Capricorns, it’s more to do with their ability to analyze the risks associated with getting into a relationship. Like Pisceans, this is partly because they don’t want to get hurt, but it has more to do with their own pessimistic tendencies.

Neither one of them is likely to rush the other into something serious. Pisceans may open up before Capricorns, but if they do, they won’t pressure Capricorn into taking the leap.

Once trust is built, the subject will be even easier. Both signs tend to be very loyal when it comes to the people that they love the most. Trust is something that’s not easily lost between them–so as long as communication is strong, they have the potential to last a very long time.

Trust is an area where this duo won’t have to worry about too many challenges.

Pisces & Capricorn Pisces & Capricorn
Work Compatibility

Capricorns are known for the high levels of skill they usually have with details. Many Capricorns are great with numbers as well. Piscean strengths tend to be more along the lines of the creative and “big picture” work, which isn’t always what Capricorns are known for.

Pisceans are usually pretty quiet workers who don’t typically like to take on leadership roles. Capricorns thrive in leadership, and when they haven’t made it to the top they’re planning their way there.

Capricorns in management positions should watch that they’re not being overly inflexible with their employees or teammates. When a Capricorn wants something, they’ll stop at nothing to get it—but sometimes this gets out of hand. This will especially be difficult since Pisceans sometimes find it hard to speak up against a friend or colleague of theirs, not wanting to hurt feelings.

Along with this, Capricorn should be cognizant of how much work they’re doing and make sure they’re not overtaking Pisces. Pisceans have a lot of valuable insight to contribute, which can easily get lost if Capricorn isn’t careful. Having a system in place to make sure both voices are heard equally will be extremely beneficial in keeping the duo balanced.

Overall, this is another instance where this duo’s differences create a sense of balance that works really well together.

Pisces & Capricorn Compatibility Summary

Trust is one of the most important things that will come easily to them, which lays the foundation of a good relationship. Areas in which they have differences will more likely than not be the things that keep their relationship balanced. Along with this balance comes the opportunity for learning, which both signs enjoy doing.

There may be challenges at the beginning of the relationship. Once they get to know each other, these challenges will likely be able to be resolved smoothly. Communication will be important, as will a reiteration of the trust they built between them.

Even though there are a lot of differences in the way that Pisceans and Capricorns approach their lives, they have a lot of potential for compatibility.

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