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Leo and Leo, what a bright and boisterous pair! Get these two together and this fiery mix of sun signs can go to stellar places. Whether romantically or platonically, it’s bound to be intense and exciting no matter what! But are two suns in a s... Keeping reading

Leo & Leo Compatibility

Leo and Leo, what a bright and boisterous pair! Get these two together and this fiery mix of sun signs can go to stellar places. Whether romantically or platonically, it’s bound to be intense and exciting no matter what! But are two suns in a solar system really a good combination? We think so!

Leo, a fire sign, is destined to make all aspects of their life hot and intense. So, whether it be a relationship or a career path they have in mind, there’s always bound to be fire. Pair up two of these cats, and you are going to get double the heat. Expect intense friendships, intense workplace interactions, and romances that can rival interstellar levels of energy.

These solar-bound zodiac partners are warm, loving, and immerse themselves in beauty and sensuality at every turn, especially with one another. But like two suns inhabiting one solar system, this mix can be a bit too intense for them—not to mention for others in their vicinity. There’s such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen.

Leo happens to be a fixed sign. This means they are quite set in their ways and do not wish to yield to anyone or anything. Never get in the way of their goals and dreams! Two Leos together might be ideal in that sense, but they can easily come into loggerheads at times, especially if one’s goal gets in the way of another. They are typically affable enough to work these things out in an orderly manner to continue on their way. On the off chance they can’t, however, there’s bound to be trouble.

But while negativities between Leo and Leo are distinct possibilities, the positive aspects most certainly outweigh them all. Their undying sense of loyalty and honor between each other will always persevere and stand true, through the thick and the thin. They are undoubtedly one of the most solid zodiac compatibilities out there, and Leo would be nuts to miss out on a strong friendship or long-term mate with another of their metaphorical pride.

So let’s strap in and see just how these two star-crossed cats handle each other in the good times and the bad!

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

A pair of Leos love much in the way they live their lives, namely bold and full of vigor. They adore being seen in public together in the grandest of ways. Public displays of affections are to be expected, so if you’re on a date with a pair of these guys be prepared for dinner and a show when they get heated up!

The proud lion in love can be a beautiful thing to witness indeed. But deep down, there are some issues here, especially a love affair between two Leos. One of the biggest problems they can face is the fact that Leo can be extremely jealous and insecure if there’s not enough admiration being showered upon them.

Two of these lions in love can be dangerous, especially if one is hiding secrets from the other. Lions understand the inner mechanics of other lions. That means they can smell when something is off with their significant other. In particular, if it’s another member of their zodiacal tribe.

When it comes to the bedroom, these two cats will be fierce and fiery with one another, guaranteed. If the emotional side of the relationship is going through turbulence, this is only going to make their passion towards each other more intense.

This is an issue with fire sign individuals like Leo. There’s a great capacity for romance and high levels of sexual expression, but there’s equally just enough flame to burn down the entire forest they inhabit as well!

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

Leo can be a little off-putting for some of the other zodiac signs. We find that they are a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on how rambunctious they can get when put in the same room). Leo compliments another Leo easily. They will both riff off of each other’s charm and vivacious demeanor. A meeting of these two can turn into such a love-fest. Others in the vicinity might scurry away in shame or disgust from the sight of it all!

Beware, though. Not all is perfect in this pairing. Two lions equal two massive egos, and they both can test each other in moments of extreme braggadocio. This can lead to some pretty heated conflicts at times. The good news is that Leo doesn’t generally keep a grudge with one another. These cats are great at having the negativity roll off their backs like water off of a duck.

So, to sum it up, a Leo pair will make a lifetime friendship if they both treat each other with respect and don’t step on each other’s toes too much. They’ll always be calling each other up to go on various quests for glory (and fun).

They also make a great duo for getting people riled up for any special event that requires some gusto, such as sports games and bachelor parties. So, if you’re a lonesome lion and you need a pal to get you in your zone, look no further than a fellow Leo!

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

Leos are some of the most strong-willed signs in the entire zodiac, and also some of the most passionate. This isn’t completely surprising, as they are a fire sign, and their planetary aspect is the Sun. These guys are penultimate passion players who love to drink deeply of all avenues in life.

A Leo can be so “in your face” and direct with other zodiac signs that they can end up becoming estranged and even socially ostracized in the worst cases. A lot of times, this doesn’t truly bother them all that much because they would rather perish than not follow their bliss, so to speak.

Two Leos getting together is a powerful sight when it comes to unfettered emotional exhibitions. They not only innately understand what lies beneath each other, but also know how to fan the proverbial flames down to a much cooler temperature once everything is said and done. Very few other signs truly understand the fierce lion, unlike their fellow zodiac kin.

The downside when it comes to Leos and their emotions, however, is their overall volatility. The fights between these guys can be more than just catty and can get pretty explosive at times. But, as explained above, these two solar titans know each other better than they know themselves, and in the end (assuming they didn’t come to blows), will make up with one another and probably be stronger for it.

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Values Compatibility

Lions are loud and proud, and Leo is certainly no exception. With a pairing like this, Leo is almost certain to have strong shared core values that will only help to keep their bond hard as iron. This is no surprise as Leos typically seem to be very compatible with one another.

Leos love to relax just as much as they enjoy rising in the ranks on their career path. Work hard and play hard. This seems to be a motto made with Leo in mind this entire time. When paired up with another Leo, this couple understands each other’s natural boundaries. There’s a time to rest and relax and there’s a time to go adventuring.  Another Leo is going to hone in on that easily without even being told anything in the first place.

One thing Leo would easily share with another Leo is a tendency to value individuals that consider loyalty one of their top traits in life. Leo does not like to deal with duplicitous individuals. They would much rather be in cahoots with someone they can be open and honest with 24/7 and not have to worry about a knife in the back (or heart, even).

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Activities Compatibility

There’s a tendency to view lions as fierce at some times, lazy at others. This is true for real-life lions, but Leo is a bit more varied than their feline counterparts!

Leos have to be around people similar to themselves, however. Otherwise, they won’t be spurred into action, especially if they are near low-energy or negative people. This goes back to the concept of a pride of lions, and how they are all ultimately a family. Leo needs their pack to reach a high level of enjoyment out of their interpersonal lives. Otherwise, they would just lounge about in their homes playing video games and would probably be worse off for it.

There’s potential for two Leos to clash with their preferred activities, especially if it goes against their routine. They can be very stuck in a rut while also craving adventure at the same time. This conflict wouldn’t last long as Leos tend to work out their differences over time, especially over relatively light subjects such as fun activities and pastimes.

To sum up, there’s nothing more effective than another Leo to get the lion out of their comfort zone and drink deeply of the wonder of life itself. This is especially the case if a Leo in question is more prone to lazing about than others of their kind. With just a few inspiring words from one of their fellow zodiac tribes, they can go from zero to hero in no time flat.

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Communication Compatibility

Leos know each other and know each other well. This can also be a negative thing because that means each one is quite adept at pressing the other’s buttons. Leos connect on a deep level, one that goes beyond just a mere friendship, when proper communication comes into play.

Leo is known for being very outgoing, fiery, and passionate, especially in their speech. Two Leos will chatter on for seemingly hours about anything and everything. It’s their intuitive bond and understanding they have as extremely Type-A solar personalities.

Their at-times overbearing personalities could be quite a tough pill to swallow for some of the more subdued zodiac signs, such as Capricorn. When it’s just the two of them, though, it’s game on 24/7, at least until it’s time to go home and pass out from the sheer exhaustion of passion these two lions can evoke when in the proximity of one another!

Communication can potentially break down, however, if the relationship in question is made up of constant one-upmanship. This can sour even these aggressive members of the zodiac. Also, in matters of the heart, if two Leos haven’t worked on their bonding as a couple, there could be a possibility of jealousy on both sides, since Leo is prone to being highly territorial and possessive of their significant others.

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Leo is a solar-dominated zodiac sign, and that means that they are vivacious, full of life, and extremely dedicated to the idea of destiny and fulfillment of their life’s every desire. This can make pairings between them incredible because of how they feed off of each other’s highly solar energy, or it could be a complete disaster as they alienate everyone around them through constant bragging and one-upmanship.

If two Leos can truly turn off the superiority games that they play with each other, then there’s a big chance that a deep and meaningful bond will begin to flourish between them. Power admires power, and if that regal essence of Leo is allowed to prosper between two individuals of this same sign then a kinship will almost certainly develop in the process.

If these two lions never stop comparing themselves to one another in terms of always pointing out obvious (and not so obvious) strengths and weakness, then it’s going to be far more challenging for them to remain open enough to one another for any sort of deep-seated trust to ever form.

Leo & Leo Leo & Leo
Work Compatibility

Two beasts roaming together in the same office. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right?

Maybe yes, maybe no. It mostly boils down to whether or not each individual in this double-trouble apex predator pair in question is willing to “turn it down” a bit for the sake of the business as a whole. These two lions aren’t mere housecats and the desire to one-up each other could become annoying at best and destructive to the venture at the worst if not reigned in early on.

While it’s true that Leo is a center-of-attention zodiac sign and loves to hog the attention of all present in their never-ending carnival, they also have another very important trait that is suitable for businesses everywhere, namely that they understand one another on deep levels.

Lions travel in packs called prides, which we find quite interesting in regards to this sign. They will be willing to do anything for one another in the workplace, even if it means looking the other way at times when potentially unethical yet time-saving actions might have to take place.

This isn’t the best workplace pair in the zodiac, but if both Leos can keep their egos in check and watch each other’s backs, they can be a force to be reckoned with in their company or even in a shared business venture.

Leo & Leo Compatibility Summary

Leo and Leo are what we would call a no-brainer pair as far as all of the zodiac signs are concerned. Who else would know a lion better than another lion?

Their insistence on honor and truth will undoubtedly assure strength in their relationship, no matter if it’s romantic or platonic. They are great playmates with one another, and you can easily see this carrying over into the workplace, making them fantastic and high-energy employees. They are also some of the best friends to have if you are a Leo, as they will inspire you in your darkest times to get up and get out and enjoy this life.

The only real grey area with these fiery cats is in the realm of trust between one another. This is only really because they are extremely prideful and egocentric, and can sometimes take anything less than 100% attention from their partner as a sign of cheating or some other form of duplicitousness.

The best solution for these problems is just a little extra communication on both sides to keep these situations from happening. Otherwise, this is a zodiac pairing made in heaven that is relatively low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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