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A pairing of romantics, Pisces and Libra are ruled by Neptune and Venus, respectively. These planets influence the seemingly predestined love match between these signs and spark romance on a regular basis between the two. With Pisces and Libra, there... Keeping reading

Pisces & Libra Compatibility

A pairing of romantics, Pisces and Libra are ruled by Neptune and Venus, respectively. These planets influence the seemingly predestined love match between these signs and spark romance on a regular basis between the two.

With Pisces and Libra, there will be no shortage of grand romantic gestures, sentimental emotions, or affectionate words. As the sign of partnership, Libra will encourage an intimate relationship between themselves and Pisces to take place quickly, but they should be careful not to push too hard, or Pisces could end up being overwhelmed.

Libra is an air sign and Pisces a water sign, which makes for an almost unstoppable duo. Libra will flit around freely from one exciting idea to the other while Pisces keeps them somewhat grounded and provides the logistics to achieve their ideas, though the creative nature of Pisces will have no problem participating in the idea-generating. Both signs are adventurous and will enjoy getting out of their daily routine in order to attend exclusive social events, exotic restaurants, or simply to take a romantic walk together downtown.

Unrealistic expectations of the other will be the main obstacle for a Pisces and Libra pairing to overcome. Both of these signs are emotional and interpret the world in their own unique way; when they don’t see eye to eye on their interpretations or move at different speeds, disagreements and conflicts can arise between them, leading to each sign demanding the other keep pace with them and an eventual breakdown in the relationship. Tolerance and compromise are the key traits for these signs to learn if they want to successfully balance their relationship.

Another common issue between Pisces and Libra is their lack of assertiveness when it comes to their own feelings. By nature, Libra keeps their true feelings under wrap, not wanting to rock the boat or be the source for conflict in their own relationship. Pisces, with their Mutable modality, will copy this behavior and can become unwilling to speak their own mind as they mirror Libra’s attitude.

If this cycle continues, resentment and frustration can build, which will often result in a major blowout argument. Proper communication is essential if these signs are to avoid these situations, and communication between Pisces and Libra will need to be worked at in order for these signs to get on the same page.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Finding romance is not a hard task for these signs, as the cosmic pairing of Pisces’s Neptune and Pluto ruling and Libra’s Venus ruling create a love partnership that is full of passion and intimate sentiment. Another factor in their loving relationship is that Venus is also exalted in Pisces, laying the groundwork for both signs to be selfless lovers who care deeply about their partner’s satisfaction.

By nature, Libra is an especially sensual sign and places a large amount of expectation on their sexual experiences with a partner. Pisces can often accept this and may learn to appreciate this quality. However, they should be careful not to be pushed too far out of their comfort zone by Libra, as this can create resentment and frustration in the relationship.

There is no lack of loving tenderness between Pisces and Libra, but Pisces’s shyness may get in the way of the two of them forming a deeper connection beyond physical attraction. Libra will want their experiences, both in and out of the bedroom, with Pisces to be passionate and full of confidence, while Pisces prefers a partner who is more emotionally aware and compassionate, and someone who prefers to take things slowly, much like themselves.

This disconnect can be enough to derail even the most romantic of Pisces and Libra partnerships. It doesn’t matter how much they value the romance between them—if they feel their needs aren’t being met or one of them is being ignored, neither of them will be happy.

In order to maintain a sense of passion in their relationship and to keep from upsetting the other, Libra and Pisces will have to pay special attention to what their partner wants and go the extra mile compromising. This can create a balance that is influenced by the loving match of their ruling planets and is much more likely to be mutually satisfying for both of them.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between Pisces and Libra can be dynamic, and the two will make a match that complements each other well. The imaginative natures of both of these signs creates a partnership that is full of creativity and unique world views. These two may spend their time together discussing imaginative ideas, fantastical realities, or simply lost in their own special world.

The adaptability of both of these signs is another factor that keeps them together. Libra moves fast, constantly changing their ideas and trajectory; unlike many other signs in the Zodiac, Pisces easily adjusts to this behavior and, thanks to their mutable modality, has no problem going wherever Libra’s flow takes the two of them. This balance between the two often means that there is a lack of frustration and conflict, leading to a harmonious relationship.

However, these two signs should be careful that they don’t leave a trail of destruction in their wake; constantly changing ideas and attitudes may be fine in their friendship, but others can find this off-putting and may cut ties with them over it. Pisces and Libra should also be careful not to give into their shared trait of laziness, as this can cause them to experience prolonged periods of disorganization and an unhealthy cycle in their relationship. Consideration for others and self-awareness of their actions are the best way to address these issues in a friendship between the two.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Emotional Compatibility

Pisces and Libra can understand the other’s emotions easily, but there are times when Libra’s manipulative actions can be a little bit too much for Pisces. Libra will always want to control and manage Pisces’s reactions so they can better tailor their own expectations, but Pisces will sense Libra trying to exercise this control over them; it is common for arguments to arise when Pisces catches Libra red-handed.

It can also be hard for Pisces and Libra to set their own selfish expectations and emotions aside and work on building a stronger emotional relationship. Both signs can be so wrapped up in what they think and believe that they will not take time to consider how the other feels, leading to a build-up of unexpressed feelings and inconsideration. Pisces and Libra should work on being open with their emotions and taking the time to check in with each other, as this is what will improve their appreciation of the other.

Once Pisces and Libra are practicing tolerance and seeing eye to eye with their emotions, however, they can be one of the most emotionally compatible Zodiac pairings. Venus’s ruling in Libra is exalted in Pisces, leading to unspoken emotional connections and instinctual sentiments; these signs are the pairing who will be able to know the emotions of the other without even speaking a word, communicating with subtle looks and intuition alone.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Values Compatibility

Pisces and Libra both value love and connection, something that keeps them together in a strong relationship, whether the two are friends or something more. A lot of this is due to their ruling planets, with Pluto and Neptune ruling Pisces and Venus ruling Libra. Pisces and Libra share many of the same interests and ideals thanks to the cosmic connection of these planets, leading to a relationship that shares many values, and partners that can learn to appreciate even the values that they don’t share.

These signs both value spontaneity to an extent, with Libra always following their ideas on a whim and Pisces enjoying the excitement that living without a plan brings. However, there could be conflict in these values as Libra values spontaneity with a solid base to come back to, while Pisces never needs to return home to ground themselves. As these signs approach spontaneity together and end up with different expectations about what to do when the excitement has worn off, they could find themselves at blows, not understanding the motivations behind the other.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Activities Compatibility

Lovers of art and intellectual pursuits, Pisces and Libra will have no problem touring museums, attending a painting class, or watching a documentary together. The time after these activities are completed will be spent in discussion, with each sign taking inspiration from the activity to form their own ideas and theories about events and life in general.

These signs are also very social, with Libra needing to be surrounded by large friend groups and Pisces achieving easy popularity with their easy-going nature. The two can be found attending parties together or being invited to the most exclusive social events thanks to their outgoing attitudes and personal connections; these activities will be thoroughly enjoyed by both of the signs and regarded as a night well spent.

Indecision is the main factor stopping these two from being completely compatible in activities. Libra is known for their indecision and ability to agonize over a decision all night. Pisces also struggles with decision making, leading to a scenario where the two signs constantly change their minds on each other, going around in circles attempting to make a choice about what to do and where to go. And at the end of it all, they might end up staying home due to the stress of trying to choose an activity.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Communication Compatibility

The communication compatibility between Pisces and Libra will often start out poor, and may stay that way through their entire relationship if the two don’t make an effort to work on it. Libra will try to work their charm from the sidelines, communicate passive-aggressively, or try to mold Pisces to fit their ideals. Pisces will reject this method of communicating, and prefers a more up-front and honest style. This can create arguments as Libra hates being caught out in their behaviors, and Pisces dislikes any attempts to manipulate them.

Fortunately, Pisces and Libra are quick to move past any conflicts that may arise between them. Libra will do anything in their power to end an argument or other disagreement, and Pisces has the unique ability to truly see their partner’s actions through an empathic eye. Although constant arguments between the two are not a good thing, sometimes they are necessary to help each side better understand the other and strengthen their lines of communication.

Mutual respect and understanding are the foundations that these signs need to improve on if they are to maintain healthy communication in their relationship. Neither sign should be trying to change the other or condemning their individual methods of communication, as this will lead to a greater breakdown in their relationship.

Instead, Pisces and Libra should work on understanding why their partner communicates that way, respecting their motivations, and reflecting on their own behaviors in order to make their own communications clearer. Only then will these signs improve their compatibility in this area.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Trust Compatibility

Trust between these two signs can be an issue and something that doesn’t come easily. While both of these signs are highly social, there can be a wedge driven between them if each of them witnesses the flirting behavior of the other. Pisces and Libra are both prone to seeking attention from outside their relationship, despite not having any desire to act on it, and although they recognize this instinct in themselves, they will still grow upset when their partner does the same.

Pisces and Libra can grow suspicious of one another, not trusting the intentions or loyalty of their partner. This will, in turn, cause them both to act out more and creating an unhealthy balance that can only be described as negative or toxic behavior styles.

If Pisces and Libra are to gain any semblance of trust and loyalty in their relationship, they need to control their individual desires to engage in causally flirting behaviors with others; they should strive to build their relationship from the ground up, working on slowly increasing their trust levels and their understanding of the other’s behavior, as this is the only thing that can foster mutual appreciation, acceptance, and a healthy, dedicated relationship.

Pisces & Libra Pisces & Libra
Work Compatibility

As a result of similar elements that make Pisces and Libra good friends, this pairing makes a very compatible workplace match. The two will often play off each other, throwing out creative ideas and fantastical planning for their current works in progress. As an Air sign, Libra will often lack the follow-through needed to complete any of their ideas, but Water sign Pisces will typically have enough forethought to put the most realistic ideas into action.

These signs work well in professions where they are on equal footing and allowed to seek inspiration all day. Creative professions such as script-writing, music production, or graphic design are perfect for Pisces and Libra, as they allow them to work at their own pace with general deadlines and indulge in their creative ideas on a daily basis. As project partners in one of these professions, there is no telling what beautiful thing will be produced.

This being said, Pisces and Libra would likely not make the best co-owners of a business, or fare well when one is promoted over the other. They are not the best signs for dealing with responsibility and they are unlikely to be able to exert the amount of foresight and control over a group of employees that is needed for a successful business.

It would take one of the signs, likely Pisces, pulling their head out of the clouds and dedicating themselves to the realities of their ideas in order for any type of partnership likely to succeed; however, the loss of Pisces’s creativity in the idea wheel can upset Libra and take down the productivity of the entire working relationship.

Pisces & Libra Compatibility Summary

Once Pisces and Libra work through their own egos and somewhat self-centered attitudes, the connection between them can deepen and grow unlike anything else. These two signs can be highly compatible in matters of love, values, and shared activities, which helps them strengthen the foundation of the relationship. As long as they are sure to practice tolerance and regard the other’s feelings with compassion, Pisces and Libra can become the Zodiac soulmates that many may dream of having.

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