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On the zodiac wheel, Aries and Taurus fall right next to each other as the first and second signs respectively. Their personalities reflect these placements, particularly Aries. Aries like to be number one in everything they do, and Taureans come fro... Keeping reading

Aries & Taurus Compatibility

On the zodiac wheel, Aries and Taurus fall right next to each other as the first and second signs respectively. Their personalities reflect these placements, particularly Aries. Aries like to be number one in everything they do, and Taureans come from a more grounded place. These differences can keep a relationship very interesting, but they may also serve as points of contention.

Both signs are very goal-oriented and can’t be stopped when they have a goal in mind. They work very hard and strive to accomplish whatever they set out to do. This is a major asset in relationships between the signs.

Both signs can be very stubborn. Aries can be arrogant and hotheaded, but it comes from their competitive streak. Taureans weigh their options so thoroughly that they believe they’re right, no matter what. This may be a big challenge if they end up on the opposite sides of an issue. However, if they’re on the same side, they’ll be unstoppable.

Aries tend to be very competitive in every area of their lives, while Taureans don’t have as much of that tendency. This is something that can be very good, as an overemphasis on competition may not lead to a healthy relationship. However, this may also make Aries feel frustrated or, at worst, alienated.

Aries can get bored easily—which can be off-putting to Taureans, who typically strive for stability in every aspect of their lives. Taureans don’t like sudden change, while Aries are much more receptive to it (and may even welcome it). There’s going to have to be a lot of communication between them to make sure that Aries are stimulated enough to want to stay, while ensuring Taureans aren’t uncomfortable with the instability.

Taureans don’t always show their emotions openly, whereas Aries are usually quick to show their feelings. Both of them are very honest, though. Aries will admire that Taureans are also honest about what they want, even if it takes some extra time to ask. Taureans will admire Aries positive demeanor and the ability to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Both signs are very kind and warm when it comes to people in their lives. Aries have an energy and passion for life that’s completely radiant, and Taureans are usually very funny and helpful. This chemistry will help them through any tempests that arise from their strong personalities.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Aries tend to be very quick to fall in love, while Taureans prefer to take their time before getting into something serious. Aries have a hard time with patience, especially if it seems like the other person isn’t as invested as they are. Taureans don’t like moving too quickly on decisions, and Aries’ impatience with that may cause a rift if they’re not careful. Lots of communication will be essential, and starting off as friends can help avert some of this.

Taureans are very attentive lovers, and Aries put a lot of energy into their relationships. They’ll really appreciate each other’s devotion, especially once they figure out the other’s love language.

Taureans love to share indulgent things with their loved ones, and Aries will appreciate changes in scenery. If Taureans can appeal to Aries’ competitive nature in an intimate way, the two of them may be unstoppable.

Arguments between Aries and Taureans will be a challenge during their romantic relationship. Both sides tend to think that they’re right, which will make neither of them feel heard. Compromise is going to be key, along with communication. Aries will need to assure Taureans that their need for stability matters. Likewise, Taureans will need to let Aries know that their desire for justice is understood.

Neither of them like to play games in a romantic relationship, which lays a good foundation when they get together properly. They’ll both be honest and expect honesty in return. Both signs are also fiercely loyal to their loved ones, so there won’t be any issues around that either. Since they both put such a high value to loyalty, infidelity won’t be something either of them have to worry about.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Both signs are extremely loyal to their friends. This is something that they’ll really appreciate in each other when they notice it in their partner.

Even though Aries can sometimes come off as arrogant, when they’re around their friends, they’re actually warm and generous. Taureans tend to be the same way, along with being extremely reliable. Taureans are usually the funny person in their friend group, and Aries are typically pretty quick to laugh, making the signs a great pair.

Aries can still be highly competitive with their friends, despite their warmth behind closed doors, which is something that Taureans may find irritating. As long as Aries can balance this tendency with activities that Taureans enjoy (like sharing an indulgent meal), Taureans may entertain competition. If Taureans are patient and find Aries’ competitive drive endearing, they have the potential to get along very smoothly.

Both signs are usually pretty forgiving, and tend to not hold grudges. This will come in handy when their egos are at odds. Taureans don’t typically like to let go of friends over minor disagreements, due to their aversion to change. Aries enjoy a match in a battle of wits, and though they’re happy with change, they tend to stay loyal to people they’ve gotten close with. Once they’re friends, they’ll likely stay friends for a long time.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

Aries wear their hearts on their sleeve, while Taureans take a longer time to open up. This is something that may make Aries feel uncomfortable, as they want to know where they stand with Taureans. Communicating this may be effective when it comes to getting an emotional read on Taureans, who don’t like to play games either. Taureans don’t want to rush to show their true feelings, but they also don’t want someone feeling like they’re getting played. Taureans will appreciate Aries desire for honesty.

Taureans seeing Aries’ passion will be something they’re drawn to. Taureans push themselves very hard, so they understand drive and wanting to achieve goals. Seeing this reflected in Aries may draw them in and make them remember why they got together in the first place.

Taureans do like to approach emotionally-charged conversations with a level head, while Aries can be very intense. This can be off-putting to Taureans, and Aries may feel that Taureans aren’t taking the conversation seriously if they’re not getting impassioned. This will likely be challenging, but it’ll just require lots of communication.

Once Taureans feel comfortable enough to open up to Aries, there can be high emotional compatibility. Taureans will be fascinated by Aries’ ability to connect with and express their emotions. Seeing this may help them with their own emotions, which will only make the relationship grow stronger.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Values Compatibility

Both signs value loyalty and honesty, and expect the same from their loved ones. This is a really strong foundation, no matter what kind of relationship they’re engaging in.

Aries give a very high value to the notion of justice, which is part of why they tend to stick to their guns and aren’t afraid of conflict. A lot of the arguments they get into are because they perceive an injustice. If Taureans see this sentiment in action without having to fight against it, they’ll likely respect it. However, this is the same stubbornness that may cause Aries and Taureans to clash later on.

Taureans highly value stability, while Aries highly value not being bored. This can cause conflict. If they can find a healthy compromise between Aries adventurous nature and Taureans tendency toward stability, they’ll be able to work it out.

Aries are typically very competitive and value being the best in anything they do. Taureans don’t usually have the same inclinations. This can be as good in the sense that Aries may not feel like they’re having to compete with Taureans. It can be just as bad, however, as it may cause Aries to think that Taureans don’t care about something they deeply value.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

It may be difficult to find activities that make Taureans feel comfortable as much as they stimulate Aries. Aries are adventurous and get bored very easily. This is almost completely opposite to Taureans, who prefer stability and a routine.

For the most part, compromise will be super important. This counts especially if the Taurus isn’t very into activities that involve a lot of competition. Competitive tendencies are usually harder to bring out of people than they are to quell, which is something Aries may need to keep in mind.

Something they may be able to bond over is luxury and decadence. These things are in Taureans’ wheelhouse, and they’ll always be up for a divine meal at an expensive restaurant. Aries will enjoy the novelty of it and may find a thrill in fine dining, but ideas like spa trips or luxury shopping may be a harder sell.

Finding an activity where they’re trying to achieve a shared goal may be another option that will appeal to both of them. Aries love anything involving competition, and Taureans thrive in settings where they get to hit their goals. An example of this might be playing tennis with another couple, even if the goal is just to have fun.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Both signs tend to be very stubborn, but for different reasons. Aries come off as unyielding because justice and competition are two of the most important things to them. Being right is often akin to them being number one, and standing their ground is like they’re making their truth known.

For Taureans, it’s less about being right, and more about stability. They don’t take decisions or opinions lightly, so when they find their point of view it’s difficult for them to let that go. Change is something that they see as a threat to that stability, so they fight against it hard.

This is going to make communication difficult. With both signs determined to show the other why they’re right, it may feel like neither of them is actually being heard. Because the roots of their stubbornness permeate just about every facet of their lives, it’s going to be hard to get away from the clash.

Both signs are going to need to learn how to stay level-headed in disagreements, because even minor ones can quickly snowball. Having a system set in place for how to handle compromise may help the duo navigate these disagreements more easily. Aries have a tendency to want the last word in an argument, so they should take care not to start something that’s already been put to rest.

Really hearing and understanding each other during disagreements is going to go a long way. If this is something they can solve, it will have a positive ripple effect on their entire relationship.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

It takes a while for Taureans to trust someone new. Taureans like to move deliberately, which may not be something Aries can relate to. Aries know pretty quickly when they’re in love with someone and want to immediately give them their all.

Waiting for Taureans to build that trust enough to open up may be frustrating for Aries. They can’t take it as an insult, though, otherwise Taureans may think twice about trusting them and committing. If Aries can exercise some patience and if Taureans can be communicative during the trust-building process, they’ll be able to bridge that gap.

Once Taureans do trust someone, they pretty much go all in. Relationships with Taureans tend to last a long while, and they hardly ever break up over minor disagreements. This is because Taureans trust the process of working through arguments rather than leaving. Aries enjoy a healthy debate, and they’ll be glad that those tendencies won’t scare Taureans away.

Both signs are very loyal. Aries does have a tendency to get jealous, though it may be less so with ultra-loyal Taureans. If Taureans take this as an insult to their loyalty, there may be some tension there. Other than that, both signs highly value fidelity and likely won’t have any problems in that department.

Aries & Taurus Aries & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Work environments are where Aries’ competitive streak really comes out. If Taureans don’t find that disruptive, this is a pairing that will work pretty well together.

Aries shine when they’re in leadership positions, but they love the thrill of climbing the ladder and competing to get there. If they’re already co-head of the business, they may see their Taurus business partner as their competitor, which Taureans may take offense to. If Taureans want to get the most out of Aries in terms of hard work, encouraging that competition would be the way to do it.

Like with other aspects of an Aries and Taurus dynamic, the main challenge is going to be each sign’s tendency to be stubborn. If they’re on opposing sides of a decision to be made, it’s going to be hard for them to really hear what the other has to say. It may be good to have a third person in the office to act as an objective tiebreaker. If they do that, Aries will have to make sure not to hold it against the tiebreaker when they decide Taurus is in the right.

Another challenge may arise from Taureans taking a lot of time with their decisions. Aries are more prone to jumping into whatever they think is right (and will fight for it). They may find Taureans’ deliberate nature with seemingly simple matters to be frustrating, and this may cause arguments between them. If Aries can exercise some patience, though, the duo will be more harmonious.

Both of them are very goal-oriented, and will do whatever it takes to achieve what they set out to do. This will be what makes their business partnership a successful one.

Aries & Taurus Compatibility Summary

When Aries and Taureans are in a room together, there’s likely to be a lot of laughter. Aries are usually very warm to their friends and have a positive energy that radiates. Taureans are known especially for being reliable and funny people. They’ll probably be drawn in by their initial chemistry.

Both signs hold loyalty in very high regard, and they’ll both fight for the people that they love. Honesty is also something that’s really important to both of them. This makes for a really solid relationship foundation, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

Ultimately, challenges that occur happen because they each care a lot. Aries cares a lot about doing what’s right, and Taureans care about stability and the well-being of themself and others. If they can really listen to the other person (and make sure they feel heard) during a disagreement, they have the potential to go very far.

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