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When this unique mix of Saturn (Capricorn) and Sun (Leo) enter into any relationship, the results can be positive even though these two signs are almost from entirely different spectrums. Both signs are capable of extremely hard work for their career... Keeping reading

Capricorn & Leo Compatibility

When this unique mix of Saturn (Capricorn) and Sun (Leo) enter into any relationship, the results can be positive even though these two signs are almost from entirely different spectrums.

Both signs are capable of extremely hard work for their careers. Capricorn especially has an almost single-minded approach towards financial stability and long-term planning. Both of these signs can make a formidable workplace team that will be the envy of everyone. That is, of course, assuming Leo doesn’t annoy Capricorn to death in the process from their loud and egocentric bragging about themselves.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is focused on discipline and routine. Leo is Sun-ruled and is driven by personal egotism and outward expansion of energy. The former is dark and dreary at times, while the latter is overwhelming to those not used to their unique way of expressing themselves and how they live their lives.

In terms of friendships, these guys can feasibly balance one another out in their deficiencies. Capricorn can teach Leo a thing or two about playing the long game and planning out one’s path. On the opposite end, Leo can show Capricorn that loosening up and enjoying life now and then is a positive thing for their mental and physical well-being.

Romantically, these two could be a lot better than they naturally are. The conservatism of Capricorn mixed with Leo’s lusty and vivacious nature can make for strangeness in the bedroom. They are better friends than lovers and even better business partners than friends. There’s still room for romance with this odd duo, but it would take more work than probably either party would want to participate in, especially the overly practical-minded Capricorn.

Some major issues that these guys are going to face are matters of trust and emotional stability. Capricorns can be cold, at least on the outside. Leo’s ego can’t stand for any shred of attention to not go their way and can thus be challenging for Capricorn to deal with. The goat simply does not feel that constant attention showering is a practical thing to be done towards anyone in their lives, not just their friends, partners, or coworkers. One of their biggest challenges will be facing this issue of adjusting Capricorn’s draconian mindset and tailoring it to suit the emotional needs of a Leo. If that’s not done, then the relationship will be grounded before liftoff can even take place.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Capricorn individuals are somewhat cold and off-putting to many due to their highly Saturnian nature. Needless to say, they are not consummate flirts or highly affectionate in their actions. When it comes to love, they are quite by the books, and very much invested in practicality when it comes to relationships. They don’t want any deep-seated romantic partnering that will get in the way of their goals and the “bigger picture” of their lives. If a partner can complement that, however, then that is a fantastic thing indeed.

Leo, especially a Leo with ambition as far as financial stability goes, can be a great addition to a Capricorn’s life, assuming they can deal with the goat’s at-times pessimistic nature, which is going to be difficult for the naturally uplifting and lively Leo. The perceived coldness of Capricorn can easily become a detriment to Leo and they will ultimately want to seek greener (and warmer) pastures once they’ve had enough of their partner’s unwillingness to brighten up and relax a bit.

Sexuality-wise, the goat and lion aren’t a very positive match either. Leo is passion personified and can intimidate the more reserved and sexually conservative Capricorn. It’s going to take a lot of coercing on Leo’s part for Capricorn to leave their inhibitions behind and embrace the lion’s intense carnality to the fullest, and it might be more trouble on Leo’s end than it’s truly worth. Like all things (especially in regards to Leo and Capricorn) intelligent and methodical communication can solve more problems than most give it credit for.

Ultimately Earth (Capricorn) can smother Fire (Leo) quite easily. This isn’t what we would call a “next-level” romantic pairing. We find that Capricorn and Leo make far better friends and business partners more than a solid romantic pair, as you will see below.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo make for some fairly impressive friends—on the outside, at least. Both have quite the regal demeanor and can be seen by others as a power couple of sorts, even in normal platonic friendships.

While the goat and the lion seem very different in how they approach things in life, in an interesting way they compliment each other quite well as friends. We think that this is where this zodiac pairing ultimately shines the brightest.

Capricorn can teach Leo a thing or two about modesty in more public settings (where they are liable to be a little too boisterous when full of vigor). Leo, on the other hand, can instruct the sulky goat on how to let loose every once in a while. This ebb and flow dynamic between Earth and Fire (Capricorn and Leo’s elemental essences) makes for a strange yet effective friendship when they are solid with one another.

Some downsides to this friendship are that Capricorn’s moodiness and cynicism could be very smothering to the warm and good-natured lion, who prefers to be a “glass-half-full” kind of person. Conversely, this adherence to positivity for no real logical reason at all can make Capricorn feel annoyed. This is a friendship that, while strong in many ways, could get into some pretty heated arguments. Sometimes these kinds of arguments can be over the nature of some of the most trivial things you can think of!

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

The emotional realm is going to be one of the more difficult parts of a relationship of any kind between a Capricorn and Leo. Leos are naturally warm and bright, even in some of the direst of circumstances in their lives. Their natural heat and radiance, however, can easily be smothered by the earthy and Saturnine nature of Capricorn. This can leave Leo feeling trapped and weakened and prone to all kinds of emotional blockages and even serious depression in the worst of cases.

In this pairing, Capricorn needs to be very attentive to Leo’s emotional needs and react to them accordingly, as opposed to ignoring them completely due to a high-impact work schedule or just their typical Capricornian sullen mood that they can get in at times. This isn’t to say Capricorn is an unfeeling zodiac sign, but they are not usually as well-versed or as expressive in emotions as Leo, which can lead them to be wrongfully seen as an automaton or a heartless, draconian taskmaster.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Values Compatibility

Capricorn is regularly seen as a conservative or traditionalist zodiac sign. This isn’t universal, however, and is mostly brought up due to their highly disciplined nature. In modern society, this sort of cold, clinical rigidness is sometimes wrongfully denoted as conservative behavior, even though more liberal-minded people can be hard-working on a high level as well.

Leo isn’t much different in this regard. Despite their penchant for the dramatic and their fondness of the good slice of life, they know good and well how hard they worked to accomplish everything they’ve ever desired.

This ultimately means that Capricorn and Leo can and do share similar value systems while, at the same time, being somewhat different in how they express that very fact. Leo attacks things head-on without really too much forethought into strategy, whereas Capricorn methodically writes out every step of a journey from beginning to end (and even throws in a few contingency plans here and there just to be safe).

This means a partnership of these two zodiac signs would have serious dream team potential for steamrolling over their competition. In less business-related avenues, Leo could easily see Capricorn being far too narrow-minded and even somewhat antiquated for their tastes. In some more extreme cases, Leo might not find them to be good company in general.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Activities Compatibility

Capricorns are capable of enjoying some serious downtime. They are usually concerned about building a base of power for their empire, so they can lose sight of the need to relax on occasion. They normally will focus on activities, even in leisure time, that somehow add to their overarching life goals as far as business ventures are concerned (which is how they can be prone to overwork).

Leo knows when to take a break or a much-needed vacation in order to recharge one’s batteries. Leo’s extroverted self leads them to fun-filled and exotic pastimes such as nightclubs, travel, and adventure overall. There’s always time to rest when it’s needed, but Leo likes to take in as much as life as they possibly can; an essential fact to their sensuous nature.

Capricorn and Leo can easily clash in this regard as one individual (Leo) can be far more outgoing than the other (Capricorn). However, in the most ideal and well-maintained relationships between the goat and the lion, Leo can be highly persuasive in getting Capricorn out of the books for an hour or so to hit the dance floor and maybe let off a little steam. However, getting to this point can be a challenge, as Capricorn has even more of a propensity for being stubborn than even the mighty Leo does!

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Communication Compatibility

Both of these signs are stubborn and are relentless in their path towards having it their way. This can make having a shared venture or goal as a couple be a challenging task, if not an impossible one, for this zodiac pairing. They both have the capability of arguing on why their position in life needs to be the predominant one, and why the other partner’s aspirations and goals need to take a backseat in comparison.

They can make a pretty decent couple in terms of communication when things are alright, however. Leo has (at times) a bombastic way of vocalizing how they feel and will provide hours of entertainment for the usually more subdued Capricorn, especially if the conversation is on the humorous side. They both have to be careful with their dynamic, however. Capricorn tends to run more on the acidic side of proper manners, and can easily burn Leo hard and bruise their egos in verbal arguments and other more heated instances of conversation.

In order to fully maximize communication between the goat and the lion, respect and proper time need to be taken to listen to each side is going to be crucial for them and their relationship. If both signs can meet in the middle then they can easily feed off of each other.

This allows both individuals to enrich aspects that the opposing zodiac sign might be lacking. Capricorn can teach Leo the value of being more sober-minded and strategic in their goal-setting, and Leo can teach Capricorn how to be more of an extrovert and less Machiavellian in their persona.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo will potentially struggle with issues of trust between both partners at some point in their relationship, no matter if it’s a friendship, a work-related partnership, or a more intimate and deep romantic connection. Capricorns are some of the (seemingly) coldest signs of the zodiac in terms of their emotions and can be extremely skeptical and distrusting of individuals that are suspected of being deceitful to them in any way.

If a particularly prideful Leo is thought to be holding back something in a relationship with a Capricorn, they are going to take great offense to it. There’s a good chance that Capricorn might end up suspecting Leo of hiding far more than they might be covering up in the first place.

This sort of consistent scrutiny will eventually make Leo quite fed up and will lead to many fights down the road between these two signs. If Leo truly wants to keep Capricorn on their good side, then they are going to have to cut a lot of their chest-puffing routine and learn to be more grounded than they usually are.

Capricorn & Leo Capricorn & Leo
Work Compatibility

Capricorns are known for being a bit more straight-laced and what many would traditionally call “conservative” in all aspects of life. This can easily be true, especially in their primary domain where they find the most power in their lives, which is namely their workplace. Capricorn has the capacity to be extremely draconian towards Leo, whose grandiose and larger-than-life persona can end up grating on the more saturnine goat.

Leo is all about ritz, passion, and the glamour of being in business, whereas Capricorn doesn’t care about any of these external and sometimes egocentric things in the slightest. The goat is far more concerned with the acquisition of wealth and power as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While this isn’t what we would call an advantageous business pairing as far as the zodiac goes, there are some possibilities for it to work out. Capricorn does not have the essential “people person” skills that a Leo will have in spades (in some capacity or another). When the goat and the lion go into business, it is best to have Leo be the warm, forward-facing employee that deals with the public on a daily basis.

Capricorn, on the other hand, will relish in a behind-the-scenes managerial role where they can truly build a base of power for their business empire.

While they can be a powerful matchup in the business world, there are a few issues. In order for their partnership to work out properly, Capricorn will have to be very direct with Leo on the inner workings of the business they take part in. They must also explain why cold hard cash, and quantifiable progress, matter far more than higher emotional states of being, such as passion and doing things for any egocentric reason (as some Leos are inclined to do).

Capricorn & Leo Compatibility Summary

Capricorn and Leo are a strange bunch as far as relationships go, but they can end up being a fine astrological pairing if they listen to one another. This unusual solar and Saturn couple would make for a dynamic and awe-inspiring power team. Not only can they dominate in regards to matters of business, but they can make unusual lovers as well.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Capricorn can be a tough customer. They can be difficult for Leo to understand due to their overly cold nature. If Leo can reign in their innately loud and fiery persona just enough to keep Capricorn from ripping their hair out in frustration, then there’s a good possibility of bonding here.

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