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Cancer and Leo. It’s strange to think about, this idea of a crab and lion dancing together in lockstep and harmony. Make no mistake, though, there’s great potential with this zodiac pairing for a strong and healthy relationship. It’... Keeping reading

Cancer & Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo. It’s strange to think about, this idea of a crab and lion dancing together in lockstep and harmony. Make no mistake, though, there’s great potential with this zodiac pairing for a strong and healthy relationship.

It’s worth noting that Cancer is a water sign, and not only that, they are also possibly the most emotionally sensitive water sign in the Western zodiac. Leo’s elemental attribute is fire, however. Now, metaphorically speaking, this pairing can either lead towards two different things. The water and fire can make things steamy, or it can be absolutely overwhelming on the Leo’s end (as water can snuff out a fire with relative ease).

The steam the crab and lion create can make sparks in the bedroom, especially since both individuals exhibit such strong traits of passion in their own ways. One (Cancer) being more receptive, whereas the other (Leo) being more direct and always on the hunt. This dynamic can work beautifully for high-octane romance, especially when we keep in mind that the moon ultimately reflects the sun’s light.

In a lot of ancient perspectives, the sun was seen as a hotheaded and primarily masculine force, while the moon was seen as soothing and feminine. This is all, of course, highly dependent on what area of the world you’re getting your mythological perspective from, and for this article we’re referencing classical sources in regards to the sun and the moon.

Cancer and Leo also make great friends, through and through. This is due to their highly loyal nature towards friends, family, and the human race in general. These are truly “thick and thin” pals that build upon each other’s strengths and weaknesses accordingly over their shared understanding of loyalty and the importance of strong bonds of friendship with one another.

Some of the areas they may falter in are in their shared activities as well as trust. In terms of activities, Cancer is more home-based and doesn’t have much desire for a rapturous adventure like Leo might. As far as trust goes, this couple might have a challenging time establishing a solid line of it.

This is mostly due to Leo being highly dominant and type-a in their personality, which can seem overwhelming and even a bit scary and intimidating to many Cancerians. So, while there is great potential for a beautiful relationship between these two signs, there’s a serious possibility for a bumpy road before they can get to a baseline of trust between one another.

So, with all of that said, let’s take a look at how the whimsical and lunar Cancer pairs up with the fiery and dominant Leo and see how these two stack up with one another!

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

In the realm of love, Cancer and Leo make for a feisty pair, both for good and ill. They both are adept at being highly possessive of one another, which can make for some very strong bonds of love between two individuals.

The dark side to this, however, is that a certain level of trust is denied to both of them at times due to this high level of possessiveness. Cancer can, at times, feel like they aren’t being paid enough attention to by Leo, who can appear to have a wandering eye towards other individuals when they are just immersed in being the center of attention (which is true to their nature).

On the flip side, an overly domineering Leo can make Cancer feel too smothered and force them to retreat into themselves or, even worse, call the relationship quits period.

This pairing is something of a hit or miss in the bedroom as well. It boils down to how close the couple is and well they know each other’s boundaries. Leo can intimidate Cancer by being so sexually intense, while Cancer is such a tender-hearted individual that Leo might not be able to truly meet their sexual needs with the emotional depth that Cancer expects as well as craves.

Balance and compassion are key for both parties in this instance. However, once that golden mean between emotional comfort and sexual expression is truly achieved in lock step between both signs, then steam from this unique fire and water pairing is bound to come to pass!

Ultimately, when it comes down to love and sex between Cancer and Leo, it’s all up to the depth of their connection. This is usually fostered with proper communication and both partners being in the headspace to listen to one another appropriately.

An example of a harmonious relationship between Cancer and Leo is a beautiful one, however. Cancer would be adept at showering Leo with the praise and adoration that they crave. Leo would also learn a lot from Cancer about the healthy expression of feelings and the value of being more in tune with their fiery emotional self. After all, if Cancers are adept at anything, it’s being in tune with their feelings along with helping others to truly understand their own on a deeper level.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

A highly emotional couple as far as friendship is concerned, Cancer and Leo are planetarily correlated with the sun and the moon and thus create an interesting combination of feminine and masculine energy that makes for a balanced friendship. This is assuming, of course, that they can work out any kinks in their relationship.

Leo individuals love to get out and enjoy life, sometimes at the drop of a dime. Cancers are way more interested in security and routine for the most part, and this can create the possibility of conflict between them as friends. In these moments, Cancer can resort to mental manipulation tactics in order to get their way, whereas Leo will try to strongarm the crab into doing things in their particular way.

Both Cancer and Leo are also highly focused on concepts such as loyalty and dependability. In this particular realm, there’s a high level of respect between the two of them, and this will usually be the foundational “glue” that keeps them together, especially if they have both been there for each other in times of duress.

If they can overcome their differences in terms of their spontaneity (or the lack thereof) then Cancer and Leo can make a decent friendship. They are both highly emotional while at the same time highly dependable, and can be quite a dream team as far as a friendship is concerned.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

Both Cancer and Leo showcase love in very strong and obvious ways. Cancer’s love is overtly maternal and is whimsical and otherworldly, which isn’t a shock due to their highly lunar nature. Leo, on the other hand, is fiery and passionate and can warmly express themselves, much like their solar planetary aspect.

So while they are both capable of intense waves of emotion, they experience in vastly different ways. Leo wants everyone to know they are in love with someone, whereas Cancers are far more low-key about such things even though they are one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac if not the most emotional period. This can be a bit of a double-edged sword, however, as such fierce emotions can also generate even fiercer conflicts when the relationship isn’t going according to plan.

While it’s not a perfect match, Cancer and Leo can find a truly deep connection here in the emotional realm. Over time, their similarities with how they process and express emotions can far outweigh how different they are with them. This can ultimately bring them closer together and potentially forge an unbreakable bond in the process, especially if they are both able to open up to one another safely in the course of their relationship.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Values Compatibility

Cancer and Leo are interesting when it comes to values. They seemingly are at opposite ends of everything. Cancer values tenderness, emphasis on emotions, family, and stability. Leo is much more focused on excitement, intense passion, and driving forward in life no matter the cost.

One aspect where their values sync up perfectly is in the realm of romantic commitment. Both signs value faithfulness and loyalty in their respective partners, and there’s very little moral or ethical wiggle room on either side to breach that kind of bond.

There are obviously aspects of both zodiac signs where they can easily find some common ground. Leo’s passion can easily merge well with the overly moody and romantic nature of the Cancerian. Family life can be bolstered by Leo’s sense of worth ethic and determination to succeed in their career path while leaving Cancer focused on establishing harmony in their home life.

A common theme you’re going to keep seeing more and more in this article with Cancer and Leo pairings is the concept of compromise. Their values aren’t an exception to this rule, either. They are not the perfect match when it comes to this subject, but they certainly aren’t the worst either.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Activities Compatibility

Much like real-life lions, Leos can be quite lazy at times when not out on the prowl. This is great for homebody Cancers who want to stick close to their nests rather than relish in crazy adventure and excitement. So, in the household sense, these two are like peas in a pod.

However, once Leo wants to get up and leave the household, they want their outings to be big and bold. These natural socialites of the zodiac want to be seen and heard at wild locations like nightclubs, bars, and other rollicking places.

This generally isn’t the style of Cancer, who would much prefer to be in more lower-key environments when they decide to have a night on the town. Think more intimate locations like a nice wine lounge or even a small coastal getaway where they can breathe easy and relax.

There is potential for compromise here between both zodiac signs, but ultimately that compromise goes heavily against their essential natures, and they will probably not be happy with one another because of it. This isn’t to say that Cancer and Leo can’t successfully do activities with one another, but there will be difficult negotiating processes involved before a compromise is made.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Communication Compatibility

Leo is always looking to have a good time and can’t stand inactivity, especially in the realm of conversations between them and their partner. Cancers can potentially have a knack at entertaining Leo via their creative and artistic sense of expression while conversing, which is something a lot of Leos lack. There is great potential here for both individuals to have incredible conversations with one another that can keep the relationship dynamic on an intellectual level.

Where Cancer and Leo clash, however, is their method of delivering communication at times. Leos are blunt and to the point, and this can sometimes intimidate Cancer and make them retreat into their metaphorical shells. Cancers are also moody at times, and this could easily annoy a Leo that doesn’t care to be in the presence of an overly morose “crabby” person!

While it is true that Cancer and Leo can potentially have issues in the communication department, like all things, it matters more if other aspects of the relationship have a good standing or not. If a Cancer and Leo pairing wish to succeed in communication for their relationship, a certain level of compromise is needed, and it will take some work to get there. Cancer needs to be explicitly direct about their feelings and not leave them up to interpretation. Leo, however, needs to be open and receptive and keep a keen eye on their partner in order to read into their subtlety a bit more than normal.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Leo is a very proud and boisterous zodiac sign and is well-known for desiring to be nothing but the center of attention at all times. These signs can, in the most negative of cases, can become extreme showoffs and this sort of behavior is not becoming of most Cancer individuals.

While this isn’t necessarily a sign that a Cancer and Leo pairing won’t work, it doesn’t help their relationship in the long run in terms of overall compatibility. However, if the Cancer feels adored and safe with their Leo partner, they might put up with the showboating nature of the Leo for the long term, assuming the rest of the aspects of the relationship are strong.

There is a serious possibility, however, of Cancer getting easily jealous and distrustful of Leo due to how overly extroverted the lion can be, which could lead to situations where Leo is paying more attention to other admirers as opposed to their own moody Cancer partner.

Deep down, however, Leo values commitment in their relationship and seldom would consider infidelity, however, they need to voice this directly to a Cancer instead of merely assuming that they already know.

Cancer & Leo Cancer & Leo
Work Compatibility

While friendship is a possibility between Cancer and Leo, working together is a bit of a stretch. Cancer is ultimately a very emotional and, at times, brooding sign and this can greatly clash with the proud and extroverted Leo. The Cancer will focus more on the why’s and what’s of their career, while the Leo will dive right in and throw caution to the wind. This can make goal-setting a challenge between these two individuals.

There is a great potential for jealousy and anger on Cancer’s side when paired with Leo in a business situation. Leos have a natural drive to succeed and conquer everything set in their path, whereas Cancer is easily prone to jealousy when they feel like their voice isn’t being heard as loudly as their proud lion partner.

If Cancer and Leo do enter into some sort of entrepreneurial relationship, however, it’s best to put the Leo individual in charge of the aspects of the business that require a warm public face, such as public relations and other outward-facing forms of media. Cancer, however, needs to be the dominating “behind the scenes” force in regards to long-term planning and management.

Cancer & Leo Compatibility Summary

To sum up this pairing, Cancer and Leo can feasibly be a good pairing when it comes to love and romance due to their overly emotional natures and adherence to concepts such as honor and fidelity between one another.

However, it’s our opinion that they would make better friends instead of lovers for the very reasons mentioned above. Cancer can keep Leo emotionally grounded, and Leo can certainly inspire Cancer to be a bit more steadfast and direct, helping to bring them out of their proverbial shells. Like all zodiac pairings, however, ample and honest communication is the real key for any of these relationships to work out.

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