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Taureans and Virgos are very similar in the way that they each approach making decisions, which is going to make them compatible in many ways. Both signs like to take their time with each decision they have on their plate, whether it’s work or play... Keeping reading

Virgo & Taurus Compatibility

Taureans and Virgos are very similar in the way that they each approach making decisions, which is going to make them compatible in many ways. Both signs like to take their time with each decision they have on their plate, whether it’s work or play related. This means that each of them will be able to understand the other needing space around moves to be made and neither of them will feel rushed. Taureans particularly hate being rushed, so this will give a sturdy foundation to their relationship with Virgos.

Both signs highly value working hard and achieving the goals that they set for themselves. This is likely something that the duo will form a connection over, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or in business. This is going to be a great asset in just about every aspect of any relationship.

With both of them very keen on working hard, they’ll each have to be careful about holding themselves to too high of a standard. Virgos can be perfectionists, and Taureans will sometimes push themselves too hard. If self-care isn’t a point of bonding between them, they’ll quickly see each other burn out.

Loyalty is very important to Virgos and Taureans, which will make relationships run very smoothly once trust has been built between them. Virgos and Taureans are also very loyal to their friends, which they’ll love to see in each other.

Challenges tend to arise when it comes to their differences in taste. Taureans are attracted to beautiful things, sensuous experiences, and material possessions. Virgos, on the other hand, are usually more practical and moderate. These incongruous values can cause a rift. Taureans may think that Virgos are being overly critical and not letting themselves have fun; Virgos may think that Taureans are being vain and materialistic.

Trying to find things to do together that make both sides happy can be really challenging because of those differences in taste. If they can find something to do that involves them working to achieve a shared goal, hanging out together will come with less discord.

Both signs are concerned with financial security, though Taureans have a tendency to spend their extra money. This goes back to Taurus values clashing with what Virgos tend to value. As long as there is clear communication, though, this shouldn’t be something that causes too much strife in the relationship.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Virgos and Taureans both like to take their time before getting into a relationship. This is good because some signs would take that hesitance personally. Wanting to wait comes from different places for each sign, though. Virgos are very nit-picky, and Taureans seek stability over just about everything, but this results in an approach to love that meshes well.

Both signs favor starting a relationship from a friendship to help build some of that initial trust. Neither sign wants to get into a relationship unless they’re sure that they have strong feelings for the other person. This tends to mean that their relationships last for a very long time.

Both signs take their relationships very seriously. Neither one of them wants to be the one to break up. They’d rather try to fix what they’ve worked for than try and find someone new. Taureans need to watch that they aren’t staying in the relationship beyond its time. Virgos don’t have as much of a problem with this, but communication is going to be necessary to make sure they’re both happy.

Taureans are very attentive lovers, and Virgos don’t need as much of that attention to feel appreciated. Virgos should make sure that they’re giving Taureans the affection that they need when they need it.

Challenges may arise from finding things to do together that make both parties happy. Virgos tend to be picky about where they go on dates, and Taureans tend to want lots of decadence. It can be frustrating for one party to feel that the other person is never satisfied with their suggestions. Still, if Taureans and Virgos can find a few activities that they both genuinely enjoy together, they’ll be able to work it out.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Virgos are very easy friends to keep. They don’t need to have constant contact with someone to feel very close to them. Taureans make an effort to make their loved ones feel appreciated, so they’ll almost certainly be able to stick around in each others’ lives effortlessly.

Virgos make a big effort to keep all relationships in their lives healthy any way that they can. Taureans will be very receptive to this.

Both signs are very loyal to their loved ones. Taureans expect this from any friendship or relationship that they enter into, so they’ll be pleased that Virgos value this very highly as well.

They also will fight for their loved ones if it comes to that. Virgos have more of an inclination to dive into whatever drama is going on that causes the need for a fight, but Taureans are also protective. This, combined with their loyalty, gives them a very solid foundation of likemindedness to their friendship.

Like with romantic relationships, having an argument isn’t going to be the end all be all of the friendship. Neither sign likes the change associated with letting go of someone they love, so they hold on tightly. Particularly with Taureans, this can be a bad thing because they may fight to hold onto something that isn’t good for them. Virgos don’t like being the ones to walk away either, so both signs will need to make sure that the friendship is something they really want to continue with.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

Virgos tend to be very reserved about showing their emotions, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Taureans, who also take things very slowly, won’t find this off-putting. Taureans are typically very patient, and understand first-hand that everyone has their own pace for doing things. Virgos will appreciate this, especially if partners have tried to rush them in the past.

Emotionally, Virgos and Taureans pair well. Both are Earth signs, so they tend to approach emotions with a groundedness that may not be as present in other signs or elementals. Both signs would much rather have a calm discussion than lash out in anger.

When it comes to emotional discussions centered around feelings that aren’t anger, the same approach is still typically employed. There’s usually a sense of calm as they work through their feelings, each having deliberated on them for a long time before approaching the conversation.

To outsiders they may be seen as stoic, but between the Earth signs there will be an understanding. They’ll likely be grateful to be understood.

Virgos can sometimes be very sensitive to criticism, and can get hurt easily. Taureans know firsthand what it’s like to be hard on themselves, and likely won’t make Virgos feel insecure on purpose.

Taureans can be a bit stubborn, especially if they feel that stability is being threatened, but with Virgos, it may not come out as much. Virgos usually show their love by reiterating their loyalty, which may ease Taureans’ minds during a disagreement. Neither sign ever wants to be the one to leave.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Values Compatibility

Both signs are very hardworking in just about every area of their lives. They can be perfectionists when it comes to their own projects, and are often self-critical. They value getting the job done right and holding themselves to a very high standard while they do it. This can be very good in a career sense, but it isn’t always the best for their mental well-being.

Both signs need to understand their limits and value those as much as they value working hard. This may be something they can work on together.

Virgos and Taureans are also extremely loyal. They keep their loved ones close, and express that loyalty in their romantic relationships as well. They expect loyalty from their friends and partners, which they’ll see in each other and appreciate.

Virgos tend to value self-improvement and moderation, whereas Taureans favor indulgence sometimes to excess. This is something that can cause discord between them, especially if Virgos criticize what Taureans are doing. Virgos can sometimes bring criticism to things and people they love, and Taurean stubbornness may see this as something to fight against. If they can communicate and be understanding of each other after such tension, this won’t be too much of an issue.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Shared activities may be difficult to find because of some of their incongruent values. Both signs do favor quiet places to loud ones, and would typically rather stay home than go out in the first place. However, differing views on how free time should best be spent may mean that there are few things to do together while at home.

Since Virgos tend to like activities that will improve themselves, they may not be keen on Taureans’ tendency towards decadence. This may particularly show up around food and drink. And Taureans’ high value for beautiful things means that Virgos’ overly practical nature may feel stifling.

Self-care rituals like bathing or massages may be a place to start, but some of them run the risk of striking Virgos as impractical and unnecessary.

Both signs do work very hard, and enjoy the feeling of an accomplished goal. If they can find a shared activity where they get to see the other’s tenacity, tension around their values may be eased. Perhaps there’s a sport or game that the duo can play together regularly that appeals to both sets of interests. Joint creative ventures may also be another option.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Taureans and Virgos both like to take things slowly, especially when it comes to decision-making around their emotions. This will make communication pretty easy between them. Both of them being very careful with their own feelings will mean that they’ll usually understand where the other person is coming from. They also won’t feel the need to rush each other.

Challenges may occur if Taureans come to a conclusion that Virgos disagree with. Taureans don’t change their minds very easily once they’ve deeply thought about something and decided on an approach and a course of action. This may be frustrating for Virgos who disagree.

Virgos usually do have a sense of perceptiveness, though, and that can work in their favor when trying to swing Taureans in a different direction. Taureans will need to know how to compromise at times, to keep Virgos from feeling like they’re being taken advantage of. Relationships are, of course, about give as much as take.

Virgos often give criticism, but sometimes it’s not something that’s wanted. Taureans are also self-critical, so Virgos should make sure to know that they’re not contributing to that internal monologue. Taureans will need to speak up about it though, which may be difficult.

Both signs tend to be very forgiving with their loved ones. This will go a long way in the aftermath of an argument. Even if the disagreement is about something serious, it typically won’t end the relationship.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

Taureans and Virgos both take things very slowly, especially with regard to trust and emotional matters. This is very good, as neither of them will feel slighted by the other needing to take time before diving into the relationship.

Both signs are loyal and honest. Infidelity in each case is one of the only things that would make them break up with someone. Neither of them are likely to commit such an act because of how highly they value loyalty and trust in a relationship.

There’s a lot of trust within the day-to-day facets of a relationship as well. They both know that the other would rather have stability than chaos, so each day they act in a way that keeps order. There’s a trust that no single disagreement is going to be what ends things for good, and that clear discussions will be had around everything. These are things that are sometimes missing from other relationships, but they come effortlessly for Taureans and Virgos.

Overall, Virgos and Taureans are extremely compatible when it comes to the way they operate around trust. This is one area of the relationship that’s unlikely to have many issues.

Virgo & Taurus Virgo & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Virgos and Taureans have the capacity to work very well together. Their harmonious communication styles and the ways that they approach issues mean that they likely won’t have to deal with much workplace drama.

Both signs are goal-oriented and work extremely hard in their career fields. Neither one will have to worry about having to pull all the weight, which will be great for their partnership.

Virgos are great with work that involves details. They should just make sure that they’re not redoing everything for the sake of perfectionism. Taureans are also pretty good with details, so there’s a good chance Virgos won’t have to redo Taureans’ work to perfect it. This means both of them can focus on more important things.

Both of them are very reliable colleagues who are happy to lend a helping hand. Both signs are great at collaborating in a team, so there won’t be too many ego clashes or power struggles. Taureans can get hot-headed sometimes when they think their solution is the best one, so they’ll need to watch this.

Virgos can be micromanaging, which stems from a combination of their perfectionism and their tendency to give criticism. Taureans are usually pretty patient, but Virgos should watch these tendencies to make sure they don’t alienate anyone on their team.

Virgos and Taureans won’t approach major business decisions lightly, but the moves they do make will be carefully weighed and usually the right call. This duo is a very promising one for business success.

Virgo & Taurus Compatibility Summary

Overall, Virgos and Taureans have a lot of potential to work very well together. They’re very similar when it comes to important relationship aspects like trust, which is a solid foundation to any relationship. Emotionally, they’re on each others’ level, which will also give this relationship a sense of harmony.

They both highly value loyalty and hard work, so chances are likely they won’t have issues in those areas either. Their points of challenge are mainly going to be finding things to do together. If this relationship starts off as a friendship, though, they may be able to navigate that issue with ease.

Virgos and Taureans take their time with their decisions, which will make both of them feel seen and understood. This is the main reason why they work so well together and why relationships between them last for a very long time.

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