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Cancer and Aquarius are a somewhat strange pairing in the tropical zodiac. They can be contentious towards one another in most areas of life, but can they come to terms with one another’s eccentricities and make a decent couple? Cancer is a wat... Keeping reading

Cancer & Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are a somewhat strange pairing in the tropical zodiac. They can be contentious towards one another in most areas of life, but can they come to terms with one another’s eccentricities and make a decent couple?

Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon. They have lots of ups and downs, which mirror the moon’s constantly shifting nature. They can be highly romantic and passionate, but prone to periods of moodiness. Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by the planet Uranus. They are very intellectually-driven and focused on progression and change, even to an almost anarchic level depending on the person.

Cancer is a cardinal sign. It’s upfront with what it wants in life, but can be hesitant when they feel their emotional sense of well-being is at stake. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a fixed sign. They are who they are, and that is never going to change. This puts them in great conflict with Cancer and positions them in situations where they can have petty (and sometimes serious) squabbles.

Cancer and Aquarius can be decent friends if there’s a healthy level of communication between each of them. But as far as romantic partners are concerned, there’s a lot to be desired. This is due to Cancer being so highly emotional while Aquarius is more fixated on the more cerebral realms of existence.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Love and intimacy between a Cancer and Aquarius is going to be strange at best. There’s a possibility here for a spark, but we wouldn’t count on it too much. Both signs are way too different from one another in what matters most.

A big part of this is due to their elemental nature. Water-based Cancer is far more grounded in the emotional sphere of things. Meanwhile, the out-there and air-dominant Aquarius focuses more on the mental realms, which is where they find they are most comfortable.

Cancer needs emotional fulfillment in a relationship, and sex is no different. When they are getting that essential emotional connection with their partner, they can become quite cold and distant. They are also fairly slow to warm up to more exciting forms of sexual interplay. This isn’t because they are drab individuals, per se, but because they require the essential spark of an emotional connection first and foremost. With time, and after learning the ins and outs of their partner, can they get more adventurous in the bedroom.

Aquarius is interested in almost everything when it comes to activities under the sheets. This sign can push the limits of almost everything, and that includes sexuality. Aquarius can and will push the boundaries of Cancer fairly early on in a relationship unless they are more aware of their partner’s feelings (or perhaps the lack thereof).

What is crucial for both of these signs is that they take it slow and steady with one another. Cancer needs to temper their expectations of a fast-acting and highly spiritual romance early on in the relationship, no matter how much they crave it. Aquarius can, with time, lead Cancer to higher levels of ecstasy if they are mindful of the crab’s need for deep emotional connection.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius can be up and down when it comes to friendships. But in some ways, their strange and unique ways of being can make them work well together as pals, oddly enough.

One thing Cancer and Aquarius will do is argue quite a bit. Cancer will use emotional calls to reason about topics close to their hearts. Meanwhile, Aquarius will try to overwhelm the hearty Cancer with a flurry of fact-based findings to hit their points home. Fairly heated arguments can take place between these signs. It can become a competition between soul and reason, and a fight to the bitter end at that!

Another way they conflict is in regards to getting out and about. Cancer is a bit of a homebody and likes their cozy domicile more than unrecognizable bars and clubs. If they can cultivate a “spot” to call their own over time, they can be much more agreeable. Aquarius, on the other hand, is up for almost everything. These signs will want to stay and party until the sun comes out.

One way both signs do complement one another is that they can be adept manipulators when it comes to getting their way. Cancer appeals much more to emotion by resorting to histrionics when the chips are down. Aquarians take a far more cerebral approach and use their next-level intellects to shape their situations accordingly.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

As many of us already know, Cancerians are the cream of the crop in the tropical zodiac when it comes to expressing a full tapestry of emotions. This makes them quite sensitive to a lot of things around them, and they can get quite overwhelmed at a lot of things easily. An Aquarian partner in particular can overwhelm them with their high-level mental activities. This would be especially distressing if the Cancer wanted to ground themselves a bit from the stresses of life, as they are natural empaths.

Aquarians can be emotional but in a much different manner. They are very much focused on going against the grain in many ways, and at times being too emotional can get in the way of that state of being. Aquarians can be extroverted, but they are not highly emotional extroverts on top of that. This, along with their air-dominant nature, can make them seem cold and alien at times. This is not the ideal pairing for Cancer in the slightest!

Cancer and Aquarius can learn to coexist with one another over time. Ultimately, though, it will not be a happy pairing. Cancer will usually be sulking at home while their Aquarian partner is out and about interacting with the world at large. While Cancer can be steadfast in defending their views and beliefs in life, they are hardly rebels with (or without) a cause on the same level as an Aquarian individual.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

Cancer very much values trust and intimacy over much of anything else. They also desire to have large and loving families and always having someone else to love over and take care of. Because of this, Cancer can come off as extremely conservative and “old-timey” to a lot of the other zodiac signs, especially the more progressive Aquarius. While they can be interested in things like travel to faraway places and the occasional adventure, they get homesick easily and will make for fussy partners for more long-term treks in the wild.

Aquarius values freedom of information via technological advancement. They also value the mind as a whole and the powers that can come with honing it appropriately. Aquarius is not the kind of person to be fixated on stable home life; they are far more interested in being a worldly individual that never settles down in one place for too long. The world is huge, and there’s much to explore and devour for these sharp and intellectual mentalists. Being forced into a life of domesticity would be suffocating to Aquarius, and any relationship they would be in would almost certainly suffer for it.

More forward-thinking and technologically-minded Cancerians might have a fighting chance keeping a heady Aquarian in their lives when it comes to value systems. But as far as an all-encompassing subject matter, these signs will rarely see eye to eye with one another on just what is ideal as far as a life focus is concerned. For the most part, Cancer will be focused on building a family-centric lifestyle, whereas Aquarius would be far more content being a globetrotter and a consummate adventurer.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are going to have some serious problems doing things together in any capacity, no matter if they are friends or lovers. They are certainly not the best match for one another in this regard, and each would do themselves well to seek out more suitable activity partners. There are some ways that they can work well together in this subject, however.  In the end, it’s dependent on how intellectually-oriented both parties are.

Cancers like familiarity with their activities, for the most part. A nice day at home cozying up to a warm fire, or perhaps seeing a film on a light rainy day is more suited to their sensibilities. Cancer sometimes want to experience travel, but most of the time they enjoy staying in more familiar locales. They can savor quite a bit out of life with even the most routine of existence. This is because they can drink deeply from the emotional resonances of pretty much everything they experience in life. This could potentially bore more energetic and outgoing Aquarians, who want to experience different things regularly.

Aquarius, due to their highly intellectual nature, are always interested in exciting things that challenge them. Activities that are intellectually stimulating are also a big plus. In this regard, Cancer and Aquarius can gel together quite well with a jaunt to a local bookstore or art gallery. More adventurous Aquarians that are more of a thrill-seeking type would end up driving Cancer up the walls with their spontaneous nature, however.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Communication is an avenue where Cancer and Aquarius can potentially have some degree of similarity and harmony. A lot of this is based on both individuals accepting one another as being somewhat different from the other person, but embracing it as a strength as opposed to a weakness. Another upside is both of these signs will always find something to be able to discuss, and there will be a lot of interplay between emotional and intellectually-driven themes at all times.

Cancer is a highly sensitive creature. They are perhaps the most sensitive sign of the entire zodiac. This is because they experience the fullness of the emotional spectrum almost all the time. This can overwhelm the usually aloof Aquarius, especially at the start of whatever relationship they happen to be in with the crab at the time. A more trusting and understanding Aquarian will eventually learn to appreciate this side of Cancer in the long run, and may even benefit from it themselves in the process.

Aquarius has a difficult time expressing how they feel on a purely emotional level. This might confuse Cancer at times, however they will endeavor to do their best to draw feelings forth from their Aquarian partner all the same. That is, of course, assuming Aquarius is open enough and ready for such a thing to occur in the first place.

Both of these signs can eventually relate to one another on a communication-based level. There are, however, much better options for either one of them within the zodiac. Generally speaking, though, they will be able to speak and understand one another calmly and clearly—it just might take a while to work out the kinks of their various styles of communication.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are not the best of pairings when it comes to matters of trust. Cancer is a conservative individual when it comes to matters of the heart and soul. Meanwhile, Aquarius can be all over the place mentally and not be the best suited for dealing with the crab’s emotional needs.

Cancer values loyalty and the utmost honesty and up-front behavior out of any relationship they happen to find themselves in. This can be a double-edged sword because they don’t like to be on the receiving end of too much bluntness, however. Aquarius is extremely capable of being blunt in a forceful manner, especially when they are frustrated or in some form of stressful mindset.

Aquarius can seem like a relatively untrustworthy person simply because they have a difficult time sharing things with their friends and partners. This is especially true with matters relating to emotions. They are not nearly as tied to their emotions as Cancer, and on the rare occasion that situation may occur, it can cause them to shut down and seem sketchy to their Cancerian partner. Aquarius is also highly eccentric in their mannerisms at times, which can confuse the more straight-laced Cancerian.

These two signs could gain each other’s trust over some time, but it would not be an easy go in the least. Only the most dedicated romantic partners of these two signs would stay with the relationship through the thick and the thin. A friendship between Cancer and Aquarius is likely to be fraught with conflict and mistrust between both parties. This is even if communication is at its apex regularly. The reason for this is the eternal conflict between the emotional (Cancer) and the cerebral (Aquarius) realms.

Cancer & Aquarius Cancer & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

In regards to workplace partnerships, Cancer can be a bit old school compared to the always forward-thinking Aquarius. This can potentially create a contentious work environment between both of them. They can work together, but it would take so much communication between the both of them that it might not be advantageous in the long run. This isn’t to say there’s going to be constant infighting between the two, but there are certainly more suitable zodiac partnerships that gel a lot better than these two.

Cancer is very entrenched in its particular way of doing things. Familiarity brings them comfort, especially in the business realm. Anything that affects their income levels down the line in a negative way is going to be a big negative for them. In this regard, dealing with Aquarius is going to leave Cancer an anxiety-ridden mess, as the Aquarian doesn’t have set patterns and routines that they follow. Communication between the two is going to be difficult at best because of this.

Aquarius likes their workplaces to be less about person-to-person interaction and more about coming up with grand and sweeping ideas that will revolutionize one’s company. They are forward-thinking and are always looking to take their workplaces to the next logical step in terms of the evolution of business environments.

Aquarians are the movers and shakers of the business world in terms of genre-defying ideas and concepts, but they seldom get along with more traditionally-minded employees like Cancer. These kinds of employees value stability and by-the-books behavior, whereas the Aquarian has no problem walking on shaky ground if it means innovation for their venture down the line.

Cancer & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Cancer and Aquarius are not what we would call an ideal pairing in the least. While it’s true they can make decent friends due to their ability to communicate clearly, they don’t match up well in many other regards. There are much more compatible zodiac pairings for both signs. They aren’t completely doomed to failure per se, but if communication isn’t tip-top between the two of them, there’s plenty of room for conflict on both sides.

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