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Though seemingly too far opposite, a relationship between Aries and Virgo can develop well if the signs understand that they will have to learn from each other. Where Aries is action-oriented and full of fire-influenced energy, Virgo is calm, patient... Keeping reading

Aries & Virgo Compatibility

Though seemingly too far opposite, a relationship between Aries and Virgo can develop well if the signs understand that they will have to learn from each other. Where Aries is action-oriented and full of fire-influenced energy, Virgo is calm, patient, and Earth-influenced, making them much more cautious in almost everything. It can take a while for a relationship between these two to begin to bloom, and an attraction will only spark between these signs once they take the time to get to know and appreciate the other.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, making them prone to passionate action, both in their career and in their personal life. It’s not hard for Aries to get up one day and decide to embark on a totally new goal without weighing the consequences of their actions.

Ruled by planet Mercury, Virgo is much different, and is inspired by communication and planning. These opposite approaches to life can cause significant strife if the signs don’t build up a tolerance and mutual respect for how the other sign behaves.

As friends or coworkers, Aries and Virgo are much more likely to experience a compatible relationship. The emotional distance and basic civilities that these relationships require will allow both signs to evaluate the other’s sign’s actions in relation to their own, leading to much self-reflection and a knowledge of how to best get along with the other sign. Loving partnerships between the two that evolve out of a friendly relationship are much more likely to last due to the patience that each sign initially exercised with each other.

Once Aries and Virgo see eye to eye, they can experience a strong relationship that constantly grows as they exchange thoughts and ideas, improving on their own maturities and the behavior they use to interact with the world. Virgo can temper Aries’s rash decision-making and teach them to confront issues with calm, and Aries can inspire Virgo to appreciate excitement and spontaneity for what it is. This balance can lead to a lasting relationship that leaves both signs feeling happy and fulfilled with one another.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Aries and Virgo interpret matters of love and intimacy very differently, and it is easy for the two to become so caught up questioning the other’s behavior that they forget they are supposed to be attracted to each other.

Aries has an obvious sexual nature about them and will bring this energy into their relationships without a second thought. Virgo, on the other hand, is represented by the Virgin and often will lack a sense of sexuality about themselves, preferring to stick to matters of rationality rather than intimacy.

This disconnect can be hard for the signs to reconcile on, as Aries will charge into the relationship and attempt to sweep Virgo off their feet, showering them with romantic gestures and promises of passionate, intimate activities. This behavior can tend to push away Virgo, as they prefer a partner who is more patient and slow-moving, both in and out of the bedroom.

In order for these signs to warm up to each other and begin enjoying a mutually satisfying intimate relationship, they need to start off slowly, taking time to get to know the other. Virgo will appreciate the patience and build-up to intimacy that this slow-pace brings, and Aries will generally use this time to keep the attention on them as they demonstrate their awareness and willingness to move at their partner’s pace.

Once these signs build up a repertoire with each other, they will find that their love life carries a natural spark; Virgo will feel fulfilled at the fact that they got to know their Aries partner more through conversation and thoughts rather than physical intimacy and will be more inclined to let Aries take charge in the bedroom, something that Aries has been waiting to do since the moment they were first attracted to Virgo.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Friendship Compatibility

In a friendship, Aries and Virgo are much more likely to experience a strong bond and a compatible relationship. With all expectations of love or anything more intimate removed, these signs are free to explore the other’s motives, analyzing their behaviors and learning the other’s reasoning. These signs both appreciate communication, and are likely to discuss their own thoughts and beliefs as friends, leading to them develop tolerance for the other and build a much more friendly relationship.

Once these signs warm up to each other, there is likely to be lively debates between the two, as they both enjoy sharing their stories; the signs may find themselves out on the town, enjoying a new bar or club, but this will only happen if Aries discusses their plans and gives Virgo enough time to decide on what they want to wear before they leave.

Similarly, Virgo should let down their hair a little more often and engage in the spontaneity that Aries has to offer as a friend.

Another positive about this friendship is that both signs love to meet new people. This means that it is easy for the signs to incorporate each other into their individual friend groups. These interactions will provide Aries the excitement of being in a social setting and give Virgo the peace of mind that they receive from being surrounded by a group of friends.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Emotional Compatibility

A lack of emotional exchange can be an issue in this pairing, and one that is only exacerbated by Venus’s fall in Virgo. Virgo tends to think more rationally, attempting to deal with matters of the heart with their mind and not leaving room to truly feel the most tender of emotions.

Conversely, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is full of masculine, passionate, emotional energy. They can easily grow frustrated by Virgo’s lack of emotion and their unwillingness to open up, no matter how hard Aries pushes for it.

It can be difficult for these two to start sharing their emotions, and oftentimes, Aries and Virgo will need to start out as friends, their relationship moving slowly and allowing them to build up an understanding of the other before they attempt to be anything more.

Both signs would do well to remember that emotions are essential; no matter how much Virgo tries to avoid their feelings, they will eventually have to be upfront with them if they truly care about having a relationship with Aries. Similarly, Aries will need to be patient and give Virgo time to discover their own feelings instead of just pushing for them to have emotions without thinking about the long-term consequences.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Values Compatibility

Both valuing hard work and ambition, Aries and Virgo are able to bond over their shared love of goal setting and working towards their newest ideal. The two are able to share many conversations about their projects and their ideas for the future, and they will spend time swapping information about the best way to obtain their individual ambitions as fast as possible. These shared values are the most important for Aries and Virgo and the ones that are most likely to keep these two together in any kind of relationship, whether it be as friends, coworkers, or romantic partners.

Besides these two values, however, Aries and Virgo don’t have a lot in common. Aries values bravery, determination, and social presence, giving their all to maintain their public image and constantly stay the center of attention.

Virgo sees no value in these traits, instead choosing to value intellect and cautious analytical behavior, something they believe that Aries cannot engage in while they are busy trying to draw a crowd of followers to themselves.

These values have the potential to cause many arguments between the two, as it can be hard for Aries and Virgo to change their viewpoint and begin to understand the motivations behind the other’s behavior.

However, if they manage to build up tolerance and patience for the other sign, it is much easier for them to tease each other over their difference in values instead of letting the difference signal the end of their relationship.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Activities Compatibility

Aries and Virgo will get along well when it comes to activities that have a trace of sport in them. They both enjoy taking care of their bodies and have a competitive nature, Aries much more than Virgo, and can be found taking hikes together, going on walks around town, or embarking on a weekend camping trip. If the activity is healthy and guaranteed to get them moving, Aries and Virgo will be found there.

Thanks to Virgo’s Mutability, they are generally happy to go along with whatever Aries suggests for the day, which suits Aries and their desire to lead just fine. However, there could be conflict when Aries starts to suggest more dynamic, adrenaline pumping activities. Virgo hates things like these as they will be deemed too high risk for them to enjoy, and there is likely to be many arguments over why Virgo will not participate. This can frustrate Aries who thinks that Virgo is far too cautious, and they will often start to leave Virgo out of their plans, thinking whatever activity they go on will be more fun without them.

As long as Aires and Virgo stick to activities that Virgo has deemed safe, these two are able to enjoy their time together without issue. Aries may sometimes be able to convince Virgo to become more daring, but these times are few and far between. Aries should make an effort not to get frustrated by this, because there will be no changing Virgo’s views, and to find a different, more daring friend for the riskier activities that they have planned.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Communication Compatibility

The love of intellect and conversations shared between these signs can bring them together and give them a compatible communication style, at least initially. Aries and Virgo will enjoy sharing ideas with each other, talking into the night about their various goals and futures, and exchanging challenges to each other’s belief systems. Once they move beyond superficial conversations however, Aries and Virgo are likely to experience a breakdown in communication channels.

Aries is fighter by nature and will often approach conflicts in full force. They have no problem yelling to communicate and may even break things to get their point across. On the other hand, Virgo is much shyer, and while they will argue when necessary, they have a tendency to repeat themselves over and over in an argument, making sure that their point is heard.

This behavior will frustrate Aries, who prefers a more straightforward style of communication, and will cause them to become more upset, resulting in a negative cycle of arguments that grow increasingly more destructive.

If Aries and Virgo are to improve the strength of their communication compatibility, it would do them both well to remember that they cannot solve any issues with circular arguments and all-night yelling matches. Virgo will need to present their facts rationally and logically to Aries and leave them to calm down, at which point Aries will lose their raging temper and reflect on Virgo’s arguments, coming to their own conclusions.

Treating any conflicts and their communication with emotions mostly removed will help these signs see eye to eye and achieve a healthy relationship in which they can both speak freely.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Trust Compatibility

Lovers of loyalty, the Aries and Virgo pairing will rarely have issues with trust in their relationship. Both of these signs find honesty in themselves and others as an important trait to look for, and neither of them will be happy to settle with a Zodiac sign that constantly feels the need to lie or be less than faithful to the relationship. Aries and Virgo will expect their partner to be straightforward with them at all times, and neither one will be distrustful or jealous of the other as long as they have this promise of truthfulness.

The only issue that could cause a breakdown in trust between these two is if Aries lets their passionate nature get the best of them and engages in casual flirting outside of the relationship, as they are sometimes prone to do. They will generally be upfront about their behavior with Virgo, who will appreciate their truthfulness, but will not be able to see Aries in the same light if they know that Aries has been acting sly behind their back.

The best way for these signs to maintain a strong, trusting relationship between themselves is for them to exercise faithfulness and honesty throughout their relationship, working hard to communicate any issues they are having and demonstrating their loyalty to the other often.

Aries & Virgo Aries & Virgo
Work Compatibility

Thanks to their mutual love of ambition and their hard-working attitudes, Aries and Virgo make a productive, interesting pairing of coworkers. They are likely to be the first pair of partners at the office in the morning and will already have their project half completed by the time other employees start to show up.

Together, Aries and Virgo will work their way up the chain in a company, putting all their efforts into obtaining their personal goals and helping the other out whenever possible, as they both realize the benefit of having connections in high places.

These signs would do well working together as co-owners of a business; Aries will fluidly become the face of the company, giving talks to inspire employees and working directly with customers, while Virgo will work behind the scenes, making sure that the business is more than profitable and continuing to grow.

Career fields where they are able to work directly with customers and put their minds to use will suit these signs, such as working in consulting, restaurant ownership, or public service roles.

As long as Aries and Virgo stay on the same footing in the workplace, they will be able to get along fine. When one is promoted above the other, however, there is a chance for serious conflict. Virgo will usually dislike how an Aries boss conducts their business, as they make sure to hold regular inspirational talks, and would rather be left alone to work.

Similarly, Aries will dislike having a Virgo boss that only talks numbers and doesn’t have what they feel is enough charisma to lead a team of employees.

Aries & Virgo Compatibility Summary

Often a pairing with a tumultuous relationship, Aries and Virgo are apparent opposites in many areas of their personality. However, once these two learn the values of patience and take the time to warm up to each other, they are able to enter into a balanced relationship where each sign teaches the other as much as they learn. Constant relationship growth and a tolerant demeanor will allow Aries and Virgo to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship for as long as possible.

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