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Two signs apart on the Zodiac, Aries and Aquarius are able to maintain a unique, exciting relationship. As Aries is the first sign on the Zodiac, they are characterized by growth and spontaneity; Aquarius is the second to last sign and is characteriz... Keeping reading

Aries & Aquarius Compatibility

Two signs apart on the Zodiac, Aries and Aquarius are able to maintain a unique, exciting relationship. As Aries is the first sign on the Zodiac, they are characterized by growth and spontaneity; Aquarius is the second to last sign and is characterized by progressive thinking and determination. Together, these signs are able to play to the best of their strengths and raise each other to new heights.

This closeness on the Zodiac also bodes well for the communication compatibility of these two signs. Aries and Aquarius are able to speak on almost any topic, clearly communicating their thoughts and bonding over their shared love of debate. Aries will enjoy when conversations turn slightly heated, and Aquarius can also find this thrilling, but Aries should be careful not to push too much to create bigger drama, as this will likely upset Aquarius and cause a breakdown in their communication channels.

Aries and Aquarius are the go-to pairing when it comes to creative ideas and innovation. Aries, the fearless leader and cardinal sign, will have no problem throwing out ideas based on spontaneity and idealism. Aquarius, the ever-creative thinker and fixed modality sign, will take the most realistic of Aries’s ideas and run with them, successfully putting them into action and improving on the idea with Aries’s continued feedback. Because of this dynamic, the two signs make fantastic coworkers or friends who are likely to share a passion project.

Emotional closeness will be the hardest dynamic for these signs to see eye to eye on. Aries, ruled by the planet Mars and its masculine passion, will be very straight-forward with their emotions, though they won’t always have the words to express them. Aquarius is also a very emotional sign, in that they will observe and take note of the emotions of others, but they rarely take time to address and process their own emotions. This can create a disconnect between the two, as Aries will want to build a closer emotional bond with Aquarius and Aquarius pushes them away, not wanting to get involved with something they don’t fully understand.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Passion is no issue when it comes to Aries, as they are ruled by the planet Mars and possess an abundance of strong masculine energy. This makes them more likely to enjoy taking charge in the bedroom, giving their utmost attention to intimate acts and making Aquarius feel like the only person in the world.

Aquarius has just the right amount of energy to keep up with this, and will often enjoy Aries taking the lead, as it allows them more freedom to throw out new ideas and activities for them both to try.

However, Aquarius should be careful not to let Aries exercise too much control over their physical relationship, or they could end up feeling less than fulfilled. Aquarius should insist that Aries listens to their ideas and feelings, and Aries needs to make sure that they take notice when Aquarius expresses dislike of an activity instead of plowing ahead with their stubborn ram-inspired attitude. This mutual communication is essential to ensure that the love compatibility between them stays fueled by the spark of excitement and passion the signs are capable of together.

Emotional closeness is another issue that could cause conflict in an intimate relationship between Aries and Aquarius. While these signs will have no problem sharing passionate physical compatibility, they could both end up feeling unfulfilled later on in the relationship. This is due to the fact that neither side will take time to deepen the romantic, loving aspect of their intimate relationship and will instead be focused on the creativity and pleasure aspect of it.

Aries and Aquarius should make sure that they take time to embark on regular dates and engage in other affectionate activities outside of the bedroom to ensure that the physical compatibility between them doesn’t fizzle out and their emotional bond is deepened.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

As friends, Aries and Aquarius are a dynamic duo, likely to be found living life to the fullest wherever their hearts desire. These two know how to have a good time individually, and together, they will encourage this energy and spontaneity in each other. They can be found holding court with their stories at a social gathering, embarking on a loosely-planned weekend trip, or simply sitting at a popular bar, deep in intense conversations about life.

With Aquarius as an air sign and Aries as a fire sign, the relationship between these two can be like the symbiotic one of fire and air. Aquarius will feed Aries’s ideas, helping them grow and implementing them, and Aries will gladly accept the help, making sure to take Aquarius with them as they reach new heights. This friendship can be one that is highly creative and full of passion projects that the two spend hours working on together.

Despite their excellent compatibility as friends, Aries and Aquarius should be careful not to cross each other’s boundaries repeatedly. It can be hard for these signs to pull away from each other and give each other much-needed space, but it is essential for them to schedule in individual free time so they don’t end up getting on each other’s nerves, acting out, and engaging in behaviors that they know the other sign will hate, just because they can. As long as they remember to give each other the occasional moments of space and downtime, Aries and Aquarius can have a long-lasting, strong, and respectful friendship.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

Emotions are a difficult subject for this pairing to become compatible on, mostly due to the very different ways they both process and share their emotions. Aries is more of a straight-forward individual – they feel strongly about many things and have no problem expressing their emotions, no matter how long it might take them to find the proper words.

Aquarius, on the other hand, will observe and absorb other’s emotions, taking notes and reflecting silently but never being forthcoming with their own feelings.The conflict in these behaviors comes when Aries tries to elicit a show of emotion from Aquarius, confused as to why they seemingly lack feelings.

This will only cause Aquarius to draw further into their own world, as it takes patience to get them to unlock and share their true emotions, and patience is something that an Aries will often majorly lack. Aries can also become upset by Aquarius’s lack of sharing, as they will see it as dishonesty and just strange in general.

If these two signs are to improve their emotional compatibility, they need to find a balance between themselves that feels safe to share their true emotions. Aries needs to learn tolerance and understanding, practicing patience that allows Aquarius to feel comfortable sharing. Similarly, Aquarius should understand that if they want to avoid further conflict, they will have to learn to be slightly more assertive with their feelings, even if it is just a little bit, because Aries will need to see some sign of emotion in order to stay happy.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius are lovers of conversation and communication; both signs are able to bond over their shared value of intellectual conversation, and that is often the trait that draws these signs together and keeps them coming back to each other. With their exceptional communication skills, these signs are able to entertain each other long into the night, the discourse between them never experiencing a lull.

However, it can be difficult for these signs to find other values that they share so compatibly, especially when they tend to interpret certain values in very different ways. For instance, both Aries and Aquarius love freedom. For Aries, this means freedom to do what they wish and engage in spontaneity; for Aquarius, this means not being tied down to any one place or person, and being free to follow their air nature, moving on the wind.

These different interpretations of values can create conflict, especially when Aries digs their heels in, insisting Aquarius bends to their will and follow their beliefs. Aquarius, a sign of creative thinking and a lover of independence, will reject this, sooner ending the relationship than bending to another’s will.

In order to repair and improve the compatibility of their values, Aries and Aquarius should put extensive work into understanding the motivations and core beliefs of the other. They should approach these conversations with a non-judgmental attitude and look for aspects of the other’s values they can appreciate, building up their tolerance and creating a relationship full of mutual respect.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

With so much energy and spontaneity between the two, there is no telling what these signs will get up to. Aries will often throw out ideas and come to collect Aquarius at a moment’s notice, whisking them away to an exotic restaurant or a day trip out of town without leaving room for protest. Aquarius, who enjoys spending their days engaged in a number of exciting activities, will gladly go along with Aries’s whims, throwing some of their own creative ideas into the mix.

While these signs are wonderfully compatible when it comes to sharing activities, they should remember to take time to slow down once in a while. It can be exhilarating for the two to move from one activity to the next, constantly fulfilling their desire to be on the go, but too much of this can prevent them from truly enjoying their next activity and result in them only engaging it for the sake of doing something. Aries and Aquarius would do well to remember that sometimes less is more, and it’s ok to take time to breathe.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

One of the strongest aspects in the Aries and Aquarius pairing, the communication compatibility between these signs is something that many other Zodiac partners have to work to achieve. Located only two signs away on the Zodiac wheel, this brings Aries and Aquarius a unique dynamic in which they both value openness and the exchange of ideas; the two can spend hours locked in their own debates and deep conversations about the world.

Aries and Aquarius will keep each other entertained endlessly. Both signs value excitement, and the new ideas that each one brings to the conversation will keep them happy. Aquarius especially will appreciate the fact that their Aries partner seems to have no boundaries about what they will talk about, allowing them to constantly learn about their beliefs and apply them to their own worldview.

While these signs can build a fantastic communicative repertoire, they should be careful that they don’t let other underlying issues ruin their communication channels. Conflicts like sharing true emotions or stubbornness can create a block in their communication as each sign moves to protect themselves and can ruin the dynamic they had.

Aries and Aquarius should work to build up the strength of every aspect of their relationship, as this is what will keep their communication flowing as freely as possible.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Neither of these signs has much of an issue when it comes to communication, which can be a positive for building a foundation of trust between the two. They are not ones to casually flirt outside of relationships and generally respect the honesty that they find in each other. These can create a dedicated, trusting bond that has the potential to grow into a very loyal relationship.

However, Aries has a tendency to be more possessive and jealous than Aquarius, a trait that could lead to a breakdown in the trust aspect of this relationship. Aquarius values their own individual freedom and will not want to be around Aries all the time, something that Aries cannot understand – once Aries has decided Aquarius is the person for them, they will want to spend all their time with them and can grow suspicious when Aquarius does not share this desire.

The only way to create a strong bond of loyalty between these signs is if Aries recognizes that personal freedoms are important and tries to relax their jealousy; Aquarius can lay Aries’s mind at ease by being upfront with their whereabout instead of maintaining the secrecy they often desire, but they should also take care to lie firm boundaries for Aries to prevent them from getting carried away and double-checking Aquarius’s every move.

Aries & Aquarius Aries & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

The creative dynamic that often emerges between Aries and Aquarius friendships will also arise between an equal business pairing of these signs. Ambitious Aries will throw out their ideas on a project with Aquarius, and Aquarius will work away diligently, making sure their ideas come to fruition. Both of these signs are creative and energetic, and with their shared drive to achieve, there is no project that won’t be completed perfectly and no deadline that won’t be met.

Aries and Aquarius would work well together as co-owners of a business or as a pair of equals that lead teams. Aries is more prone to taking charge of employees or customers, while Aquarius works their practical magic from the background, ensuring the success that Aries guarantees people. Due to their creativity and love for spontaneity, owning and working in a restaurant is a fantastic choice for these signs.

However, Aries and Aquarius can get carried away with their work, a trait that both signs would do well to be cautious of. It can be hard for them to stop putting their all into projects due to a shared love of perfectionism, and this prevents the signs from truly enjoying anything outside of work. Aries and Aquarius should make an effort to draw a boundary between their work and home lives to prevent them from burning out in their workplace.

Aries & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Creative and always on the go, Aries and Aquarius shared many strengths that make them a unique partnership. These signs are able to communicate clearly to each other and have the ability to share a mutually passionate and respectful relationship, as long as they don’t get carried away constantly testing the other’s boundaries or let stubbornness take the wheel away from logic. When Aries and Aquarius truly work hard to build up the trust and tolerance in their relationship, there is nothing that these two can’t achieve.

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