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Aries and Leo are both Fire signs, so get ready for a connection that is full of passion, energy and fun! Leos have big hearts. They are extremely open and sincere individuals, making them very attractive to Aries, who appreciate their lack of hidden... Keeping reading

Aries & Leo Compatibility

Aries and Leo are both Fire signs, so get ready for a connection that is full of passion, energy and fun! Leos have big hearts. They are extremely open and sincere individuals, making them very attractive to Aries, who appreciate their lack of hidden agendas and emotional neediness. Leos are also great partners to have when you need a bit of cheering up on a blue day. They’ll make you laugh and do their best to lift your spirits.

Aries will be the more impulsive of the two in the partnership. But instead of this being unappealing, your Leo will complement this part of you well with their innate ability to plan and organize.

Though Leos are just as confident (and egotistical) as an Aries, you will need to be careful with how you phrase things with them, especially if it’s a criticism. Leos are sensitive underneath it all and will take your opinions to heart because they love you. So try not to be so blunt when it comes to sharing what you’d like to see more or less of in the relationship.

You two will build your biggest fires in the bedroom. As far as the zodiac goes, your pairing is one of the best! Not only are you both extremely attracted to each other physically, but you also share a love for experimentation when it comes to lovemaking. Combine your greatest fantasies with the oceans of passion that exist between the two of you, and you’re sure to create fireworks.

Your biggest issues will come from how much the two of you like to be in charge. You both have a tendency to dominate conversations, decision-making, attention, and everything in between. Learning how to really listen to your partner and learning how to take turns being the leader should be at the top of your relationship to-do list. If you can’t concede at all, your relationship will be full of anger and fiery arguments, and it won’t last very long.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Get ready for fireworks, Aries and Leo, because your cosmic connection is off the charts! Not only will you be physically attracted to one another, but you will also have a special sexual connection.

Forget watching romance on the silver screen—you’ll be your own romantic story! Your relationship will be filled with passion and warmth and explosive energy in the bedroom. There are no limits when it comes to experimenting in your lovemaking, so dive right in and don’t be afraid to share your wildest fantasies with each other.

Aries and Leos can commit to  one another for the long haul because there is so much energy between the two, as both have larger than life personalities. However, the downside is that you may find yourselves fighting and making up quite a lot because of your strong egos.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you’ll both have to slow down your drive for competition. Though you don’t mind sharing the spotlight with one another, you have to remind yourself that you don’t have to compete for each other’s attention.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

As with love and intimacy, an Aries and Leo friendship will be filled with passion and high energy. This is because Aries (which is ruled by Mars) and Leo (which is ruled by the Sun) have very masculine energies. Because you both have such competitive spirits, you will feed off of one another and drive each other to reach big things in life.

It can be tricky if your competitive natures turn negative, however. You may find yourselves acting more like frenemies if the relationship sours. So be sure to respect each other and take turns being the leader.

You both are Fire signs, which means when your friendship is good, it is superbly good—but when your friendship is bad, you are both going to have to learn to compromise and learn how to be as good of a follower as you are a leader. Otherwise, you’re going to fight, and those fights will be explosive.

Leos will get irritated with how rashly their Aries friend jumps into things, while Aries will be frustrated with how unrelenting Leos can be. Not to worry, though — so long as mutual respect remains between the two of you, you will make up easily after a fight.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

Emotions will definitely run high between an Aries and a Leo. If you can’t find a healthy balance in your relationship, you may find yourselves flitting from one extreme to the other when it comes to your emotions. Too much happiness will feel like mania, and too much anger will feel like a volcanic explosion. Maintain balance as best as you can, Aries and Leo: it is essential!

As mentioned before, both Aries and Leo are Sun signs, which means that your love is creative, passionate, warm and playful. These are all good things for lovers to enjoy with each other in the best of times. You will easily understand where the other is coming from emotionally as both signs are excellent at self-expression.

Even though your disagreements are sure to be epically fiery, the way you understand one another one this level is virtually unparalleled. You’ll be able to make it through even the toughest moments together.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Values Compatibility

Being clear, straightforward and to the point is highly valued by both Aries and Leos. Aries has a strong Mars energy in their sign, which means that, above anything else, they just want people to be straight up with them.

Leo, on the other hand, is all about clarity. These two will run into problems when it comes to roles. More specifically, when it comes down to who gets to lead and who has to follow. It’s not that you both can’t be leaders in the relationship at some point. It’s more about your inherent competitive natures. Just don’t compare yourselves when it comes to leadership styles, and you’ll be just fine.

But you must be continually vigilant when it comes to your dominant natures. You’ll both naturally want to call all the shots, from where you decide to live to how you manage your finances and so on. You’re going to have to work on releasing control and trusting the other to make good choices for the both of you in the relationship.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Activities Compatibility

You both will have plenty of energy to do just about anything when it comes to having fun! Aries love to move: they’ll want to go on long walks, or go to the gym, and they will always be up for trying something new.

Because of their more fixed natures, Leos will be a little more stubborn and rigid about the things they like to do (and the things they don’t), so tempers may clash if an Aries tries to force a Leo to do something they feel hesitant about.

Leos are more into going places where they can be seen and be the center of attention. So dinner parties, and open mic nights at a coffee shop may be more up their alley when it comes to going out. They can charm the pants off of everyone in the crowd before sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Aries may find themselves feeling bored or listless if the Leo always gets their way, however. So again, it is important that you both are able to compromise and that you take turns allowing your partner to make the decisions when it comes to what you do together. If you can’t compromise, you won’t be going out much together at all, and where’s the fun in that?

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Communication Compatibility

In the beginning of your relationship, your conversations will be full of energy, admiration and mutual respect. The longer you are together, however, the more easily you can fall into more fiery discussions that leave you both feeling a little less than wonderful.

This may come down to the fact that you both are often really bad at listening to your partner. That’s because you’re both always waiting for gaps in the conversation to put in your two cents. This can lead to a lot of fighting, misunderstandings and constant interruptions to the flow of conversation.

Not to worry, though. If you can both develop better communication skills (especially when it comes to listening and responding appropriately), you’ll be able to weather the storms of your more heated exchanges. Remember that being willing to listen is key. Did you hear that?

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Aries and Leo couplings might have some issues when it comes to trust. However, you both have strong beliefs and values, and you both are very loyal, so this should help alleviate some of the issues you have when it comes to trusting each other.  Another great thing about your pairing is how much determination you both have. If you use this determination to work together to resolve conflicts and solve problems as a unified team, you’ll be sure to build mountains of trust that will last for the long haul.

Leos have strong personalities that are very attractive to others, so be careful not to fall into any jealous rages, Aries. If you become too possessive and feel the need to fight off your “competition” when it comes to your lover’s attention and affection, you will definitely create problems in the relationship.

You’re not off the hook either, Leos. Don’t get too jealous or insecure when you see how attractive your Aries partner is to others. Just be clear, open and honest with each other about your feelings for and commitment to one another to maintain a strong relationship.

Aries & Leo Aries & Leo
Work Compatibility

It won’t be difficult for an Aries and a Leo to find mutual admiration for one another in the workplace. You’ll work well together as a team and bring a lot of success to your business. Leos will admire how easily their Aries coworker can jump into any project with little to no fear, while Aries will admire a Leo’s charisma, creativity and boundless imagination.

As with other areas of compatibility, your competitive and dominant natures may end up getting the best of you both at work. You both like to do things your way and may find it hard to bend your will to someone else’s. If you can work together and take turns when it comes to leading a project, you’ll be able to overcome this problem area.

Just be sure to stick to your word! If you try to take control when you were supposed to let the other lead, be prepared for a fiery confrontation.

Aries & Leo Compatibility Summary

Aries and Leos make excellent partners in love, in friendship and in the workplace. Leos are super organized and love planning, which balances well with Aries, who tend to be more impulsive in nature.

Both signs are full of passion and energy, so you’ll have just as much fun in between the sheets as you will on a night out on the town. And if you work together, get ready to get stuff done! You admire each other’s work ethic and style, and your managers love how successful you are working as a team.

Your biggest problems will arise from the need you both have to dominate and lead, but if you can learn how to compromise and trust each other’s instincts and decision-making, you’ll fight less and love more.

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