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Taureans love the finer things in life. They are attracted to beautiful and expensive products, and they’re not afraid to indulge in high-quality experiences. Not to worry, though — Taurean signs are grounded, hardworking people, so they are also... Keeping reading

Taurus & Taurus Compatibility

Taureans love the finer things in life. They are attracted to beautiful and expensive products, and they’re not afraid to indulge in high-quality experiences. Not to worry, though — Taurean signs are grounded, hardworking people, so they are also super reliable, steadfast, and deep.

Two Taurean friends create a stable and secure bond that is full of fun, laughter, and emotional support. But while they’ll do anything to make each other happy, it’s not all about having fun. Taureans really care about their friendships and are very devoted to the people they love. They are extremely loyal, and once they make up their mind to commit to a relationship, they are all in. You just have to make sure that this loyalty doesn’t turn into possessiveness.

If you are romantically paired with a Taurus, get ready to woo the heck out of each other! Your Earth element will stoke the romantic fires as you enjoy decadent meals over candlelight, long walks on the beach, and chocolate-covered strawberries with champagne in a luxurious hotel room. You will love to be in love with each other, and you won’t waste any time showering each other with mountains of affection. Not only that, but just as in friendship, when a Taurus commits to a relationship, it is not a decision they make lightly. They mean it when they say they are all in!

Taurus pairings will have their problems, too, especially when arguments arise. They can be especially stubborn and resistant to change, and their fixed modality may result in some heated (and often over-opinionated) quarrels. Both of you may also find yourselves frustrated with the other for not taking enough initiative in maintaining the relationship. Despite this, Taurus partnerships are strong and able to weather the storms of any relationship they’re in. Just keep calm, maintain your sense of self, and communicate openly and honestly with your partner when the relationship gets a bit rocky.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Being romantically involved with a fellow Taurus is fiery! Whether you want to spend hours together in bed or sip champagne while looking at the nighttime stars aboard a private yacht, you can be sure that there is no romantic indulgence that is off-limits for the two of you!

Just don’t be surprised if your Taurus is a bit on the lazy side when it comes to taking the initiative in the bedroom. You may have to be more direct with what you want, but once you find your rhythm, get ready for fireworks.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Being friends with a fellow Taurus is such a gift! You’ll love getting dressed up and going out for a night on the town—enjoying the best drinks, the hottest dance clubs, and being surrounded by other beautiful people just like you.

You’ll be extremely devoted to one another and often prefer each other’s company over other members of your friend group. Loyal to the end, you can count on this person to be there for you through thick and thin. Just be sure to make your other friends feel like they’re part of the inner circle, too.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

Taurus is exalted in the Moon, which ensures a strong sense of nurturing, sensitivity and stillness in a Taurus and Taurus pairing. Additionally, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, so you can count on your partner to provide material comfort, love, and affection in the relationship. And you’ll be there for them too!

If you are both experienced in love and have a positive history when it comes to your love life, you will both bring a deep, emotional understanding to the relationship, where you can share openly and care for each other fully. There will be no issues in meeting one another’s needs. If, however, you or your partner have a troubled past or are inexperienced in love, you’ll need to work hard at communicating openly and honestly to build trust and to better meet each other’s emotional needs.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Values Compatibility

Taureans are ruled by the second house and are focused on building security in their finances, possessions, and resources. Taurus is also a fixed sign which makes them stable, reliable, and able to reflect deeply on life matters. If both Taureans share the same values when it comes to finances and possessions, they will be unstoppable and can achieve anything as a team with little to no drama.

But if your priorities don’t line up, be prepared for some conflict. However, Taureans at their core are reasonable and respectful people, so even if your values don’t always synchronize, you’ll still be able to respect each other’s differences.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Two Taureans together make an excellent pair when it comes to having fun. You’ll finally be with a partner that loves to go on adventures and indulge in life’s pleasures without feeling guilty about how much you’re spending. Taurus friends may find themselves indulging in a spa day, while Taurean lovers may prefer to spend a whole weekend in bed. Whatever the case, a Taurus and Taurus pair will always enjoy the physical pleasures life has to offer.

Be careful, though: if you’re not careful, overindulgence may put too big of a dent in your bank account and ruin your finances. Also, be sure to balance physical pleasures with maintaining your physical health. If you ignore the latter in favor of the former too much, your body will start feeling more like an enemy and less like a temple.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Taurus is a fixed sign that can sometimes work like a double-edged sword. While you can count on your fellow Taurean to be steady and strong, you may find that your partner can also be quite stubborn and willful. It’s a great quality to stick to your convictions, especially if they are for a good cause. If, however, you find yourself on the opposite side of a conviction with your Taurean partner, don’t expect them (or you) to give in very easily.

You’ll need to really work on communicating calmly and openly to reach an agreement. Or at the very least, reach a more peaceful arrangement where you can agree to disagree and move on to more important things.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

Taurans are known to be very loyal and committed to the people they love. However, similar to their communication,  the trust that exists between you two will all come down to how much either of you is willing to change for the other.

Taureans are known to be quite stubborn and will quickly dig their heels in when someone expresses an opposing view. If you or your partner have a history of unhealthy relationships with friends and/or lovers (or if you are simply inexperienced in relationships altogether), this will make trusting and being willing to change for your partner even more difficult.

Luckily, Taureans are also steadfast and willing to deal with issues calmly and patiently. As long as you both can open up to each other, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation of trust.

Taurus & Taurus Taurus & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Taureans are hardworking and extremely determined people. Just as they don’t give up on their values easily, they also don’t throw in the towel quickly when it comes to hard, honest work. Because of this, Taureans are able to meet the goals they set for themselves, and if you have two Taureans working together, you can be sure that any job you throw at them will get done!

If you are Taurus co-workers, you can count on working with someone who not only shares your work ethic but also appreciates the hard work you do. If you work for a Taurus, your boss will value how dependable you are and will most likely consider you first for promotions.

Taurus & Taurus Compatibility Summary

A Taurus and Taurus pairing is an overall win when it comes to the zodiac. Not only will you be loyal and committed to each other, but you’ll also have no limits when it comes to enjoying the material pleasures in life together.

As long as you are able to communicate openly, take the initiative when you can and work on not being too stubborn all of the time, you’re sure to have boundless fun and amazing experiences with a fellow Taurus.

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