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Sagittarians are fire signs, so they are completely comfortable with expressing themselves and establishing dominance in social settings. But don’t worry: their powerful presence is not suffocating. Sagittarians are great at igniting other people�... Keeping reading

Pisces & Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarians are fire signs, so they are completely comfortable with expressing themselves and establishing dominance in social settings. But don’t worry: their powerful presence is not suffocating. Sagittarians are great at igniting other people’s inner passions as much as their own.

Pisceans are water signs. They are all about emotions and are highly intuitive to other people’s feelings. They can easily pick up on the mood in any room and adapt accordingly. This makes them extremely empathetic, creative and imaginative people.

Water and fire don’t generally pair well. That’s because fire signs exude a positive, masculine energy while water signs have a more feminine, negative energy. This makes the two signs complete opposites in so many ways. Don’t worry too much, though: Pisces and Sagittarius can make it work.

The fact that both signs share a mutable modality may help matters when it comes to love and romance. Mutable signs are easy-going, adaptable and tend to shy away from facing obstacles and conflicts head-on. This can come in handy when Pisceans and Sagittarians disagree.

Their conflicts won’t immediately erupt into fiery, earth-scorching arguments. Rather, both signs will more likely compromise and adapt to lessen conflicts during disagreements. The key here is to do this actively. Since mutable signs tend to be more passive, if neither partner takes the initiative to resolve an issue with their lover, the relationship is likely to fizzle out quickly.

Neptune rules in Pisces, making this sign highly imaginative, sensitive and idealistic by nature. Pisceans are all about transcending into spiritual realms and leaving behind anything hyper-realistic. Jupiter rules in Sagittarius, making this sign very adventurous, carefree and lucky by nature. Sagittarians are full of energy and very spontaneous in life, preferring to be on the move over settling down in one place.

In this way, Pisces and Sagittarius are very compatible. Sagittarians will love how exploratory and creative a Pisces partner is, and they will also love learning about how to break into new planes of spiritual existence right along with them! Likewise, Pisceans will be attracted to Sagittarians because they exude an immense amount of positive energy that an emotionally sensitive Pisces will readily drink in!

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

If a Pisces wants to draw in a Sagittarius lover, they’ll need to give a Sagittarian the space to be free. Sagittarians love their independence as much as they love to explore the world around them. They do not like to be tied down. If they feel safe to be themselves with a Pisces partner, they’re sure to stick around in the relationship.

Pisceans are dreamers, so they are attracted to people who like to explore their imaginations. If a Sagittarius wants to attract a Pisces partner, they’ll need to take them out on dates that turn their dreams into a reality. This shouldn’t be a problem for a Sagittarian because they love to explore new cultures and ideas. Go to the circus, or an art museum or a costume party, and get ready for a night of fun!

When it comes to sex, Sagittarians bring playfulness, adventure and exploration into the bedroom. They are down to try just about anything between the sheets, so this should easily play into a Piscean’s imaginative, creative nature.

Pisceans are about emotional connection as much as physical connection when it comes to sex. They will definitely love to role play with their partner, but they will always want to reach new emotional depths when making love. Sagittarians will have to put as much of their fiery energy into creating emotional connections as they put into the act of lovemaking itself.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Friendship Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Pisces friendship is a great combination! Sagittarians are intelligent, philosophical people who always like to be on the move. Pisceans are a little calmer compared to Sagittarians, preferring inward exploration and living their lives with their heads in the clouds.

These differing personalities will complement each other really well. Sagittarians will help Pisceans come back down to earth to have a little fun, and Piscesans will challenge Sagittarians to slow down in order to explore new philosophical planes.

Because Pisceans are excellent listeners, they’ll be a source of respite from the outside world for a Sagittarian. If at any point their Sagittarian friend gets hurt or upset during a new experience, a Piscean will always be there to lend an empathetic, listening ear.

Sagittarians will be very protective of their Pisceans friends. Because they love strongly and want the best for their friends, they’ll always be there for a Pisces partner to help protect them or guide them through the more scary parts of life.

The most important thing in this friendship is to complement their partner without changing them. It’s a good thing that both signs have opposing personality traits. While it’s okay for a Sagittarian to encourage their Piscean friend to be more active and outgoing, it is important that they don’t become too pushy about this. Pisces thrives on spiritual transcendence, so it’s important for them to have alone time to explore this part of themselves.

Likewise, Pisceans will be great at teaching their Sagittarian friends how to be more soft and gentle. But it is important to respect the fact that they are fire signs who are full of energy and charisma. If they are forced to be too docile, they’ll become reckless and may lash out aggressively in response.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Emotional Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Pisces pairing will face challenges in how they express their emotions, especially as the relationship settles into a long-term one. It’s no surprise that Pisces love to explore emotions deeply and thoroughly. If they are with a partner who does not share this same value, they will assume that their partner doesn’t take their feelings seriously.

This is a slippery slope because the more that a Pisces feels emotionally disconnected from their partner, the more they will become confused and hypersensitive to their partner’s actions (or inaction). If this happens, a Sagittarian will most likely become unreliable and distant in the relationship because they will see their partner as too clingy and needy.

Communication is essential in this relationship to prevent this from happening! Pisceans will need to try their best to be a little more relaxed and a little less direct in their approach when it comes to airing out grievances or expressing negative emotions with a Sagittarian.

Likewise, Sagittarians will need to be more honest, open and gentle when dealing with their partner’s emotions. Remember, Pisceans just want to connect and relate. Expressing emotions is not just about them. It’s about feeling more connected to their partner, and when they do, they are boundless in the amount of love and attention they give back.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Values Compatibility

It’s no surprise that Pisceans value transcendence. They much prefer to live in fantasy worlds than to merely exist in reality. The everyday humdrum of daily life is not enough for them. They love to explore the inner-workings of the soul and imagine whole universes that exist within themselves.

This can be dangerous for a Pisces, however, especially if they explore too heavily into how far drugs and other harmful substances can push the limits of reality. They’ll need a partner to help keep them from taking their explorations too far. Since Sagittarians are quite protective of the ones they love (and since they are also very blunt and honest), they’ll have no problem keeping the more dangerous forms of explorations in check.

Sagittarians value expansion. They revel in their freedom and independence, and they love to explore and learn new things from every culture or people. This couples excellently with a Pisces who has a love of spiritual expansion. These two signs will have fun sharing and learning how to evolve together in the spiritual and physical world.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Activities Compatibility

Sagittarians are adventurous, fun-loving, truth-seeking individuals who love to explore the world. Their main interests will revolve around sports, traveling and learning. They will love a day reading their favorite books over several cups of coffee just as much as they will love jumping on a plane to visit a new country.

Though Pisceans are more low-key and prefer to focus their exploration on their inner selves, they will love sharing this sense of adventure and discovery with a Sagittarian partner. Learning new ideas from new cultures will only fuel a Pisces’s imagination and creativity.

Pisceans love anything and everything to do with creativity. They love to spend the day exploring paintings in an art museum, going to a play or seeing an international film.  They also love creating art, whether through painting, singing or dancing. Sagittarians should have no problem exploring these interests too, as they love to learn new things!

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Communication Compatibility

Pisces are good at expressing themselves both verbally and non-verbally. They prefer to go with the flow when it comes to talking through feelings, and have a deep love for connecting with others emotionally. They are extremely intuitive and empathetic people who listen to other people’s emotions as much as they talk about their own.

A Pisces will always appreciate a partner who at the very least makes an effort to talk about their feelings. They don’t tend to be overly judgmental and give their partners the time and space to work through their emotions. Just don’t take too long to express how you feel, or a Piscean will begin to feel insecure and suspect that you are hiding something. Remember, honesty is always the best policy!

Sagittarius matches well with Pisces when it comes to communication because, above all, they appreciate sincerity when in conversation with others. They are game to talk about anything and everything, from what you discovered at work that day to how an experience made you feel. So long as you are genuine and sincere in what you talk about, they are ready and willing to communicate openly and freely with you.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Trust Compatibility

Sagittarians are fairly direct in nature, but when it comes to trust, they are a little less straight-forward. Sagittarians are mutable signs who do not like to stick around for long if the relationship gets to be too complicated. If Pisces wants to earn their trust, they’re going to have to put some work in.

Pisces can start building this trust simply by joining in with a Sagittarius partner when they go off on their adventures. Go on a trip with them, try a new restaurant, engage them in conversation on a topic both of you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This will go a long way in making a Sagittarian feel safe to open up and begin to trust you.

Most of all, Sagittarians appreciate honesty. They are fun-loving, yes, but don’t forget that they are also extremely witty, analytical and sharp. They can spot a liar from a mile away, so if they come across someone who’s merely putting on a show, they’ll quickly head for the door.

Pisceans are a bit more straightforward when it comes to building trust. All a Sagittarian has to do is support their dreams! They love to imagine all of life’s possibilities and share those creative thoughts with the ones they love. Listen carefully and respond encouragingly, and they’ll love you for it!

They also build stronger trust with partners who are willing to tap into the deeper levels of their emotions. They appreciate a person who knows their own heart and is willing and able to share these understandings with a Pisces partner. When they feel connected to a partner emotionally, they can trust their partner to show up for them as much as they would for their partner.

Pisces & Sagittarius Pisces & Sagittarius
Work Compatibility

In the workplace, a Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility is not so strong. These two signs will bring a whole lot of idealism and creativity into the workplace. Where this pairing falls short is in the practical and productive department.

This is because both signs are visionary in nature. A Pisces can spend an entire workday dreaming up what the workplace could be rather than completing the tasks that are already at hand. Likewise, a Sagittarian can just as easily get lost in their imagination instead of getting any real work done. It also doesn’t help that both signs are not particularly good with handling money!

Despite this, both signs can help their company profit. This is because the two signs are really great at supporting other people in the workplace. Sagittarians and Pisceans are excellent cheerleaders!

Pisces & Sagittarius Compatibility Summary

When it comes to love, intimacy and friendship, a Pisces and Sagittarius coupling is on fire! This is because the two signs have a great “opposites attract” energy going. Sagittarians are great at getting a Pisces partner to come back down to earth and enjoy all the fun reality has to offer, while Pisceans help their Sagittarius lover to re-center and explore their inner souls more deeply.

Pisecans will love role-playing in the bedroom, and a Sagittarian is more than willing to try new and adventurous things between the sheets! A Pisces will also appreciate how much energy a Sagittarius lover is willing to put into both the emotional and physical aspects of lovemaking.

As friends, there will be nothing you two aren’t willing to explore together. Sagittarians will love learning new things from all the creative arts their Pisces friend loves to explore. From plays to art exhibits to ballets, these two signs will have fun engulfing themselves in imaginative worlds while learning a new thing or two.

The workplace is not the best place for a Sagittarian and Piscean to come together. This is because the two signs are way too good at daydreaming and imagining all the good things they want to happen at work. Though they will make up for this by encouraging and supporting other co-workers to get the job done, Pisces and Sagittarius spend way too much time with their heads in the clouds to get enough work done as a team.

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