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Scorpio and Taurus are exact opposites on the zodiac wheel, but truly, they’re more alike than most people think. Their similar ways of thinking mean that overall they’re quite compatible as a couple or as friends. Neither Taureans nor Scorpios h... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus are exact opposites on the zodiac wheel, but truly, they’re more alike than most people think. Their similar ways of thinking mean that overall they’re quite compatible as a couple or as friends.

Neither Taureans nor Scorpios have an issue with taking things slowly, so that will be an area of ultimate harmony, and they won’t rush each other into anything they’re not ready for. Both of them form very strong bonds with people once they get to know them and let them into their inner circle.

Scorpios love trying new things while Taureans tend to favor routine and the familiar. This sets up a good balance between them: Scorpios can help Taureans explore their world, and Taureans can help keep Scorpios from getting lost up in the daydreaming clouds.

Scorpios are very passionate and intense, and Taureans love indulging in the finer things. This could be a match made in heaven, so long as Scorpio is receptive to the sorts of indulgences and pleasures that Taurus wants to show them.

Taureans are known for being very reliable people and very loyal friends. Scorpios appreciate this loyalty and find their reliability something very reassuring, whether they’re friends or romantic partners. The care with which Taureans operate around their loved ones makes Scorpios think that they take their role as friend or lover very seriously, and it gives Scorpios extra ease of mind.

They have similar minds when it comes to activities that they might enjoy. Both signs are very hard-working and love having a goal, which makes them compatible in many ways outside of romance.

Both signs also know how to respect space and independence, which means that, typically, they’ll thrive as a romantic couple. They’ll be able to find that balance of together time and time spent apart without one of them getting offended about the need for space.

Stubbornness can be an issue if you’re on opposing sides about something. Taureans are very set in their ways, and Scorpios can be stubborn when it comes to things they think they’re right about.

Scorpios can be unpredictable when it comes to their feelings because they’re very private about the things that they’re simmering about, and this can be jarring to Taureans, who could get snippy if this feels like a sudden change.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Scorpios and Taureans feel their emotions, especially romantic and more intimate emotions, very deeply, but it takes a while for someone new to get through their surface to their more vulnerable feelings. They work together really well on a romantic level because both of them understand the value of taking things slow.

They also respect each other’s space for processing a long-term commitment. Neither of them will try to rush anything, which gives the other room to breathe and makes them feel safe.

When they do get together, Scorpio and Taurus are both very sensual signs. Scorpios are known for being extremely passionate individuals in just about every aspect of their lives, and Taureans are known for their sensuality and the way that they love to indulge in life’s pleasures. This is an extremely romantic combination that may make their relationship seem like never-ending fireworks to the outsider. When both signs fall, they fall hard, and there’s no shortage of showing it.

Both signs tend to favor staying home over going out somewhere loud–they’d rather enjoy each other’s company very intimately along with a lovely meal or a good bottle of wine.

Scorpios and Taureans tend to be very perceptive, and their communication methods are usually very similar. Once they get to know each other, it’s like they have their own language. They favor thinking decisions through very thoroughly and being honest about their needs.

Both signs are very loyal and devoted. Infidelity is hardly ever an issue, and they have a lot of respect for the people that they love.

When there’s stubbornness from either of them on any subject, remembering to meet in the middle and communicate in a way that’s geared toward compromise will do both of you well.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Both Scorpios and Taureans prefer to have a few select close friends rather than having many acquaintances that they don’t know very well. Like with their approach to romance, it may take a little while for them to become close friends, but neither of them will expect that vulnerability to happen right away. Once they’re close, they stay in each other’s lives for a very long time.

Taureans and Scorpios are protective of their loved ones and will stand up for anyone they love who’s being bullied or mistreated. When they see this in each other, they feel reassured by it and internalize it as a sign of loyalty because that’s how they themselves would act in the same situation.

Both signs make great friends, and that would naturally extend to each other. Taureans will always be there if they’re needed, and Scorpios will never forget that loyalty and their friendship being taken seriously.

Scorpios are sometimes brutally honest, and Taureans will appreciate that clarity. Taureans will sometimes try to hold onto a friendship past its prime, but Scorpios will not and aren’t afraid to open a conversation about drifting apart if that’s what needs to happen. Ultimately, this leads to good relationships, even if it stings.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

Initially, Scorpios and Taureans can both be private and more closed off about their emotions. In some cases, this can make it hard for them to get to know each other, but for the most part, it comes with an understanding that patience is going to be key.

Since they themselves are emotionally more private, they tend to know better than to be intrusive about their friend or partners’ feelings. This understanding makes them both feel safe; it can even make them open up to each other more quickly as they’ll feel they’re not being judged for taking it slow.

Scorpios are very emotional and intense. Taureans tend to favor stability, so this can be an area of difficulty once they know each other well enough for Taurus to see the depth of Scorpio’s feelings. As long as Scorpios maintain good communication with their Taurus friend or partner, they should be able to work through any issues that arise.

Both signs tend to be ardent once they’re emotionally sure about a subject or decision. If they’re on the same side, this can be very good. However, if they’re not, it can be a point of contention that they need to work through.

Scorpios will respect the passion shown by Taureans in their emotions, even if they’re not on the same side, and will be compelled to listen to what they have to say and judge it with honesty as opposed to being prepared to fire back why they think they’re right. As long as Taureans (and Scorpios) don’t let stubbornness overtake a potential compromise, this will be no issue.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Values Compatibility

The most important value that Scorpios and Taureans share is that both of them do not take being betrayed lightly. This makes for very good compatibility, as they both take being slighted seriously and can rest assured that it probably won’t happen between them. Both of them highly value loyalty and stay true to the people that they love. This goes for both friendships or romantic relationships.

Once they’re in love and have made that connection, there is little that will make them part. Neither of them are likely to commit infidelity, and both of them would rather fix the relationship they have than look for someone new at the first sign of disagreement.

Scorpio highly values passion in their lives, and Taurus highly values indulgence. These can be extremely compatible concepts, as Scorpio loves hearing about other peoples’ passions and Taureans love sharing their indulgences as a love language. The differences in these values still leave room for the two of them to learn from each other and keep things exciting, which makes for excellent relationship longevity.

A challenge might be seen in the way that Taurus tends to highly value family, whereas Scorpio may take a more distant approach, especially to their biological family. This isn’t anything that can’t be solved with communication, especially if there are reasons for Scorpios’ distance, but it might take them a while to feel comfortable opening up about that.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio are both very goal-oriented, so doing activities together that put them on the same team or working toward a common goal will be beneficial in keeping their relationship and love alive. Activities they’ll thrive in can be things like cooking or taking a language together.

Scorpios have a fearless streak and love to try new things. Taureans tend to favor routine, but as long as Scorpios don’t spring any changes or surprises on them, they may be game to try some new activities (especially as a means of bonding).

Taurus tends to have a penchant toward indulgent and sensuous activities. As long as Scorpio can appreciate the beauty and the decadent nature of these activities, Taureans will be happy to share that time and energy with them. Scorpio interests tend to be toward the darker or more taboo side of life, and this, combined with Taureans’ love of all things indulgent, can mean that their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

Both signs have an affinity for personal space, especially Scorpio. Taurus can expect that their personal space will be respected, and activities they can do independently (in addition to activities done together) will be encouraged.

Scorpios love talking about their latest passion projects, and asking questions about those projects will only strengthen the love that Scorpio has for their Taurus partner.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Neither sign is fond of playing games or being fake, so there won’t be that barrier to contend with which will be invaluable, especially as they’re getting to know each other. Both signs will appreciate each other’s realness.

Both Taureans and Scorpios tend to be more private when it comes to their emotions, especially at the beginning of a partnership. Both signs also have the tendency to be honest and blunt (sometimes to a fault) about their opinions, which works in their favor.

Some signs get scared off by this bluntness and this initial privateness, but Taureans and Scorpios operating in a similar way makes them understand where it comes from and how to approach it. They’re grateful for each other’s honesty, which makes open communication extremely important.

Taureans are very laid back when it comes to communication once they know someone. Scorpio can read too much into things, so they would do well to remember to simply ask for what they want in no uncertain terms–especially since it’s usually something they’re good at in other contexts. Ultimately, Taureans want to be helpful and make their partners happy, so this will only strengthen the relationship.

Stubbornness on both sides can be something difficult to contend with, if you have differing opinions on subjects of importance. Avoiding those subjects, unless it’s absolutely necessary to talk about them, may be for the best, to not start an argument.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

It takes a lot for both Taurus and Scorpio to trust, but once they open up and allow that trust to happen, they’re very loyal. Since both of them understand that trust is something that’s earned, they’re not likely to push each other too hard or rush things when it comes to situations that require a lot of trust (like moving in).

This could prove to be something challenging if one relationship partner expresses that trust before the other; this may make the other person feel pressured into taking that step before they’re ready, which could make them frustrated. Communication is key. Once they realize and are assured that the other person isn’t going anywhere, their trust will be very stable.

Scorpios can be very jealous at times, which will go one of two ways for Taureans: They’ll find it flattering and understand it, or they’ll find it obnoxious. It isn’t that Scorpio doesn’t trust their partner; it’s everyone else! If that’s something that makes Taurus uncomfortable, addressing it and trying to talk through where it’s coming from may prove helpful.

Once Scorpio and Taurus realize that they’re on the same page with how seriously they take loyalty, the trust between them will run as deeply as the ocean.

Scorpio & Taurus Scorpio & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Taureans are known for working very hard, and Scorpios have very similar tendencies when they’re galvanized by something, so neither of you has to worry about the other slacking off. Taureans always keep their promises, and Scorpios find that sort of loyalty and care very reassuring.

Scorpios are great at negotiating but favor working independently, and Taureans can work both independently and as part of a team so long as their need for taking time with decisions is understood and respected. This combination makes for an excellent business partnership.

Both signs make sure to take things concerning financial decisions very slowly and do a lot of research beforehand. This is good, because it will reassure both of you that the other is taking this seriously, and since neither of you are fond of rushing through decisions, there won’t be friction when deliberation is taken.

Both signs should also make sure that they’re not overworking themselves, as this can happen with Scorpios and Taureans because of their high standards.

As long as both of you agree on your priorities and where they should lie, this will be a good partnership that will go very far and be very successful. If you find yourselves arguing about what’s most important, it can quickly spiral into a battle of wills, so compromise when it needs to happen is going to be key. Having a neutral third person to weigh in, or trying to take aspects of each opinion may be ways to offset this if or when this challenge happens.

Scorpio & Taurus Compatibility Summary

Overall, Scorpio and Taurus make a really compatible match whether it’s in a romantic capacity or as something more platonic. Both signs highly value very similar values and ways of thinking, and for the most part, their opposite aspects complement each other in a way that makes the partnership very balanced.

Scorpios and Taureans would work great together in a professional sense, as they have similar sensibilities about how to handle money and similar hard-working natures. These aspects would carry over well to a domestic partnership as well.

The only area of trickiness will lay in each signs’ stubbornness, but as long as there’s a good dialogue between them and they listen to what the other has to say, this is something that can be overcome with relative ease.

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