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Every sign on the natal chart is important when it comes to using them for interpreting relationships. This is particularly true when in relationships between people two of the same sign. For a more in-depth read for a particular couple of Scorpios, ... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Scorpio Compatibility

Every sign on the natal chart is important when it comes to using them for interpreting relationships. This is particularly true when in relationships between people two of the same sign. For a more in-depth read for a particular couple of Scorpios, it will help to look at both parties’ moon and rising signs. To go even further, planets ruling different aspects can be compared and contrasted. For example, Mercury rules communication, so Mercury in compatible signs on the chart will likely mean that communication will come smoothly.

Any duo of like signs will have a wealth of similarities and Scorpios are no different. Both will likely be incredibly passionate individuals, and they’ll often find themselves drawn to each other because of it. Scorpios love being able to share the things that they have a passion for with other people. Along with this, Scorpios love seeing that in other people. Both signs will likely feel supported and encouraged in their passionate pursuits.

Scorpios are often misunderstood. They’re seen as cold and stoic because they typically don’t like to show emotions with people they don’t know well. Often, they’re seen as manipulative when really, control is what makes them feel like they have power in their lives. Being in a relationship with another Scorpio will make them feel profoundly seen and understood. This is a relationship that has the potential to last a very long time because of that.

Loyalty is something that Scorpios take very seriously, which will give them a lot of potential for compatibility as lovers or as friends. They take their relationships very seriously and will always fight for the people they love. Seeing this in each other will be very gratifying, especially if they haven’t been on the receiving end of that kind of loyalty before.

Scorpios getting involved with other Scorpios have the potential to bring out the best in each other, but the similarity can also bring out the worst. Scorpios are known for carrying grudges and coming off as vindictive toward people who have wronged them. Having this in common can be tense both in the relationship and with other people outside of it.

Scorpios’ tendency toward being possessive is something else that can be very challenging. They may each understand where it comes from and be compassionate to it, but it can cause things to get unhealthy. Being fully aware of possessive remarks or behaviors will be crucial with any relationship Scorpios have. This goes especially for being with another Scorpio who may feed into these tendencies themselves.

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Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Scorpios like to take their time before committing to a romantic relationship. Getting into a relationship with another Scorpio will likely not make them feel like they need to rush into vulnerability. Each of them will appreciate this, and neither will be surprised at the well of emotions happening underneath the surface.

When Scorpios are ready to commit to each other, though, they’ll be wholly devoted. They both will highly value loyalty, and both are very expressive when it comes to showing their love. Scorpios are very passionate and will love to be with someone who can keep up with or match that energy.

Intimacy is something very important to Scorpios, who long to seek out the hidden truths of other people. To Scorpios, physical and emotional intimacy is akin to souls joining, so it’s sure to be intense.

A duo of Scorpios will likely understand each other’s need for independence in a relationship better than any other sign paired with them. They’ll be able to happily negotiate each of them having their own lives seamlessly with time spent together. This will give them lots to talk about when they do spend that time together, which will keep things interesting.

Scorpios may only feel stifled with one another when it comes to their tendencies towards jealousy. Scorpios can get jealous fairly easily, even when there isn’t any cause for it. It comes from their deep search for truth–the very mechanism that makes them great with their introspection. They can get suspicious and fixate on conclusions they’ve come to even when they’re not right. Communicating, and more importantly, listening, will ease some of this if it comes up.

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Friendship Compatibility

The way two Scorpios get along will be influenced by the rest of the natal chart in a more pronounced way than when there’s two different signs interacting. For instance, if Mercury is ascendant in both their charts, they may find themselves becoming fast friends. This will mostly be because they feel they speak the same unique language.

At face value, though, Scorpio sun signs have a lot of potential to become friends with other Scorpios. Their shared magnetism may draw the other in immediately, and their shared mysterious nature will keep each of them intrigued. Having similar birthdays may make for a fun conversation and each of them will appreciate the other not wanting to overshare.

Scorpios can find a lot in common with one another. This is especially so if they’re passionate in the same or similar fields. These commonalities may not always be obvious, but perceptive Scorpios will be able to see them quickly. This will make them feel understood, which doesn’t happen very often.

Scorpios tend to be very loyal friends who will fight for the people they love. They’ll see this in each other and feel deeply appreciated because of it.

A lot of Scorpios are very protective of themselves (and their loved ones) and have a hard time letting other people in. This stems from a fear of being hurt, but it can come off as distrusting. Another Scorpio may be able to empathize with this and won’t take it too personally. Having this understanding may make it easier for Scorpios to open up and become close friends. However, if something bad happens between them, it will hurt all the more.

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Emotional Compatibility

Scorpios feel everything at a very deep level. This is something that a lot of signs often don’t understand and can cause impatience in other relationships. Having a very similar approach to emotions can be an enormous asset to a Scorpio duo. Scorpios will understand where the other Scorpio is coming from, and for the most part, won’t make them feel like they’re overreacting.

Having such a deep well of emotion to work with between two Scorpios can be unwieldy sometimes. They can hurt each other with their penchant for honesty and their suspicious tendencies. Getting to the bottom of their own feelings can take time, so old grievances may be brought up again and again. This may get tiring.

Additional challenges can occur if one Scorpio does feel that the other is overreacting. Not having their emotions be taken seriously–especially by someone who understands them–can be devastating to Scorpios.

Sometimes the intensity of their emotions gives them the demeanor of being angry. Another Scorpio will understand that that’s not the case and will likely have a matched sense of passion.

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Values Compatibility

Scorpios highly value honesty. Scorpios will likely be honest with someone, even if it hurts. This duo will understand where that comes from and respect it. If the honesty’s too brash, Scorpios will think deeply on it and then calmly outline what in particular hurt them.

Another high priority value for Scorpios is loyalty. Scorpios are very devoted and don’t put up with partners who aren’t loyal. Sharing this value is something that will lay a good foundation going into a romantic relationship. This will also help build trust, which is something else that Scorpios don’t give lightly.

Independence is another thing that Scorpios highly value in a relationship. Scorpios need space and privacy–sometimes to be introspective and sometimes to just let down their own mask. Another Scorpio will likely respect this and even need it themselves. This will encourage each of them to take the space they need without feeling self-conscious about it. Ultimately, this will lead to a healthier relationship because their needs will be fulfilled.

Challenges could occur if there’s an ego clash when it comes to personal values. Scorpios tend to be loyal not only to the people in their lives but to ideas that strike a chord in them. If the other Scorpio is invested in different ideas that clash, there could be a battle of wills that isn’t easily solved. Listening to each other and trying to see where the other is coming from will be very useful in these instances.

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Activities Compatibility

Scorpios likely won’t have to worry too much about finding things they can do together. Both of them like a challenge and like to experience new things, so they’ll be able to keep up with the other. They may bring out each other’s healthy competitiveness, even if that’s normally dormant.

Both of them will also understand the importance of independent time. A lot of Scorpios need time to themselves, or they’ll get irritable. This time is usually spent processing their thoughts and emotions but the activities themselves can be anything from running to cooking classes. Some signs may be offended by this, but another Scorpio will be compassionate and likely have the same needs. This will definitely work in their favor.

Showing each other what they’re passionate about is another great way for them to pass the time together. Regardless of whether or not their interests are similar, they’ll likely have a lot to talk about and learn from each other.

Ruling the 8th house of birth, death, and transformation gives Scorpios a proclivity toward the taboo. This is something other signs may not understand, but seeing it in each other will delight them. Date ideas could include psychic readings or a walk through the local cemetery.

Scorpio & Scorpio Scorpio & Scorpio
Communication Compatibility

How compatible the duo is with communication is going to depend a fair amount on what sign Mercury is in on their natal chart. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so the sign and house that it’s in will influence communication styles.

Scorpios can be very perceptive. This will aid in communication–sometimes Scorpios can just know when someone’s upset or having a bad day. Being very direct, they’ll likely open the conversation first and try to figure out what’s needed from them. This is partly why professions in psychology are usually suggested to Scorpios.

Scorpios don’t typically like to talk about anything feelings-related without figuring out exactly what they’re feeling and why. This can be good, because they won’t be wishy-washy when they approach important conversations. Other Scorpios will likely have compassion for this process, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be frustrating.

Getting to the bottom of something and understanding its core truth is very important to Scorpios. They’ll likely phrase whatever questions or comments they have in such a way that gets them the information they’re looking for. This is something that can be seen as manipulative, especially from other signs. Other Scorpios may see it this way too, even if they do the same thing themselves.

Scorpio & Scorpio Scorpio & Scorpio
Trust Compatibility

It can take a long time to get into a Scorpio’s private world. Having someone who understands this is something that can make Scorpios feel at ease heading into a relationship.

Usually with Scorpios, building trust is the hardest part of any relationship. This is particularly so when it comes to beginning a serious romantic one, especially with another sign who likes to keep a faster pace. However, with both Scorpios having cautious tendencies and being slow to open it, it can feel more like an adventure.

Scorpios love seeking out the truth and figuring out what’s behind the curtain, so to speak. They love solving mysteries and finding out secrets. Being vulnerable is a form of intimacy for Scorpios (and that goes for platonic relationships as well). Knowing they’re with someone who understands the gravity of building trust will make it a more enjoyable experience.

Once the trust is built fully, Scorpios will find being vulnerable in front of their partner or loved one easier but no less fulfilling. Trust is something that Scorpios take very seriously, and they make a great effort to avoid breaking it. Infidelity is likely something that neither of them will have to worry about.

The only anomaly to this is their jealous tendencies. Even when they know the other Scorpio understands firsthand how important trust is, they may find themselves casting suspicion. This is something that will need to be tamed for the health of the relationship.

Scorpio & Scorpio Scorpio & Scorpio
Work Compatibility

Work is an area where the amount of similarities between the Scorpios actually make things harder than easier.

Scorpios aren’t typically the type to want to be in a leadership position unless they have to be. They don’t usually want to be taking care of the nitty-gritty, they’d rather stick with the work that interests them the most. This may be a challenge in a business setting, especially if other employees don’t think they’re taking their job seriously.

Scorpios love to be independent in the workplace. They have a big capacity for working on their own, and would rather be left alone than have to work in a group. When there’s one Scorpio working at the top, this is okay. However, if both business partners are this way, that might be a challenge. This is especially so if they have other employees who need their attention and need to be advised.

Sharing the same core values, particularly their emphasis on being honest, will make things mesh a little better. If they can get on the same page about business matters and delegate in a way that’s fair, they may be able to make it work smoothly.

Scorpios likely wouldn’t start a business together unless there was something that both of them were passionate about. If they can remember the passion that drives them and not get lost in their desire to work independently, they’ll be more able to make it work.

Having someone else at the same level of management who can handle the other people–perhaps a Virgo–may make the office an even more harmonious place.

Scorpio & Scorpio Compatibility Summary

Overall, Scorpios can have a lot of potential for compatibility together. Their similarities will help draw each other in, and their passion will keep the conversation going. The duo will probably have quite a bit in common, even if those commonalities aren’t immediately obvious. They’ll make each other feel deeply understood.

They’re likely to put loyalty first and be on the same page when it comes to building trust. This will be huge.

Their likeness can lead to a few faults as well, particularly their jealous tendencies. With good communication and a willingness to be vulnerable, though, these are issues that will likely be able to be resolved.

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