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With any relationship, looking at the entirety of the natal chart will give someone a deeper insight into how different aspects will work. This is especially so for pairings featuring the same sun sign, because the differences will be even more highl... Keeping reading

Pisces & Pisces Compatibility

With any relationship, looking at the entirety of the natal chart will give someone a deeper insight into how different aspects will work. This is especially so for pairings featuring the same sun sign, because the differences will be even more highlighted.

Pisceans are known for being daydreamers. Each of them will be delighted to know that the other person understands where they’re going when their head’s in the clouds. They place a lot of value on their introspection and their private world. Finding someone to share this world with who makes them feel understood will only strengthen their chemistry.

Communication may be effortless between a Pisces duo. Even upon meeting, it may feel like they’re talking to a very old friend. This comes from the sense of intuition that Pisceans tend to have, along with their other similarities.

Pisceans are sometimes very sensitive. This is something that will give their lives a lot of color–they have deep wells of emotion, and high levels of empathy. Being together with someone who also experiences those things will make it feel even more real. Along with this, their sensitivity will make for a terrific bond in an often strange world.

Compassion is something that often runs very deeply in the sign of Pisces. They’re known for being some of the most compassionate people in the zodiac. This will extend to each other, and it’s very likely that they’ll understand where the other’s coming from in disagreements. No matter what kind of relationship the Pisceans are sharing, this will be an asset.

Challenges may arise if there are things one Pisces is doing that the other doesn’t like. Criticism can be hard to hear as well as give. They often will be indecisive on how to handle it, to the point where nothing gets said at all. This isn’t healthy for any relationship, and both Pisceans will need to keep communication and dialogue open about those sorts of things.

Finding things in common that are grounded will be really important for this duo. Daydreaming is good, but it can be a hindrance if there aren’t steps being put in place to follow through.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Pisceans usually take a while before falling for someone. They’re unlikely to let someone into their introspective world right away, and they’ll respect seeing this in each other. Pisceans together will likely be patient with this, which may make them open up more easily.

While Pisceans work very well together in love, having a partner who has a little more stubbornness and reliability can make things easier. Pisceans tend to go with the flow, but if they share that mentality there’s a chance nothing will end up getting done. Encouraging each other’s creative side may help with some of this.

They’re very romantic in love, and want to do all they can to help their partner. A Pisces duo won’t have to worry about a lack of physical affection together. Even if their interests are dissimilar, they’ll likely want to learn everything about each other and will be open to trying new things. This opens the door for lots of different date ideas.

The deep empathy that Pisceans are known for goes especially for their partners, which will make a relationship with another Pisces run pretty smoothly. Pisceans need encouragement to thrive, but giving that encouragement isn’t always something that comes naturally. Being in tune with what the other person needs may make it easier to provide that nurturing, though.

Pisceans need to watch for codependency, especially with each other. There is such a steady beat of compassion in their heart, it’s almost unending. However, caring too much is typically what gets them in trouble. This can have disastrous consequences and can get them very hurt.

Even though there are challenges, there’s a lot of potential chemistry for a Pisces duo.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Friendship Compatibility

Pisceans can sometimes throw themselves into their creative pursuits when they’re encouraged by their friends. Pisceans working together can make a lot of creative projects happen if they’re willing to feed each other the necessary encouragement.

Typically, Pisceans need to be nurtured by their friends–even more than most people do. Pisceans being friends together may be able to fulfill some of this, but it can come with challenges.

Having the capacity to give as much nurturing as a Pisces needs can be really hit-or-miss for Pisceans themselves. Their skills in giving that sense of nurturing may depend on other factors in the natal chart, especially in their moon or rising signs.

Pisceans tend to have a lot of empathy and intuition. If they’re able to use those skills to know when their friend may need encouragement, the challenge of being nurturing may be resolved. If this isn’t something they can do, Pisceans together may find themselves lost in space.

Boundaries in this instance are something else that needs to be worked out. Often, Pisceans find it difficult to set boundaries with people they get close to because of their high empathy levels. Not setting boundaries may make the relationship unhealthy, so this is something each of them will need to keep an eye on.

They’re often extremely loyal friends, especially when they’re being praised the ways that they need to be. Their compassion extends to their friends, and they’ll generally always be happy to lend an ear whenever a friend needs it.

Overall, there’s a lot of room for potential in a Piscean friendship.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Emotional Compatibility

Pisceans tend to be very sensitive, and they feel things very deeply. They’ll be happy that the other person understands this, and they’ll likely try not to hurt each other.

Both of them having such depth will make it easy for them to connect emotionally, and really understand each other. Talking about their feelings will likely come pretty easily.

Pisceans having deep and intense feelings together can present challenges, though. It can take a while for them to talk about what’s bothering them. This is partly because Pisceans have a hard time giving criticism as they worry it will hurt the person they’re talking to.

It also can take a while for them to process their feelings and really understand the source of what’s making them feel a certain way. Having both people be Pisceans may mean that things go unresolved and get brought back up later on, which may feed self-critical internal monologues and sensitivity.

Pisceans can struggle with boundaries, especially emotional ones. This comes from their empathy, which can make it hard for them to make decisions that they think will hurt someone. Sometimes, this has the effect of Pisceans putting other people before themselves. To overcome this in a relationship with another Pisces, finding time for independent introspection may be a good idea. Along with this, being diligent about communicating needs will be necessary.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Values Compatibility

Pisceans highly value their internal world. Sometimes it can seem like they live in their imagination. Being together with another Pisces will make them feel like their daydreaming is understood and encouraged.

There can be some trouble with actually following through on their ideas. This may make it seem like they’re all talk and don’t put responsibility high on their priority list. This usually is pretty far from the truth, and they really just need a push to commit to something.

They highly value input from others and being nurtured. As long as the Piscean duo can do that for each other, they’ll be able to make decisions and get things done.

Kindness is something that Pisceans hold in very high regard. This comes from their compassionate nature and their empathy. They hate to see anything or anyone suffer. Having another Pisces in their life who understands where that kindness comes from will make bonding with them extremely easy.

Sometimes Pisceans can be drawn to the spiritual. If that’s the case, it will likely be something that they value highly and take very seriously. Challenges may arise if one Piscean has spiritual beliefs that are contradictory (or if they aren’t as invested in that subject). Even then, this will only be a problem if the other Pisces takes this as a personal slight.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Activities Compatibility

Because of their similarities, Pisceans won’t have a shortage of activities that will be fulfilling to the both of them. Pisceans tend to be very imaginative, so they may be satisfied passing the time with conversations about fantastical things.

Creative endeavors tend to be something that interests Pisceans. If they have similar interests, this is something that they’ll be able to work on together. Sharing a creative hobby may serve as a form of encouragement to keep going with their creative projects. This is something that will be very good for their process.

If their creative sides go in different ways, there will still be ample opportunity to bond. Pisceans will want to hear all about what their Pisces partner is up to. This is another way that encouragement can be shared between them, which will make them driven to keep on with their projects and pursuits.

Pisceans, because of their compassion for all living things, may also find themselves interested in volunteer work. This is something they’ll be able to do together. If this is how they meet, it may strengthen their chemistry. If they decide to take on a project like this as a couple, it may help give a practical and grounded aspect to their relationship. This will be very helpful if they each have escapist tendencies.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Communication Compatibility

Empathy is typically a strong suit for Pisceans. This is something that’s going to make most communication for the Piscean duo very easy. Sometimes it will seem like they know each other’s feelings before they themselves understand them. This is something they’ll both need to make sure they’re not taking for granted, though. A good conversation about something is worth much more than silent intuitions.

In a relationship, especially a serious one, Pisceans are often used to being the ones who are nurtured and encouraged. It’s not necessarily their first instinct to give that energy to someone else. Pisceans are known for being compassionate with their friends, but it’s not quite the same thing. This may be a hurdle when a Pisces is in a relationship with another Pisces, but they each have the potential to be what the other needs.

Pisceans are sometimes thought of as social chameleons, able to ascertain what’s needed of them because of their empathy and intuitions. This can help open some of those necessary conversations. These traits can also help them know when to be supportive and caring when their Pisces partner needs it. Using their empathy in this way may not be what they’re used to, but if they can do it their relationship will be even healthier.

For the most part, communication between them will be fairly uncomplicated. If they can really understand how to be what the other needs, it will serve them well.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Trust Compatibility

Pisceans don’t typically like to trust right away. It can take a while before they’re comfortable enough with someone to be vulnerable in front of them. Another Pisces will understand these tendencies and likely have them themselves. This will help build trust as they make a transition to a more serious relationship. It may make them feel understood, which will help build a good foundation between them.

Pisceans need to be able to trust that their partner can give them the nurturing and encouragement they need. If that trust isn’t there, the healthiness of the relationship may become compromised. Trust and communication go hand in hand. If each Pisces can express their needs without worrying about hurting the other, things will go more smoothly.

Being nurturing isn’t always a Piscean’s first instinct, even though it’s something they often need in any relationship. If they have an abundance of empathy and can utilize it accordingly, building trust with another Pisces is going to come easier. However, if giving that nurturing energy is too difficult for them, then trust isn’t going to fall into place as smoothly.

Trust is something that initially will be an item of ease, but over time it may be more of a challenge. Part of this will be dependent on each individual’s moon sign. If a Piscean’s moon is in a sign that’s distrusting, these tendencies may come out even after they’ve gotten to know each other.

Trust between two Pisceans can be hit-or-miss, but they each have tools like empathy to make it run more smoothly.

Pisces & Pisces Pisces & Pisces
Work Compatibility

Pisceans thrive on encouragement in the workplace, which may make it difficult for this duo to work efficiently together. If they can channel their empathy and give the encouragement they themselves feel they need, finishing projects will come much easier to them.

Their introspective nature will help with each of them being on the same page about business decisions. They’ll likely want to think things over and not rush into anything. This will be good because one person probably won’t be rushing the other for a decision. Making decisions can be difficult for Pisceans, so they may need a system to help them come to one that’s final. Having each other there might help with this, though.

Pisceans have a big imagination and often have a lot of ideas. As leaders of a business, this can be a great thing when it comes to innovation. However, this can also manifest itself in not being interested in dealing with mundane tasks that are necessary for operations. Keeping an eye on this, and evenly dividing responsibilities may help keep the office harmonious.

Leadership isn’t typically what Pisceans are striving for, nor is it something they usually want. Pisceans tend to prefer working in a more team-based environment. If they’re starting a business with a few other friends along with their fellow Piscean colleague, things will run smoothly. However, if it’s just the Pisces duo, they may find themselves not having a good time.

Pisces & Pisces Compatibility Summary

When Pisceans meet, it may feel like they’ve already known each other for a very long time. This can make for instant chemistry, and upon talking to each, other they may discover they have a lot in common. The depth of emotions and each Pisces’ capacity for compassion will work in their favor with any relationship they get into.

Challenges that arise can likely be solved with communication, especially around needs. Each Pisces would do well to internalize that someone who loves them won’t run when a request is made. Honing their high levels of empathy will also be very helpful with each other.

There can be a lot of harmony and a great deal of love between this duo.

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