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A pairing between Scorpio and Leo is sure to be full of fire and driven by passion. Both of these signs are dynamic and charismatic in their own way, leading to a partnership that is bold and forceful. Scorpio and Leo together, whether as friends or ... Keeping reading

Scorpio & Leo Compatibility

A pairing between Scorpio and Leo is sure to be full of fire and driven by passion. Both of these signs are dynamic and charismatic in their own way, leading to a partnership that is bold and forceful. Scorpio and Leo together, whether as friends or as lovers, have the ability to inspire each other, encouraging self-expression and the other’s ambition to reach their goals.

Scorpio and Leo have a tendency to form their relationship on physical attractions and the allure of charm that they each emit. This can lead to intense, passionate loves that rival the ones of fiction, but can lead to relationships quickly fizzing out. If these signs want to create a long-lasting relationship that doesn’t end the moment one of their interests wavers slightly, they need to focus on building up their appreciation of the other’s qualities and work on creating a strong bond between them and their friend or romantic partner.

Power is a serious point of contention in this pairing and will likely end up being one of the main struggles that the two signs face over the course of their relationship. Both signs love power and being in charge; Leo needs to be seen as a leader to feel fulfilled, while Scorpio loves the feeling of being in command of others. In their relationship, this can create constant conflict as each one tries to lead the other through activities and life events, only to be met by resistance and high emotions by the other.

Both Scorpio and Leo are Fixed signs, which signifies the stubbornness that may be present in their relationship, no matter how passionate or intense it is. Each sign has a “my way or the highway” attitude that can lead to explosive arguments and hurt feelings. In order to reconcile some of their differences and build a healthy relationship, Scorpio and Leo need to learn how to compromise and become flexible, as these are the only things that can save their relationship from turning into a cycle of negative emotions and repetitive arguments.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Matters of love and intimacy can be where Scorpio and Leo thrive, seeing as they are both highly passionate signs that each have a deep appreciation of sex and intimacy. Leo wants to be seen and enjoys putting on a show for their partner, something that Scorpio, the Zodiac embodiment of sex and allure, will appreciate. Neither of these signs is shy when it comes to initiating sex or trying out new things, which can lead to this pairing leading a robust, exciting love life that is mutually satisfactory.

However, Scorpio and Leo need to be careful that they dedicate time to building up their emotional bond outside of the bedroom. The relationship between this pairing often moves fast and is heavily based on physical attraction and sexual chemistry. If there is nothing to back up this instant attraction, the relationship between these two signs will come to a stop, sooner rather than later, as attraction and physical interactions cannot make up for a lack of intimate emotional or romantic bonds.

Scorpio and Leo should also be careful that they don’t let their love life become too competitive. Since both signs are a fan of power and being in charge, it is easy for them to get caught up in their own little world, each one trying to one up the other when introducing new activities in the bedroom. Not only can this become unhealthy, this behavior can create an intense dynamic that will eventually fail, driving the two apart, because, again, without any sort of substance or romantic foundation to their relationship, there is nothing to keep Scorpio and Leo from moving onto their next exciting, passionate affair.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Friendship Compatibility

As friends, Scorpio and Leo can easily gain a reputation as troublemakers. The spark of competitiveness and daring between these two keep them always on the go, constantly making bets or challenging each other to push beyond their individual boundaries. In some ways, this can be a good thing, as it keeps them both ambitious and achieving every goal they set themselves out to reach. On the other hand, this type of relationship can become risky if both signs ignore the potential consequences of their behavior and become absorbed solely in the idea of having fun and winning bets against the other.

Because Scorpio and Leo thrive on drama and excitement, their friendship may be populated by more than one overdramatic showdown. For the most part, these conflicts are easily resolved when each sign gets the extra energy out of their system; Scorpio and Leo can be at blows one minute and then be completely at peace with each other, making future plans the next. From the outside, this friendship can look unstable, but Scorpio and Leo somehow manage to make it work.

Much like in romantic relationships, Scorpio and Leo should be careful to not center their friendships around the competitive, daring traits they were first attracted to in each other. They need to pay attention and find interests and qualities below the surface that they can appreciate and value, otherwise this intense friendship can fizzle out the second one side decides they are bored of being competitive or wants to change the focus of their time together.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Emotional Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo have widely different approaches when it comes to emotions, creating a mismatch in compatibility. Scorpio often relishes in negative emotions, a firm believer that love hurts and that hate is just as good an emotion to have as affection. Leo can be drawn into this rather negative outlook, for even if they disagree with it, it is hard for Leo to admit they are wrong. This leads to a dynamic between the two that is filled with negative emotions and a developing dependency on the other, as unhealthy as it may be. Even if they realize they could be happier with other partners, they will stay together as a result of this outlook.

There is an abundance of male energy between these two signs, regardless of the gender of the individuals. This is a result of Leo being ruled by the Sun and Scorpio being influenced by both Mars and Pluto. This energy has the potential to create an emotional balance in this pairing, as it represents ambition and understanding, but both Scorpio and Leo need to be able to step back and recognize these positive aspects in the other before they become tied down with negative emotions.

Passion and intensity could be the one thing that truly brings these signs together on an emotional level. This is what initially brings these signs into a partnership or friendship and ignites the flame of their relationship; if Scorpio and Leo build on this passion, creating a strong emotional bond where they recognize the good and the bad in the other, they can keep this passion going throughout their relationship and improve their overall emotional compatibility.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Values Compatibility

A strong-willed and bold pairing, Scorpio and Leo both value power, though their approach to it is different. Leo prefers power obtained through their charm and the attention of others, whereas Scorpio enjoys being in charge of others and giving orders. Both signs enjoy leadership positions, and while this may cause conflicts within the pairing as they each struggle to become the leader, it is possible for the two to recognize this shared value and appreciate these qualities in each other.

Honesty is another value that Scorpio and Leo have in common, and it is one of the most integral ones if they are to develop a harmonious partnership. It can be hard for each side of this pairing to be completely honest with the other, due to the vulnerable position it places them in, but only through being honest will these signs understand how much the other values honesty themselves, deepening their partnership. Additionally, they may find another shared value, clarity, throughout this process of being honest, which both signs will agree helps them to understand and appreciate the other more.

These shared values will often form a bridge between the two signs, tempering their individual strong and stubborn natures, and without appreciating what they have in common, a pairing between these two signs could end in a spectacularly dramatic way. Honesty about their beliefs and values is the key to softening the behavior of these two and helping them to create a stronger relationship.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Activities Compatibility

Activities between Scorpio and Leo will never be anything less than exciting and may even border on becoming high-risk. It is not uncommon to find these two engaged in any type of new activity that gets the adrenaline pumping. A day out bungee jumping or rock climbing is just the type of activity that these two will be able to bond over. And since both Scorpio and Leo are Fixed signs, once they have an idea for an activity, there is nothing stopping them from going all out to achieve it.

This type of ambition and follow-through is typically a positive thing, but Scorpio and Leo should make sure that their constant pursuit for excitement doesn’t land them in trouble. It is easy for them to get carried away when out and about, and Leo’s headstrong nature may lead the pair into some less than savory situations.

Compromise is an excellent idea when it comes to the shared activities of this relationship. Leo would do well to listen to the intuition of sensitive Water sign Scorpio, as it may keep them out of trouble in dire situations. However, Leo can see this caution as something that holds them back and may grow upset at Scorpio for trying to prevent them from having fun. Establishing middle ground between the two when it comes to deciding on less-risky, but still exciting, activities will serve both sides of this partnership well.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Communication Compatibility

If there’s something that neither of these signs are afraid of, it’s conflict. As both Scorpio and Leo are Fixed signs, their stubborn natures often take hold of them, creating a highly emotional relationship that often explodes into arguments and disagreements over simple day to day things. This is obviously something that can hinder open, honest communication, as neither sign will feel comfortable sharing their true feelings after an extended shouting match.

For Scorpio and Leo to increase their communication compatibility, they need to keep their egos under control and understand that you cannot declare a winner in most, if not all, of their arguments. These signs need to see past their stubbornness and refusal to change or admit defeat and recognize that if they want to create healthy communication channels, they need to have a heart-to-heart conversation that doesn’t involve yelling or accusations.

Once Scorpio and Leo establish this type of communication balance in their relationship, it is possible for them to have open, honest conversations that both sides can participate in without fear of triggering the other side into a full-blown rage. They will be able to recognize the strategic positives in their opposing personalities and turn even tense conversations into something that helps them both grow.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Trust Compatibility

Scorpio is known as having a jealous streak and can engage in obsessive behavior regarding their partners, something that Leo may mirror. Leo also has tendencies to be possessive, which may be a negative for some other signs, but can actually be a positive when it comes to meeting Scorpio’s expectations of a partner. With both side of the pairing dedicated and possessive of the other, their trust in each other can actually become quite strong.

Due to the Fixed modality of both of these signs, they are often found to be strong, determined, and loyal. If boundaries are set at the beginning of their relationship, Leo and Scorpio will adhere to them strictly and expect the other to do the same. This creates a trusting bond, whether neither side needs to question the other’s intentions to feel secure in the relationship and can be an incredibly positive thing when it comes to building a strong foundation of loyalty between them.

Scorpio & Leo Scorpio & Leo
Work Compatibility

The intensity that Scorpio and Leo live with every day will usually also be applied to their work, making a partnership between the two dynamic and ambitious. The hard-working, goal-oriented personalities that these two share will drive them both to achieve their goals faster than ever, spurring them on to new heights. This pairing is well suited to being project partners, co-owners of a business, or even to a boss and subordinate relationship, because they each regard their work with pride and will ensure that their career goals are met, no matter what else might be happening in the office.

Often times, the workplace setting will allow Scorpio and Leo to play to each other’s strengths without the stress of disagreements that can arise in a romantic partnership or friendship. There may be conflict when it comes to decision making and allocating leadership positions, but these arguments are quickly resolved when Scorpio and Leo realize the quality of their work may be at stake.

Scorpio and Leo should be careful that they don’t allow their Fixed modality to guide them to prolonged stubbornness in the workplace. Each sign has a tendency to settle on an idea and keep with it, unchanging, but if they truly want to achieve their goals as partners or in any other working relationship, they will recognize that a certain amount of flexibility is needed to ensure they thrive and meet their goals efficiently.

Scorpio & Leo Compatibility Summary

Scorpio and Leo aren’t exactly the dream Zodiac pairing, but they do have the potential to form one of the most passionate, intense relationships out of all the Zodiac signs. This is due to their mutual charm, appreciation for excitement, and the passion for each other that keeps them both charging towards their next goal together. As long as Scorpio and Leo realize that there is more to a relationship than physical attraction and power plays, they have the ability to build a strong relationship that remains open, loyal, and passionate in the long-term.

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