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The emotional peace and closeness of a Cancer and Cancer pairing is unrivaled by many other Zodiac partnerships. Cancer is one of the only signs that can truly understand another Cancer’s moods, motivations, and the special place that sentimentalit... Keeping reading

Cancer & Cancer Compatibility

The emotional peace and closeness of a Cancer and Cancer pairing is unrivaled by many other Zodiac partnerships. Cancer is one of the only signs that can truly understand another Cancer’s moods, motivations, and the special place that sentimentality holds in their heart. When these signs get together in a romantic relationship, it usually doesn’t take long before they are planning their futures together and committing themselves to the long run. They have the special ability to bring each other out of their individual shells that they may retreat to as a defense mechanism, leading to a partnership that is incredibly beneficial and sustainable as they work through these emotions with tolerance.

Whether as friends or as lovers, a Cancer pairing will revolve heavily around stability and balanced home life. They will work their hardest to achieve a sense of peace in this regard, as it is something they hold in high esteem. Together, Cancer and Cancer can experience a home life or a close friendship that is loyal and understanding, as both signs put their all into making the other feel comfortable and at home, no matter where they are.

Though Cancer and Cancer are highly compatible when it comes to values, trust, and emotions, there is some caution to be had when it comes to true matters of intimacy. Cancer is a shy sign, influenced by the fall of Mars. This means that they are less assertive in matters of love, potentially leading to a stale relationship if the Cancers are not aware of these potential issues and careful to make an effort to keep the spark of their love life alive.

The highly emotional nature of Cancer may also cause conflicts when it comes to communication, as both Cancers will try to exhibit their trademark emotional manipulation tactics on the other. This can result in hurt feelings, of which Cancer has many sensitive ones, and sulking moods that can last for days, the intensity of which is magnified by the presence of two Cancers in the relationship. However, when Cancer recognizes the fact that their Cancer partner or friend has the ability to truly understand them and their motivations, this pairing can work towards free, open lines of communication that allow both partners to grow emotionally and develop social maturity.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

A fine match in many other areas, it is matters of love and intimacy that hold the potential to provide Cancer with the most struggle. An emotional and nurturing sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer values emotional intimacy above physical intimacy, and it is unlikely that they will enter into a sexual relationship without first feeling the emotional bond. With a pairing of Cancers, this means that an intimate relationship between the two can be slow starting, with both partners looking to gain more from intimacy than physical gratification.

The timid nature of Cancer, a result of Mars’s fall in the sign, may be an obstacle when it comes to intimate matters. While both signs will appreciate a gentle closeness in the bedroom, it is common for these signs to fall into a routine of the same behavior and intimate patterns, neither one assertive enough to introduce new ideas or take the initiative. This can lead to both partners feeling unhappy with their intimate life, though neither is quite sure of the true source.

Once Cancer and Cancer get together, they need to understand that it is important to build sexual chemistry, just as much as it is to build emotional and romantic chemistry. Cancer is a patient and non-judgmental sign, so once they get over their own fears, it is easy for them to begin having an open communication and connection about such matters. This openness can motivate Cancer and Cancer to become more adventurous in the bedroom, leading to a spark in their intimate life that is mutually pleasing, while still not lacking in any of the emotional and romantic bonds that they hold dear.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Friendship Compatibility

Cancer is a sign that treats their friends like family and values the close bonds that a friendship can have; with a Cancer pairing, these feelings are magnified, and there is a great potential for the relationship between the two to become incredibly close and mutually sentimental. This pairing will bring the devotion that they contribute to any relationship with them, meaning that their friendship is faithful and always takes into consideration the other’s feelings.

Cancer friends are likely to support each other no matter what and will encourage each other to accomplish their individual goals. In this way, Cancer can somewhat break through their cardinal nature to rarely follow through on ideas because they will have the support of someone who understands their exact motivations behind them. This can lead to a special kind of growth in the behavior of both Cancer friends.

However, a pair of Cancer friends should take strides to keep their wildly fluctuating emotions in check. While Cancer is the only sign that truly understands the reasoning behind another Cancer’s moods, it can create a cycle between the two friends of walking on eggshells, sensitive feelings, and periods of self-pity, where both friends engage in negative behaviors that keep them in the cycle. Cancer needs to be careful that they don’t let their emotions and sentimentality control them, laying the foundation for a brittle friendship that falls into negativity at the slightest push.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Emotional Compatibility

Water sign Cancer is the most emotional sign of the Zodiac, and where the majority of other signs fail to see where they are coming from most of the time, another Cancer truly understands. A pair of Cancers are highly compatible when it comes to their emotions, as they are both ruled by the Moon and are familiar with the way their own emotions ebb and flow; they can understand and appreciate this trait in a partner, making for a pairing that is very emotionally close and able to be completely vulnerable with each other. If two Cancers share a home or major life events with each other, this emotional compatibility will only grow stronger as each side of the pairing can pull the other out of their defensive shells during hard times, encouraging emotional growth and maturity.

However, with this mutual understanding and great emotional compatibility comes a shared flare for dramatics and a set of incredibly sensitive feelings. This can lead to occasional conflicts and drawn out sulking as two Cancers butt heads, each one upset over the other’s perceived slights. The best thing for a Cancer and Cancer pairing is to calm themselves down separately and understand that they don’t need to take everything that is said and done as a personal attack. Once they do this, these two signs can have one of the strongest emotional compatibilities in the Zodiac.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Values Compatibility

Shared values are another area in which Cancer and Cancer are able to thrive. Influenced by the maternal Moon and valuing familial love and emotional closeness, it is common that these two signs will find themselves right at home with each other, literally. It won’t be long before a romantic Cancer pairing finds themselves talking of moving in together, starting a family, or otherwise planning their futures. A pair of Cancer friends may find themselves bonding over their preference to treat their friends like family and the fact that each friend will put their loved ones before all else.

These signs also value a sense of harmony in their relationships and a pairing of the two is sure to be balanced and have a limited number of conflicts. As long as they don’t let their sensitive feelings get in the way, preventing them from acting with fairness and sense, Cancers are able to understand where their Cancer partner is coming from perfectly, and will be sure to have a relationship that is filled with emotional clarity, peace, and a strong sense of family, as these are the main shared values of the two.

On the downside, Cancer has a tendency to value money above all else, which can create friction between a pairing of Cancer and Cancer. Both sides of the partnership will be frugal, no matter how much money they put away or already have saved up, and will exhibit stingy tendencies, constantly focusing on what they don’t have, rather than appreciating what they do. This can create conflict and negative emotions that are, for the most part, unnecessary. To combat this nature, Cancer and Cancer need to recognize the value of their possessions and skills and realize that money should not be valued as highly as other aspects of their lives.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Activities Compatibility

At the start of a Cancer and Cancer relationship, whether it be a friendship or a romantic pairing, these signs will have no trouble sharing activities from their daily lives with one another; the honeymoon period is full of new experiences and activities that both signs enjoy participating in. Often, the activities will be shared from what Cancer has always enjoyed doing by themselves, but they both find sentimental value in completing the activities together. Cancers make fantastic travel partners and are sure to take many relaxed vacations together where they form meaningful memories and share invaluable experiences that they can reminisce on for years to come.

Though a Cancer pairing will have no issues agreeing on an activity that works for them both, after the initial novelty of their pairing wears off, they may have trouble actually finding the motivation to complete any activity, whether it be one they have done before or something new. Cancers are Cardinal signs, and while they are fantastic at dreaming up new ideas, they are not the best at following through on said ideas. In order to keep the excitement in this pairing, both Cancers need to realize the importance of motivation and force themselves outside the home to seize the day. Once they’re outside, a pair of Cancers will be pleased by the way they chose to spend the day.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Communication Compatibility

Whether it be through a simple look or a sly grin, Cancers are masters of non-verbal communication. This pairing is easily able to communicate their feelings and intentions to each other with just a look and are equally as happy to spend quiet days together saying nothing at all because they don’t necessarily feel the need to fill their time together with constant chatter. In this way, two Cancers are easily compatible in their communication styles because neither needs to say anything for the other to understand their intentions.

However, Cancer pairings should be careful that they don’t put into play their manipulative tendencies on each other, as this will create a blow in the lines of communication between the two. Though Cancer is used to using subtle emotional pressuring to get their way, when this activity is multiplied by two, it can create conflicts or standstills, as both sides of the pairing struggle to obtain a slight control over the other while still making it look as if they don’t care at all. In order to prevent this struggle from ruining communication between the two, both Cancers should become more tolerant of sharing their wants out in the open, becoming more assertive, at the same time as growing a thicker skin, so that they are not upset at the first suggestion of change from their partner.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Trust Compatibility

There is no greater sense of trust than that between a Cancer and their Cancer friend or Cancer lover. The Cancer is not prone to seeking outside attention or is disposed to incredibly jealous behavior, and they are not a sign that needs constant ego reassurance. This can create a pairing that is incredibly loyal, trusting, and emotionally stable with one another.

Even if a Cancer can see faults in their Cancer partner, it is common for them to accept them without a second thought, especially if they can see themselves spending a lifetime with the person. Cancers can find it in themselves to make peace with the fact that their partner may not be perfect and will always make compromises and become extra tolerable when it comes to the chance of creating a harmonious family and home life. If Cancer knows that their Cancer partner will also behave this way, then there is no need for a continued sense of mistrust or jealousy in the pairing.

Cancer & Cancer Cancer & Cancer
Work Compatibility

When two Cancers come together in the workplace, there are bound to be good feelings all around. Cancers are masters at making their coworkers feel at home and have a tendency to take over the office as the primary maternal figure others go to for advice, regardless of what gender they may be. They are hardworking and loyal to their workplace and can be a great asset to many different types of teams.

Two Cancers in the workplace may spend a little time sizing each other up at first, but they will eventually recognize the kindred spirit they find in the other and can become productive partners. Cancer’s Cardinal nature keeps them throwing out ideas, and the presence of another Cancer as a partner may just be the thing they need to keep them focused and help them work towards completing those ideas.

Cancers work well together as co-business owners, as they are often attuned to the emotional needs of customers, allowing their business to thrive, and can be ambitious when together. However, this pairing needs to be careful that they don’t let their fluctuating emotions get the best of them when making every business decision; Cancer coworkers or partners need to remember that not every problem is solved with a compassionate heart and that sometimes they will need to inspire logical decision making in the other.

Cancer & Cancer Compatibility Summary

When together, Cancer and Cancer can form a strong relationship founded deeply in their devotion to each other, their mutual appreciation for stability, and their high regard for family and emotional closeness. As long as these signs are careful not to lose themselves in a whirlwind of misplaced emotions and sensitive feelings, retreating back into their shells, and embrace a sense of assertiveness in their intimate lives, they are sure to have a long-lasting, loyal relationship that is envied by those around them.

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