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Leos and Taureans both tend to have strong personalities that can mesh just as easily as they can clash. They have many similar traits, which is partly why they work so well, but those same traits tend to be the ones that lead to challenges between t... Keeping reading

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Leos and Taureans both tend to have strong personalities that can mesh just as easily as they can clash. They have many similar traits, which is partly why they work so well, but those same traits tend to be the ones that lead to challenges between them.

Both signs are very, very stubborn. For Taureans this tends to be rooted in their aversion to change, whereas in Leos it’s more about their ego and them wanting control. If they’re on the same side this can be something really good, but if they’re fighting each other things may get ugly. If they want to commit to each other, compromise is something they’re both going to have to get used to.

Compromise isn’t the easiest thing for either sign, but they also both tend to stick around once they’ve made a commitment. Leos are usually very forgiving, and Taureans thrive so much on stability that the idea of leaving is more daunting than fixing what they already have. For the most part, these are positive things, unless a point comes when they’re staying solely because they don’t want to be alone.

They typically share very similar values when it comes to luxury items. Leos tend to prioritize wealth when they begin their careers, and Taureans seek out work that leaves them with extra money for beautiful things. They’ll understand each other’s desire for luxury and appreciate the spoils that come from it.

Taureans and Leos are both highly loyal and devoted to their loved ones. Both tend to be very reliable if someone in their life needs help, and they will value seeing this trait in each other. This will most likely be an easy bonding point and area of conversation for the two of them.

Challenges they face will come from either their aforementioned stubbornness or their differences in how they spend their time. Leos thrive in social situations and love working a crowd, which tends to not be Taureans’ scene–they’d rather be somewhere more private.

Taureans biggest concern in any area of their life is stability. Leos share some of this when it comes to their romantic endeavors–they’ll do anything to avoid breaking up with someone. However, Leos tend to follow their own egos more than anything else, and don’t have that same stability craving that Taureans do. If Leos try to bring on change too quickly, Taureans may feel slighted.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Starting off as friends is generally how Taureans like to operate romantically. This makes it easier for them to feel comfortable with the other person. This may be frustrating for Leos, who just want to move to the romantic gestures, but the wait will definitely be worth it.

Taureans will want to take things very slowly at the beginning of the relationship, so Leos may need to exercise additional patience. If Leos see this hesitance to get right into the romance as an intentional ego bruise, they’ll likely lash out (which may scare Taureans, who hate feeling rushed).

Luckily, Taureans are quite good at showing their affection and making their partner feel loved. They work hard in all aspects of their lives, and romance is no exception. Leos thrive on this sort of attention. Taureans likely won’t be put off by Leos’ tendency towards the dramatic when it comes to romantic gestures, which Leos will love.

Both Leos and Taureans are extremely loyal to their loved ones, especially romantic partners. Loyalty from a romantic partner is really important to both of them, and they’ll happily find that in each other.

Taureans and Leos both get very stressed out by the idea of breaking up. Taureans in particular have a tendency to stay in relationships long after they’ve stopped making them happy, but this can happen to Leos too. This is going to be something that they need to watch out for, because staying for the sake of avoiding a breakup isn’t good for anyone involved.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Leos and Taureans make a good friendship match for the most part. If they meet in a place where they get to see each other’s strengths firsthand, chances are good that they’ll mesh very well. Leos are radiant when they’re in the spotlight, and Taureans balance friendliness with tenacity and persistence.

Their mutual love of flash and beauty will only cement their friendship more. Leos don’t show their taste for decadence as much when they’re on their own, but wealth is something that they do want for themselves. Taureans, meanwhile, love sharing indulgent experiences with people that they hold dear to them.

Both signs treasure the close friendships that they have. Taureans go out of their way to make their friends feel loved, and Leos are very protective and expressive of that love as well.

They’re both kind and reliable, so if either Taurus or Leo need something there’s a good chance they’ll call the other for help. Leos sometimes find it hard to ask for help, but Taureans are good about offering help first, which may make it easier for Leos to accept.

Attention and having the spotlight aren’t things that matter much to Taureans, which will be a great complement to Leo’s charisma. Taureans tend to be the funny people in their friend groups, and Leos love to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Both Leos and Taureans make an effort to keep in touch with people they care about, which will keep their friendship going for a long time.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

The ways that Leos and Taureans navigate most emotions are fairly complementary to each other. Leos are known for radiating warmth and being effortlessly joyful people. They’re warm, generous, and are usually kind. Taureans are a little more reserved about their joyful expressions, but they don’t usually dwell or brood either.

Anger and frustration are going to be the main sources of conflict between Taureans and Leos. Taureans are slow to anger, but when it comes out, it’s vicious. Leos put their pride first and will easily get into an argument if that’s what’s at stake. These tendencies combined with their stubbornness can make even the most pleasant times not seem worth it.

Taureans tend to have a lot of patience, which can be a good thing for Leos, who tend to think with their egos. But again, if that patience gets pushed too far or their stubbornness comes into play, all bets are off.

Affectionate expressions tend to be an area in which Leos and Taureans get along. Leos thrive on feeling adored, and Taureans are attentive and love making people feel loved. If this is something that they can remember during tempestuous times they’ll have a pretty good chance at being able to work it out later.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Values Compatibility

Both signs have a lot of loyalty towards their loved ones, particularly in romantic endeavors. Neither one of them has to worry about infidelity because of this.

They also value working hard. Both signs possess a lot of drive to complete their goals both at work and outside of it. Neither sign is afraid of responsibility, especially if it means taking on a little extra to help out a friend or colleague. They’ll respect each other highly once they see these traits in action.

Leos value wealth, and Taureans value luxury things and decadence. This is a good match because Leos’ ideal lifestyle would be super beneficial to funding the way that Taureans want to live. Leos also have an affinity for material possessions, which works hand in hand with Taurean sensibility. Unlike with other signs, neither of them runs the risk of thinking that the other is materialistic, because they intimately understand.

Taureans really like to take their time in all aspects of their lives. They value thinking things through and thoroughly looking before they leap. This can irritate Leos, especially if the hesitance is around commitment because they may see it as something to take personally. Along with this, if Taureans are needing to take time with a decision that Leos want to make and already feel sure about, egos may clash.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Leos really like to go out and show off to a crowd, whereas Taureans are more likely to stay home or go somewhere quiet to enjoy the company of their partner. This can make it difficult to find things to do together.

Taureans really like indulging in luxury and beautiful things. Leos can usually appreciate these things, which can become a point of bonding and give some ideas for compromise. Indulging in quality restaurants and high-end spa experiences are examples of that compromise, but even still, they may leave Leos’ social itch unscratched.

Creative endeavors are another area that may yield activities that Taureans and Leos can do together. Both signs have creative streaks, and the way they approach their craft is often different enough to keep an interesting conversation going. Leos typically do creative things for the resulting attention and being in the spotlight whereas Taureans are most often into it for the process. Both of them will come away from something like a painting class feeling accomplished.

Leos will probably be more than happy to indulge Taureans’ desire for some time spent privately so long as Taureans make an effort to accompany Leos to something more social. The key with the differences in this relationship is going to be balance.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Both signs are very honest, and tend to not sugarcoat things. As long as Leos’ egos can stay in check, this is something that’s going to be more of an asset than a hindrance. Neither of them will feel compelled to lie to each other.

Their combined stubbornness will potentially make it very hard for them to get their points across to each other. This will make it difficult for them to feel heard, which will frustrate both of them and may cause either of them to lash out. These miscommunications will be especially devastating to Leos, who hate being criticized without feeling like they’re being seen.

Taureans tend to be patient, and it takes a lot for them to get to a place of anger. However, if they feel like they’re being rushed through a decision, frustration-rooted anger will come fairly quickly.

Leos can sometimes be impatient with decisions that they want made, and in an effort to have control they may be insistent about having something finalized. An agreed-upon method for diffusing this tension is going to be necessary for the relationship to thrive.

If Taureans can see that they need to make Leos feel heard to keep their relationship healthy, there’s a chance that things can be harmonious. However, if Taureans are too in their own heads about the points they’re trying to make or why they’re right, Leos may get fed up with them. On the flip side, Leos need to know when to step back if they feel frustration brewing.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

Taureans are usually very slow to trust, which Leos can’t take too personally. Starting as friends may help mitigate some of this.

Leos can give off a warm and radiant energy, which may make it easier for Taureans to allow themselves to be vulnerable. If this turns out to be the case, Leo will be very pleased and take it as a compliment.

Taureans tend to come off as trustworthy, which Leos will appreciate. Even if Leos tend to be trusting in nature, it’ll be easier to feel a security with Taureans that they may not find with other signs.

Both signs value honesty and loyalty when it comes to their loved ones. Taureans will never forget a breach in trust, especially regarding romantic infidelity. Leos are a little more likely to forgive, but not without making it very clear that they’re angry. This isn’t something they have to worry about as much with each other. Additionally, they’ll understand firsthand why some of their partner’s past relationships may have ended the way they did, and not be put off by that.

Once they get past the initial issue of Taureans slowly building their trust, they’ll find more harmony in their relationship. Once that trust is built, it takes a lot to knock it down, so commitments that are made from Taureans will likely be pretty long-term.

Leo & Taurus Leo & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Leos and Taureans are both hard workers. They tend to be driven and will do what it takes to get the job done. Taureans in particular are very goal-oriented, and Leos are very passionate when they get to be in charge.

Leos favor being in a position of leadership. Taureans don’t mind taking a backseat, so long as Leos keep their ego in check. Stubbornness can become an issue in the workplace as well, which will have to be managed for harmony. They both should have an understanding in place for what to do if they’re on opposing sides of an issue to mitigate time lost by their own stubbornness.

Leos will have to make sure not to rush Taureans through business decisions that they’ll want to take their time with. It can be hard for decisive Leos to wait as Taureans weigh the pros and cons of something, but part of any successful business partnership is compromise.

When it comes to areas at work in which they thrive, each member of the duo complements the other very well. Leos would rather work with people and work with creative aspects of the business, whereas Taureans do well with details and some of the detail-oriented tasks that Leos won’t want to bother with. As long as Taureans get some fun among the tedium, they’ll be happy.

Leo & Taurus Compatibility Summary

Overall, Leos and Taureans can have a good amount of chemistry, especially if they start off as friends. They both highly value the same fundamental things, like loyalty and honesty, which is important groundwork for any relationship. They also give high value to luxurious things, which has the capacity to give them a lot in common outside of work or school endeavors.

They do also share a sense of stubbornness, which is going to be the most difficult aspect of the relationship to navigate. Both Leos and Taureans need to feel like they’re being heard, so early on they’re going to need to have a conversation about how to best do that. If they can maintain an open and honest dialogue, they have a good chance at going very far.

Understanding each person’s communication style and learning when to make compromises are going to be the keys to making this relationship work.

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