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From the outside looking in, Cancers and Virgos may not appear like they are dating! That’s because both signs tend to be on the more reserved side and prefer to take things slow. Cancers and Virgos will share a mutual respect for one another as th... Keeping reading

Cancer & Virgo Compatibility

From the outside looking in, Cancers and Virgos may not appear like they are dating! That’s because both signs tend to be on the more reserved side and prefer to take things slow. Cancers and Virgos will share a mutual respect for one another as they build up stability, commitment and trust in their romance. Just be sure to rev it up every now and then to get the sparks flying!

It’s no surprise that you both like to take things slow, as your signs are generally more sensitive by nature. It’s easy for both Virgos and Cancers to spend way too much time in their own heads, trying to figure things out. This can be an obstacle that gets in your way, so don’t spend too much time with your own thoughts. Communication between these signs helps them open up and create intimacy.

The biggest issues will come from the fact that Cancers are more emotional, whereas Virgos are more logical. You’ll both have to put the work in to see things from one another’s perspectives, especially when you disagree.

Virgos: you’re going to need to tap into your emotional side to support and love your partner. That means you’re going to have to express your feelings without worrying about saying or doing the right things. Cancers will appreciate you opening up your heart instead of always relying on your mind.

Cancers: you’re going to have to reign in the emotions every now and then to communicate more reasonably with your partner. That means you need to work on thinking things through before you express them to your partner. If what you want to communicate is solely based on how you feel in the moment, you may end up saying something you regret.

Overall, this yin and yang between the rational and the emotional is a great match. You both will be able to teach each other how to see things from a different perspective in order to create better balance within yourselves and with each other. That way, you can build a relationship for the long haul.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Virgos really pay attention to the details! Don’t be surprised when they take you out on the perfect date. That’s because they are tuned into you and take notes on the things they know you love. So, don’t hold back Cancers. Let them know what you like to do, and get ready to have some fun!

Cancers love to be the center of attention, so they will love how a Virgo jumps right in to take care of their partner’s needs. That’s because Virgos like to feel needed. In this way, you are an excellent match. Just be sure to reign it in, Virgos. If you become too controlling, your Cancer partner will definitely be heading for the door.

When it comes to sex, both signs are going to have to do some work. And by work, we mean Virgos are going to have to get more comfortable with tapping into their emotions and Cancers are going to have to learn how to be patient.

Venus falls in Virgo, which means that they have trouble with feeling and expressing emotion in general. Instead, they prefer to be more analytical and are hesitant to give in to impulse. This will not work in the bedroom! That’s where Cancers can come in to save the day.

Cancers, you need to help your Virgo partner feel safe when you want to be intimate. It’s the only way to make them feel like they can let their hair down and really enjoy having sex with you. If you are too demanding or critical in the beginning, they’ll never open up to you sexually.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Friendship Compatibility

Cancers and Virgos can build strong friendships together, but you might not vibe with each other in the beginning. If you can focus on your mutual interests, you will be able to grow past your initial misgivings of each other to become lifelong friends.

A great place to start is on anything and everything luxury. You both love the finer things in life, so why not share that love with one another? So go on a shopping spree, paint your nails or have dinner at a posh restaurant and you will definitely have a good time!

Virgos are more flexible in nature while Cancers are quite headstrong, so you two could work really well together when it comes to reaching your goals. Because you are very dedicated friends, you’re sure to be each other’s cheerleaders and supporters throughout your lives. Just be sure to share that love, dedication and loyalty to all of your friends. Otherwise, the people in your wider social circle will feel snubbed and stop hanging out with the two of you.

Unfortunately, you’re going to run into issues when you disagree. Remember Virgos: Cancers tend to be more on the sensitive side, so though they may appreciate your criticism, try not to deliver it too harshly. They take everything you say to heart.

Cancers: you’re going to have to learn how to build up a thicker skin! If a Virgo is offering a suggestion or a criticism, it’s actually a good thing. That means they are paying attention to you and want the best for you – and they pay close attention and help the ones they love the most.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Emotional Compatibility

Virgos are thinkers and Cancers are feelers. You’re going to disagree or get your wires crossed when communicating at some point, so you’re both going to have to work on expressing your emotions in ways that your partner understands best.

Virgos tend to be less emotional when they communicate. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, when you are building a relationship with a partner, it is not ideal. It’s okay to be rational and logical when you want to explain yourself, but don’t rely solely on this mode of communication, or you’ll end up coming off as uncaring to a Cancer.

Likewise, though it’s okay to express your emotions freely and be in the moment, this is too intense for a Virgo to deal with all of the time. Cancers have to reign it in and try to pare down their moodiness. If you can do this, you have a better chance of helping a Virgo feel more comfortable tapping into their own emotions and responding more affectionately to yours.

If you can get past these hurdles, you’re both in for a treat! Cancers will show their appreciation of a Virgo’s loyalty by showering their partner with constant love and affection. As Virgos feel more safe and secure in the relationship, they’ll show their appreciation by getting the details of their partner’s love language just right.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Values Compatibility

Cancers and Virgos love the finer things in life. So you’ll have no problem building up a life surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people. That doesn’t mean either of you wants everything handed to you on a platter. You both believe in the value of working hard for the things you have in life. Just don’t work too hard, or you’ll forget to tend to the emotional and intimate side of your relationship.

Not only are you both hardworking, but you both value working together as a team. There’s no goal you can’t reach if you are supporting each other through the process. Because you both value stability, security, comfort and pleasure, there’s very little chance that you’ll come into conflict discussing future plans or how the world should be.

You both love to have a good laugh. But be warned: Virgos are not really into people who are loud, vulgar or rude. For the most part, this shouldn’t be a problem for Cancers, since they tend to be humorous in a more inoffensive way. Cancers are classier in nature and like to make jokes to show off their wit.

Where you might get into trouble, Cancer, is when you let your emotions get away from you. Since you value emotional expression, you may find yourself acting out too much or becoming too moody for your Virgo partner. Try not nag or complain too much. They respond better to logical expressions of displeasure.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Activities Compatibility

Because Virgos are mutable signs, they tend to take more time than others when deciding what to do. It’s not that they don’t like to have fun. They just have a hard time focusing on one thing for very long. As a result, you may find them flitting from one idea to the next if you ask them what they want to do over the weekend.

Thankfully, Virgos are okay with letting their partners do their own thing. So if you Cancers decide to do something else while your partner is still mulling, they’re totally okay with that. Oftentimes, you’ll both find that you are okay with doing things apart more than you do things together.

Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, be sure to touch bases with each other every now and then. If you spend too much time apart, you’ll forget why you are together in the first place! It’s important for partners to have some shared activities together to keep the relationship strong.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Communication Compatibility

Virgos love their alone time. Since they’re thinkers at heart, they need this time and space to meditate and reflect. They much prefer spending time with a few close friends than going out on the town and socializing with loads of different people. If there’s too much noise going on around them, they can easily start to feel overwhelmed.

Cancers are there to save the day! You have a way with Virgos that helps them feel completely relaxed and comfortable. They also appreciate the fact that you don’t pressure them into socializing too much. But it’s not a one-way street: Virgos also have this incredible way of putting you at ease.

This means you balance each other out beautifully. We know Cancers can get a little heated, and when they do, they are sure to let their words fly. Virgos are a great help here, teaching you how to communicate with a calm and cool presence when you’re angry on the inside.

But this is where you may run into issues. Because Virgos tend to play their cards close to the vest, Cancers may become frustrated with how little you seem to have to say. This is where Virgos can learn a thing or two from their partners. It’s okay to let your emotions fly off of the handle every now and then when communicating with your lover. A Cancer partner will appreciate a Virgo’s (still sensitive) outburst.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Trust Compatibility

When it comes to Trust, Virgos are going to have to relinquish control every now and then to let their partner have their way, and Cancers are going to try not to sulk so much when they don’t win the argument. If you respect each other’s emotions, you will build trust.

What’s great about your relationship is that you can be yourselves through and through without worrying about being criticized by your lover. (That is, if you do the work to build security in the relationship.) When either or both of you feel like you can’t trust your partner, it’s going to be a hot mess.

But don’t worry, your relationship isn’t doomed. Your sign pairing is strong enough to build this trust. Cancers are stable, despite being more emotional, and can make clear decisions. When they choose a partner, it is not a trite thing. They choose people they want to love and be dedicated to for the long haul.

Virgos appreciate that open and honest dedication, and this helps them to feel more secure in the relationship. And when they feel secure, we know they are more able to tap into their emotions and tune into their partner’s needs.

Cancer & Virgo Cancer & Virgo
Work Compatibility

Virgos will appreciate how thoughtful Cancers are in the workplace. Cancers are hardworking and are natural-born leaders while Virgos are great to have on the ground floor, taking care of day-to-day responsibilities. When you’re working together, you’re sure to be a productive, creative and successful team.

We know by now how Cancers respond emotionally. If they are unhappy with the work they’re doing (or if they’ve just woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day), they won’t hesitate to express just how cranky and irritable they are.

But Virgos provide a complement here. Remember, they pay attention to detail. So they’ll be right there for you Cancers, ready to bring you your favorite tea or snack to lift your spirits. Don’t take too much advantage of this, Cancers. They are supportive, but they don’t like being taken advantage of.

Cancer & Virgo Compatibility Summary

When it comes to love and intimacy, friendship and work, Cancers and Virgos make an excellent pairing. They have a yin and yang quality that balances out the best of both worlds and makes you an unstoppable force.

When it comes to friendship, don’t freak out too much if you don’t get along well in the very beginning. You both like to take your time with building trust, but if you focus on the things you love to do together (think anything and everything luxury), you’ll build a devoted and loyal bond that will last a lifetime.

In the workplace, you are also a strong force. Cancers are natural born leaders and Virgos are excellent at getting the everyday tasks done. Just be sure, Cancers, that you don’t bring too much of your personal issues into the workplace. Virgos don’t like to be bombarded with too much emotion, and the workplace is not the time to air out your grievances.

When it comes to love and intimacy, the fire may burn low and slow at first. Cancers, please be patient with Virgos. They’re not as comfortable with their feelings as you are. If you are supportive and take things slow, they’ll feel safer with you in the bedroom.

And when they feel like they can fully trust you, you’ll thank your lucky stars. Remember, they love paying attention to detail when it comes to what their partner loves to do and have done to them in the bedroom.

You two will struggle when it comes to communication. Virgos are more rational and have a hard time expressing themselves emotionally while Cancers are all about feelings and may let their emotions get the best of them. You both are going to have to compromise here. Cancers will have to reign their emotions in every now and then, and Virgos will need to get more comfortable with talking about their feelings.

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