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Cancer and Aries can be a match made in heaven—but they can seem straight out of hell at the same time. Cancer is quite the emotional creature, yet so is Aries. In many ways, they can complement one another just as much as they can drive each other... Keeping reading

Cancer & Aries Compatibility

Cancer and Aries can be a match made in heaven—but they can seem straight out of hell at the same time. Cancer is quite the emotional creature, yet so is Aries. In many ways, they can complement one another just as much as they can drive each other up the wall.

Cancer, being a water sign, is a sensitive individual. But like a real crab, they have a hardy exterior and don’t like to showcase their emotional tenderness to the world that often. It takes a special and energetic soul to get these signs out of their proverbial shells in order to show the world just how loving they can be.

Aries, a fire sign, is highly energetic and intense in all aspects of their lives. These are individuals that don’t know how to take a seat and relax. Because they are always on the move, they can miss some of the finer nuances that come with being an emotionally sensitive person.

Both Cancer and Aries are cardinal signs. They are determined and know what they want with their respective lives. They are both initiators in different ways. Cancer makes movements in their life for stability. Aries does everything they can to keep themselves energetic and enjoying life. This happens to be one of their biggest downfalls in terms of compatibility, however, as they can want two completely different things out of their lives at the same time.

Cancer and Aries make strong lovers and even stronger friends. Somehow their cold/hot dynamic allows them to better one another in positive ways. The biggest pitfall between them is their lack of communication and values with one another. Additionally, this pairing will struggle at times when it comes to being able to decide what to do on a weekend.

Now that you know a little about this passionate yet somewhat troubled coupling, let’s take a look and see how the crab and the ram pair up with one another!

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Cancer can be quite a sensual zodiac sign,  but a legitimate emotional connection is required for them to be sexually as well as romantically invested with their partners on any deep level. This is an essential factor to their essential selves, and it can seldom be bypassed by raw sexual passion alone.

Cancers are commonly seen as asexual, but this is only one aspect of a much more complex whole. Love is an all-or-nothing thing to them. There’s no room for random flings with these moody crustaceans. This certainly makes them operate much differently than Aries, who can have a one-night stand and not become emotionally compromised over having done so.

Aries is a fire sign, and that means they can morph into passion incarnate once they choose to activate it properly. In many cases, Aries can be quite impulsive when it comes to love and sexuality, which is in direct opposition to how Cancer deals with matters of the heart. The crab is interested in how things play out in the long term, which is something that Aries might have difficulty with unless they are deeply in love with Cancer.

If Cancer and Aries can stick it out with each other long enough, a healthy romance can occur. Cancer can temper the seemingly endless lust of Aries and educate them on the complexities of the heart. Aries can help to open up Cancer a bit more to a wilder, more recessed side of themselves. This will help to inflame the crab’s latent passion potential to levels never thought possible.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Friendship Compatibility

Cancers are highly intuitive, which is fairly commonplace for emotionally sensitive individuals. They can scope out a room and determine the mood of it at the drop of a dime. It’s a blessing and a curse for them, but it makes them quite useful for friends of theirs who are not as perceptive on these kinds of subliminal things. They can be a bit of a drag in some settings, as their mood tends to fluctuate quite easily.

Aries are high energy, life-of-the-party types. They can be a lot of fun to be around because they are so direct and energetic with the way they interact with the world. In some cases, they can be a bit too much for folks to handle, especially when their competitive streak comes into the forefront in a social setting. In some more extreme (and possibly intoxicated) cases, Aries can turn quite volatile in these situations.

Cancer and Aries can make a great friendship with one another because they can balance out each other’s darker sides. Aries can provide Cancer with the motivation needed to get them out of their occasional moribund moods. Cancer, meanwhile, can provide Aries with on-the-spot intelligence reports on the atmosphere and energy of whatever social setting they happen to be in.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Emotional Compatibility

Cancer, for many, fits the bill as one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. Now, it’s true that every sign can process emotions; however, few can be so truly in-tune with theirs as Cancer. They sometimes come off as cold and dispassionate, but that’s mostly dependent on their mood at the time. In this sense, they can appreciate the sometimes stoic external self of Aries. The crab innately understands the need to wear a mask at times in order to keep their tender inner selves protected.

Aries, when not blowing off steam from accumulated stress in their lives, can be very open and accepting individuals in their own right. To most individuals, they can seem cold and rigid; certainly not the most externally inviting sign in the zodiac by any stretch of the means. They do, however, have a capacity for a lot of heart and soul. They are a good match for Cancer in this regard and very much love the crab’s desire to shower individuals with love and affection, even if it gets a bit overwhelming at times!

It’s one of the stranger aspects of a Cancer and Aries pairing, but these two signs can understand each other on an emotional level quite well, even if they find themselves unable to communicate very well. This sort of emotional interplay can help them to understand one another, ultimately. The most stressful of times in their relationship can be lessened on the strength of this alone. If the crab and the ram can relate to one another in terms of emotions and feelings, there’s no problem they can’t surmount if their devotion for one another is strong.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Values Compatibility

Home is where the heart is for Cancer, and they tend to value things relating to it the most in their lives. On top of a solid, comfortable, and safe home life, they value family highly. The bigger the better! Aries can create very organized and disciplined individuals, but they are rarely focused on the long-term picture of things. Family is a possibility for them, but not a driving factor of their happiness like it can be for Cancer.

Aries can be far more draconian in their value system than Cancer at first glance. They are focused on things like being energetic and living life strongly and passionately. They also care a lot about hard work, determination, and concepts such as ambition. They dislike individuals that are slow on the draw, and Aries has no qualms about leading other zodiac signs in the dust.

Cancer, while a very hard worker, isn’t constantly “on” like Aries is.  They can be more deliberate in how they commit to things in their life. Slow and steady can often win a race in life. For Aries, this is a big no-no and will potentially insult their sensibilities over time.

While they are not the most incompatible pairing in terms of values, they certainly are not in harmony with one another on a lot of things that are essential to either sign. This can feasibly cause tension down the line between the both of them, especially when the long-term familial goals of Cancer come into play later on in a relationship.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Activities Compatibility

Cancer is a luxury-fixated zodiac sign, so much so that they might be second to Taurus in that regard. They like to spend a lot of their free time in the trappings of their beautiful and comfortable homes. They do occasionally like to get out and about for shopping and other mundane outdoor activities, but for the most part, they are creatures of comfort. This can potentially infuriate Aries to no end, as they are firmly interested in living life to the fullest. They want high adventure, suspense, danger.

Cancer, on the other hand, values safety and consistency far more. One thing to note, however, is that the moon dominates Cancer’s emotions in many ways. Cancerians can be more persuaded towards adventure and excitement as Luna increases in luminescence as time passes. So if there’s a full moon, watch out!

Aries is usually a highly competitive individul. They love sports and anything that forces their hearts, minds, and bodies to be tested to the limit. They can also be very invested in their sexuality, sometimes to a level that overwhelms the more conservative-minded Cancer. The ram is highly physical no matter what, and this will ultimately grate on Cancer at times.

This isn’t to say Cancer is always going to be lazing around when they aren’t at work or taking care of their families, but quality relaxation is important for them. It’s how they de-stress and recharge their batteries.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Communication Compatibility

Cancer mainly wishes to communicate with their feelings at the forefront of anything they are discussing. This can be, at times, highly irrational of them. This is their nature, however. If Cancer stifles their inner selves by being more emotionally reigned-in, it will only cause them to become more detached from the partner over time.

Aries, being a scalding fire sign, is quite impatient at times and will most likely snap at a Cancer that can’t get to the point fast enough in a conversation. This only increases the potential of Cancer emotionally receding emotionally from Aries and ceasing communication altogether at a certain point.

Aries is a Mars-dominant zodiac sign. This means their method of communication can be direct and aggressive. They do not utilize a passive communication style in the least. This can overwhelm the naturally introverted Cancer at times, especially when their moods are already not so strong in the first place. If Aries continues down this road, over time their Cancer partner will shut down around them completely.

The best thing for both of these signs to do is to understand that they both tend to take center stage and dominate conversations at times. They are both cardinal signs, and this means that they each see themselves as wanting to take the wheel and steer themselves (and others around them) in the direction of their choosing. Cool heads and thoughtfulness will be optimal in a heated conversation between these two. However, this is a good rule to follow in general, no matter where one falls in the zodiac!

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Trust Compatibility

Cancer is extremely fixated on things like trust. It’s key for their emotional stability to know that their friend or partner is being upfront and honest with them in all avenues of life. One of Cancer’s negatives is that they will recede into their proverbial shells if they feel like someone in their life isn’t being completely trustworthy with them. This can be easy with Aries in question, who can at times be aggressive towards Cancer if the crab asks too many probing questions about things.

Aries, represented by a ram, is quite a direct zodiac sign in terms of how they deal with things. They usually will say what’s on their mind without pause or consideration. This is a double-edged sword with Cancer, as they can (in theory) appreciate Aries’ blunt sense of honesty. What they don’t appreciate, however, is the ram’s utter lack of tact at times! From that point on, it’s rarely a winning situation for either sign.

If a relationship between Cancer and Aries is to work, both parties need to deal with their ways of communicating with each other. This is especially true if they want to find some kind of middle ground. Cancer needs to admit that they can be a bit paranoid at times, and give the ram much-needed breathing room when they are obviously in a state of annoyance or stress.

Aries would do well to keep the crab’s tender underbelly of feelings in mind when they communicate. Learning how to tone down their aggressive “in your face” attitude they can get at times will benefit Aries throughout the relationship as well.

Cancer & Aries Cancer & Aries
Work Compatibility

In regards to the workplace, Cancer likes to be left alone in order to better focus their time and energy on tasks at hand. Their focus is on creating a solid financial foundation for themselves and their families. They aren’t looking to rock the boat too much at their jobs, but if they see a promotion that is easily snagged, they’ll go for it. Because they can be so low-key in the workplace, they don’t make a good partner for Aries, whose nature is fiercely competitive.

Aries is a showstopper employee and strives to be the best at what they do, bar none. They want to be leaders and will do whatever it takes to climb upwards in their field. They are highly competitive, which is a testament to their fire-dominant selves. They can easily irritate Cancer in the workplace due to their brash behavior.

Cancer isn’t the type to want to partake in most forms of competition. They much prefer a solid work environment with an employee base that supports one another during the good times as well as the bad.

If these signs are to work together, they need to set significant boundaries immediately. Cancer should primarily be focused on dealing with management and more internal tasks. Aries needs to be focused on the more external aspects of a business (public relations, customer service, and other in-person functions). With this one-two punch combination, Cancer and Aries can do well in business together as long as they both accept that they approach things in vastly different ways.

Cancer & Aries Compatibility Summary

Cancer and Aries do just a slight bit better than average with their pairing. They probably make great friends with one another due to how they can easily complement one another on more problematic issues that their signs face. They can be surprisingly in tune with each other’s emotions as well despite being so ultimately different from each other. As it turns out, sometimes water and fire can mix rather well!

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