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Cancer and Taurus pairings make for one of the most harmonious couplings in the entirety of the zodiac system. Taurus’ perspective on financial security and Cancer’s emphasis on security in the home makes them a dream team when it comes t... Keeping reading

Cancer & Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus pairings make for one of the most harmonious couplings in the entirety of the zodiac system. Taurus’ perspective on financial security and Cancer’s emphasis on security in the home makes them a dream team when it comes to a perfected domestic life.

In more mundane interpersonal relationships, Cancer and Taurus also make some of the most steadfast and loyal friends with one another due to their ability to trust and be open with one another. This pairing keeps internal strife to a minimum, and secrets are well-kept between one another.

Trust is king with Cancer and Taurus, and they have some of the most, if not the most, enviable of all compatibility scores in the entirety of the zodiac. No matter if it’s something small yet important like friendship or something major like a long-term romance, this pairing has a level of trust that is unbreakable in the strongest meaning of the word.

This is because, emotionally speaking, they are extremely similar and generally share the same kind of long-term goals – namely house and home stability. Both signs also value family and will defend theirs from any negative outside force.

Cancer and Taurus will face some challenges with one another, but it’s nothing too major in the grand scheme of things. For one, Taurus can be a bit “bullish” in their nature, despite usually being very sympathetic to Cancer’s emotional wants and needs. This can lead some Cancers towards regressing more in their metaphorical shells and make them uncommunicative, which is bad for the relationship in general.

Additionally, Cancers are somewhat spontaneous at times given their overtly Lunar nature, and this can sometimes conflict just a little with Taurus individuals, who usually are very set in their ways and prefer routine and order in their lives.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Sex and intimacy are seen by both Cancer and Taurus as being very important, but only if the emotional component is fulfilled. Otherwise, neither one of these signs are what you would call “licentious” in the least. Hollow sexual encounters do absolutely nothing for them, and they can go for long periods of time without any sort of sexual activity in their lives if they haven’t found the right partner to satisfy them on an emotional level.

Cancer’s lunar nature makes any sort of emotional experience happen at the apex of intensity, so when it comes to sexual encounters, this can be quite next-level indeed! Taurus complements this well by being quite attentive to their partners on a physical level while never neglecting the emotions.

They listen well to one another in regard to the senses, such as sight, sound, touch, and taste. This can create a sexual harmony unlike any other, and it’s almost as if they were made for one another in this regard.

Taurus can also take passion to the next level due to their stubbornness, which can make them possessive. This is a double-edged sword because, at times, it could make them seem almost draconian when it comes to controlling a relationship. However, a Cancer might see this as a positive thing, and feel safe with the Taurus’ possessive nature. They may trust them in regard to a strong, unbreakable kind of love, just as long as the Taurus doesn’t take it too far and start driving away other individuals in a Cancer’s life!

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Friendship Compatibility

Loyalty is key with both of these signs, and they are more than able to create a strong bond of friendship almost instantaneously. This makes for a great friendship pairing that is long-lasting through thick and thin. Since both signs are focused on security, Taurus financial and Cancer emotional, they can see each other’s “big picture” in a way not many other signs can.

Each sign can make sacrifices at the drop of a dime in order to protect the friendship, and if there’s a glaring issue, they will solve it quickly and efficiently. Additionally, both signs are looking for long-term and lasting in all avenues of their life, and friendships are no different. Fast friends and duplicitous individuals won’t last long with Cancer and Taurus – only people that are in it for the long haul.

Honesty is also a big thing with both of these signs. They aren’t afraid to tell it like it is with one another after a certain level of trust has been reached. This honesty between Cancer and Taurus generally will not turn volatile, and it is probably one of the strongest things about their friendship in the long run. Taurus can tell Cancer to stop being overly moody and looking too long at past heartaches if it’s bogging them down mental-health wise; meanwhile Cancer can get on Taurus’ case when they are getting too entrenched in a certain regimen that isn’t good for them or their souls. With this sort of dynamic, they end up bettering one another while at the same time deepening their bond.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Emotional Compatibility

Cancers are the cream of the crop when it comes to emotions within the zodiac. When paired with a Taurus, they are excellent, almost next-level, when providing the necessary emotional maintenance that every strong relationship needs.

The Taurus reacts positively to this and will reciprocate with the same level of sweetness and will be spurred to provide the very best for their partner in a material/financial way. This pairing is ultimately a love fest and can be compared to the stuff of fairy tales in the eyes of many others.

If you are a Cancer or Taurus, and if the absolute most important thing in your life is reaching a level of compatibility with your partner that can make the whole world jealous of your overall emotional harmony, then you’ve definitely found your ideal pairing here.

These are relationships, at least in the emotional realm, that can be long-lasting and will always bolster one another through the good times as well as bad.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Values Compatibility

The Moon is a very important planet for both Cancer and Taurus. It’s the ruler of Cancer, and in Taurus, it is exalted. The Moon is all about emotion, passion as well as compassion, and more sensual states of being such as ecstasy.

While there are considerable similarities between both Cancer and Taurus because of this shared lunar trait, they differ just a little bit on more material-world concerns. Cancer, being a water-dominant sign, is more honed in on emotional states of being, and its predominant value in their life. A Cancer whose existence is bereft of emotional nurturing is a very sad crab indeed.

Cancer sees the material realm in an almost fairy-tale manner, and their naivety and optimism (and even at times, pessimism) are quite different from Taurus, who tends to be far more concerned with keeping house and home stable as their main focus, while sometimes making emotions a secondary necessity.

So, to sum it up, Cancer is all about the emotional nurturing side of a relationship while Taurus is focused more on providing on a material level. However, both of them can adapt in both directions, especially for the good of a family unit, without too much trouble.

Ultimately, these two can balance each other out through good communication and being upfront and honest with one another. If children get added into the mix, Cancerians generally become more material-realm oriented due to their unceasing nature of wanting to provide the very best lives for their families.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Activities Compatibility

Taurus’ bullish nature makes them obstinate, especially in regard to trying new things and having vastly new experiences. These are “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” types to the core! Having a routine-driven existence isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to family or household duties, but it can potentially keep things boring in a relationship, especially in the initial days.

Cancer, meanwhile, can certainly want a bit more spice in their life than that. Their lunar nature makes them more of an “ebb and flow” kind of individual and can get a bit bored with the daily grind and sameness of keeping to a strict routine.

This isn’t to say that they won’t take part in it, especially if it’s good for the family (for instance, keeping a tight work schedule in order to meet material needs) but the ideal situation would be for some spice in one’s life to be added every once in a while, which will be challenging for a Taurus to deal with at times. It’s important to remember that Cancer is a water sign, and water isn’t always meant to be stagnant!

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Communication Compatibility

Both Cancer and Taurus are considered closer to the “strong and silent” type, at least on the outside. Small talk is cheap to both of them and silence can be golden, especially in more turbulent times where rest and relaxation are needed to recharge the batteries in order to deal with the rigors of life.

Since both of these signs are focused on domestic topics like family, children, home, and home life in general, there’s generally no real issue between them on subject matter that concerns stability. And in their case, stability is one of the very bedrock of what makes their relationship so solid in the first place.

Taurus, true to their zodiac symbol, are potentially strong-headed in their conversation style at times and can be obstinate on subjects even – if they are flat out wrong about them in some glaring way. Arguments between these two signs can be a bit one-sided because of this.

Cancer, however, is no slouch and can get quite animated at times in conversation, especially if they are in sour moods or angry about something in particular.

The only time where communication might be an issue is possible weighed more heavily on Cancer’s end than Taurus. Cancers can be quite chatty at times, especially if they are trying to properly vent their emotions if something is truly bothering them on a deep level.

This can potentially annoy Taurus, who is much more taciturn and prone to more practically in his speech than the more (at times) neurotic Cancer.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Trust Compatibility

There’s absolutely no issue with trust when it comes to these two solid zodiac signs. Both are focused on feelings and emotions as what truly matters in their relationship with one another, and because of this, it allows trust to blossom fully. This is doubly true when they have an established family together.

It’s very hard to separate them once this landmark has been achieved, and each will fervently defend their relationship if an aggressor tries to come into play to separate them in some way.

Cancer and Taurus, ultimately, have one of the best – if not truly the best – compatibilities when it comes to this subject. Whether it be in the realms of love, friendship, or business, there’s pretty much nothing that they hide from one another when a level of trust is established.

This makes for powerful bonds, and it turns them into a true “dream team” of sorts, no matter what they end up doing with one another.

Cancer & Taurus Cancer & Taurus
Work Compatibility

Cancer is security oriented, so they want long term jobs and investments to keep that kind of stability going in their lives. When it comes to the workplace environment, Cancers need to be in an emotionally-supportive place, especially if the type of work is challenging or draining.

Cancer can be moody, and this could potentially affect others that work for the business. However, the good news is, if the workplace gives them what they need in terms of a strong bonding environment, then a Cancer will be a steadfast employee and a credit to the business.

On Taurus’ end, their bullish nature allows them to be direct and blunt in matters of business, which makes them a great workplace partner for a Cancer who may not like to deal with issues in a head-on manner.

Additionally, much like Cancer, Taurus is focused on establishing long-term stability, especially in terms of finances. The only downside is that Taurus could potentially be a bit stand-offish with Cancer in matters of business, especially if Cancer’s mood is affecting the productivity of the venture as a whole.

To sum up, if a Cancer and Taurus start a business venture with one another, a good strategy would be to have the Taurus individual attack the everyday issues head-on, since they are good at dealing with these sorts of mundane pressures on the regular. Let the Cancer individual embrace their Lunar-realm creativity and emotional sensitivity and have them focus on the bigger picture by having them organize the long-term projects of the venture itself.

Taurus just needs to be extra careful not to be too abrasive with Cancer and understand their need for venting at times. Conversely, Cancer needs to rein in their emotions at times for the sake of business harmony. Otherwise, this is sure to be a winning combination!

Cancer & Taurus Compatibility Summary

To sum up, we think this is one of the no-brainer pairings when it comes to the entirety of the zodiac. As we said before, trust is king with these two, and there’s absolutely no issue when it comes to that. These are the kind of individuals that could metaphorically “get away with murder” and take it to their graves, the trust is so airtight.

So if you are a Cancer or a Taurus reading this, and you put trust in a partner higher than any other thing (and why wouldn’t you?), then you’re looking at the apex zodiac pairing here.

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