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A pairing that always seems to be at odds with each other, Earth sign Virgo and Air sign Aquarius can appear to be in completely different worlds. Where Virgo is grounded, detail-oriented, and well-organized, Aquarius is energetic, unpredictable, and... Keeping reading

Virgo & Aquarius Compatibility

A pairing that always seems to be at odds with each other, Earth sign Virgo and Air sign Aquarius can appear to be in completely different worlds. Where Virgo is grounded, detail-oriented, and well-organized, Aquarius is energetic, unpredictable, and values personal independence above all else. However, with the right timing and a fair amount of patience, these two signs can come together in a relationship that helps them both to grow and thrive.

Virgo and Aquarius are a pairing that is likely to start out as friends. Sometimes this relationship will progress to romance, but it can be hard for these two to break out of their comfort zone and pursue intimacy with each other, even if it is something that they both want.

However, once they get settled into a space where they are comfortable with romance, these signs can experience a healthy and happy partnership, as the exchange of intimate creativity between them flows easily.

As both these signs have a strong moral compass, with Virgo’s sense of justice and Aquarius as the humanitarian of the Zodiac, it is not unusual for this pairing to first meet while they are volunteering together or protesting relevant issues. Many of the activities these two embark on will be centered around inspiring change, partly because they believe strongly in these causes and partly because it can be hard for them to agree on anything else to do.

The main issue in a relationship between Virgo and Aquarius is their mismatch of values and a lack of tolerance that the signs can have for each other. Virgo values steady, grounded, and conservative behaviors, and may find Aquarius is too spontaneous and commitment-averse for their liking.

On the other hand, Aquarius will easily become frustrated by Virgo’s reluctance to keep up with their changeable attitude and constant adventure-seeking, and may run from the relationship altogether when Virgo suggests anything remotely related to commitment.

Without first building up a strong foundation of mutual respect and tolerance for the other sign, in addition to taking the opportunity to learn from the other’s differences, a relationship between Virgo and Aquarius can end before it even really began, no matter whether it was a friendship or a romantic pairing.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Matters of love and intimacy can be a tricky thing for Virgo and Aquarius to navigate, as neither of these signs is inherently romantic or particularly assertive in the bedroom. Virgo, with their careful, analytical mind, will typically take a long time to warm up to the idea of intimate contact between themselves and Aquarius, something that can frustrate the fast-moving Aquarius and make them lose patience with Virgo.

Additionally, Aquarius is an air sign and tends to be more spontaneous and freer in the bedroom, something which can intimidate the more conservative Virgo, who needs to feel something of an emotional commitment before engaging in intimacy. This mismatch in personalities can make it hard for these two signs to move past the point of being friends and into a romantic relationship, as it seems like their timing just won’t match up and allow them to confidently explore their intimate interest in each other.

The only thing that can help a relationship between these two along is if they both adjust their paces to match up to the other, finding a happy middle ground. It can be easy for both of these signs to be stubborn and unwilling to change their ways, but a little bit of change is necessary for this situation.

Aquarius needs to slow down and understand that Virgo takes time to warm up to the idea of intimacy and romance, and Virgo should keep in mind that they can’t take an indefinite amount of time making up their mind on whether they interested in Aquarius or not.

Once these signs find this balance between themselves, however, they easily settle into a loving relationship where both sides are able to explore their intimate and romantic wants and needs without fear of judgment or frustration from their partner.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Friendship Compatibility

In some ways, Virgo and Aquarius make better friends than anything else. These signs are likely to bond over their humanitarian ideals, with their weekends consisting of volunteering at food banks and exchanging ideas about how to improve conditions for humans across the globe. Aquarius is a knowledge seeker, thanks to the planet Uranus’s influence, and will greatly enjoy the easy flow of communication they share with Virgo, while Virgo will enjoy the chance to analyze all of Aquarius’s fantastical ideas.

Together, these friends are able to accomplish all of their goals and more. Air sign Aquarius brings the ideas and creativity to the duo, while Earth sign Virgo applies their practical and analytical mind to every situation in order to find and create the best outcomes. Between them, Virgo and Aquarius friends are likely to be the duo that has their lives together and is constantly climbing up their personal ladders to success, only stopping to encourage each other further.

Any conflicts that arise between these friends often centers around the differences in their modalities. Virgo is of a mutable modality, while Aquarius is fixed. This can cause arguments as Aquarius becomes stubborn or aggressive in their ideas, and the generally flexible Virgo can become frustrated with the lack of logic behind Aquarius’s motives, in addition to being upset by their refusal to be adaptable. Both signs should take care that they don’t let these conflicts go too far, or they could find themselves struggling to bring their friendship back to a positive place.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Emotional Compatibility

As both Virgo and Aquarius find it hard to get in touch with their true emotions, the emotional compatibility between them may be a difficult thing to fully establish. These signs tend to rely more on their rational minds, thinking rather than feeling, and may even be resistant to learning how to positively express their emotions.

While they are able to talk fairly logical about their feelings, without an influence teaching them how to open up and be vulnerable with each other, Virgo and Aquarius may end up stuck with the superficial side of their emotions and a lack of depth.

On the other hand, this type of emotional relationship can work out well for these signs, as neither of them will feel particularly driven to dive into and expose their vulnerabilities to the other. Virgo and Aquarius may be able to find a balance that makes them both happy, or they may end up feeling unfulfilled as their deeper emotional needs go unmet. Which way their relationship goes depends on their individual personalities.

If Virgo and Aquarius would like to work on building up their emotional compatibility so they are more equipped to handle the deeper side of their emotions, these signs should schedule regular check-ins and conversations with each other that are designed to create an exchange of emotions. As they build up their tolerance for vulnerability, they will see the positives of sharing more than surface-level emotions and can create a positive emotional relationship out of this.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Values Compatibility

The values between Virgo and Aquarius tend to differ widely, with the exception of their shared interest in humanitarianism. Where Virgo values commitment and the more traditional aspect of relationships, Aquarius values personal freedom and the non-traditional side of pretty much anything. These separate beliefs can create a mismatch in the relationship between these signs, causing a disconnect that may turn into resentment as Virgo and Aquarius fail to understand their partner’s motivations.

However, these signs do share a value in intellectual pursuits and curiosity, which has the potential to bring them together and inspire a little more tolerance in Virgo and Aquarius. As they both enjoy exchanges of ideas and belief systems, they may find themselves appreciating their partner a little bit more, relaxing their harsh judgment of the other’s values. With plenty of civil conversations and an open mind, these signs may be able to strike a balance where they appreciate and respect each other’s differing values, while actively enjoying their limited shared values.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Activities Compatibility

Both Virgo and Aquarius are lovers of intellect, and this can easily be indefinite by their favorite activities of attending science and history museums, watching in-depth nature documentaries, and having analytical conversations about everything from philosophy to their favorite books. These signs are able to bond easily over these activities, and the flow of knowledge they receive from each other can be one of the best things about their relationships.

Any other activity besides these, however, may cause issues between the two. Aquarius will often be searching for the newest excitement to fill their lives, quickly moving from one activity to the next as their air-influenced nature dictates. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Virgo, who feels the need to plan, analyze, and look at activities rationally, constantly worried about the consequences of a missed detail.

These differing attitudes to new activities can cause a rift between these signs, as Aquarius will be frustrated that Virgo can’t, or won’t, keep up with them, and Virgo becomes upset that Aquarius is taking too many risks with their behavior. It may be better for these signs to stick with the activities they know they can easily enjoy together and fill their lives with other people willing to match their individual speeds for other types of activities.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Communication Compatibility

Communication between Virgo and Aquarius has the potential to be one of their most compatible traits, especially as Virgo is inspired by the planet Mercury and its penchant for writing and speech. These signs will enjoy sharing their opinions and beliefs about superficial topics, and this behavior paves the way for easy communication about deeper subjects. Once these signs break past their fear of vulnerability, they should easily be able to communicate about their wants and needs in the relationship, leading to a harmonious balance.

Arguments can be a difficult thing for this pairing to overcome, as they both take starkly different approaches when a conflict emerges. Aquarius, inspired by their fixed modality, will often stay set in their opinions, refusing to change their mind even in the face of proof they were wrong.

Virgo, of mutable modality, will often find themselves bending or changing to resolve conflicts with Aquarius, but their logical and rational side will begin to resent Aquarius for making them compromise like this.

If Virgo gives too much and Aquarius takes too much without even a word of appreciation, the communication compatibility between these signs will eventually breakdown. The more the balance between these signs gets skewed, the more likely regular arguments are to occur, and this is something that will put both Virgo and Aquarius off the idea of maintaining their relationship with the other.

These signs should take care to be aware of their behavior in conflicts and work to actively change negative actions that can bother their partner; compromise has to be present on both sides if Virgo and Aquarius are to maintain a positive, healthy channel of communication.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Trust Compatibility

Virgo is an exceptionally loyal sign and Aquarius will be able to easily recognize and appreciate this. Both of these signs are rational and will see no point in trying to lie or betray the other. If there is any instance of doubt between them, neither side will have trouble bringing up their issues to the other, as both signs tend to use logic in a conflict and will not bring an emotional fight to the other. This can be a good balance for Virgo and Aquarius, who both appreciate a drama-free partner that is more straightforward.

There may be an issue between these signs when their relationship begins to progress, as Virgo will want more of a commitment from Aquarius in order to maintain their levels of trust in them. Any sign that they might be tied down can cause Aquarius to turn tail on the relationship, but if they truly want to stay with Virgo, they should work on finding a healthy balance that allows Virgo to feel committed and Aquarius to feel like they aren’t losing their sense of personal identity.

Virgo should also be careful that demanding and pushing for commitment too often can cause Aquarius to start mistrusting them and their motives, and can create a complete breakdown in the loyalty between the two signs. Like with many other things in this pairing, these signs should be prepared to compromise and find a middle ground that can make them both happy, as this will lead to a lasting, trusting relationship.

Virgo & Aquarius Virgo & Aquarius
Work Compatibility

Similar to friendships between these signs, a workplace relationship can be incredibly fruitful and productive. Virgo and Aquarius can create a dynamic pairing that supplies the innovation, thanks to Aquarius, and the logistics, thanks to Virgo, to bring new, well-thought-out, and desirable ideas to whichever project they are working on.

Because of their shared appreciation for humanitarianism and justice, these signs would do well working together in a charity organization. They could also work well as inventors or engineers, as anything that allows them to get their hands on an activity and start seeing results is a perfect career for the two.

However, the stubbornness that both signs tend to display from time to time can be a downfall in the coworker relationship between Virgo and Aquarius. These signs should work hard on resolving their conflicts without Aquarius’s avoidance and Virgo’s mean words, as this is only likely to frustrate them both and result in the project never being completed.

Any augment in the workplace should be dealt with using a civil conversation and the rational thinking that these signs value so greatly, as this is the best way to keep this paring back on track and achieving their goals.

Virgo & Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Though they can often seem like a couple made out of opposites, a Virgo and Aquarius pairing does have the chance to form a strong bond and experience a healthy, happy relationship. These signs will likely start off as friends and move to romance slowly, if they are both interested, with a mutual love for intellect and shared knowledge drawing them together.

As long as these signs remember to practice patience and tolerance when it comes to the other’s differences, they are sure to find themselves growing their compatibilities in all aspects of their pairing and can enjoy a harmonious, balanced relationship.

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