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Pisces are highly sensitive individuals who are helpful to others by nature. Virgos also have kind souls, but they are more practical by nature. While Pisces have no problem exploring the depths of their imaginations, Virgos are more comfortable with... Keeping reading

Pisces & Virgo Compatibility

Pisces are highly sensitive individuals who are helpful to others by nature. Virgos also have kind souls, but they are more practical by nature. While Pisces have no problem exploring the depths of their imaginations, Virgos are more comfortable with being pragmatic when it comes to making decisions.

Virgos are earth signs, which deeply roots them in the material world. Earth signs value security and stability, so they will rarely take risks or jump into anything impulsively. Pisces are water signs which means they are deeply tuned into their emotions. Because their emotions change constantly, it takes them a while to make firm decisions on anything.

While the two may seem compatible on paper, Virgos may become easily irritated with a Pisces partner who takes too much time to make a decision. So Virgos are going to be a little patient, and Pisces are going to have to push themselves to make a firm choice more quickly every now and then.

Generally speaking. Earth and water are highly compatible, so don’t fret! The two of you will find your balance. In fact, what’s wonderful about these two signs is that they both appreciate the process of thinking through their emotions. Both signs are comfortable exploring their feelings, but have a tendency to keep them to themselves during this process. Try not to keep all your emotional cards too close to the vest, though. Otherwise, you’ll both miss out on making deeper and stronger connections in your relationship!

Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, making them compassionate, creative, and idealistic in nature. They love getting lost in their imaginations to reach new planes of spirituality. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and wisdom. They love to be on the move and prefer to use their intellect over their instincts when it comes to making decisions.

This is where the signs may clash at times. While Pisces is completely comfortable with going slow and exploring the depths of their emotions through meditation and other spiritual practices, Virgos are restless and have trouble understanding the benefits of exploring practices that do not rely on rationality.

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Pisces are very devoted and intuitive beings, which makes them excellent lovers! They will pay close attention to the details of their partner’s love language and do everything in their power to make their partner feel loved. This is because Pisces have no problem falling completely in love from day one.

Virgos are more meticulous in nature. They do not jump into the deep end when it comes to love, so may be more cautious than a Pisces in the early stages of the relationship. Because of this, it is important for a Pisces not to come on too strong. Virgos need to feel safe with their lovers. Pisces just need to give their partners the time and space to process their feelings. We know you need the time, Virgos, but try not to take too long holding your feelings inside. Pisces are great listeners, and they love exploring emotions. You can trust them.

It will take some time for things to heat up in the bedroom. Even when Virgos feel safe and comfortable with you, they’ll still need to talk things through with their partner when it comes to experimental sex. This shouldn’t be a problem for Pisces—they’re extremely compassionate by nature. Once you find your rhythm, there’s sure to be fireworks!

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Friendship Compatibility

Once you break through the initial walls that Virgos put up, Pisces can count on having a strong and reliable friend! They will be great sounding boards when big things happen in your life. That’s because they give excellent advice.

Just make sure, Virgos, that you offer your advice with no strings attached. We know you’re all about wisdom (and that your way of thinking is often helpful), but don’t forget to respect your friend’s point of view. Despite giving great advice, your friend may still end up doing the opposite.

Pisces are super generous and loving friends! They are there to lift their friends up and make sure they feel supported no matter what. Virgos will definitely appreciate this generosity, but please be careful, or you’ll end up always putting your friend’s needs ahead of your own.

Pisces who don’t give equal attention to their own needs will end up having trouble speaking up when they need help. Virgos love to help the ones they love, especially when it comes to sharing their wisdom with others, so don’t miss out on making those connections!

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Emotional Compatibility

It’s no surprise that Pisces are emotional beings. They are extremely empathetic in nature and often get lost in other people’s emotions. While this can be seen as a positive, it can also be easy (and dangerous) for a Pisces to get caught up in. Please make sure to tap into your own emotions to better express your needs with your partner; otherwise, Virgos will have no idea how to help you!

When it comes to emotions, Virgos are more straightforward. That’s because they do not like mind games. Open communication is important to a Virgo, so it is best to be open and honest about your feelings from the start. They will appreciate the fact that you are not beating around the bush and wasting their time.

Despite being so upfront, Virgos are very sensitive with their emotions. Pisces will have to be careful with what they say to a Virgo and how they say it. Being gentle is critical here, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a Pisces—they’re compassionate and caring with the ones they love.

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Values Compatibility

Virgos value stability and consistency in life. Because of this, they are more logical and systematic in how they live their lives. Virgos tend to deal with things like a computer would: they prefer to process information internally and make sense of it all before responding to it outwardly.

Pisces also like to process the world around them, but they take a more spiritual approach. That’s because Pisces value the art of transcendence and exploring the inner workings of the soul. This can, at times, make them hard to reach—they are often exploring the metaphysical and are rarely grounded in their own bodies.

This is where a Pisces and Virgo may clash, especially in partnerships. Virgos need a partner they can rely on to go through life with them, and even though Virgos are gentle and supportive, this patience may not last very long if a Pisces is unable to get their heads out of the clouds every now and then.

Balance is critical here. Virgos will need to maintain patience with a Pisces who tends to prefer fantasy over the realities of life. Pisces will need to work on coming back to the physical world to better connect with and meet their partner’s needs.

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Activities Compatibility

Pisces are constantly in search of the spiritual. They enjoy spending time alone, exploring their thoughts. Because of this, they often prefer activities like yoga and meditation over anything else. They are also extremely creative by nature, so you’re most likely to find them in an art studio painting their feelings or in a garden growing beautiful flowers.

Virgos love to do anything that exercises the mind. That’s because they are deep thinkers. You’ll find them sitting across an opponent in a game of chess or working on a challenging crossword puzzle. This doesn’t make them solitary beings, though. They enjoy spending time with anyone who also loves to exercise their minds.

Thankfully, Virgos are creative like Pisces! So they’ll be more than happy to join their partner in the art studio to work on an arts and crafts project as a team. They also would love to dig into the earth and work alongside their partners to grow beautiful things in the garden. And because they are practical people, they may also help grow some veggies for the two of you to enjoy at dinnertime!

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Communication Compatibility

Virgos are reliable to a fault, and because of this, they will always be there for you if you need to have a long talk. No matter what the situation, they are always down to talk with and offer comfort to their lovers. So if you’re feeling down or just need to talk something through with your partner, a Pisces can rely on a Virgo to be there for them!

Virgos are faithful friends and lovers, and they do their best to make sure their partner is not waiting for them to respond to their needs. This is a great quality that may be wasted with a Pisces. That’s because Pisces have a hard time coming back down to earth for long enough to express themselves clearly.

It will take time for a Pisces to communicate their feelings through speaking. They often prefer to use their imagination, art, and body language to express how they feel. So Virgos will need to pay close attention to the small details to better understand what their Pisces partner is trying to communicate to them.

But Pisces, you’re going to have to ground yourself in the physical every now and then! Though a Virgo is happy to accommodate your communication style, they are logical beings at heart and will need for you to speak your needs directly for them to understand you more deeply.

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Trust Compatibility

Virgos are straightforward people who prefer everything to be out in the open. This is where problems may arise because Pisces aren’t always physically present enough to share what’s really going on in their minds. This can make a Virgo feel insecure and wary of trusting their partner.

Thankfully, Pisces detest lying as much as Virgos do. Both signs will be able to build trust with one another if they can take the time to sit down to talk deeply and honestly. Though Pisces do have a difficult time coming back to reality, it is not impossible.

If Pisces and Virgo can establish good communication with one another, there’ll be nothing but trust between the two of you. Both of you are genuine, compassionate, and caring. There will be no judgment between you, and the both of you will do everything in your power to help the other with anything and everything.

Pisces & Virgo Pisces & Virgo
Work Compatibility

Because both signs are on opposite sides of the zodiac, they create an excellent balance in the workplace. Both signs are generous in nature, so if they are paired up on any task that is service-oriented, they are sure to do an excellent job together.

Virgos and Pisces are very tolerant, accommodating signs, so a partnership between them will be well-balanced and easy-going. You both respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and do your best to complement each other when working on a project.

Virgos will help a Pisces turn their goals and dreams into reality. That’s because they are earth signs and pragmatic by nature, able to easily outline the best pathways to success. Pisces will appreciate this support as they tend to struggle with grounding themselves in physical reality.

Pisces will help Virgos better appreciate the intangible aspects of success in the workplace. They will show a Virgo the successes that exist beyond the material comforts they enjoy for a job well done. Tapping into this more spiritual, simplistic point of view will help expand a Virgo’s ideas on how to measure success.

Pisces & Virgo Compatibility Summary

Though Pisces and Virgos approach life in such different ways, they really come together when exploring their creative sides. Both signs will enjoy anything and everything that has to do with creating and appreciating art. You’ll both enjoy time in the studio together, painting and working on arts and crafts as a couple.

In the workplace, both signs balance each other out perfectly. Pisces will help Virgos appreciate the intangible aspects of success when completing a project. In turn, Virgos will help Pisces turn their dreams into reality. Oftentimes, Pisces have a difficult time grounding themselves in the physical world for long enough to complete a task, but pragmatic Virgos will be more than happy to step in and help!

Communication will be difficult for this pair. How well they communicate will depend entirely on how much a Pisces is willing to come back to reality. Virgos are great communicators and love to help their partners solve problems and figure things out. The problem is that Pisces have trouble vocalizing what’s going on in their heads, preferring to express themselves through art or body language.

To help a relationship between the two flourish, Pisces shouldn’t rely too heavily on a Virgo’s patience, and a Virgo will have to learn how to read between the lines sometimes when trying to figure out what their Pisces partner needs.

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