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Cancer and Pisces is one of the most obvious pairings of the entire zodiac. They seem to be completely made for one another in so many different ways. How so? Let’s take a look. Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, which usually means they h... Keeping reading

Cancer & Pisces Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces is one of the most obvious pairings of the entire zodiac. They seem to be completely made for one another in so many different ways. How so? Let’s take a look.

Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, which usually means they have quite a bit of emotional depth while still being fluid at the same time. This allows them to be able to literally “go with the flow” of life, which can make them a bit passive. Water signs are also highly romantic and can give their partners romantic fulfillment rivaling ancient fairy tales and even modern-day cinematic tear-jerkers.

Cancer, being a cardinal sign, is very forthright with how they want to live their lives. A stable home, family, and loving relationship is crucial to their long-term satisfaction in life. Pisces, on the other hand, is a mutable sign that wants romance and adventure showered upon them in spades. They can go with the flow in life far easier than Cancer can, but they can easily lose sight of more long-term goals as far as stability goes.

Overall, they can complement each other well because of their unique natures. Cancer can assist Pisces in becoming more focused on stability for health, wealth, and overall prosperity. Pisces, however, can teach the at-times reclusive crab about spontaneity and living for the moment.

When it comes to the workplace and other non-romantic areas in life, Cancer is a practical kind of crab, and its influence on Pisces can be highly beneficial. They make great business partners for the somewhat flighty Pisces, as they can keep the Piscean grounded and focused on tasks at hand. Additionally, Cancer makes a great pseudo-therapist pal to have around for Pisces, as they are fantastic listeners who can keep a secret until the end of their days.

Now that you’ve got a general idea of what this pretty awesome zodiac pairing work, let’s take a deeper dive into the watery realms of Cancer and Pisces and see just what makes them such great partners for one another!

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Cancer desires nothing more than true emotional understanding in their partner. This is especially true in the bedroom as well. Hollow, by-the-numbers sex is nothing more to them than the satisfaction of a primal urge at best. It’s not fulfilling to them on a deep spiritual level, and sometimes leaves them feeling like a piece of meat. Cancer can be a bit of a bore in the bedroom, but it’s in their best interests for them to be a bit more adventurous for their Piscean playmate.

Pisces understands emotional depth as well, but does so on a far more sensual level than Cancer is generally used to. If anyone can make the crab blush, it’s definitely a Pisces! The good news is that the Piscean can intuit Cancer’s emotional needs while introducing them to newer vistas of sensuality and sexual bliss without too much trouble. Pisces just has to be extra careful to make sure Cancer’s tender side is nurtured first and foremost before the passion is allowed to truly heat up.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Friendship Compatibility

This is a friendship that is grounded on absolute emotional compatibility. Both of these signs also jive well with each other’s mystique. Cancer can be moody and broody, whereas Pisces can be “out there” and whimsical, like a character straight out of a fairy tale. One would think this sort of pairing would be jarring at best, but this friendship can make it look natural.

Cancers (when they have solid lives) are stable, especially in comparison to the random-at-times Pisces. They are great friends because they can sit down, listen, and empathize with the best of them. Their overly lunar nature gives them the ability to intuit emotions well, which makes them a great person to have on your side through the thick and thin.

Pisces is Neptunian, and their essential nature can be seen as very strange and off-putting to more centered and stable members of the zodiac. Their insistence on being emotionally-driven creatures, however, gives them a natural link to Cancerians. Because of this, they can riff off of each other with ease since they are two of the most emotionally expressive signs in the zodiac period.

These signs can converse with each other until the break of dawn, and sometimes even beyond. Nothing is taboo for them to discuss, and they can both keep secrets for the most part; some more dark-sided Pisceans might have the capacity to give up a small secret occasionally to spice up some drama in their lives. Ultimately, they would never blab about something compromising or serious regarding their crabby pal, however.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Emotional Compatibility

These two are like peas in a pod when it comes to being able to express their emotions. They are great at understanding one another due to their shared watery nature, which is fantastic for friendships as well as more romantic partnerships.

Cancer is a fantastic listener because they can experience the emotions of the person they are listening to at the time. This allows them to experience the issues that a person is going through on a deep level. Cancer, through this understanding, can help to inform Pisces on what best route to take.

Cancer is clear-headed enough, however, to know when certain actions are overboard or not. This can be difficult for Pisces, who can sometimes get so involved in their emotional interplay that they can lose sight of a clear-cut and practical solution.

When Pisces knows that their Cancerian partner will always be there and listen to them parse through their turbulent emotional output, they will only tend to get more and more endeared to their sage crab companion. This will cause the Pisces to be more loving than they normally would be with most other individuals. This is perfect for Cancer, who is always looking for a healthy offering of love in their lives!

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Values Compatibility

When it comes to values, these two zodiac signs can be miles apart. It is possibly the most problematic aspect of this pairing too. Pisces can be a bit of a free spirit, and this can truly contrast with the more grounded Cancer.

Cancer needs a wonderful home to always come back to, especially after a grueling day on the job. They also need ample amounts of love to flow freely in said home—otherwise, they are likely going to feel depressed and immobile. The problem with Cancer in terms of life values is that they are predisposed towards the safe and secure nature of home life. They are sober about the nature of the world being, at times, scary and overwhelming. Pisces can find this perspective stifling, boring, and even somewhat depressing.

Pisces loves drama much in the way a performer can get caught up in their character. In those moments, fantasy and reality can merge in a beautiful (and sometimes disturbing) way. They can extend this notion to every aspect of their lives, which can get overwhelming for most other zodiac signs. Cancer is no different in this regard, and can get tired of Pisces always needing to be in a realm apart from everything.

It’s worth noting that both of these signs have similar values at their roots, even if their perspectives differ wildly. Cancer retreats into their shells when things get too rough; Pisces retreats into the beautiful recesses of their minds where they can be the hero of their own story.

Either way, they both seek safety and comfort in their special ways, and they need to work with each other to maximize each other’s comfort in an amicable and egalitarian way. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. These signs are compatible in almost every other way, after all.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Activities Compatibility

These guys can go together pretty well when it comes to finding things they both want to participate in, especially early on in a relationship. Over time they can be at loggerheads over a few things. This is mostly due to the overly energetic and highly inquisitive nature of Pisces.

Cancers can be homebodies. After all, crabs carry their homes on their backs, so sticking close to the homestead is going to be important to them. They can often be inspired to venture out and about and go on adventures, but certainly not as frequently as Pisces. In this sense, Pisces would be a huge factor in getting the Cancer individual out of their comfort zone far more than they would by their lonesome.

Pisces individuals seek adventure unlike any other. They want their lives to be nonstop tales of suspense and excitement. They are quintessential dreamers and they desperately want to share this with the important people in their lives. This can easily overwhelm their Cancerian partner over time, though. Pisces would highly benefit from learning to love a bit of downtime and taking it easy sometimes. Getting out and having an epic outing is a fantastic thing, but it doesn’t have to be every weekend.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Communication Compatibility

Emotions matter more than most of anything else with these two watery zodiac signs. They are always going to have things to talk about and relate to. Most importantly, they are always going to be adequately able to vent to one another. Water understands water, in this case. They speak each other’s language fluidly and freely.

Their means of communication can be challenging at times, however. Cancer can sometimes be the literal crabby apple in this pairing as far as communication goes. Their need for stability and groundedness in life can make them rather blunt and direct when they feel like the chips are down and times are tough.

In these moments, they want to know that their partner is 100% understanding of the situation. This could be in regards to a serious life-or-death situation or something fairly mundane—it ultimately doesn’t matter. Cancer just wants to know that their significant other is hearing them clearly no matter what. Cancer would benefit from learning how to take a deep breath and relax when stressful times hit them. That way they don’t potentially snap at their Piscean partners. Trust us, they will not take it well!

Pisces has the gift of gab, especially when they are in a flirty and romantic mood. They can be a tad bit overbearing in this department, however. If they want to satisfy their partner in the realm of communication, they should try to keep things more grounded when the crab is feeling especially depressed or dealing with something serious in their own lives. If you can show that you’re listening attentively and going to be there for them in the thick and thin, Cancer will truly appreciate it on a deep level.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Trust Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces can reach a high level of trust with one another, but they will see things very differently than the other in the first stages of a relationship. The good news is, both signs are highly emotionally-driven and can level with one another easily with a little bit of work and patience.

Cancers are not known for being overly belligerent with their partners, except in the most dire of circumstances. They are also extremely open and honest with their partner, no matter what. This can potentially create tension, and can ironically be seen as a type of aggression. Cancer can sometimes be mistrustful of Pisces due to their sometimes flighty nature in how they deal with difficult situations.

This isn’t to say that they are naturally predisposed to lying out of malice, but instead that they utilize it as a coping mechanism to reduce the pain of negative interpersonal conflict. Cancer needs to give Pisces some leeway when it comes to trust, and try to be less draconian. The crab knows all too well that emotion can lead people to less than ideal mannerisms if not embraced appropriately.

Pisces can see Cancer as needlessly inclined towards safety and stability and can potentially get bored with them for not taking more risky leaps in their lives. This might lead to Pisces not being so forthright with Cancer on multiple levels to keep their crabby pal or lover from getting too hurt in the process.

This, of course, will lead to Cancer seeing their Piscean partner as being less than trustworthy as a whole. Pisces needs to be aware of Cancer’s moodiness leading towards darker forms of conflict between each other.

Cancer & Pisces Cancer & Pisces
Work Compatibility

When it comes to business, Cancer and Pisces can certainly be a great meeting of the minds. First and foremost, they are both highly emotive individuals, and that by itself will allow them to work well in tandem in ways they would not be able to with other zodiac signs. They can approach things like constructive criticism with one another in a measured manner. This is because they both think in a somewhat similar way, and are prone to disliking extremely blunt individuals.

Cancer can be much more organizationally-focused than Pisces. In that sense, they make solid managers in this kind of partnership with the dreamlike Piscean. The potential downside to this partnership is that it forces the Cancer individual out of their shell.

While that might sound beneficial, it means that Cancer will have to be more in the forefront as far as conducting business in public. This will test these normally reclusive crustaceans, who are more comfortable working in the background more than being the sole focus.

Pisces’ role in this potential partnership is going to be centered around getting the crab more invested in drawing from their inner creativity far more than they normally would. Cancers can be a bit focused on safety and keeping things orderly and secure.

Pisces, however, is invested in creating a grand story out of life. They live for experiencing the thrill of the unknown; this can be, at times, troublesome as far as a workplace relationship goes. Both signs, at the end of the day, will settle their differences. They will realize they are more alike than they are different.

Cancer & Pisces Compatibility Summary

This pair hits it off unlike a lot of others in the zodiac. They can make great friends and lovers due to their essential natures as highly emotional beings. They can riff off each other with the best of them because of this and remain in each other’s good graces at the same time.

Sometimes their values can get in the way, but ultimately they can bridge those gaps by being so very emotionally similar to one another. So if you are either one of these zodiac signs and you’re looking for a long-term pal, lover, or even a business partner, you can’t go wrong with this fantastical aquatic pairing.

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