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Located 180 degrees apart, Aries and Libra are exact opposites on the Zodiac wheel. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doomed to be a terrible partnership, however; Aries and Libra have the potential to experience a healthy, lasting relati... Keeping reading

Aries & Libra Compatibility

Located 180 degrees apart, Aries and Libra are exact opposites on the Zodiac wheel. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doomed to be a terrible partnership, however; Aries and Libra have the potential to experience a healthy, lasting relationship as friends or romantic partners that plays to their strengths. Each sign can bring what the other lacks, and the two can find a wonderful sense of balance in this.

With Libra as an Air sign and Aries as a Fire sign, a unique relationship between this pairing can be formed. In nature, air and fire feed off each other, a connection which can be emulated by the Aries and Libra relationship; these two signs can encourage growth and strength in each other. However, this connection will only form if Aries and Libra meet each other in the right moments of their lives, otherwise Libra’s air can put out Aries’s flame completely and Aries’s flame will absorb everything Libra’s air has to give.

There is no shortage of passion between these two signs, as Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of Passion, and Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love. This creates a favorable combination of male and female energy (with Mars being male and Venus female) that, regardless of the gender of the individuals, creates harmony within the two and promises a relationship filled with both small and grand romantic gestures.

Conflicts can arise between Aries and Libra as part of each sign’s need to feel in control. Of course, Libra will want to exercise this power from behind the scenes, subtly manipulating Aries, but Aries, true to their nature as the ram, will dig their heels in and refuse to be led by someone else.

The stubbornness of Aries will usually be met by the placating Libra, as they strive to keep balance in the relationship, but both signs should be careful not to allow feelings of resentment to take root due to the other’s behavior.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

An intimate relationship between Aries and Libra has the potential to be robust and full of passion. These two signs are ruled by the planets of love, Mars and Venus, which can create a harmony between the two filled with romantic gestures and loving sentiments. Aries and Libra will find themselves making time for date nights and other couple’s activities every week without fail, even if they’ve been together for years.

In the bedroom, Libra is the one to introduce new ideas and will usually take a leading role. Aries will match this initiative, often causing the dynamic between the two to shift as Aries understands more of what their Libra partner prefers and takes charge.

Both signs love to give and receive attention in the bedroom and will typically develop a balance in which they each go to great lengths to fulfill all of the other’s needs and more. This can create an intimate life that is full of mutual satisfaction and selflessness.

However, a chance for conflict and misunderstanding can arise in intimate situations. Aries is represented by Saturn’s debilitation, and Libra is exalted by Saturn due to their opposite positions on the Zodiac, creating a mismatch of these powerful romantic emotions and decision making. This may mean that Aries and Libra have trouble connecting their emotions beyond the physical aspect of a romantic relationship, and that their attempts to become close emotionally may be met with many speedbumps along the way.

The best way for Aries and Libra to overcome these challenges is to be open-minded. This will allow them to learn from eachother and gain respect for the way the other sign approaches matters of love and intimacy, further strengthening their relationship.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Friendship Compatibility

Any relationship between signs that are opposites of each other could either go incredibly well, with both signs balancing each other out, or exceedingly poorly, with the signs constantly butting heads. This rule is no different when applied to the friendship of an Aries and Libra. They could find themselves in a positive dynamic that plays to each of their strengths, or they could find themselves locked in a cycle of stubbornness and conflict over their differing personality traits.

When a friendship between Aries and Libra works out, it can be the most supportive thing in the world. Aries and Libra are both cardinal signs, so there will be no shortage of ideas and dreams, and the action-driven personality of Aries will help many of these dreams come to pass. The decisiveness of Aries can also help to balance out Libra’s indecisiveness, and the two will continue to grow and improve on themselves throughout the friendship.

However, Aries should take care not to push Libra to make decisions as quicky as they do, or Libra will start to regard Aries as careless. Similarly, Libra needs to be careful not to attempt to manipulate or work their subtle charm on Aries too often, as this is a sign who doesn’t like when things are straightforward. If each sign can develop a tolerance for the other’s personality and work to understand the motivations behind the other’s actions, they have a much higher chance of a lasting, highly compatible friendship.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Emotional Compatibility

The influence of Mars and Venus again help these signs when it comes to emotions. These signs allow Aries and Libra to understand each other on a deeper level, which is essential in helping them to build a strong, emotionally compatible foundation in their relationship. The balance of male and female energy between them allows them to utilize their individual strengths when it comes to matters of emotion, creating a bond of mutual respect.

Libra is one of the only signs that can see through Aries’s sometimes superficial nature to witness the emotions underneath; they can temper the somewhat impulsive and blunt nature of Aries, making them understand the benefits in controlling their emotions from time to time.

Similarly, the emotionally straightforward nature of Aries can help Libra come out of their shell a little bit, making them more confident in expressing their emotions and letting their guard down, something Libra has always struggled with. In this way, each sign uses their strengths to help the other grow emotionally, which is the foundation for a healthy relationship.

These signs should keep in mind, however, that it is possible for conflicts to arise with their emotions. This will typically happen if neither of them takes the time to look below the surface at the other sign’s behavior, instead choosing to look at them judgmentally and superficially. Developing their sense of tolerance and communication will allow these signs to appreciate where the other one is coming from, and can help them strengthen their emotional bond, placing them on the same page.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Values Compatibility

Because Aries and Libra are so opposing in many things they do, it can be hard for them to find a set of values that they can agree on. Aries values confidence, public leadership roles, and action-oriented thinking, while Libra values team cooperation, quiet harmony, and ample time to make decisions. Conflicts can arise between the two as they struggle to understand how the other one sees the world and why they would even want to see it that way.

However, Aries and Libra may find compatibility in their shared value of ambition, even though they approach it in different ways. Aries loves to live in the present and does their best to achieve every goal they have as soon as possible, whereas Libra will work to meet their goals with precision and finesse, taking their time and leaving no room for error.

These signs can end up sharing their different approaches to ambition, leading to moments of learning which can in turn lead to a building up of tolerance and an appreciation of the values of the other sign that they may have disagreed with before.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Activities Compatibility

Finding an activity to complete together can be a difficult task for Aries and Libra. With their values and preferences at opposites, it can be hard to find something that they both enjoy. For instance, Libra would love a quiet afternoon at a museum, but Aries would prefer the more dynamic activity of rock climbing or spontaneous adventure. Libra’s indecisiveness about what to do can frustrate Aries, who may forge ahead and pursue their own idea without regard to what Libra thinks. This can lead to resentment and discontent between the two as both feel their needs for activities are not being met.

Another issue that can stop Aries and Libra from enjoying activities together is their cardinal modalities. They can often be found brainstorming day trips or possible events to attend, but may have trouble settling on one to engage in; Aries may sometimes take the initiative and drive one of these ideas to completion, but they need to be careful that Libra’s lack of commitment to their own ideas doesn’t persuade them or encourage a lack of action in their own behavior.

The best way for these signs to share an activity is if they make a list of ideas that they would enjoy completing or would be willing to compromise for, and then pick one of those, sticking with it. This eliminates the possibility for inaction or conflict over what to do, and can even help inspire these cardinal influenced signs to keep a regular schedule of productivity.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Communication Compatibility

The role that Saturn plays in both of these signs (debilitation in Aries and exaltation in Libra) can also create a mismatch when it comes to their communication methods. Libra is the master of holding back their true feelings, choosing passive-aggressiveness over what they perceive as vulnerability, something that Aries will despise; Aries prefers a more straightforward or blunt approach to communicating, as they are confident in themselves and not afraid of hurting feelings if they feel things need to be said.

This can create an unhealthy balance between the two as they are essentially operating on different wavelengths, each comment by their partner interpreted differently and at risk for starting an argument. A lack of shared interests gives Aries and Libra little to talk about, so conversations have a tendency to be short. These signs may want to consider sitting down, maybe even with the help of a counselor, and setting boundaries and communication preferences in order to help them see eye to eye when it comes to communicating.

Communication compatibility between the two may be improved in the workplace, as they will be able to discuss their projects and work-related business without ever having to address their personal issues or topics outside of work. Though if Aries and Libra are not coworkers and want to create a lasting relationship, they will need to work on appreciating the interests of the other and building open lines of communication, as this will strengthen the foundations of their relationship, whether it be a friendship or a romantic partnership.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Trust Compatibility

Trust can be a difficult notion for these signs to obtain, as the way they deal with negative feelings, such as jealously or possessiveness, are very different. They also tend to perceive loyalty in opposite ways, leading to a disconnect that is hard to resolve.

Libra is a fairly insecure sign and will often base their worth on their relationship with other people; they will maintain many friendships and may even casually flirt while in a relationship with Aries. For Libra, this is a perfectly fine activity, and they will show their loyalty by returning to Aries at the end of the day and showering them with affection, expecting the same from Aries.

Unfortunately, Aries easily gets jealous and will not approve or see Libra as loyal if they are always surrounded by others and engaging in casual flirting. This dynamic creates a lack of trust between the two as they are not on the same page

Additionally, Aries can be a rather closed off sign and usually won’t put a lot of thought into their conversations with Libra. Libra, the socialite who will regale their Aries partner with every detail of their day, will find this suspicious and start to question Aries’s loyalty.

If Aries and Libra are to build a strong bond of trust and loyalty, they need to learn how to accurately communicate their likes and dislikes with the other’s behavior, eventually reaching a compromise. This may be hard to do at first, thanks to Libra’s conflict avoiding nature and Aries’s headstrong, blunt accusations, but it is an essential process to work out if these signs are to have the most trusting, loyal relationship possible.

Aries & Libra Aries & Libra
Work Compatibility

As coworkers, Aries and Libra will have no shortage of initiatives to pursue; they are both influenced by cardinal modalities, meaning that they are great at coming up with ideas, but not the best at following through with them. However, the action-oriented personality of Aries can fix this issue by taking charge of the situation, inspiring both themselves and Libra to finish what was started.

Aries and Libra can make good business partners, as long as they don’t let a struggle for power get in their way. Aries will want to control and lead the project, while Libra will try to control it from the backseat, leading to a situation that can be full of hurt feelings and resentment. Stubbornness from both signs can lead to projects stalling as they refuse to move on with their work due to personal feelings. Engaging in compromise and healthy communication is the best way to prevent a business partnership between the two from failing.

A more compatible workplace relationship between the two might occur when one is promoted over the other, preferably with Aries being the boss and Libra working under them. This can create a dynamic in which Aries gets to lead and bring Libra’s ideas to fruition, and Libra will not feel like they have to struggle for control because they will likely charm all the employees working with them under Aries, meeting their need for influence and subtle power.

Aries & Libra Compatibility Summary

The pairing of Aries and Libra is proof that sometimes opposites really do attract. These Zodiac signs are exactly 180 degrees apart on the Zodiac wheel, but they don’t let that stop them when it comes to forming a healthy, strong partnership, whether as friends or lovers. That being said, Aries and Libra need to keep in mind that compromise is an essential skill for them both to develop and that a lack of trust in the other can lead to a complete breakdown of their relationship.

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